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Odor Descriptors for floral
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Primary (First) - floral
FR acetal 318
 odor: sweet cardamom floral fruity tropical fresh
 odor: sweet heavy floral herbal
FR acetyl tetralin
 odor: floral orangeflower musk grape
 odor: floral musky metallic radiant vibrant amber animal
FL amyl angelate
 odor: floral fruity
FL/FRisoamyl angelate
 odor: floral fruity chamomile
FL/FR amyl anthranilate
 odor: weak butyl ester amyl salicylate
FL/FR amyl benzoate
 odor: floral green musky amber balsam
FL/FRalpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde
 odor: sweet floral oily fruity herbal jasmin
 flavor: Tropical, waxy, floral, rosy and honey-like with a fruity nuance and body
FL/FR(E)-alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde
FL/FR(Z)-alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde
FL/FRalpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: bland jasmin lily green lemon
FRalpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh floral fatty waxy
FL/FRisoamyl cinnamate
 odor: floral amber cocoa orchid musty
 flavor: Sweet, floral, powdery, berry and spice nuances
FL/FRalpha-amyl cinnamyl acetate
 odor: floral jasmin chocolate leather fruity balsam spicy cinnamyl
 flavor: Earthy, fruity, spicy, powdery and balsamic
FR amyl cyclopentanone propanone
 odor: floral magnolia jasmin
FL/FRisoamyl salicylate
 odor: floral herbal woody orchid metallic
 flavor: herbal green berry
FL/FRisoamyl undecylenate
 odor: floral rose waxy
FR angel dust fragrance
FR angel essence fragrance
FR angel wings fragrance
FL/FR aniba rosaeodora var. amazonica wood extract
FRpara-anisaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: mild floral hawthorn jasmin lilac elderflower
FRpara-anisyl nitrile
 odor: sweet floral hawthorn hay coumarin
FR apple blossom fragrance
FR artabotrys odoratissimus flower oil
 odor: cananga ylang
FR azalea fragrance
FL/FR benzaldehyde propylene glycol acetal
 odor: bitter narcissus sweet naphthalic woody
FL/FR benzyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral fruity jasmin fresh
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, with balsamic and jasmin floral undernotes
FL/FR benzyl acetoacetate
 odor: sweet benzyl propionate and acetate floral fruity
FL/FR benzyl acetone
 odor: floral balsam
 flavor: strawberry
FL/FR benzyl alcohol
 odor: floral rose phenolic balsamic
 flavor: Chemical, fruity with balsamic nuances
FR benzyl anthranilate
 odor: floral grapefruit lily
FL/FR benzyl formate
 odor: floral fruity spicy almond cranberry black tea
 flavor: Fresh cherry, with a berry strawberry fruity nuance
FL/FR benzyl lactate
 odor: floral fatty butter fruity
FL/FR benzyl nonanoate
 odor: mild sweet elemi winey
FL/FR benzyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral jasmin cocoa
 benzyl phenyl carbinol
 odor: floral orris
FL/FR benzyl pivalate
 odor: floral herbal chamomile
FR berry hexanoate
 odor: fruity floral anisic fresh raspberry jasmin
 odor: mild floral peppery clean
FR blue lagoon fragrance
FR bois de rose fragrance
FL/FR bois de rose oil brazil
 odor: sweet floral linalool woody
 flavor: bois de rose
FR bois de rose oil replacer
 odor: bois de rose
FL/FR bois de rose oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet woody linalool
 flavor: bois de rose
FL/FR boronia absolute
 odor: cassie violet warm sweet woody fresh fruity green
 flavor: Fruity, citrus, tutti-frutti, pulpy and honey
FL/FR boronia absolute replacer
 odor: boronia
FL/FR boronia concrete
 odor: floral green cassis hay fruity freesia woody
FR boronia specialty
 odor: boronia
FR bouquet fragrance
FL/FR butyl benzyl ether
 odor: floral rose
FL/FRalpha-butyl cinnamaldehyde
 odor: floral green jasmin lily herbal
 butyl para-cresol ether
 odor: powerful ylang floral
FR4-tert-butyl cyclohexane carboxaldehyde
FR4-isobutyl cyclohexane propanal
 odor: strong floral, muguet, and green notes
FL butyl 2-furoate
 odor: like salicylic acid ester of butyl alcohol
 flavor: floral earthy
FL/FRisobutyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral honey chocolate amber
 flavor: Sweet, cocoa, fruity, honey and waxy with a spicy nuance
FR butyl tiglate
 odor: floral herbal warm fruity
FR cactus blossom fragrance
FR camellia fragrance
FR cananga fragrance
FR cananga odorata flower extract
 odor: floral ylang
FL/FR cananga oil
 odor: sweet floral balsam woody leather
 flavor: cananga
FL/FR cananga oil china
 odor: floral balsam woody leather
 flavor: cananga
FL/FR cardamom absolute
 odor: floral spicy honey
 flavor: cardamom
FR carnation concrete
 odor: floral spicy carnation
FR carnation fragrance
FR carrot seed oil (daucus carota ssp. gummifer hook. fil.) spain
 odor: floral herbal cumin green spicy
FR cassie concrete
 odor: sweet violet green weedy waxy
FR cassie perfume base
 odor: acacia
FR cassie specialty (acacia farnesiana)
 odor: cassie
FR cassis cyclohexene
 odor: herbal fruity cassis
FR cassis oxime 10%
 odor: cassis green grapefruit herbal rose oxide
FR cerastium candidissimum corr. oil greece
FR champaca absolute (michelia alba)
FR champaca absolute replacer
 odor: floral medicinal
FR champaca concrete
FR champaca concrete (michelia alba)
FR champaca fragrance
FR cherry blossom fragrance
FR cherry blossom soap fragrance
 odor: floral cherry blossom
FR chypre fragrance
 odor: floral balsam herbal
FL/FR(Z)-cinnamyl acetate
 odor: floral spicy balsam
FL/FR citronella oil
 odor: fresh sweet geraniol weedy woody
 flavor: citronella
FL/FR citronellal
 odor: sweet dry floral herbal waxy aldehydic citrus
 flavor: Floral, green, rosy and citrus lemon
FL/FR citronellol
 odor: floral leather waxy rose bud citrus
 flavor: Floral, rose, sweet, green with fruity citrus nuances
FL/FR citronellyl acetate
 odor: floral green rose fruity citrus woody tropical fruit
 flavor: Floral, waxy, aldehydic, with green fruity nuances. Fruity pear and apple like
FL/FR citronellyl acetone
 odor: sweet floral balsam rose woody
FL/FR citronellyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet rose fruity neroli petitgrain
FR citronellyl (R)-lactate
 odor: floral lily of the valley warm rich natural
FL/FR citronellyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh sweet waxy floral aldehydic honeysuckle muguet
 flavor: Citrus, bitter, floral with a slight soapy and woody nuance
FL/FR citronellyl propionate
 odor: floral green neroli waxy fruity rose
 flavor: Floral, green, waxy, rosy and citrus with fruity nuances
FR citrus aurantium amara flower cera
 odor: orangeflower
FL/FR citrus aurantium var. amara flower extract
 odor: orangeflower
 flavor: orangeflower
FR citrus bergamia risso leaf oil
 odor: petitgrain
FR citrus ocimenol
 odor: fresh sweet citrus lime floral lily
FR citrus sinensis flower cera
 odor: floral orangeflower
FR citrus sinensis flower extract
 odor: orangeflower
FR citrus sinensis flower water
 odor: floral orangeflower
FR citrus specialty
 odor: citrus
FR clary propionate
 odor: floral clary sage bois de rose bergamot natural
FL/FR clary sage absolute
 odor: Green, sweet, floral, spice with a hay / tea-like nuance
 flavor: Green, sweet, perfume-like, with a slight floral spice backnote
FR clematis fragrance
FR clover fragrance
FR cologne fragrance
FR coranol (Firmenich)
 odor: floral bois de rose coriander
FL/FR coriander oleoresin
 odor: fresh floral green herbal bois de rose blueberry
 flavor: Green, spicy, with citrus and berry nuances
FL/FR coriander seed oil
 odor: fresh floral herbal bois de rose
 flavor: Sweet, fresh herbal, spicy, terpy and ciltrano like
FL/FR coriander seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: green floral bois de rose
 flavor: coriander
FL/FR coriander seed oil cuba
 odor: floral
 flavor: coriander
FR corps popinal
 odor: floral lily of the valley
FRclean cotton fragrance
FR country meadow fragrance
FR crataegus oxyacantha flower water
 odor: hawthorn
FL/FRpara-cresyl acetate
 odor: narcissus phenolic animal
 flavor: aromatic, phenolic fruity; somewhat spicy and fried
FL/FRpara-cresyl alcohol
para-cresyl ethyl ether
 odor: ylang cananga
FL/FRpara-cresyl laurate
 odor: Sweet, slightly oily, nutty, vanilla-like and balsamic
 flavor: Sweet, waxy, fatty and balsamic
meta-cresyl phenyl ether
 odor: floral rose geranium
 flavor: huckleberry
FR croton cajucara benth. leaf oil brazil
FR cumin carbinol
 odor: floral green cumin muguet
FL/FR cuminyl acetaldehyde
 odor: fresh floral muguet fruity melon
 flavor: sweet green fruity
FL/FRblack currant bud concrete
 odor: sweet floral catty fruity
 flavor: black currant bud
FL/FR cyclamen aldehyde
 odor: floral cyclamen fresh rhubarb musty green
FR cyclamen homoaldehyde
 odor: floral green aldehydic marine
FR cyclamen fragrance
FR cyclamen specialty
 odor: floral cyclamen flower
FRisocyclodimethyl octanol
 odor: floral geranium palmarosa rose green
FR4-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: floral orris cyclamen woody ozone fresh
FL/FR cyclohexyl ethyl alcohol
 odor: floral waxy cool lily dewy rose
FR cyclohexyl propanol
 odor: floral mint green geranium muguet balsam
FR cyclohexyl salicylate
 odor: floral balsam sweet green
FR daffodil fragrance
FR daisy fragrance
 odor: sweet floral metallic fruity apple spicy plum minty
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, woody with a green seedy background
 odor: floral rose apple fruity black currant
 flavor: fruity woody green seedy
 odor: floral rose apple fruity
 odor: floral rose green fruity apple pine
FR daphne fragrance
 odor: floral sweet grassy fruity green coconut
 odor: sweet floral rose lemon citrus
 odor: floral fatty orange musty mushroom
 odor: orange floral fatty peach
 flavor: fermented cheesy
FR decyl anthranilate
 odor: floral grape neroli
FL/FR dehydrodihydroionone
FR dianthus caryophyllus flower oil
 odor: carnation
FR dianthus fragrance
FR dictamnus hispanicus oil
 odor: fresh sweet anisic tarragon basil herbal green
FL2,4-difurfuryl furan
FR dihexyl (E)-fumarate
 odor: fresh floral green magnolia plastic herbal cortex
FL/FR dihydrocarvyl acetate
 odor: floral rose cuminseed sweet minty
 flavor: Floral, vegetative and minty with cooling, rose and bean nuances
FL/FR dihydrocitronellyl acetate
 odor: fresh wax clean rose sweet fruity honey
FR dihydrocitronellyl phenyl acetate
 odor: rose de mai
FL/FR dihydrofarnesol
 odor: floral metallic cyclamen
 odor: floral green fruity
FR dihydrogeranyl linalool
 odor: floral balsam
 odor: floral musky
 odor: floral amber
FL/FR dihydro-alpha-ionone
 odor: Woody, floral, berry, fruity with orris powdery undernotes
 flavor: Berry, floral, woody, seedy with fruity undernotes
FR dihydroisojasmonate methyl ester
 odor: green jasmin floral fresh oily herbal
FL/FR dihydrolinalool
 odor: bois de rose woody citrus blueberry weedy
FR dihydromyrcene
 odor: citronellol herbal citrus terpenic
 odor: weak floral
FL/FR2',4'-dimethyl acetophenone
 odor: floral woody sweet mimosa minty
2,4-dimethyl-alpha-allyl-3-cyclohexene methanol
 odor: sweet, floral, licorice- like, fruity, berry-like, herbaceous, and green aroma
 flavor: sweet, floral, licorice-like, fruity, berry-like, herbaceous and green flavor
4,6-dimethyl-alpha-allyl-3-cyclohexene methanol
 odor: sweet, floral, licorice- like, fruity, berry-like, herbaceous and green aroma
 flavor: sweet, floral, licorice, fruity, berry, herbaceous and green flavor
FL/FR dimethyl benzyl carbinyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral fruity rose green pear berry jasmin powdery
 flavor: aromatic green
FL/FR dimethyl benzyl carbinyl butyrate
 odor: floral green herbal fruity plum prune
 flavor: Floral, green, herbal, musty and berry with a fresh melon nuance
FR dimethyl benzyl carbinyl propionate
 odor: sweet jasmin hairy tea natural
 odor: fresh floral herbal green petal gardenia minty
FR2,4-dimethyl cyclohexyl methyl acetate
 odor: floral woody carvone sweet cortex grapefruit
FLS-(2,5-dimethyl-3-furyl) ethane thioate
 odor: fruity floral tropical
FR4-dimethyl ionone
 odor: sweet floral violet woody
FR dimethyl alpha-ionone
 odor: floral violet sweet powdery woody
 odor: fresh linalool woody blueberry sweet rose
FR3,6-dimethyl-3-octyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral fruity honey waxy
FR earthy indane
 odor: floral minty earthy hawthorn animal anisic
FR eau de brouts absolute
 odor: floral herbal dry musty
FR elder flower fragrance
FR elder flower wood specialty
 odor: floral woody
 epoxylinalyl acetate
 odor: fresh floral woody linalyl acetate
FR eriocephalus punctulatus flower oil
 odor: floral fruity apple pineapple chamomile herbal tea amber
 eschweilera coriacea (a. p. dc.) mori flower oil brazil
FL/FRpara-ethyl acetophenone
 odor: floral hawthorn
FL/FR ethyl ortho-anisate
 odor: floral ylang tuberose fruity raspberry
FL/FR ethyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet floral grape orangeblossom wintergreen
FL/FR ethyl (E)-cinnamate
 odor: floral honey
FR4-ethyl cyclohexane propanal
 odor: strong floral, muguet, and green notes
FR ethyl linalyl acetal
 odor: sweet fresh floral tropical herbal muguet natural
FR ethyl linalyl acetate
 odor: floral bergamot fruity tropical rose
FL/FR ethyl linalyl ether
FL/FR ethyl methyl-para-tolyl glycidate
 odor: Floral, green, fruity, sweet, berry- and cherry-like with powdery nuances
 flavor: Sweet, floral, fruity and cherry with almond and vanilla nuances
 odor: powerful floral, fruity, apricot, dried papaya, tropical, vegetable, green, waxy
FL/FR(±)-4-ethyl octanal
 odor: floral waxy fatty milky lactonic citrus fruity
FL2-ethyl octine carbonate
 odor: violet leaves green cucumber floral
 flavor: cucumber green
FL/FR ethyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral honey rose balsam cocoa
 flavor: Strong sweet rosy honey and balsamic cocoa-like with molasses and yeasty nuances
FR ethyl safranate
 odor: fresh natural herbal damascon rose apple woody
FR eucalyptus macarthurii oil
 odor: fresh fruity rose sweet woody balsamic
FL/FR farnesal
FL/FR farnesol
 odor: mild fresh sweet linden floral angelica
 flavor: floral juicy green
 odor: mild muguet floral sweet lily waxy
FR floral aldehydic fragrance
FR floral bouquet fragrance
FR floral butanal
 odor: floral green muguet linden flower lily of the valley fresh
FR floral fragrance
FR floral fruity fragrance
FR floral green fragrance
FR floral methanol
 odor: floral minty earthy leather
FR floral musk fragrance
FR floral oriental fragrance
FR floral powdery fragrance
FR floral pyran
 odor: floral rose geranium metallic green
FR floral specialty
 odor: floral
FR floral undecenone
 odor: sweet floral balsam rose woody dry
 flavor: fruity apple peach
FR floral woody fragrance
FR flower shop fragrance
FRwhite frangipani absolute
 odor: floral natural sweet orangeflower gardenia
FRwhite frangipani concrete
 odor: floral natural sweet orangeflower gardenia
FR frangipani specialty
 odor: frangipani
FR freesia fragrance
FR freesia specialty
 odor: fresh floral freesia natural
FR gardenia absolute
 odor: sweet green rich floral gardenia
FR gardenia fragrance
FR gardenia specialty
 odor: gardenia
FL/FR gelsone (IFF)
 odor: methyl dihydrojasmonate fruity jasmin waxy herbal
 flavor: floral
FR genet absolute replacer
 odor: genet
FR genet concrete
 odor: sweet honey rose hay woody
FR genet fragrance
FR genet specialty
 odor: genet
FL/FR geraniol
 odor: sweet floral fruity rose waxy citrus
 flavor: Floral, rosy, waxy and perfumey with a fruity, peach-like nuance
FL/FR geranium essence
 odor: geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium fragrance
FL/FR geranium leaf oil india
 odor: floral
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil
 odor: floral green spicy red rose dill
 flavor: floral geranium
FL/FR geranium oil africa
 odor: fresh geranium sweet green herbal
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil bourbon
 odor: floral green spicy red rose dill
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium oil bourbon replacer
 odor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil egypt
 odor: fresh rose geranium sweet green herbal dill
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium oil egypt fractions
 odor: floral rose fruity pear
FL/FR geranium oil rwanda
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet rhodinol
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium petiole oil india
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium rose oil
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium rose-scented oil cuba
 odor: floral rose spicy
FL/FR geranyl acetate
 odor: floral rose lavender green waxy
 flavor: Waxy, green, floral, oily and soapy with citrus and winey, rum nuances
FL/FR geranyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet floral fruity green peach apricot rose
 flavor: Sweet, floral and citrus with fruity nuances
 geranyl farnesol
FL/FR geranyl formate
 odor: fresh rose neroli tea rose green
 flavor: Green, floral, citrus, waxy, fruity, apple and apricot-like
FL/FR geranyl heptanoate
 odor: floral cognac
FL/FR geranyl linalool
 odor: floral rose
FL/FR(E)-geranyl linalool
 odor: mild floral rose balsam
FR geranyl methyl ether
 odor: rose sweet
 flavor: greengage
CS geranyl nonanoate
 odor: bourbon geranium
FL/FR geranyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral tropical honey rose fruity sweet balsam
 flavor: Floral, rosy, honey and green with fatty, fruity nuances
FL/FR geranyl propionate
 odor: floral fresh waxy fruity rose tropical
 flavor: Waxy, floral rosey, vegetative and fruity tropical, with an herbal nuance
FRwhite ginger fragrance
FR ginger lily fragrance
FR glycoacetal
 odor: floral rose green woody
FR greenhouse fragrance
FR hawthorn acetate
 odor: sweet floral anisyl acetate anisyl alcohol balsam
FL/FR hawthorn carbinol
 odor: sweet hawthorn floral nutty powdery
FR hawthorn ethanol
 odor: floral rose jasmin muguet lilac woody
FR hawthorn specialty
 odor: hawthorn
FR heather fragrance
FR heliotrope fragrance
FR heliotrope specialty
 odor: heliotrope
FL/FR heliotropyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral strawberry jam hawthorn metallic
 flavor: Floral, soapy, fruity, berry and slightly jammy with a powdery nuance
FR heliotropyl diethyl acetal
 odor: mild floral sweet spicy meadow sweet
FR(Z)-4-hepten-2-yl salicylate
 odor: crisp floral and green note reminiscent of aspects of certain lily species and frangipani
FL3-heptyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral rose pear
FL2-heptyl cyclopropane carboxylic acid
 odor: floral spicy herbal citrus
FR herbal pyran
 odor: floral herbal oily green jasmin mushroom
 herniaria incana lam. oil greece
 odor: sweet floral fruity
 flavor: sweet fruity peach apricot
FL/FRalpha-hexyl cinnamaldehyde
 odor: fresh floral green jasmin herbal waxy
 flavor: Sweet, waxy, floral, green, citrus and fruity nuances
FL/FR hexyl 2-furoate
 odor: Floral, waxy and green with sweet pear nuances
 flavor: Green, waxy with fruity pear and apple notes
FL/FR hexyl lactate
 odor: sweet floral green fruity
 flavor: faint sweet fruity pear
FL/FR hexyl nonanoate
 odor: brandy green vegetable fruity
 hexyl oxyacetonitrile
 odor: floral herbal fatty irone
FR hexyl pivalate
 odor: sweet floral fatty musty green fruity woody
FL/FR hibiscus abelmoschus flower/seed water
 odor: hibiscus
 flavor: hibiscus
FR hibiscus fragrance
FL/FR hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract
 odor: floral hibiscus berry
 flavor: hibiscus berry
FR ho leaf oil
 odor: sweet floral linalool woody herbal
FR honeysuckle absolute replacer
 odor: honeysuckle
FR honeysuckle fragrance
FR honeysuckle specialty
 odor: honeysuckle
FR hyacinth absolute replacer
 odor: hyacinth
FL/FR hyacinth acetals
 odor: floral honey cyclamen rose leaf
 flavor: aromatic herbal floral
FR hyacinth ether
 odor: floral hyacinth green metallic fruity raspberry balsam
FR hyacinth fragrance
FR hyacinth oil
 odor: hyacinth
FR hyacinth specialty
 odor: hyacinth
FR hydrangea fragrance
FL/FR hydroxycitronellal
 odor: floral lily sweet green waxy tropical melon
 flavor: Sweet, waxy, green with floral, tropical melon notes
FR hydroxycitronellal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: floral lily orange blossom sweet
FR hydroxycitronellal residue
FL/FR hydroxycitronellol
 odor: mild clean floral lily green peony
 flavor: sweet floral green
FR3-(4-hydroxy-4-methyl cyclohexyl) butanal
 odor: mild floral lilac muguet
FL4-hydroxyphenethyl alcohol
 odor: mild sweet floral fruity
FL/FR ilex paraguariensis oleoresin
 odor: floral herbal tobacco
FR inula root oil
 odor: floral herbal
FR iris blossom fragrance
 odor: orris floral berry violet woody powdery
 flavor: Woody, fruity, raspberry, orris and berry with seedy nuances
FR jasimia
 odor: fresh watery floral muguet
FRwhite jasmin absolute
 odor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute (from chassis)
 odor: sweet indole waxy oily jasmin jam green
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute (from pommade)
 odor: jasmin oily waxy fatty sweet
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute china (from concrete)
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute egypt (from concrete)
 odor: deep sweet jasmin jam herbal fruity waxy
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute india (from concrete)
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin absolute italy (from concrete)
 odor: deep sweet jasmin jam fruity
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasmin absolute pommade replacer
 odor: sweet deep natural jasmin harsh
FL/FR jasmin absolute sambac
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasmin absolute sambac replacer
 odor: floral sambac jasmin
FL/FR jasmin acetate
 odor: fresh sweet oily floral jasmin watery
FR jasmin concrete
 odor: floral jasmin waxy fatty sweet
FL/FRsambac jasmin concrete
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasmin concrete morocco
 odor: jasmin oily waxy fatty sweet
FR jasmin cyclopentanol
 odor: floral green fruity natural waxy jasmin tropical banana
FL/FR jasmin essence
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FRwhite jasmin flower oil
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasmin fragrance
FL/FR jasmin oil
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasmin oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasmin pyranol
 odor: floral jasmin jasmone parsley jasmin absolute
FR jasmin sambac flower water
 odor: jasmin
FR jasmin specialty
 odor: jasmin
FRsambac jasmin specialty
 odor: jasmin sambac
FL/FR jasminum grandiflorum extract
 odor: floral
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasminum grandiflorum flower cera
 odor: jasmin
FL/FR jasminum grandiflorum flower extract
 odor: floral jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasminum officinale distillates
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FR jasminum officinale extract
 odor: jasmin
FR jasminum officinale flower extract
 odor: jasmin
FR jasminum officinale flower water
 odor: jasmin
FR jasminum officinale flower/leaf extract
 odor: jasmin
FR jasminum sambac flower cera
 odor: jasmin
FR jasminum sambac flower extract
 odor: jasmin
FL/FR jasminum sambac flower oil
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
FL/FR jasminum sambac flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: jasmin
 flavor: jasmin
 odor: woody herbal floral spicy jasmin celery
 flavor: Woody, bitter, tea, with a citrus and floral nuance
 odor: sweet floral herbal woody jasmin celery fresh dry waxy
 odor: floral jasmin gardenia tuberose
FR jasmopyrane (Givaudan)
 odor: floral jasmin tea oily green
FR jonquil absolute
 odor: sweet floral green spicy
FL/FR jonquil flower oil (narcissus jonquilla)
 odor: jonquil
 flavor: jonquil
FL/FR jonquil flower water (narcissus jonquilla)
 odor: jonquil
 flavor: jonquil
FR jonquil fragrance
FR karo karounde absolute
 odor: floral herbal woody green
 ketaki flower oil india
 kewda absolute
 odor: sharp sweet hyacinth honey
FR kewda fragrance
CS kewda oil
 odor: sharp powerful sweet hyacinth honey
FL/FR lavandin oil
 odor: floral herbal lavender camphor soapy
 flavor: lavandin
FR lavandulol
 odor: delicate farnesol-like
FL/FR lavender absolute bulgaria
 odor: sweet floral herbal lavender spicy fruity
 flavor: lavender
FR lavender absolute replacer
 odor: floral herbal aromatic
FR lavender blossom fragrance
FL/FR lavender oil
 odor: floral lavender herbal sweet
 flavor: lavender
FR lavender oil replacer
 odor: floral herbal aromatic
FR lawsonia inermis flower absolute
 odor: sweet floral tea boronia
FR lawsonia inermis flower oil
 odor: sweet floral tea boronia
 lecythis usitata miers. var. paraensis (ducke) r. kunth. flower oil brazil
FR leerall
 odor: floral muguet cyclamen rhubarb woody
FR leerall / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh lily floral sweet orangeblossom
FR lemon blossom fragrance
FR lilac absolute
 odor: sweet green indole basil
FR lilac absolute replacer
 odor: lilac
FL/FR(±)-lilac aldehyde
FR lilac fragrance
FL/FR lilac pentanol
 odor: sweet fresh cayloxol lilac anisic earthy narcissus peony
 flavor: fruity green
FR lilac perfume base
 odor: sweet lilac
FR lily flower absolute
 odor: floral waxy oily balsam sweet narcissus boronia
FR lily fragrance
FRwater lily fragrance
FR lily of the valley absolute
 odor: fatty floral
FR lily of the valley specialty
 odor: lily of the valley
FR lily propanol
 odor: floral lily of the valley green tropical
 odor: lily of the valley
FR lilyall substitute
 odor: fresh floral muguet powdery
FL/FR lime blossom specialty
 odor: limeblossom
FR lime octadienal
 odor: waxy citrus lime floral
FL/FR linaloe wood oil mexico
 odor: soft floral woody
 odor: sweet floral petitgrain lavender
 odor: fresh floral woody natural deep lavender
FL/FR(E)-linalool oxide (furanoid)
FL/FR linalool oxide (pyranoid)
 odor: floral honey
(3S,6S)-(Z)-linalool oxide (pyranoid)
 odor: sweet floral creamy
FR linalool residues
 odor: sweet floral ylang lavender
FR linalyl acetate terpenes
 odor: fresh sweet ylang rose floral natural
FL/FR linalyl benzoate
 odor: broom tuberose genet bergamot lily heather
FL/FR linalyl phenyl acetate
 odor: rose sweet honey sick neroli rose
FR linden blossom fragrance
FR linden blossom specialty
 odor: floral linden blossom
(R)-linden ether
 odor: floral mint
FR linden flower absolute
 odor: fresh floral honey green herbal powdery coumarinic tea
FR linden flower absolute replacer
 odor: linden flower
FR linden flower oil
 odor: linden flower
FR lotus fragrance
FR magnolia cyclohexanol
 odor: magnolia muguet floral lily
FR magnolia decadienal
 odor: floral aldehydic magnolia lily muguet
FL/FR magnolia flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral fruity herbal
FR magnolia fragrance
FR magnolia indene
 odor: floral green grapefruit narcissus magnolia geranium gardenia
FR magnolia specialty
 odor: floral fruity
 malpighia glabra fruit oil
FL/FR mandarin oil
 odor: floral citrus mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FR mango flower fragrance
FR meadowsweet fragrance
FR melaleuca ericifolia leaf oil
 odor: sweet floral woody green herbal medicinal
FR menthadienyl formate
 odor: sweet floral fruity herbal minty
 odor: floral lemon grapefruit
FR methoxycitronellal
 odor: fresh melon floral lily sweet
FL/FR methoxymelonal
 odor: floral fruity watery citrus melon green
 flavor: fruity juicy watery
FR(3-methoxy-2-methyl propyl) benzene
 odor: floral green rose petal fruity
FR(2-methoxy-1-methyl propyl) benzene
 odor: floral, green, fruity, and wasabi fragrance notes
FR1-(2-methyl allyl oxy)-3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butane
 odor: fresh, floral, fruity, linalool, and green notes
FR1-(2-methyl allyl oxy)-2-methyl butane
 odor: floral, green, spicy, leafy notes
FL/FRpara-methyl benzyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral fruity green herbal
FL/FR methyl benzyl acetate (mixed ortho-,meta-,para-)
 odor: sweet floral fruity herbal
2-methyl butyl angelate
 odor: floral fruity
FL2-methyl butyl 3-methyl butenoate
 odor: blackberry peely light tobacco metallic
 flavor: fleshy, metallic, skinny, floral, complex, powdery, fatty
FR4-methyl cyclohexane propanal
 odor: strong floral, muguet, and green notes
FL/FR(+)-methyl dihydroepijasmonate
 odor: jasmine
FL/FR methyl dihydrojasmonate
 odor: floral oily jasmin green lactonic tropical natural
 flavor: Sweet, floral, citrus, fruity and berry with tutti-frutti undernotes
 odor: floral aldehydic muguet lily of the valley
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (44-50%)
 odor: floral woody orris violet
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (50-60%)
 odor: floral violet orris powdery woody
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (74-80%)
 odor: sweet floral fruity powdery violet orris woody
 flavor: Fruity, berry, woody, ionone-like, with floral jammy nuances
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (50% min.)
 odor: violet sweet orris powdery floral woody
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (60% min.)
 odor: woody violet floral
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
 odor: woody orris violet floral
 flavor: floral fruity berry raspberry
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (80% min.)
 odor: woody violet floral
 flavor: floral fruity berry
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (90% min.)
 odor: floral fruity powdery violet woody tea
FL/FR(E)-beta-methyl ionone
 methyl (Z)-jasmonate
 odor: floral jasmin
FL/FR(Z)-methyl epi-jasmonate
 odor: floral fresh petal magnolia oily waxy
 flavor: Floral, fruity, green, waxy, seedy and melon-like
4-methyl-2-(2-methyl propyl)-1,3-oxathiane
 odor: floral, woody, chemical, powerful fruity, berry, green, gooseberries
FL/FR2-methyl naphthalene
 odor: sweet floral woody
 flavor: oily aromatic
 methyl nerate
 odor: floral herbal citrus fruity green geranium
FL/FR2-methyl octanal
 odor: floral rose lily muguet
FL/FR methyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral honey spice waxy almond
 flavor: Floral, honey, spice, waxy and sweet
FL/FR2-methyl-4-phenyl butanal
 odor: sweet floral earthy musty
 odor: indole floral jasmin hyacinth
 odor: floral, incense-like, pine-like note
 odor: floral, incense-like, pine-like note
FL/FR mimosa absolute
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: waxy woody floral fruity
FL/FR mimosa absolute france
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: Waxy, woody, floral and fruity with a spicy nuance
FL/FR mimosa absolute india
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: waxy woody floral fruity spicy hay
FR mimosa absolute replacer
 odor: floral powdery
FL/FR mimosa concrete france
 odor: sweet woody fatty floral
 flavor: mimosa
FR mimosa fragrance
FR mimosa heptanal
 odor: floral heliotrope tropical mimosa berry green
FL/FR mimosa pudica flower water
 odor: floral mimosa
 flavor: mimosa
FR mimosa specialty
 odor: mimosa
FL/FR mimosa tenuiflora leaf extract
 odor: floral woody
 flavor: mimosa
FR mimusops elengi flower oil
 odor: sweet orangeflower tuberose minty balsamic
FR mimusops elengi flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet orangeflower tuberose heavy
FR mock orange fragrance
FR morning glory fragrance
FR moss rose fragrance
FR muguet butanal
 odor: floral sweet muguet aldehydic oxyacetaldehyde
FR muguet butanol
 odor: floral muguet green rose mentholic
FR muguet carbaldehyde
 odor: fresh lily sweet melon floral allo-ocimenol dry green
FR muguet ethanol
 odor: floral muguet waxy lily of the valley rose
FR muguet nitrile
 odor: citrus floral muguet lily sweet metallic
FR muguet octadienol
 odor: sweet floral fresh lily citrus
FR muguet propanol
 odor: floral lily of the valley woody
FR musk acetate
 odor: floral rose musk fruity geranium
FRfloral musk fragrance
FR musk gx 50% in BB
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FL/FR myrcenol
 odor: fresh floral lavender citrus
FL/FRbeta-naphthyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet concord grape anthranilate-like with a slight candy syrupy fruity berry aftertaste and slight floral and winey nuances
 flavor: anthranilate concord grape, with slight naphthyl nuances and deep candy cherry, berry and winey nuances
FL/FRbeta-naphthyl ethyl ether
 odor: naphtha floral orange blossom powdery grape
 flavor: Powdery, floral, soapy and heavy with a berry and grape nuance
FL/FRalpha-naphthyl methyl ketone
 odor: sweet neroli orange blossom powdery
FR narcissus absolute (narcissus tazetta ssp. tazzetta)
 odor: floral narcissus
FR narcissus absolute (narcissus tazetta var. chinensis)
 odor: floral narcissus
FR narcissus absolute replacer
 odor: narcissus
FL/FR narcissus acetate
 odor: deep rose green narcissus leafy sweet balsam
FR narcissus fragrance
FR narcissus jonquilla extract
 odor: jonquil floral
FR narcissus specialty
 odor: honey floral narcissus
FRpink nelumbo nucifera flower absolute
 odor: floral fruity leathery powdery spicy
FRwhite nelumbo nucifera flower absolute
 odor: floral fruity leathery animalic herbal
FRwhite nelumbo nucifera flower concrete
 odor: floral fruity leathery animalic herbal
FL/FR neroli absolute
 odor: sweet floral orangeflower petitgrain hyacinth honeysuckle anisic
 flavor: neroli
FL/FR neroli extract
 odor: floral orangeflower narcissus petitgrain honey tropical
FR neroli fragrance
FR neroli ketone
 odor: cortex leafy green woody herbal phenolic
FL/FR neroli oil
 odor: floral orangeblossom citrus petitgrain mandarin herbal
 flavor: neroli
FL/FR neroli oil bigarde
 odor: sweet floral orangeblossom citrus petitgrain mandarin herbal
 flavor: Fresh, floral, citrus and green with a waxy and clean herbal nuance
FL/FR neroli oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet fresh green neroli orangeblossom
 flavor: neroli
FR neroli oil replacer
 odor: neroli
FR neroli specialty
 odor: neroli
FL/FR nerolidol
 odor: floral green waxy citrus woody
 flavor: Green, floral, woody with fruity-citrus and melon nuances
 odor: floral green citrus woody waxy
 flavor: green floral woody fruity citrus melon
 odor: waxy floral
FL/FR nerolidyl acetate
 odor: fresh sweet citrus waxy freesia woody
FR nerolidyl propionate
FR nerolione (Symrise)
 odor: floral orangeflower
FL/FR neryl acetate
 odor: floral rose soapy citrus dewy pear
 flavor: Floral, rosy, soapy, fruity, pear and tropical
 odor: Green, melon, fatty, cucumber with oily mushroom and fishy nuances
 flavor: Green, melon, fatty, cucumber, cantaloupe with chicken and fish nuances
FR nonanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet floral orangeflower rose aldehydic
FR nonisyl propionate
 odor: floral lavender herbal woody
FL/FR ocean propanal
 odor: watery fresh green ozone cyclamen hay
 flavor: fresh floral melon ozone marine
FR ocean propanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh green floral orangeblossom ozone leafy cortex
 odor: sweet floral nut skin peppery herbal tropical
 odor: warm floral herb flower sweet
 flavor: green tropical woody floral vegetable
FR octahydro-4,7-methano-1H-indene-5-acetaldehyde
 odor: floral muguet
1-(octahydro-4,7-methanoinden-5-yl)-propan-2-one + 1-(6-methyloctahydro-4,7-methanoinden-5-yl)-ethanone
 odor: floral, fruity, woody, but weak notes with additional metallic character
FR octahydro-4,7-methano-1H-indene-5-acetaldehyde + 6-methyl-octahydro-4,7-methano-indene-5-carbaldehyde
 odor: floral, muguet, aldehydic, green, freesia, sweet, and slightly woody notes
FR octanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh floral grape oily fatty
FL/FR octyl isovalerate
 odor: mild warm floral rose honey apple pineapple
FR orange blossom fragrance
FL/FRbitter orange flower absolute CO2 extract
FR orange flower specialty
 odor: orangeflower
FL/FR orange leaf absolute
 odor: Floral, sweet, green, woody, juicy and aromatic with a powdery, indole nuance
 flavor: Floral, green, honey, fruity and aromatic with an indole nuance
FL/FRbitter orange leaf/twig oil
 odor: petitgrain
FL/FRbitter orangeflower absolute morocco
 odor: floral orange blossom green stem honey
 flavor: Floral, sweet, fruity, jammy, rosy, perfume, jasmine with honeysuckle and lilac nuances
FR orangeflower absolute replacer
 odor: orangeflower
FL/FRbitter orangeflower absolute tunisia
 odor: sweet orangeflower green stem
 flavor: orangeflower
FRbitter orangeflower concrete
 odor: strong floral sweet woody breadcrust
FRbitter orangeflower concrete morocco
 odor: strong floral sweet woody breadcrust
FL/FRbitter orangeflower water
 odor: orangeflower
 flavor: orangeflower
FL orangeflowers
 odor: orangeflower
 flavor: orangeflower
FR orchid fragrance
FR orchid specialty
 odor: sweet floral green muguet cortex
FR orris butenone
 odor: velvety floral orris violet ionone woody
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris germanica)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood
 flavor: sugar
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris pallida)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood (80-85% irone)
 flavor: Sweet, sugary, woody, berry and raspberry-like
FR orris rhizome oil
 odor: orris
FL/FR orris rhizome oil (iris germanica)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood
 flavor: orris
FL/FR orris rhizome oil (iris pallida)
 odor: orris
 flavor: orris
FL/FR orris rhizome resinoid (iris germanica)
 odor: orris
 flavor: orris
FR osmanthus absolute replacer
 odor: floral fruity osmanthus
FL/FR osmanthus concrete
 odor: osmanthus
 flavor: osmanthus
FR osmanthus fragrance
FL/FR osmanthus fragrans flower extract
 odor: osmanthus
 flavor: osmanthus
FR osmanthus specialty
 odor: osmanthus
FL/FR palmarosa oil
 odor: sweet citrus grassy citronella geranium
 flavor: palmarosa
FR pansy fragrance
FL/FR papaya isobutyrate
 odor: Floral, green, fruity and powdery with a honey nuance
 flavor: Green, floral, fruity and honey with a tropical nuance
FR passion blossom fragrance
FR peach blossom fragrance
FR pear blossom fragrance
FL/FR pelargonium graveolens extract
 odor: geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens flower water
 odor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens flower/leaf/stem water
 odor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens stem leaf extract
 odor: geranium
 odor: fresh jasmin celery
 flavor: fatty spicy floral
4-(1,1,2,3,3-pentamethyl indan-5-yl) pyrimidine
 odor: weak floral note
FR pentenyl cyclopentanone
 odor: powerful light floral jasmin
FR2-pentyl cyclopentan-1-ol
 odor: floral jasmin magnolia tea fruity
FR2-pentyl cyclopentanone
 odor: coconut jasmin oily rose fern green herbal
FR peony acetonitrile
 odor: floral geranium grapefruit fresh
FR peony alcohol
 odor: natural floral rose peony waxy mimosa
FR peony fragrance
FR peony ketone
 odor: peony tree blossom
 persea americana fruit oil cuba
FL/FR petitgrain absolute morocco
 odor: petitgrain floral orangeflower green dusty citrus
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain bergamot oil (citrus bergamia melarosa)
 odor: petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain bigarade oil
 odor: fresh floral sweet orangflower woody herbal
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain cedrat oil
 odor: sweet fresh floral woody leafy petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain concrete
 odor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain essence
 odor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain fragrance
FL/FR petitgrain grapefruit oil
 odor: petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain mandarin oil
 odor: sweet deep fruity grape floral plum narcissus phenolic
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain mandarin orange oil
 odor: petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain oil
 odor: floral clary neroli citrus
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain oil fractions
 odor: floral orangeflower green tropical woody
FL/FR petitgrain oil morocco
 odor: fresh bergamot sweet neroli
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain oil paraguay
 odor: sweet floral clary stemmy neroli citrus
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain oil replacer
 odor: floral orange
FL/FR petitgrain oil terpeneless
 odor: floral citrus peel clary sage sweet woody bitter
 flavor: petitgrain
FR petitgrain oil terpenes
 odor: sweet allo-ocminol woody floral
FR petitgrain specialty
 odor: fresh petitgrain sweet floral orangeflowers woody
FR petunia fragrance
FL/FR phenethyl alcohol
 odor: floral rose dried rose flower rose water
 flavor: Floral, sweet, rosey and bready
FL/FR phenethyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet floral rose grape orange iris honey
FL/FR phenethyl butyrate
 odor: musty sweet floral yeast strawberry
 flavor: Fruity, floral, green with a tropical winey nuance
FL/FR phenethyl isobutyrate
 odor: floral fruity rose tea rose peach pastry
 flavor: Heavy, honey, floral, aldehydic with floral nuances
FL/FR phenethyl heptanoate
 odor: floral rose apricot
FL/FR phenethyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral sweet rose honey balsam
 flavor: Honey, floral, green, rose, cocoa, hay, tropical body
FL/FR phenethyl pivalate
 odor: rose spice rhodinol geranium blueberry
FL/FR phenethyl propionate
 odor: floral red rose fruity honey balsam storax
FL/FR phenethyl isovalerate
 odor: floral fruity sweet rose peach apricot
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, ripe pineapple, with honey, berry and peachy nuances
beta-phenoxyethyl acetate
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde 2,3-butylene glycol acetal
 odor: floral sweet earthy
FR phenyl acetaldehyde dicitronellyl acetal
 odor: sweet floral green geranium honey
FR phenyl acetaldehyde digeranyl acetal
 odor: floral rose absolute green powdery tropical
FR phenyl acetaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: hyacinth green foliage floral mandarin sweet pea
FL/FR phenyl amyl alcohol
 odor: floral carnation rose lemon verbena
 odor: floral peony foliage sweet mimosa heliotrope
 odor: rose
 odor: sweet fruity floral balsam
 flavor: waxy, concord grape, floral, sweet
FL phenyl butyrate
 phenyl ethylidene acetone
 odor: floral sweet pea
 odor: floral hyacinth green narcissus foliage radish honey sweet pea
FL/FR(R)-2-phenyl propionaldehyde
FL/FR(S)-2-phenyl propionaldehyde
 odor: floral green hyacinth
FL/FR2-phenyl propionaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: floral leafy hyacinth green mushroom earthy walnut
 flavor: Fruity, green and floral
FR2-phenyl propionaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal
 odor: floral green mushroom earth
FL/FR1-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: sweet floral balsam
 flavor: balsam honey
FL/FR(R)-1-phenyl propyl alcohol
FL/FR(S)-1-phenyl propyl alcohol
FL/FR(R)-2-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: floral hyacinth hawthorn foliage fruity peony
FL/FR(S)-2-phenyl propyl alcohol
FL/FR1-phenyl propyl butyrate
 odor: fruity floral jasmin apricot plum
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl formate
 odor: sweet floral honey hyacinth cinnamon
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl propionate
 odor: floral balsam hyacinth mimosa
FR phlox fragrance
FL/FR phytol
 odor: delicate floral balsam powdery waxy
 odor: mild light floral balsam green jasmin
 odor: mild floral herbal green
FL/FR piperidine
 odor: heavy sweet floral animal
FR pittosporum specialty
 odor: floral honey
FR plum damascone
 odor: floral plum rose
FR plumeria fragrance
FR pointsettia fragrance
FRred poppy fragrance
FR potpourri fragrance
FL/FR prenyl salicylate
 odor: floral herbal green orchid woody metallic
FR2-isopropoxyethyl salicylate
 odor: sweet floral balsamic herbal
FR4-propyl cyclohexane propanal
 odor: strong floral, muguet, and green notes
FL/FRisopropyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet, honey, floral, with a rose-like nuance
 flavor: sweet, honey, floral with a fermented balsamic nuance
3-(4-propyl phenyl) propionaldehyde
 odor: floral, muguet, and green notes
 odor: floral red rose
FL/FR rhodinyl acetate
 odor: red rose powdery spicy geranium citrus
FL/FR rhodinyl acetate substitutes
 odor: sweet floral fresh berry rose
FL/FR rhodinyl butyrate
 odor: fruity red rose tropical berry geranium
 flavor: blackberry
FL/FR rhodinyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral red rose honey waxy powdery geranium
 flavor: Waxy and floral with powdery nuances
FR rhubarb pyran
 odor: floral fruity rhubarb costus woody rooty
FR rosa alba flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral rose honey balsamic
FR rosa centifolia flower
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rosa centifolia flower extract
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FR rosa centifolia flower water
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rosa damascena flower oil
 odor: floral sweet spicy wine rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rosa damascena flower oil afghanistan
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose absolute
 odor: rose
FL/FR rose absolute (rosa centifolia)
 odor: fresh sweet rose absolute spicy
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose absolute (rosa centifolia) morocco
 odor: rich sweet deep rose spicy honey balsam woody
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose absolute (rosa damascena) turkey
 odor: floral rose waxy spicy
FR rose absolute pentanol
 odor: fresh floral rose absolute geranium green
FR rose absolute replacer
 odor: floral rose absolute
FR rose acetate
 odor: heavy deep rose floral powdery
FR rose carboxylate
 odor: rose oxide warm spicy fruity berry damascone
FR rose concrete (rosa centifolia)
 odor: warm floral woody sweet spicy honey
FR rose concrete (rosa damascena)
 odor: rich deep sweet floral rose spicy
FR rose d'orient fragrance
FL/FR rose essence
 odor: sweet rose absolute
 flavor: rose
FR rose extenders
 odor: rose
FL/FR rose flower water (rosa damascena)
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FR rose fragrance
FRdog rose fragrance
FRred rose fragrance
FRtea rose fragrance
FRwhite rose fragrance
FL/FR rose oil (rosa centifolia) egypt
 odor: sweet floral rose spicy
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose oil (rosa centifolia) morocco
 odor: sweet floral rose spicy
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose oil (rosa damascena) bulgaria
 odor: floral sweet spicy wine rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose oil (rosa damascena) iran
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FL/FR rose oil (rosa damascena) turkey
 odor: floral rose waxy spicy
 flavor: Floral, sweet, rose, fruity, perfume
FR rose oil replacer
 odor: rose otto
FR rose otto fragrance
FR rose petal fragrance
FR rose specialty
 odor: rose
FRred rose specialty
 odor: red rose
FRwhite rose specialty
 odor: white rose
FL/FR rose water stronger
 odor: rose
 flavor: rose
FR sambucus nigra flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral herbal woody anisic waxy honey
FR scented stock fragrance
FR souroubea specialty
 odor: floral fruity spicy
FL/FR spartium junceum flower extract
 odor: genet
 flavor: genet
FR spring flowers fragrance
FL/FR star fruit oil cuba
 odor: floral fruity
 flavor: starfruit
FR stephanotis fragrance
FL/FR strawberry glycidate 1 (aldehyde C-16 (so-called))
 odor: sweet fruity strawberry floral honey fatty
 flavor: Sweet, berry, strawberry, fruity, tutti frutti and floral nuances
FL/FR(R)-styralyl alcohol
 odor: floral earthy green honeysuckle
FL/FR styralyl propionate
 odor: fresh sweet floral rose gardenia green weedy
 flavor: Citrus and green, with fruity tropical nuances
FR sunflower fragrance
FL/FR surfleurs d'oranger oil
 odor: fresh sweet floral orangeflower
FR sweet pea absolute
 odor: floral green balsam sweet freesia
FR sweet pea fragrance
FR tea acetate
 odor: fresh floral hyacinth tea sweet fruity narcissus
 odor: lilac floral terpenic
 odor: lilac floral
FL/FRalpha-terpinyl anthranilate
 odor: lily orangeblossom fruity
FL/FR terpinyl formate
 odor: floral lavender citrus fruity
 flavor: dry fruity raspberry
FR tetrahydroionol
 odor: mild floral violet woody
FL/FR tetrahydrolinalool
 odor: floral lily bois de rose woody lilac tea oily
 flavor: Clean and fresh, floral, tea-like with citrus and herbal nuances
FL/FR thyme oil wild or creeping france
 odor: floral
 flavor: thyme
FR tilia cordata flower distillates
 odor: linden flower
FR tilia cordata flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral honey fruity green coumarinic herbal
FR tilia cordata flower water
 odor: linden flower
FR tobacco flower absolute
 odor: sweet violet spicy carnation tobacco
FR tobacco flower fragrance
FL/FRpara-tolualdehyde propylene glycol acetal
 odor: mild floral bitter almond cherry fruity
FR5-tricyclodecenyl acetate
 odor: floral green herbal
 odor: floral aldehydic powdery citrus fruity animal waxy sweet
 odor: white flowers linalool terpineol lilac fruity
 odor: floral citrus dimethyl octanol soapy aldehydic
FL/FR(E)-trimethyl phenyl butenone
 odor: floral green
 odor: floral freesia fruity
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangeflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from pommade)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR tuberose absolute chassis
 odor: heavy floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FR tuberose absolute replacer
 odor: tuberose
FR tuberose acetate
 odor: tuberose ylang sweet fruity dry weedy
FR tuberose concrete
 odor: tuberose
FR tuberose fragrance
FL/FR tuberose oil
 odor: floral tuberose
 flavor: tuberose
FR tuberose specialty
 odor: floral tuberose
FR tulip fragrance
FR tulip specialty
 odor: tulip
FR undecanal dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh floral citrus
 odor: floral rose waxy
 odor: floral rose waxy fresh fruity
FR vanilla tahitensis fruit absolute
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
FR vanilla tahitensis fruit absolute CO2 extract
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
FR vanilla tahitensis fruit oil CO2 extract
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
FR vassoura oil
FR verbena fragrance
FR verdyl acetate
 odor: floral green soapy cedar pine woody
FR vetiver pentanone
 odor: floral woody vetiver waxy
FL/FR violet flower absolute
 odor: sweet floral violet flowers
 flavor: violet
FR violet flower absolute replacer
 odor: violet flower
FR violet fragrance
FR violet methyl carbonate
 odor: floral violet green banana tagette fruity
FR violet specialty
 odor: violet
FL vitispirane
 odor: floral fruity earthy woody
FR wallflower absolute
 odor: sweet floral jasmin honey orangeflower ylang narcissus carnation
FR wisteria fragrance
FR witch hazel leaf oil
FL/FR ylang ylang flower absolute
 odor: intensely sweet floral diffusive spicy
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang flower concrete
 odor: rich sweet intensely floral
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: flower petal neroli lily sweet slightly minty floral
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang flower oil fractions
 odor: floral flower petal neroli lily
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil I
 odor: flower petal neroli lily sweet slightly minty floral
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil II
 odor: floral ylang
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil III
 odor: floral ylang
 flavor: ylang
FL/FR ylang ylang flower water
 odor: ylang
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang fragrance
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil
 odor: floral flower petal neroli lily sweet
 flavor: ylang
FL/FRterpeneless ylang ylang flower oil
 odor: ylang
 flavor: ylang
FR ylang ylang oil III fractions
 odor: floral jasmin frangipani spicy lily cocoa milky gourmand
FR ylang ylang oil replacer
 odor: ylang
FR ylang ylang specialty
 odor: sweet ylang floral orangeblossom natural
FL/FR yuzu leaf oil
 odor: floral
 flavor: yuzu
Secondary (Second) - floral
FR abronia fragrance
FR acacia fragrance
FL1-acetyl cyclohexyl acetate
 odor: sweet fruity floral honey fig rose nutty
FL/FR adoxal (Givaudan)
 odor: fresh aldehydic floral waxy watery
FL/FR allyl acetone
 odor: ethereal floral
FR7-allyl benzo[b][1,4]dioxepin-3-one
 odor: marine-floral odor with nuances of ozone, watermelons and fatty aldehydes
FR allyl benzoate
 odor: sweet floral cherry berry
 flavor: banana like
FR amber floral fragrance
CS amyl cyclopentenone
 odor: woody isojasmone jasmin tuberose
FL/FRisoamyl 3-(2-furan) propionate
 odor: sweet green floral fruity sour apple rose raisin caramel
FL/FR amyl nonanoate
 odor: apricot floral cognac
FL/FR amyl salicylate
 odor: herbal floral clover azalea green sweet chocolate
FR amyris specialty
 odor: musk floral woody
FR angel feathers fragrance
 odor: sweet spicy floral anisic
FR anthocephalus cadamba oil
 odor: woody floral sweet minty champaca neroli
FL/FR apricot essence
 odor: fruity apricot floral
 flavor: fruity apricot
FR autumn carboxylate
 odor: sweet anise floral clean autumn jasmin
FRsweet basil flower oil
 odor: anisic
FL/FR benzyl benzoate
 odor: faint sweet balsam oily herbal
 flavor: Balsamic, fruity, with powdery and berry nuances
FL/FR benzyl isobutyrate
 odor: jasmin oily fruity sweet rose tropical
 flavor: Fruity and sweet with ripe berry nuances
FL/FR benzyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam floral fruity cherry
 flavor: Spicy, floral, fruity, balsamic
FL/FR benzyl propionate
 odor: sweet fruity floral banana jasmin balsam
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, apple, banana, tutti frutti, with a floral nuance
FL/FR benzyl valerate
 odor: fruity floral apple skin
FR bergamot blossom fragrance
FL/FR bergamot oil
 odor: citrus woody orange linalyl acetate
 flavor: bergamot
FL/FR bergamot oil bergaptene reduced italy
 odor: citrus floral woody orange linalyl acetate
 flavor: Citrus,floral, rosy, green, lemon and fatty with a ginger and lime nuance
FR bergamot oil terpenes
FL/FR bergamot oil turkey
 odor: citrus woody orange linalyl acetate
 flavor: bergamot
 odor: citrus floral tangy lemon fresh sweet herbal
FL/FR bois de rose leaf oil brazil
 odor: sweet woody linalool
 flavor: bois de rose
FR boronia fragrance
FL/FRisobutyl benzyl carbinol
 odor: green floral herbal celery creamy
 flavor: Warm, amber sclarolide herbaceous celery-like with oily and creamy nuances
FL/FRsec-butyl ethyl ether
FL/FRisobutyl furyl propionate
 odor: fruity floral winey woody pineapple
FL/FR butyl 2-naphthyl ether
 odor: sweet fruity floral berry strawberry raspberry
3-(3-tert-butyl phenyl) propanal
 odor: aldehydic, floral, rubber
FL/FR butyl salicylate
 odor: harsh clover ethyl benzoate
FL2-butyl thiophene
 odor: fruity floral milky fried chicken
 odor: fresh aldehydic floral
FR calendula officinalis flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: herbal floral woody balsamic
FL/FR(S)-campholene acetate
 odor: sweet fresh lavender, floral, berry note with fine woody undertone
 flavor: jammy raspberry
FLalpha-campholene acetate
 odor: sweet woody ionone
FR cananga fruit oil
 odor: herbal floral balsam woody leather
FR cananga leaf oil
 odor: spicy floral balsamic woody leather
FR carnation absolute replacer
 odor: carnation
FR cestrum nocturnum flower oil
 odor: spicy floral carnation woody
FR chloranthus spicatus absolute
 odor: woody floral boronia sweet balsam
FL/FR chrysanthemum oxide
 odor: green floral chrysanthemum jasmin metallic rose
FL/FR cinnamyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral spicy balsam cinnamon
 flavor: Sweet, spicy, floral, cinnamon and honey with a tutti-fruti nuance
FL/FR(E)-cinnamyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral spicy balsam
FL/FR cinnamyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam floral cassia cinnamyl
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamic balsamic, with a floral, yeasty note and a lingering spicy aftertaste
FL/FR cinnamyl propionate
 odor: sweet spicy fruity balsam grape
 flavor: Sweet, floral, waxy, balsamic, green, punch, grape and cherry
 odor: floral rose waxy geranium oil powdery
FL/FR(S)-citronellyl acetate
 odor: fresh fruity rose bergamot rose sweet
FL/FR citronellyl butyrate
 odor: sweet fruity floral tropical green geranium waxy
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, waxy, green, perfume nuance
FL/FR citronellyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity floral geranium tropical
 flavor: Waxy, fruity, green, with a citrus and tropical nuance
FR citrus floral fragrance
FR citrus floral green fragrance
FR coffee flower absolute
 odor: ethereal floral spicy chocolate vanilla
 convolvulus scoparius wood oil
 odor: sweet woody floral nerol nerolidol rhodinol linalool
FL/FR coriander seed absolute
 odor: sweet spicy herbal floral
 flavor: coriander
FL/FR coriander seed oil terpeneless
 odor: coriander
 flavor: coriander
FL/FRmeta-cresyl acetate
 odor: powerful, pungent floral narcissus phenolic
 flavor: phenolic
FL/FRpara-cresyl isobutyrate
 odor: animal floral lily narcissus green fruity
 flavor: aromatic, fruity, phenolic note
FRmeta-cresyl phenyl acetate
FR cyclamen propanal
 odor: fresh watery floral cyclamen sweet
FL/FR cyclohexyl benzoate
 odor: mild balsamic floral herbal
3-cyclohexyl propyl acetate
 odor: ethereal floral fruity
FR cymbopogon validus leaf oil
 odor: sweet fruity floral herbal green rose balsamic
 odor: fruity floral black currant plum rose honey tobacco
 odor: fruity floral berry plum blackcurrant honey rose tobacco
 flavor: green woody minty herbal floral
 odor: fruity floral blackcurrant tobacco
FR2-decalinyl acetate
 odor: woody floral fruity herbal dusty
FL/FR decanal dimethyl acetal
 odor: waxy herbal citrus green neroli
FL/FR decanal methyl enol ether
FL/FR decanal propylene glycol acetal
 odor: waxy floral rose
FL/FR(E,E)-digeranyl ether
 odor: clean floral balsamic
FR dihydrodamascone
 odor: fruity floral
FL/FR dihydro-beta-ionol
 odor: woody floral amber
 odor: fatty floral orris animal
 odor: sweet woody floral
 odor: green floral weedy cortex fruity
 flavor: smoky roasted, coffee grounds
FL/FR dimethyl benzyl carbinol
 odor: clean floral green rose cortex oily rhubarb
FR2,4-dimethyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanyl acetate
 odor: citrus floral green grapefruit gardenia petal
CS dimethyl glutarate
FR2,5-dimethyl-2-indan methanol
 odor: floral lily muguet lilial
 odor: chicken coup floral green fruity mushroom
FR dimethyl-7-octene-1,6-diol
 odor: fruity sweet bloomy aldehydic woody
FL/FR earthy acetal
 odor: natural green floral earthy fungal
 odor: spice flower
 odor: spicy flower
 odor: sweet floral vanilla
FL/FR ethyl 2-benzyl butyrate
 odor: green floral
FL/FR ethyl ethyl anthranilate
 odor: fruity neroli tangerine petitgrain
FLO-ethyl S-(2-furyl methyl) thiocarbonate
 odor: spicy floral
FR2-ethyl hexyl salicylate
 odor: mild orchid sweet balsam
FL/FR ethyl laurate
 odor: sweet waxy floral soapy clean
 flavor: Waxy, soapy and floral with a creamy, dairy and fruity nuance
FL/FR ethyl 4-methyl salicylate
 odor: animal floral ylang
FR ethyl phenoxyacetate
 odor: green floral rose
 ethylene glycol diacetate
 odor: green floral estery
 odor: green, floral, violet slightly cucumber
 odor: sweet woody floral
FRisoeugenyl ethyl acetal
 odor: sweet carnation floral spicy tropical isoeugenol
FL/FR farnesyl acetate
 odor: green floral rose
FRcitrus floral fragrance
FRfruity floral fragrance
FRgreen floral fragrance
FRspicy floral fragrance
FRwoody floral fragrance
FR floral spice fragrance
FR flower hexene
 odor: green fresh floral pear bell pepper tropical radish
FRpink frangipani absolute
 odor: sweet gardenia floral orangeflower neroli
FL/FR freesia heptanol
 odor: fresh dihydrolinalool floral woody citrus herbal
FR gardenia acetal
 odor: fresh citrus gardenia green natural
FR gardenia concrete
 odor: fatty floral fresh green tuberose sweet gardenia
FR geranyl undecylenate
 odor: waxy floral leafy rose
FR ginsene
 odor: very intense sweet fruity floral ylang
FR green cyclopropionate
 odor: fresh flower shop green natural green tropical fruit
FRspring green fragrance
FR hawthorn fragrance
FR heliotrope absolute
 odor: strong herbal sweet heliotrope
2-heptyl pyridine
 odor: green floral geranium earthy
FL/FR hexadecanol
 odor: waxy floral
FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl angelate
 odor: green floral herbal apple pear
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl methyl carbonate
 odor: natural floral absolute violet green leaf waxy apple
FR hexen-1-yl oxypropane nitrile
 odor: green floral violet cucumber
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl salicylate
 odor: floral green metallic herbal balsam
FL/FR hexyl (Z)-tiglate
 odor: green floral gardenia jasmin
FR honeysuckle absolute
 odor: sweet fatty floral jasmin orangeflower tuberose
FL/FR hotrienol
 odor: sweet tropical ocimene fennel ginger myrcene
 flavor: fresh floral woody
FL/FR hyacinth absolute
 odor: sweet green floral sharp foliage hyacinth
FL/FR hydroxycitronellal diethyl acetal
 odor: delicate green floral lily muguet
 flavor: melon
FL/FR hydroxycitronellal dimethyl acetal
 odor: lily rose acetate waxy green
FL/FR hydroxycitronellal propylene glycol acetal
 odor: mild green floral lily muguet
FR indocolore (Firmenich)
 odor: animal floral fecal phenolic
FR indolall
 odor: animal fecal indole
FL/FR indole
 odor: animal floral moth ball fecal naphthelene
 flavor: Animal, fecal, naphthyl, with earthy, perfumey, phenolic and chemical nuances
 odor: sweet herbal floral violet tropical balsam woody
 flavor: Floral violet-like, fruity, woody, berry with powdery nuances
 odor: sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
 flavor: floral violet raspberry berry fruity strawberry
FRalpha-ionyl acetate
 odor: sweet woody floral violet berry
FR ivy dioxolane
 odor: floral green milky privet cortex woody
FR jasmin nonane
 odor: jasmone green fungus
FL/FRstar jasmine specialty
 odor: spicy warm floral
FR lavandin concrete decolorized
 odor: sweet rich lavandin
FR lavandin flower water
 odor: herbal lavandin floral
FL/FR lavandula angustifolia flower oil
 odor: lavender floral herbal woody
 flavor: lavender
FL/FR lavender oil bulgaria
 odor: lavender herbal floral sweet
 flavor: lavender
FL/FR lavender oil france
 odor: lavender floral herbal woody
 flavor: lavender
FL/FR lavender oil greece
 odor: lavender floral herbal woody
 flavor: lavender
FL/FR lavender oil terpeneless
 odor: lavender floral herbal
 flavor: lavender
FR lavender stem oil lithuania
 odor: lavender floral herbal
FL/FR lime oil distilled mexico
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpene
 flavor: Lime, waxy, candy peely with a citral and terpy nuance
FL/FR linalool
 odor: citrus floral sweet bois de rose woody green blueberry
 flavor: Citrus, orange, lemon, floral, waxy, aldehydic and woody
FL/FR linalool oxide
 odor: floral herbal earthy green
 flavor: Green, floral, fatty, woody, fermented, herbal, fruity and berry
FL/FR linalool oxide (furanoid)
 odor: musty camphor fenchyl alcohol
FL/FR(Z)-linalool oxide (furanoid)
 odor: earthy floral sweet woody
FL/FR linalool oxide acetates
 odor: warm fruity woody
FL/FR linalyl acetate
 odor: sweet green citrus bergamot lavender woody
 flavor: Floral, green, terpy, waxy, citrus, woody, herbal and spicy nuances
FL/FR linalyl butyrate
 odor: Floral, fruity, sweet, blueberry, pineapple-like and citrus with a slight spice nuance
 flavor: Floral, terpy, fruity, citrus and berry
FL/FR mace oleoresin
 odor: sweet nutmeg floral terpene
 flavor: mace
FL/FR mandarin oil italy
 odor: floral citrus mandarin orange
 flavor: mandarin
FR marigold absolute (tagetes glandulifera) mexico
 odor: sweet green apple floral slightly spice
FL/FR marigold pot flower oil
 odor: herbal floral woody balsamic
 flavor: marigold
FL/FRlaevo-menthyl propionate
 odor: sweet herbal floral rose peony
FL/FR3-mercaptohexyl acetate
 odor: floral fruity pear tropical passion fruit blackberry raspberry black currant bud
 flavor: tropical passion fruit black currant bud roasted meaty
 odor: spicy floral sweet cinnamon cherry vanilla
FR(2-methoxy-1-methyl butyl) benzene
 odor: green, floral, grapefruit, citrus, fruity, fresh, khusinil, and spicy fragrance notes
FR[(4E,4Z)-5-methoxy-3-methyl-4-penten-1-yl] benzene
 odor: strong green, floral, rosy, and unique citronella, pamplemouse-like, and rhubarb-like notes
FL/FR methyl ortho-anisate
 odor: herbal floral hyacinth cananga fruity blackcurrant
 methyl benzyl carbinol
 flavor: sweet pineapple
FR methyl bicycloheptenyl methyloxirane carboxylate
 odor: fruity floral sugary jasmin magnolia rose clover melon
FL4-methyl biphenyl
 odor: Floral, spicy, wintergreen, estragole and waxy with cooling, minty nuances
 flavor: Spicy, estragole, fennel, floral and wintergreen
FRalpha-methyl cinnamyl alcohol
 odor: sweet balsam floral oriental styrax
FL/FR methyl citronellate
 odor: Sweet geranium floral and waxy, with winey and fruity nuances
 flavor: Floral with rosy bergamot and geranium notes, waxy and soapy, cognac and winey nuances
FR methyl cyclocitrone (IFF)
 odor: green floral earthy dry woody
FR methyl cyclogeranate
 odor: natural herbal floral fruity woody camphor
 odor: fruity floral lactonic green peach
 odor: spicy floral
FL/FR methyl (Z)-3-hexenoate
FL/FRpara-methyl hydratropaldehyde
 odor: Floral, green, sweet, with woody herbal powdery nuances
 flavor: Green, woody, waxy and musty
FL/FRbeta-methyl ionone
FL/FR methyl jasmonate
 odor: jasmin flower oily green petal soft greasy
 flavor: floral fruity green waxy seedy melon
FL/FR methyl 4-methyl benzoate
 odor: sweet anisic floral ylang
FR3-methyl-4-(2-methyl butyl oxy) butyraldehyde
 odor: citrus, floral citronellal, and green notes
 odor: fruity floral
 flavor: fatty oily lactonic nutty meaty tallow fatty
FL/FR methyl octine carbonate
 odor: floral green violet leaf melon cucumber
 flavor: green fruity melon strawberry peach
FR3-methyl pentyl angelate
 odor: woody floral celery seed chamomile
FL/FR muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
FL/FRcis-muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
FR musk dec-8-enone
 odor: musk floral
FR musk gx 100%
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in DPG
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR myrascone
 odor: tropical floral fruity
FL/FRbeta-naphthyl methyl ether
 odor: sweet naphthyl floral orange blossom acacia neroli
FL/FRbeta-naphthyl methyl ketone
 odor: sweet neroli orange blossom neroli powdery
 flavor: sweet, citrus, orange, vanilla, fruity
FL/FR nerol
 odor: sweet natural neroli citrus magnolia
 flavor: lemon, bitter, green and fruity with a terpy nuance
FL/FR neroli oil tunisia
 odor: citrus neroli
 flavor: neroli
FL/FR neryl isovalerate
 odor: Sour sweaty with floral rosy under notes, a bergamot citrus nuance and fruity notes of blueberry, cranberry, apple and grape
 flavor: Fruity, rich floral and slightly citrus-like with berry waxy nuances of blueberry fruity notes of apple, grape, peach and apricot
FR new mown hay fragrance
FL/FR nonanal diethyl acetal
 odor: aldehydic floral rose
FL/FR nonanal dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh floral plastic citrus green
2-nonanone oxime
 odor: cucumber floral fresh green
FL/FR2-nonanone propylene glycol acetal
 odor: fruity floral fatty herbal
FL/FR3-nonanon-1-yl acetate
 odor: fruity floral waxy mignonette
 flavor: peach
FR nonisyl acetate
 odor: sweet orris cumin woody fruity spicy
(S)-ocean propanal
 odor: green floral marine ozone fruity sweet cumin
 odor: fruity floral wet cloth
 odor: very weak, green, floral, and fruity notes with additional harsh character
1,8-octane dinitrile
 odor: fresh sweet waxy floral citrus mandarin
FR octyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: powerful green floral sweet
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil terpeneless
 odor: Sweet, juicy, floral, aldehydic orange with woody citron nuances
 flavor: Sweet, juicy, peely, with aldehydic and floral nuances
FL/FRbitter orangeflower water absolute
 odor: dry floral musty herbal mandarin leaf petitgrain
 flavor: orangeflower
FR orris pyridine 25% IPM
 odor: orris floral violet leather fresh wood
FR orris rhizome absolute replacer
 odor: orris root floral woody
FL/FR orris rhizome resinoid (iris pallida)
 odor: sweet powdery floral waxy cocoa woody
 flavor: Waxy, sweet, floral, ionone / irone-like, with berry herbal nuances
FR peach nitrile
 odor: light peach fruity floral jasmin lactonic
FL/FR petitgrain bergamot oil
 odor: citrus petitgrain
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR petitgrain lemon oil
 odor: fresh sweet oily floral citrus lemon tomato woody bitter
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR phenethyl lactate
 odor: very mild bland sweet rose
FL1-phenethyl mercaptan
 odor: sulfurous floral tropical meaty
FL/FR phenethyl salicylate
 odor: balsamic floral rose hyacinth carnation
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde diisobutyl acetal
 odor: sweet green floral almond rose cortex
 flavor: Sweet, honey, brown, floral
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde solution
 odor: green floral rose clover
FL/FR phenyl acetic acid
 odor: sweet honey floral honeysuckle sour waxy civet
 flavor: Sweet, floral, chocolate, honey and tobacco
FL/FR2-phenyl propyl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity floral mango pineapple
FL/FR phytyl acetate
 odor: mild waxy fruity balsam
FR pine bouquet fragrance
FR plum damascone (high alpha)
 odor: fruity floral plum rose tobacco
FL3-isopropenyl-6-oxoheptanoic acid
FL/FRisopropyl benzoate
 odor: sweet fruity floral balsamic
FL/FR propyl phenyl acetate
 odor: Sweet, honey, floral, with a rose-like nuance
 flavor: Sweet, honey, floral with a fermented balsamic nuance
FL/FR propyl pyruvate
 odor: sweet caramellic floral
FL/FR rhodinol
 odor: floral red rose spicy waxy powdery geranium
 flavor: Floral rosy, with waxy, powdery and heavy citrus and tropical nuances
FL/FR rhodinol substitues
 odor: sweet rose leather rhodinol
FL/FR rhodinyl isovalerate
 odor: sensual red rose
 flavor: cherry
FL/FR rose absolute (rosa damascena) bulgaria
 odor: floral rose waxy sweet spicy green cortex
FR rose blossom pentanol
 odor: rose blossom waxy
FL/FR rose butanoate
 odor: floral green sweet tropical waxy rose
 flavor: Fruity, floral, green, sweet, waxy
FRdesert rose fragrance
FL/FR(Z)-rose oxide
 odor: green red rose spicy fresh geranium
 flavor: Green, vegetative and herbal with a citrus nuance
FR rose pyran
 odor: rose fresh green herbal phenolic bitter parsley
FL/FR sambucus canadensis fruit absolute
 odor: sweet, fruity floral with a herbal nuance
 flavor: Fruity berry, with a sweet date and fig nuance
FR sandal octanol
 odor: sweet sandalwood soapy floral woody
FL/FR santalyl acetate
 odor: woody floral cashew nutty powdery orris
 flavor: Woody, ionone and berry like
FL/FR spicy acetoacetate
 odor: Sweet, musty, spicy, floral, fruity and vanilla with a slight berry nuance
 flavor: Spicy, musty and cinnamon-like with a caramellic undernote
FL/FR(R)-styralyl acetate
 odor: fruity floral jasmin mimosa gardenia apricot apple
FL/FR styralyl formate
 odor: green floral woody mimosa gardenia
FL/FR tagete oil madagascar
 odor: fruity floral
 flavor: tagette
FD tagetes erecta flower oleoresin
 odor: green mignonette
 odor: terpineol lilac
FL/FR terpinyl isobutyrate
 odor: green floral herbal spice fatty bergamot
FL/FR terpinyl valerate
 odor: fruity floral
 flavor: apple bitter sweet
FL/FR tetrahydrofurfuryl phenyl acetate
 odor: chocolate floral honey
FR tetrahydroionyl acetate
 odor: fruity floral berry
FR TMH aldehyde
 odor: similar to nonanal but with a more modern, more floral and less citric note
 odor: very sweet fruity floral raspberry plum gardenia
 flavor: intense sweet deep fruit
 odor: grapefruit citrus floral citronella
 flavor: grapefruit
FL/FR tropical ionone
 odor: green floral woody orris tropical weedy waxy leather
 flavor: Floral, sweet, fruity, woody and orris-like nuance
FL/FR undecanal propylene glycol acetal
 odor: sweet fatty floral
FRcis-woody acetate
 odor: fresh fruity floral pine
FR woody bouquet fragrance
FR zdravetz absolute
 odor: sweet woody floral herbal clary sage tobacco genet
FL/FR zdravetz oil
 odor: sweet woody floral herbal clary sage tobacco broom
Tertiary (Third) - floral
FR acetaldehyde citronellyl methyl acetal
 odor: citrus natural lemon
FL/FR acetaldehyde dibutyl acetal
 odor: floral rose green chloroform
 odor: fruity sweet powdery floral ripe
FR agate fragrance
FR aldehydic fragrance
FL/FR allyl anthranilate
 odor: green leaf floral grape
alpha-allyl-4,6-dimethyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanyl acetate
 odor: green, spicey, floral aroma
alpha-allyl-4-methyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanyl acetate
 odor: green, oriental, floral aroma
 flavor: green, floral and bitter flavor
FR amber dioxane
 odor: woody amber floral lily
FR amber powdery floral fragrance
FRalpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde diethyl acetal
 odor: ethereal jasmin floral aldehyde green fruity
FR amyl isoeugenol
 odor: sweet balsam floral spice carnation
FL/FRpara-anisyl butyrate
 odor: buttery anisic floral sweet tropical fruity
 odor: balsamic spicy floral
1-isobutyl-2-methyl butyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, winey, floral, sweet, and weak
FL/FR butyl undecylenate
 odor: fatty butter wine floral fruity
FR chamomile isobutyrate
 odor: natural fruity floral herbal chamomile
FR chamomile propionate
 odor: fresh herbal fruity floral chamomile red rose
 odor: sweet mild acetophenone hay
FR chrysanthemum ketone
 odor: herbal floral chrysanthemum grapefruit
FR cinnamaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet cinnamon cypress
FL/FR cinnamyl formate
 odor: balsam fruity floral green herbal cinnamyl narcissus
FL/FR citral diethyl acetal
 odor: green fresh citrus lemon peel waxy
 flavor: Green, citrus lemon with a waxy nuance
FL/FR citral dimethyl acetal
 odor: green floral citric lemon lime natural
 flavor: Green, citrus lemon, grapefruit lime, with woody and terpy nuance
FR citral ethylene glycol acetal
 odor: fresh floral lemon clean
FL/FR citronellyl hexanoate
 odor: fine rose fruity floral
FL/FR(E)-citronellyl tiglate
 odor: rose fruity floral geranium leafy tea
 flavor: leafy, rosy, geranium, slightly fruity, citrusy
FR citronitrile (Symrise)
FR citrus woody floral fragrance
FL/FRortho-cresyl acetate
 odor: fruit medicinal sweet floral
para-cresyl phenyl ether
 odor: narcissus rose floral
 flavor: mulberry
FRisocyclogeraniol (IFF)
 odor: spice floral carnation herbal green woody
 flavor: camphoraceous and bitter flavor
FR3-cyclohexene-1-carboxylic acid, 2,6,6-trimethyl-, methyl ester
 odor: rose fruity damascone saffron
FR cyclohexyl crotonate
 odor: fruity, sweet, floral, green, woody, and weak
 odor: fruity sweet rose natural petal cassis black currant tobacco
 flavor: Woody, astringent, berry with a slight spice nuance
FL/FR decanol
 odor: fatty waxy floral orange sweet clean watery
 flavor: aldehydic waxy green fatty tart perfumistic
 odor: aldehydic, green, floral, rosy, and waxy notes
 odor: fatty earthy floral orris
FL/FR dihydrojasmone
 odor: fresh outdoor jasmin myrrh woody spice herbal
 flavor: Sweet, floral, green, herbal with a citrus nuance
FL/FR dihydromyrcenol
 odor: fresh citrus lime floral clean cologne weedy
FR diisobutyl carbinyl acetate
 odor: herbal rhubarb floral lilac banana
FL/FRalpha,alpha-dimethyl benzyl alcohol
 odor: mild green sweet earthy
FL/FR3,7-dimethyl-6-octenoic acid
 odor: Fatty, waxy, heavy, floral with a slight citronella nuance. It also has vegetative and tobacco nuances
 flavor: Mild, floral, rosy, fruity melon with slight hints of citronella and citrus
FL/FR dimethyl succinate
 odor: Sweet, fruity, green with a floral nuance
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, green, with a soapy waxy nuance
 odor: fruity citrus floral orange
 flavor: fatty
FR dryopteris filix-mas oleoresin
 odor: sweet woody earthy floral
FL/FR ethyl isoeugenol
 odor: spicy carnation clove
 flavor: spicy clove
FL ethyl 2-furoate
 odor: ethyl benzoate fruity floral
 flavor: burnt
 odor: citrus fresh floral oily sweet
 flavor: sweet fatty fruity
FL ethyl 3-hydroxyoctanoate
 odor: winey fruity floral
FR ethyl para-methyl-beta-phenyl glycidate
 odor: sweet raspberry floral rose
FL/FR ethyl salicylate
 odor: sweet wintergreen mint floral spicy balsam
 flavor: Sweet, wintergreen, spicy and anisic
FL/FR farnesyl acetone
 odor: fruity wine floral creamy
FR floral pyranol
 odor: fresh clean soft natural floral muguet linalool
FR fresh & clean fragrance
FR georgywood
 odor: woody amber floral
FL/FR geranyl acetone
 odor: fresh rose leaf floral green magnolia aldehydic fruity
 flavor: floral rose fresh soapy
FL/FR heliotropyl alcohol
 odor: sweet powdery vanilla
 heptanal cyclic trimethylene acetal
 odor: geranium rose
FL/FR heptyl formate
 odor: green waxy floral herbal plum apple cucumber
 flavor: Fatty, waxy, oily, slight floral with a vegetative nuance. It has a slight oenanthate under note
FL/FR hexanal diethyl acetal
 odor: cognac pear floral hyacinth apple fruity
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl acetoacetate
 odor: earthy green floral
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl benzoate
 odor: fresh green leaf floral orchid balsam fatty
 flavor: Fatty, floral, green, fruity, spicy with woody nuances
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl heptine carbonate
 odor: green violet
FR hexoxyacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green leafy sweet floral fruity
FR ho wood oil
 odor: sweet linalool woody floral
FR homalomena rubescens root oil
 odor: sweet woody floral pine
CS honey extract
 odor: honey floral
 flavor: honey
FL/FR immortelle flower oil
 odor: sweet warm herbal woody floral coumarin fruit dried fruit
 flavor: immortelle
 odor: dry powdery floral woody orris
 flavor: Woody, floral, berry, fruity with powdery nuances
 odor: sweet waxy citrus floral balsamic dry dusty powdery spicy
FL/FR ionone mixed isomers
 odor: violet sweet floral woody
 jambu flower oil brazil
 odor: citrus herbal floral
FL jasmin carnation fragrance
FR jasmin cyclopentanone
 odor: mild jasmin fruity
FL/FR jasmin lactone (IFF)
 odor: oily fruity petal floral absolute jasmin tuberose peach apricot coconut
FR jonquil absolute replacer
 odor: fresh green spicy natural jonquil
FR kunzea ericoides leaf oil
 odor: sweet medicinal coniferous floral fresh green lemon
FL/FR lavandin absolute
 odor: herbal sweet camphoreous lavandin flower
 flavor: lavandin
FL/FR lavandin absolute decolorized
 odor: herbal sweet camphoreous lavandin flower
FL/FR lavandin concrete
 odor: herbal camphor woody floral
 flavor: lavandin
FL/FR lavender concrete
 odor: fresh hay floral herbal
 flavor: lavender
FRcalla lily fragrance
FR litsea citrata flower oil
 odor: bois de rose coriander
FR maja fragrance
FL/FR marigold pot absolute
 odor: green herbal marigold floral spice tobacco phenolic
 flavor: Green floral, spice, apple, tropical fruit-like with woody nuances
FD marigold pot flower
 odor: sweet green apple floral spice
FL/FR melon nonenoate
 odor: sweet green waxy violet pear fruity melon vegetable
 flavor: Green, waxy, oily, fruity, watermelon rind, pear- and apple-like
FR melozol acetate
 odor: sandalwood woody fruity floral amber
FRortho-methoxybenzyl ethyl ether
 odor: green spicy floral fruity tea rose
FL/FRpara-methoxy-alpha-methyl cinnamaldehyde
 odor: spicy cinnamon floral
4-methoxy-alpha-toluene thiol
 odor: sulfurous slightly burnt floral balsamic anise seed
FL/FR methyl anthranilate
 odor: fruity grape orangeflower neroli
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, concord grape, with a musty and berry nuance
FL/FR methyl isobutyrate
 odor: Etherial, diffusive, fruity, sweet and tutti-frutti
 flavor: Sweet, ethereal, fruity and juicy fruit
FL/FR methyl isoeugenol
 odor: spicy clove blossom carnation woody
 flavor: spicy woody smoky resinous fatty
FL/FRalpha-methyl ionone
 odor: sweet powdery fruity floral violet beeswax orris woody
FL methyl 4-phenyl butyrate
 odor: sweet fruit honey floral
FL/FR mimosa concrete morocco
 odor: sweet woody fatty floral
 flavor: mimosa
FR moss specialty
 odor: moss
FR muguet specialty
 odor: muguet lily
FR muscomer
 odor: sweet amber musk floral sandalwood
FR musk amberol
 odor: dry powdery musk amber civet
FR musk gx 50% in DEP
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in IPM
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FL/FR(1S,5R)-myrtenyl acetate
 odor: herbal fresh sweet fruity citrus
 flavor: Woody, cedar-like, with fruity and floral nuances
2-naphthyl phenyl ketone
 odor: naphthyl orangeblossom floral
FL/FR nonanol
 odor: fresh clean fatty floral rose orange dusty wet oily
 flavor: aldehydic waxy citrus tart sweet
FL/FR nonyl octanoate
 odor: sweet rose mushroom floral cognac
FR ocean carboxaldehyde
 odor: fresh sea breeze watery floral ozone
 odor: terpene sweet fresh floral
2-octanone oxime
 odor: clean earthy floral fresh green
FL/FR octyl propionate
 odor: sweet fruity mushroom floral raspberry jammy green
 flavor: Sweet, estry, fruity and berry with a tropical, jammy nuance
FR orange leaf water absolute
 odor: green bitter sweet floral
FL/FR orris rhizome oil CO2 extract
 odor: Waxy, ionone, sweet floral, with berry, woody and fruity nuances
 flavor: Woody, ionone, berry-like with sweet green floral and powdery fruity nuances
FR3-pentyl bicyclo[3.2.1]octan-2-one
 odor: strong sweet, slight anisic, floral, and celery notes
FL/FR phenethyl hexanoate
 odor: sweet honey floral waxy woody sweaty green banana pineapple
 flavor: Sweet, waxy, floral with fruity notes
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde
 odor: green sweet floral hyacinth clover honey cocoa
 flavor: Honey, sweet, floral, chocolate and cocoa, with a spicy nuance
FR phenyl acetaldehyde diisoamyl acetal
 odor: herbal green floral
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: green foliage floral rosy earthy mushroom
 flavor: dry green floral fruity citrus peel
FL/FR phenyl propyl valerate
 odor: fruity strawberry floral
FL/FR propiophenone
 odor: hawthorn lilac floral aromatic
 flavor: fruity
FR rhubarb oxirane
 odor: fresh woody spicy floral fruity rhubarb
FR rose geranium fragrance
FL/FRlaevo-rose oxide
 odor: rose cortex green floral geranium powdery metallic
 flavor: sweet floral metallic lychee
CS safrole
 odor: sweet warm spicy woody floral sassafrass anise
FR sandal pentenone
 odor: woody methyl ionone 4-t-butyl cyclohexyl acetate sandalwood
FR sandalrome
 odor: woody sandalwood greasy oily waxy
 santolina oil
 odor: chamomile balsamic floral
FR spicy carbonate
 odor: spice woody floral grocery store
FL/FR strawberry glycidate 2
 odor: sweet strawberry berry floral tropical
 flavor: Sweet, fruity and berry with a dried fruit and floral nuance
FR styralyl valerate
FL styrene
 odor: sweet balsam floral plastic
FL/FRgreen tea leaf absolute
 odor: sweet leathery herbal floral balsamic woody
 flavor: tea
 odor: green fruity floral melon
FR tetrahydromyrcenol
 odor: fresh sweet citrus lime floral lily
FR triflaige A
 odor: tropical fruity floral musk
 odor: hesperidic, fresh, floral, grapefruit, terpenic
 odor: woody, powdery, floral, and sweet notes
 odor: fatty aldehydic floral herbal citrus
 odor: fresh floral waxy ozone clean citrus
FR violet nitrile
 odor: green violet floral walnut
FR woody acetate
 odor: woody cedar floral oily herbal balsam green fruity
FR(Z)-woody amylene
 odor: woody floral pine balsam violet methyl ionone
FL yuzunone
 odor: peely balsamic floral
Quaternary (Fourth) - floral
FL/FR acetaldehyde di-(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl acetal
 odor: green leafy herbal
FL2-acetyl-3-methyl thiophene
 odor: phenolic wintergreen almond floral cananga
 flavor: sweet honey-like
FR aldehydic specialty
 odor: aldehydic
FL/FRisoamyl nonanoate
 odor: fruity oily apricot floral
 flavor: winey cognac rum
FL/FRisoamyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet honey cocoa balsam chocolate castoreum animal
 flavor: Warm rosy honey with phenyl chocolate nuances and dried fruit notes
FR anisyl propanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet anise hawthorn green floral cortex mimosa absolute spicy powdery
FR benzaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet benzaldehyde cherry fruity floral
FL/FR benzyl salicylate
 odor: balsam clean herbal oily sweet
 flavor: sweet balsamic medicinal
FR bergamot acetoacetate
 odor: fresh herbal bergamot stem floral buchu
FR brachyleana hutchinsii wood oil
 odor: balsam woody sweet floral vetiver sandalwood
CS bromstyrol
 odor: strong leafy green hyacinth
FL/FRisobutyl anthranilate
 odor: Anthranilate grape-like, sweet fruity with a floral berry nuance
 flavor: Sweet fruity grape-Iike, with a floral honey background
isobutyl citral
 odor: fruity aldehydic waxy floral
cis-3-tert-butyl cyclohexyl acetate
 odor: woody, iris-like, fresh, flowery, slightly camphor-like
FL/FRisobutyl octanoate
 odor: fruity green oily floral
FR cabreuva wood oil
 odor: dry sweet woody floral
FR carnation absolute
 odor: sweet spicy honey herbal heavy floral
FL/FR cassie absolute replacer
 odor: warm powdery spicy herbal floral
FL/FR cedarwood oil terpenes
 odor: woody cedar floral
 flavor: Woody, cedar, dry, sandalwood-like with floral nuances
FR cestrum nocturnum flower absolute
 odor: isoeugenol carnation warm woody floral clove
FL/FR cherry propanol
 odor: Sweet, fruity, cherry, coumarin, floral, camphoreous, cooling
 flavor: Fruity, cherry, sweet, hay-like with cereal and bread-like nuances
FR citrus carbaldehyde
 odor: citrus greasy aldehydic floral marine
FR curacao specialty
 odor: aldehydic citrus orange floral
FL/FR cyclohexyl butyrate
 odor: fruity apple pineapple floral
 odor: fatty orange rose aldehydic floral green
 flavor: fatty fried citrus
FL/FR dimethyl anthranilate
 odor: fruity musty sweet neroli powdery phenolic wine
 flavor: Fruity grape skin, anthranilate-like with a woody and floral nuance
 odor: aldehydic, musky, woody, floral, fruity, minty, and clean notes
 odor: citronellal like, lemon, grapefruit, floral, and citrus
2-ethyl butyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, sweet, woody, floral, green, and weak
FL/FR ethylene brassylate
 odor: powdery sweet floral ambrette musk woody
 flavor: Musky, sweet, powdery, floral, vanilla and perfumey
 odor: sweet spicy clove woody carnation floral
 flavor: Sweet spice and clove with woody and phenolic nuances
 odor: sweet spicy carnation phenolic floral
FL/FRisoeugenyl acetate
 odor: sweet spicy powdery floral carnation balsam
FR fruity carboxylate
 odor: sweet fruity rum candy floral ripe
FR geranium cyclohexane
 odor: floral, rose , geraniol with herbal, green lavender and tea like nuances
 flavor: Floral, rose , geraniol with herbal, green lavender and tea like nuances
FL/FR geranium oil morocco
 odor: sweet rose herbal earthy
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium pyran
 odor: green floral geranium
FR grapefruit indene
 odor: fresh citrus grapefruit skin rhubarb vetiver floral gardenia
FR grapefruit pentanol
 odor: vetiver green citrus grapefruit rhubarb floral
FL/FR guaiacyl phenyl acetate
 odor: heavy balsam phenolic spice floral woody powdery honey smoked sausage
 flavor: Sweet, phenolic, spicy anisic, with clover honey and vanilla nuances
 odor: fresh lemon grass herbal sweet floral fruity green
 flavor: fruity green earthy bitter
FR hexenyl cyclopentanone
 odor: oily jasmin coconut milky dairy floral
FR(E)-2-hexen-1-yl salicylate
 odor: green woody floral
FR hydroxycitronellal distillation residue distillates
 odor: melon lily hydroxycitronellal
 odor: Waxy, lactonic, fatty, floral and fruity with creamy, spicy undernotes
 flavor: Green, fruity, floral, waxy and woody
FL/FR lepidine
 odor: burnt oily herbal floral sweet
 flavor: sweet floral oily slightly burnt
FR lilyall / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh green orangeflower lily citrus hydroxycitronellal
FL/FR mandarine undecenal
 odor: aldehydic mandarin citrus waxy floral
FR marine decadienal
 odor: citrus aldehydic marine floral ozone
FL/FR2-methyl butyl salicylate
 odor: herbal woody orchid floral green balsamic
FL/FR methyl decanoate
 odor: oily wine fruity floral
 flavor: fatty oily fruity
FL/FR(E)-methyl geranate
 odor: waxy green fruity flower
 odor: sweet aromatic powdery musk floral jasmin green
FRpara-methyl phenoxyacetaldehyde
 odor: powerful hay melon ozone floral
FL methyl 2-undecynoate
 odor: Waxy, fruity, meaty and fatty with a milky nuance
 flavor: Green, fruity, oily, fatty, chicken- and tallow-like
FR musk indanone
 odor: rich spicy musk woody clean
FL/FR myrcenyl acetate
 odor: citrus bergamot lavender floral woody nutmeg
FL/FR neryl benzoate
 odor: sweet soft rose ylang balsamic floral
FL/FR petal pyranone
 odor: oily fruity coconut floral petal absolute jasmin tuberose peach apricot
FL/FR petitgrain mandarin oil terpeneless
 odor: dimethyl anthranilate grape
 flavor: petitgrain
FL/FR phenethyl benzoate
 odor: soft rose balsam honey floral
FR phenoxyacetaldehyde 50% in peomosa
 odor: fresh green ozone cortex floral nut skin
FR(E)-2-phenyl-1(2)-propene-1-yl acetate
 odor: sweet honey neroli hyacinth
FR plum crotonate
 odor: fresh fruity plum peach tropical floral rose violet
FRblack poplar bud absolute
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl balsamic bouquet resinous labdanum coumarinic
FR primrose fragrance
FR3-(3-propen-2-yl phenyl) butanal
 odor: ozone, stemmy-green floral, melon
FL/FRisopropyl anthranilate
 odor: neroli hawthorn honey floral
FL/FR rhodinyl formate
 odor: rose dried leaf green floral geranium
 flavor: cherry
FL/FR rhodinyl propionate
 odor: rose geranium verbena
 flavor: almond
FL/FRwhite sassafras oil
 odor: sweet spicy fresh camphor woody floral rootbeer
FL/FR tangerine oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet citrus tangerine juicy terpenic floral narcissus
 flavor: tangerine
FL/FR terpineols (unspec.) (mixed isomers)
 odor: fresh clean woody pine floral lime
FR tetrahydrolinalyl acetate
 odor: fresh woody bergamot citrus floral
 odor: musky, ambery, and powdery
1,3,3,5-tetramethyl-7 and 8-cyanobicyclo(2.2.2)oct-5-ene
 odor: woody, camphoraceous, minty, and floral
FL/FR3,5,5-trimethyl hexanol
 odor: grassy green weedy floral earthy aldehydic hay straw leaf
 flavor: Green, cooling, herbal, woody, musty, berry, melon, with minty nuances
 odor: powerful aldehydic citrus waxy floral clean
FL/FR violet leaf absolute egypt
 odor: oily green cucumber leafy fresh sweet floral
 flavor: green leafy
FR violet propanol
 odor: woody violet cedar floral ambergris
Quinary (Fifth) - floral
FL/FR acetaldehyde ethyl phenethyl acetal
 odor: leafy green nasturtium fresh floral hyacinth
FL/FRpara-anisyl alcohol
 odor: sweet powdery hawthorn lilac rose floral hyacinth
 flavor: Cherry, vanilla, creamy nuances, cocoa, licorice, anise
FL/FR benzyl methyl ether
 odor: fruity ethereal ylang green floral hyacinth
FL/FR butyl phenyl acetate
 odor: rose honey chocolate
 flavor: Honey, sweet, chocolate, floral and rose-like
FL/FRisobutyl salicylate
 odor: clover herbal orchid floral
 flavor: Sweet, cooling, spicy with fruity nuances
FL/FR camellia oleifera leaf extract
 flavor: fresh brewed tea green leafy bitter floral
FL/FR cassie absolute
 odor: fresh sweet spice clove violet green weedy woody
 flavor: Spicy, sweet, fruity and honey with a woody, herbal nuance
FR cedarwood oil white
 odor: woody cedar aromatic sandalwood floral perfume
 flavor: woody cedar dry sandalwood floral
FR chamomile valerate
 odor: aromatic floral fruity chamomile rose
FL/FR citronellyl benzoate
 odor: verbena rose dryed rose petals
FL/FR citronellyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity floral geranium tropical
 flavor: Waxy, fruity, green, with a citrus and tropical nuance
FR clary propyl acetate
 odor: herbal clary sage saffron tea fruity floral
FR2-decalinyl formate
 odor: sandalwood woody dry oily floral
FL/FR decanal (aldehyde C-10)
 odor: sweet aldehydic waxy orange peel citrus floral
 flavor: Waxy, fatty, citrus and orange peel with a slight green melon nuance
 odor: waxy fruity citrus orange floral green
 odor: aldehydic dewy rose waxy floral
 odor: Fruity, lactonic, green, woody, floral, and waxy
FRamerican elder flower absolute
 odor: sweet herbal honey waxy anisic floral spicy
FL/FR(E)-ethyl tiglate
 odor: sweet fruity tutti frutti tropical berry floral caramel
 flavor: fruity green
FR ethyl 3,5,5-trimethyl hexanoate
 odor: fruity green apple wine yeast floral
FR eucalyptus citriodora oil
 odor: fresh rosy citronella balsamic floral
FR geranyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: strong sweet clean waxy aldehydic ozone rose
FL/FR heptyl butyrate
 odor: fruity tropical chamomile green tea sweet floral clean
FR2-heptyl tetrahydrofuran
 odor: natural green pea waxy rose floral
FL/FRabrialis lavandin oil
 odor: floral herbal lavender camphor soapy
 flavor: lavandin
FL/FRortho-methyl anisole
 odor: Naphthyl, camphoreous, phenolic and woody with a salicylate nuance
 flavor: Camphoreous, earthy, woody and salicylate with minty, spicy nuances
FL/FR methyl benzoate
 odor: phenolic wintergreen almond floral cananga
 flavor: Phenolic and cherry pit with a camphoraceous nuance
FL6-methyl coumarin
 odor: Sweet coconut, vanilla, creamy with a powdery floral nuance
 flavor: Sweet coconut, vanilla like with a creamy cake-like nuance
FL/FR methyl (E)-3-hexenoate
 odor: sharp, sweet green, fresh, fruity apple and pear with a slight floral nuance
 flavor: Sharp, green, unripe fruity pineapple and apple like with a slight astringent aftertaste
FR3-methyl-4-hexyl oxybutyraldehyde
 odor: aldehydic, mandarin aldehyde, citrus peel, fruity, floral, and green notes
FL/FR methyl hydrocinnamate
 odor: honey fruity wine balsam floral
FL/FRbeta-isomethyl ionone
 odor: woody ambergris waxy orris floral
FL/FR methyl undecylenate
 odor: earthy fungal rose fatty floral
FR midnight passion fragrance
FL/FR myrtle oil morocco
 odor: fruity spicy allspice camphor floral herbal
FR ocimen-1-yl acetate
 odor: citrus lavender cologne bergamot floral
FL/FR orris rhizome concrete butter (iris pallida)
 odor: woody fatty violet fruity sweet floral warm (8% irone)
 flavor: orris woody fatty violet
FR pepper hexanone
 odor: deep peppery woody rose absolute
FL/FR phenoxyethyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity tropical rose honey floral waxy
 flavor: Green, fruity with waxy apple nuances
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl mignonette hyacinth balsam
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamon, balsamic, fruity, winey and honey-like with floral nuances
FL/FR rum extract
 odor: rum fusel fruity raisin floral woody balsamic
 flavor: rummy
FR siam wood oil
 odor: woody balsam opoponax cedar floral
FL/FR terpineol acetate
 odor: sweet herbal bergamot pine lavender floral
 odor: citrus waxy fatty green floral
 odor: waxy, slight green, soapy and fatty with cilantro and chicken like notes and nuances of cucumber, herbs and citrus lemon
 flavor: Waxy, green, leafy vegetative with oxidized and reheated beef and chicken fat
 odor: fresh waxy rose soapy clean clothes floral citrus
 flavor: aldehydic soapy waxy sweet
Senary (Sixth) - floral
FL/FR benzaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: Green, winey, fruity and sharp with a floral nuance
 flavor: Green, sharp and almondy with a cherry pit nuance
FL/FR butyl anthranilate
 odor: petitgrain plum sweet grape fruity wine floral berry powdery
 flavor: Grape-like with a sweet fruity berry and chemical nuance
FRatlas cedarwood oil fractions
 odor: oriental lactonic balsamic leathery amber floral fruity
FR citronellyl ethyl ether
 odor: fresh clean rose citrus cologne floral
FR citronellyl nitrile
 odor: fresh lemon metallic citrus waxy floral
FL/FR(Z)-4-decen-1-yl acetate
 odor: oily estery fruity juicy orange floral rose spicy
FL2,4-dimethyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: acidic fruity cheese honey
 flavor: Tangy, acidic and cheesy with ripe, fruity and animal nuances
FL/FR dodecanal (aldehyde C-12 lauric)
 odor: soapy waxy aldehydic citrus green floral
 flavor: Soapy, waxy, citrus, orange mandarin
FRisogreen methanoindene
 odor: green weedy oily sweet woody floral gardenia jasmin tuberose
FRbeta-ionyl ethyl ether
 odor: fruity apricot and raspberry woody cedarous flowery
FL/FR2,4-ivy carbaldehyde
 odor: green aldehydic leafy cortex tart floral peely
 odor: Spicy, cinnamon, sweet with a rich pleasant cherry candy note, vanilla and slightly smoky
 flavor: Cherry flesh, sweet, with a cinnamic dry out, slightly aromatic
FL/FR2-methyl decanal (aldehyde C-11 MOA)
 odor: powerful fresh dry citrus waxy watery
 flavor: citrus aldehydic
FL/FR methyl heptanoate
 odor: Sweet, fruity and green, with a waxy apple like note
 flavor: Sweet fruity and green
FL/FR methyl ionyl acetate
 odor: Powdery, perfumey, woody with fruity and floral nuances. It has an interesting floral character on dry down
 flavor: Woody, powdery, floral with ionone and berry nuances. It has a lingering cherry-red licorice-candy aftertaste
FR4-methyl-4-phenyl pentanone
 odor: green sweet floral honey gardenia
FR muguet undecadienal
 odor: aldehydic muguet waxy watery hyacinth floral green
FR musk nonane
 odor: sweet musk oily fruity animal floral
FL/FR myristica fragrans fruit extract
 odor: spicy woody balsam green waxy floral
 flavor: spicy
FL/FR myristica fragrans seed tincture
 odor: spicy woody balsam green waxy floral
 flavor: spicy nutmeg
FL/FR myrtle oil
 odor: fresh fruity spicy allspice camphor floral herbal
FL/FRbeta-naphthyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet concord grape anthranilate-like with a slight candy syrupy fruity berry aftertaste and slight floral and winey nuances
 flavor: anthranilate concord grape, with slight naphthyl nuances and deep candy cherry, berry and winey nuances
FR peach pivalate
 odor: fruity peach sweet powdery green floral
FR3-propyl bicyclo(3.2.1)-6-octen-2-one
 odor: strong green, herbaceous, fresh, clean, natural, floral, and woody notes
FL/FR raspberry ketone
 odor: sweet berry jam raspberry ripe floral
 flavor: Fruity, jammy, berry, raspberry and blueberry with seedy, cotton candy nuances
FR rose undecene
 odor: rose cashew herbal sweet fruity floral
 odor: pine terpene lilac citrus woody floral
 flavor: citrus woody lemon lime soapy
FL/FRalpha-terpinyl acetate
 odor: herbal bergamot lavender lime citrus
 flavor: Woody, citrus, spicy, floral, grapefruit and seedy
FR tiglyl tiglate
 odor: damp forest soil fungus mushroom anise flowery leaf buds
 odor: waxy fruity creamy fatty orris floral
 flavor: Waxy, fruity with creamy cheese like notes
Septenary (Seventh) - floral
FR aldehydic nitrile
 odor: citrus aldehydic lemon fatty metallic
FL/FR ambrette seed absolute
 odor: dry woody musk amber hay tobacco
 flavor: Woody, hay, dried fruit like, with musk and floral nuances
FL/FR dibenzyl ketone
 odor: bitter almond benzaldehyde plastic seedy
 flavor: Bitter with floral, rose and honey notes
FL/FR ethyl para-anisate
 odor: Sweet anisic, licorice, fruity, spice, cherry, floral and powdery
 flavor: Anise, sweet, fruity, licorice, grape and cherry like
FR fir balsam absolute
 odor: fir balsam berry woody sweet green pine
 flavor: Woody, pine, floral, mossy, with herbal nuances
FL/FRspike lavender oil
 odor: camphor eucalyptus fresh herbal lavandin rosemary woody
 flavor: Cooling, mentholic, woody, herbal and spicy with a green nuance
FL/FR melon heptenal
 odor: fresh ozone melon fresh air sweet clean green
 flavor: Green, melon watermelon-rind, cucumber, with a waxy, chemical and floral nuance
FLS-(methyl thio) hexanoate
 odor: fruity ethereal green tropical cabbage cheesy rancid floral green
FL/FR sandal cyclopropane
 odor: tropical woody fatty sandalwood herbal cologne floral
FL/FR vanilla carboxylate
 odor: fruity berry estery pineapple milk
 flavor: Cooling, sweet, fruity and floral
FL/FR violet leaf absolute
 odor: green oily earthy leafy floral
 flavor: Green, melon, floral, fresh, waxy, grassy and leafy
Octonary (Eighth) - floral
FL/FR geranic oxide
 odor: fresh camphor herbal rosemary
 flavor: Sweet, camphoreous, woody, cooling, with floral nuances
FL3-(5-methyl-2-furyl) butanal
 odor: Green, vegetable, fruity with fatty nuances
 flavor: Green,fruity with fatty nuances
FL/FR methyl 10-undecenoate
 odor: fatty waxy citrus earthy fungal rose floral
 flavor: waxy pineapple
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