Typical G.C. analysis

abies balsamea needle oil canada
240.31-2.07  borneol
194.89-16.22  bornyl acetate
250.02-0.21delta- cadinene
53.49-9.72  camphene
180.04-0.56  camphor
80.00-27.27delta-3- carene
200.00-0.27alpha- cedrene
150.03-0.16para- cymene
220.06-0.60alpha- humulene
121.83-15.63  limonene
100.71-2.28  myrcene
170.00-0.691- octen-1-yl acetate
90.03-0.19alpha- phellandrene
134.39-12.64beta- phellandrene
46.18-14.29alpha- pinene
628.10-56.10beta- pinene
70.02-0.23  sabinene
10.30-1.41  santene
210.06-0.29  terpinen-4-ol
110.02-0.11alpha- terpinene
140.06-0.31gamma- terpinene
230.56-4.48alpha- terpineol
160.17-1.68  terpinolene
30.00-0.21alpha- thujene
260.00-2.89  thymol
20.56-1.69  tricyclene

J. M. Regimbal and G. Collin, Essential Oil Analysis of Balsam Fir Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. J. Essent. Oil Res., 6, 229-238 (1994).

P&F 20, No. 5, 95, (1995)

achillea millefolium oil greece
200.50  artemisyl alcohol
16trace  artemisyl ketone
10.40  artemisia triene
3349.30  ascaridole
550.10alpha- bisabolol
292.00iso borneol
50tracedelta- cadinene
49tracegamma- cadinene
540.10alpha- cadinol
530.10T- cadinol
50.90  camphene
268.10  camphor
11tracedelta-3- carene
37trace  carvacrol
430.40beta- caryophyllene
520.20  caryophyllene oxide
280.20(Z)- chrysanthenol
36trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
1410.501,8- cineole
40tracealpha- copaene
410.10beta- cubebene
46tracear- curcumene
137.40para- cymene
42tracebeta- elemene
44trace(E)-beta- farnesene
350.30  geranial
47trace  germacrene D
45tracealpha- humulene
390.80(Z)- jasmone
270.10  lavandulol
150.10  limonene
220.50  linalool
48tracealpha- muurolene
9trace  myrcene
51trace(E)- nerolidol
6trace1- octen-3-ol
10tracealpha- phellandrene
40.40alpha- pinene
80.30beta- pinene
70.40  sabinene
190.40(E)- sabinene hydrate
250.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
301.10  terpinen-4-ol
127.00alpha- terpinene
180.30gamma- terpinene
310.50alpha- terpineol
210.30  terpinolene
3tracealpha- thujene
231.50alpha- thujone
240.20beta- thujone
341.40 thujyl isobutyrate
380.10  thymol
2trace  tricyclene
320.20  verbenone
171.70  yomogi alcohol

P. Chatzopoulou, S. T. Katsiotis and A. Baerheim Svendsen, An ascaridole containing essential oil of the Achilles millefolium L. complex growing wild in Northen Greece, J. Essent. Oil Res., 4, 457-459 (1992).

P&F 22, No. 3, 57, (1997)

anethum graveolens herb oil cuba
1614.50  carvone
19tracealpha- cubebene
814.38para- cymene
150.99(E)- dihydrocarvone
120.29(Z)- dihydrocarvone
1114.85  dill ether
210.31  dillapiole
100.18alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
20trace  elemicin
611.92  limonene
41.56  myrcene
220.20  myristicin
524.88alpha- phellandrene
78.21beta- phellandrene
33.17alpha- pinene
170.40iso piperitenone
130.50  sabinol
90.34alpha- terpinene
21.06alpha- thujene
180.16  thymol
1trace  toluene

J. A. Pino, E. Roncal, A. Rosado and I. Goire, Herb oil of dill (Anethum graveolens L.) grown in Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 219-220 (1995).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

anethum graveolens herb oil reunion
310.10  bornyl acetate
350.08gamma- cadinene
5trace  camphene
230.10  camphor
10tracedelta-3- carene
290.40  carvone
300.10  carvotan acetone
123.80para- cymene
26trace(Z)- dihydrocarvone
340.10 dihydrolimonen-10-ol
2420.80  dill ether
360.20  docosene
330.10  eugenol
1310.90  limonene
19trace  linalool
220.10(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
210.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
80.60  myrcene
180.10  nonanal
15trace(E)-beta- ocimene
14trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
2trace  octane
956.50alpha- phellandrene
41.70alpha- pinene
7tracebeta- pinene
250.10(E)- piperitol
280.10(Z)- piperitol
60.10  sabinene
11tracealpha- terpinene
16tracegamma- terpinene
270.20alpha- terpineol
170.20  terpinolene
30.30alpha- thujene
32trace  thymol
10.20  toluene
20trace  undecane

R. R. Vera and J. Chane-Ming, Chemical composition of essential oil of dill (Anethum graveolens L.) growing in Reunion Island. J. Essent. Oil Res., 10, 539-542 (1998).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

artemisia annua herb oil france
300.00-11.05  artemisyl alcohol
2111.91-55.02  artemisyl ketone
250.00-0.07  artemisyl acetate
490.16-1.28  bicyclogermacrene
450.00-0.16  borneol
40.00-0.29  bornylene
100.00-0.14  butyl isovalerate
510.00-1.05delta- cadinene
61.20-7.28  camphene
270.00-0.66alpha- campholenic aldehyde
291.58-11.52  camphor
590.10-1.10  carvacrol
361.63-10.87beta- caryophyllene
540.10-1.64  caryophyllene oxide
530.04-0.39iso caryophyllene oxide
570.00-trace  cedrol
165.07-11.651,8- cineole
280.00-1.33alpha- copaene
330.09-2.17beta- cubebene
19trace-1.23para- cymene
520.08-0.676,6- dimethyl(3.1.1)bicyclohept-2-en-2-methanol
500.00-0.41(E)-(3,3-dimethyl) cyclohexylidene acetaldehyde
50.00-0.17  ethyl 2-methyl butyrate
440.00-1.00(E)-beta- farnesene
430.00-1.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
471.99-18.54  germacrene D
482.24-14.73alpha- guaiene
310.00-trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
41trace-0.97alpha- himachalene
420.00-0.74alpha- humulene
150.09-0.57  limonene
90.00-trace3-methyl bicyclo(3.1.2)oct-2-ene
220.00-0.313- methyl-3-buten-1-yl isovalerate
120.00-3.34  myrcene
38trace-0.42  myrtenal
560.00-0.82  nootkatone
180.00-0.27(E)-beta- ocimene
110.00-tracealpha- phellandrene
24.20-15.66alpha- pinene
70.93-3.35beta- pinene
320.00-0.32  pinocamphone
400.35-1.81trans- pinocarveol
350.24-2.19  pinocarvone
80.43-2.80  sabinene
260.00-0.43(E)- sabinene hydrate
340.11-0.83(Z)- sabinene hydrate
23trace-0.22  santolina alcohol
550.00-0.49  spathulenol
370.13-0.38  terpinen-4-ol
130.00-0.18alpha- terpinene
170.07-0.34gamma- terpinene
460.00-0.65alpha- terpineol
200.00-0.33  terpinolene
390.00-2.163- thujen-2-ol
30.00-0.90alpha- thujene
580.00-0.83  thymol
10.01-0.35  tricyclene
240.06-0.64  yomogi alcohol

J. C. Chalchat, R. P. Garry and J. Lamy, Influence of harvest time on yield and compostion of Artemisia annua oil produced in France. J. Essent. Oil Res., 6, 261-268 (1994).

P&F 20, No. 2, 49, (1995)

artemisia herba-alba herb oil morocco
130.1  artemisyl alcohol
90.7  borneol
160.1  bornyl acetate
27tracedelta- cadinene
28tracegamma- cadinene
31.8  camphene
2110.3  camphor
12trace  carvacrol
230.8beta- caryophyllene
224.2  chrysanthenone
17trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
1414.01,8- cineole
40.1para- cymene
261.7beta- elemene
243.1alpha- guaiene
25tracealpha- humulene
10trace  myrtenol
18trace  myrtenyl acetate
11.5alpha- pinene
20.8beta- pinene
50.2alpha- terpinene
71.5gamma- terpinene
85.3alpha- terpineol
150.1alpha- terpinyl acetate
60.1alpha- thujene
1923.9alpha- thujone
2020.1beta- thujone
11trace  thymol

A. Ouyabya, R. Negre, J. Viano, Y. F. Lozano and E. M. Gaydou, Essential oils from Moroccan Artemisia negrei, A. mesatlantica and A. herba-alba, Lebensmitt. Wiss u Technol., 23, 528-530 (1990).

P&F 19, No. 5, 83, (1994)

artemisia variabilis flower oil italy
380.40  acenaphthalene
240.70  bicyclogermacrene
331.00alpha- bisabolol
26tracedelta- cadinene
370.90alpha- cadinol
2trace  camphene
16trace  camphor
80.101,8- cineole
27tracear- curcumene
120.40para- cymene
280.501,4- dimethyl naphthalene
250.10  geranyl acetate
230.30  germacrene D
340.20  globulol
20tracebeta- guaiene
15trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl isovalerate
210.10alpha- humulene
400.102- hydroxy-4,6-dimethoxyacetophenone
71.00  limonene
17trace  linalool
29trace  methyl eugenol
50.20  myrcene
19trace  myrtenal
310.30(E)- nerolidol
95.50(Z)-beta- ocimene
14traceallo- ocimene
111.30(E)-beta- ocimene
10.80alpha- pinene
33.60beta- pinene
40.10  sabinene
351.00  spathulenol
180.10  terpinen-4-ol
60.10alpha- terpinene
103.20gamma- terpinene
220.20alpha- terpineol
13trace  terpinolene
360.80  thymol
320.20  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 91, (2001)
boldea fragrans leaf oil italy
3538.63  ascaridole
50.38  camphene
240.06  camphor
90.25delta-3- carene
390.01  carvacrol
400.08trans- carvyl acetate
100.921,4- cineole
1438.631,8- cineole
330.18  cuminaldehyde
129.51para- cymene
40.02alpha- fenchene
150.01  fenchone
320.06alpha- fenchyl acetate
200.40alpha- fenchyl alcohol
340.09  geraniol
10.062- heptanone
420.32  ledol
130.07  limonene
18trace  linalool
70.02  myrcene
28trace  myrtenal
300.36  myrtenol
310.07  nerol
19trace2- nonanol
160.102- nonanone
80.04alpha- phellandrene
30.02alpha- pinene
221.20trans- pinocarveol
290.78  sabinaketone
60.04  sabinene
384.28  sabinyl acetate
261.37  terpinen-4-ol
170.03  terpinen-4-yl acetate
110.04alpha- terpinene
270.25alpha- terpineol
250.13beta- terpineol
20.06alpha- thujene
21tracebeta- thujone
370.07  thymol
410.03  thymyl acetate
23trace(Z)- verbenol
360.14cis- verbenyl acetate

E. Miraldi, S. Ferri, G. G. Franchi and G. Giorgi, Peumus boldus essential oil: New constituents and comparison of oils from leaves of different origin. Fitoterapia, 67, 227-230 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

chenopodium ambrosioides oil
154.1 aristolenol
20.2  camphene
174.2  carvacrol
122.0para- cymen-8-ol
618.0para- cymene
114.0 dihydropinocarvone
76.0  limonene
90.6  linalool
142.8  methyl thymol
50.7  myrcene
110.0alpha- pinene
40.3beta- pinene
103.9  pinocarveol
30.2  sabinene
80.1gamma- terpinene
131.9alpha- terpineol
162.0  thymol
chenopodium ambrosioldes var. anthelminthicum oil america
211.98  ascaridole
50.14  camphene
80.03delta-3- carene
230.04  carvacrol
191.06trans- carveol
200.25cis- carveol
182.28  carvone
158.09para- cymene
170.09(E)- dihydrocarvone
10.01  dimethyl sulfide
40.02alpha- fenchene
1242.32  limonene
160.09(E)- limonene oxide
90.01  myrcene
100.01alpha- phellandrene
130.09beta- phellandrene
30.82alpha- pinene
60.18beta- pinene
70.01  sabinene
1117.54alpha- terpinene
140.58gamma- terpinene
220.02  thymol
20.22  tricyclene

A. O. Tucker and M. J. Maciarello, Some toxic culinary herbs in North America. In: Food Flavors, Formation, Analysis and Packaging Influences. Edits., E. T. Contis, C-T. Ho, C. J. Mussinan, T. H. Parliament, F. Shahidi and A. M. Spanier, 401-414, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1998).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

chenopodium ambrosioldes var. anthelminthicum oil spain
341.1  ascaridole
50.5  carvacrol
71.5trans- carveol
60.2  carvone
20.2para- cymene
89.5  dihydrocarveol
140.51,4-epoxy-para-menthane diol
129.2  limonene
121.3para- menth-8-ene-1,2-diol
110.6(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
41.0  thymol

J. dePascual T., I. S. Bellido, C. Torres and M. A. Pérez, Essential oil from Chenopodium ambrosioides. Rivista Ital., EPPOS, 62, 123-125 (1980).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

cistus oil
60.1  acetophenone
1410.26- acetoxy-11-nor-drim-7-en-9-one
720.27- acetyl-2,2,6-trimethyl bicyclo(4.2.0)octane
1190.16-acetyl-5,8,8-trimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)octan-2,3-dione
1490.213-nor- ambreinolide
1480.18-epi-13-nor- ambreinolide
780.2alpha- ambrinol
1371.4  ambrox
810.9  aromadendr-1-ene
1350.3  aromadendr-1(10)-en-9-one
1320.11,10-seco- aromadendran-1,10-dione
1300.15-epi-1,10-seco- aromadendran-1,10-dione
861.5allo- aromadendrene
b30.4  benzoic acid
272.0  borneol
551.7  bornyl acetate
b210.93-iso butenyl-5-methyl-5-vinyl butyrolactone
1260.5  cadalene
980.4delta- cadinene
1250.6alpha- cadinol
1000.6alpha- calacorene
990.6(E)- calamenene
900.5(Z)- calamenene
b91.4gamma-campholenic acid
150.3alpha- campholenic aldehyde
100.3gamma- campholenic aldehyde
b70.3alpha-campholytic acid
b40.2gamma-campholytic acid
b52.4 camphonanic acid
b122.1alpha-camphoneic acid
180.1  camphor
600.8  carvacrol
480.2  carvenone
410.2trans- carveol
430.1cis- carveol
460.5  carvone
1380.1sesqui chamaenol
1171.8  copaborneol
1270.6  copabornyl acetate
741.1alpha- copaene
820.7  cubeb-11-ene
1134.1  cubeban-11-ol
1210.41-epi- cubenol
440.1  cuminaldehyde
b111.0beta- cyclogeranic acid
b80.9gamma-cyclogeranic acid
530.3para- cymen-7-ol
30.4para- cymene
b130.7 davanic acid
390.2  decanal
b203.8  decanoic acid
1060.21,2- dehydroglobulol
1180.33,4- dehydroglobulol
1100.21-epi-3,4- dehydroviridiflorol
1041.41,2- dehydroviridiflorol
1460.214,15- di-nor-8,13-epoxylabd-12-ene
790.1  dihydro-beta-ionene
940.2  dihydroactinidiolide
370.5neo dihydrocarveol
b156.5  dihydrocinnamic acid
b241.7 dimethyl (Z)-2-hexyl-3-methyl butendioic acid
490.22,4- dimethyl acetophenone
91.0alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
970.24,7- dimethyl tetral-1-one
b141.22,6- dimethyl-5-oxoheptanoic acid
770.2  dodecanal
700.111-nor- drim-7-ene
1390.1  drim-8-en-7-one
690.211-nor- drim-8-ene
1010.311-nor- driman-8-ol
1020.2beta- elemol
351.3  elsholtzia ketone
1360.25,11- epoxycadin-1(10)-en-9-ol
80.86,8- epoxymenth-1-ene
640.1  ethyl dihydrocinnamate
1240.4beta- eudesmol
1220.2gamma- eudesmol
651.6  eugenol
450.2alpha- fenchyl acetate
760.11-( fur-2-yl methyl)-2-formyl pyrrole
b192.4  geranic acid
510.2  geraniol
800.1  geranyl acetone
1090.5  gleenol
1110.2  globulol
b20.5  heptanoic acid
b10.7  hexanoic acid
1330.1(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl dihydrocinnamate
1340.3  hexyl dihydrocinnamate
590.1(2E,4E)-6-hydroxy-2,6-dimethyl hepta-2,4-dienal
32trace2- hydroxy-3-methyl benzaldehyde
660.22- hydroxy-4-isopropenyl toluene
1400.110- hydroxycalamene-8,9-epoxide
1310.19- hydroxyladanifer-10-one(9(10(1))-abeo-9-hydroxyaromadendran-10-one)
500.42- hydroxypinan-3-one
870.2(E)-beta- ionone
1530.4  labd-7-en-15-ol
1450.515-nor- labd-7-ene
b316.3 labd-7-enoic acid
1540.3  labd-8-en-15-ol
b324.0 labd-8-enoic acid
1520.4  labd-8(17)-en-15-ol
b305.1 labd-8(17)-enoic acid
b232.5  lauric acid
929.3  ledene
730.2iso ledene
1161.3  ledol
120.2  linalool
70.4(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
110.2(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
b281.0  linoleic acid
1500.3  manoyl oxide
1510.313-epi- manoyl oxide
850.1  massoia lactone
400.3(Z)-para- menth-4(8)-en-2-ol
620.12- methoxy-6-methyl acetophenone
290.3para- methyl acetophenone
521.0  methyl dihydrocinnamate
750.4  methyl eugenol
10.25- methyl furfural
20.16- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
1200.3  muurola-4,10(14)-dien-1-ol
1230.3alpha- muurolol
b252.7  myristic acid
330.9  myrtenal
b186.0  myrtenic acid
361.5  myrtenol
581.1  naginata ketone
220.2  nerol oxide
1030.2(E)- nerolidol
130.1  nonanal
b101.6  nonanoic acid
170.7(E)-3- nonen-2-one
b63.7  octanoic acid
b271.2  oleic acid
1150.1beta- oplopenone
b265.1  palmitic acid
1051.2  palustrol
1290.1  pentadecanal
420.13- phenyl propanol
231.5  pinocamphone
280.7iso pinocamphone
191.8trans- pinocarveol
240.3  pinocarvone
630.4trans- pinocarvyl acetate
470.8  piperitone
250.1  propiophenone
1280.24-iso propyl-6-methyl tetral-1-one
160.1(E)- rose oxide
140.2(Z)- rose oxide
200.1(E)- sabinol
b290.8  stearic acid
210.2(E)- tagetone
260.2(Z)- tagetone
310.8  terpinen-4-ol
340.5alpha- terpineol
1140.1  tetradecanal
890.61,1,5,6- tetramethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene
950.21,1,5,6- tetramethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene
540.2  thymol
1070.26-para-tolyl heptan-2-one
880.1  tridecanal
b160.71,5,5-trimethyl bicyclo(4.1.0)heptan-7-carboxylic acid A
b171.91,5,5-trimethyl bicyclo(4.1.0)heptan-7-carboxylic acid B
50.32,2,6- trimethyl cyclohex-2-enone
41.32,2,6- trimethyl cyclohexanone
930.21-(1,2,2- trimethyl cyclopent-1-yl) pentan-1,4-dione
960.26,6,10-trimethyl decan-2-one
300.52,2,5- trimethyl oxepan-4-one
670.21,1,6- trimethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene
830.14,4,7a- trimethyl-1,4,5,6,7,7a-hexahydro-2H-inden-2-one
840.1  tuberolactone
610.2  undecanal
b220.3  undecanoic acid
380.3  verbenone
1124.3  viridiflorol
560.2  vitispirane A
570.1  vitispirane B

P. Weyerstahl, H. Marschall, M. Weirauch, K. Thefeld and H. Surburg, Constituents of commercial labdanum oil. Flav. Fragr. J., 13, 295-318 (1998).

P&F 24, No. 4, 31, (1999)

citrus aurantium peel oil
430.10delta- cadinene
42tracegamma- cadinene
280.02  carvacrol
200.05  carveol
220.03  carvone
380.03beta- caryophyllene
150.01  citronellal
210.07  citronellol
360.05alpha- copaene
33tracealpha- cubebene
400.36beta- cubebene
60.52para- cymene
190.10  decanal
340.03  decanoic acid
37tracebeta- elemene
310.01delta- elemene
410.04gamma- elemene
44trace  elemol
25trace  geranial
35trace  geranyl acetate
390.02alpha- humulene
786.36  limonene
131.91  linalool
100.16(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
110.08(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
51.83  myrcene
16trace  naphthalene
230.04  nerol
450.02  nerolidol
320.03  neryl acetate
80.24(E)-beta- ocimene
260.01  perillaldehyde
290.01  perillyl alcohol
21.17alpha- pinene
40.63beta- pinene
240.02iso piperitenone
30.07  sabinene
170.20  terpinen-4-ol
94.25gamma- terpinene
180.24alpha- terpineol
140.02beta- terpineol
120.21  terpinolene
10.22alpha- thujene
270.12  thymol
30trace  undecanal

M-B. Huang, D-X. Zhang, C-T. Yan and S-B. Yang, Identification and determination of the constituents of essential oil extracted from Fructus Citri aurantii by GC and GC/MS. Sepu, 8, 321-325 (1990).

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

citrus junos sieb var. tanaka peel oil
220.80-1.52  bicycloelemene
25tracetrans- carveol
26tracecis- carveol
210.01-0.02  carvone
150.13-0.17beta- caryophyllene
56.15-8.251,8- cineole
24tracear- curcumene
70.21-0.40para- cymene
12trace  decanal
19trace  dodecanal
110.01-0.02delta- elemene
171.21-1.96beta- farnesene
27trace  juniper camphor
460.41-71.29  limonene
131.64-2.00  linalool
14trace  linalyl acetate
31.41-1.43  myrcene
10trace  nonanal
9trace  octanal
230.01-0.02  perillaldehyde
10.95-1.11alpha- pinene
20.32-0.35beta- pinene
20trace  piperitone
16trace-0.02  terpinen-4-ol
67.59-7.78gamma- terpinene
180.10-0.25alpha- terpineol
80.23-0.51  terpinolene
280.12-0.21  thymol

M. Sawamura, T. Kuriyama, Z-F. Li and H. Kusunose, Composition of peel oil components of yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide and those of traditional ones. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gaikkaishi, 36, 34-38 (1989).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

citrus junos sieb var. tanaka peel oil CO2 extract
220.90-1.65  bicycloelemene
25trace-0.01trans- carveol
26trace-0.01cis- carveol
210.01  carvone
150.02-0.19beta- caryophyllene
53.70-5.801,8- cineole
24tracear- curcumene
70.11-0.48para- cymene
12trace-0.03  decanal
19trace-0.02  dodecanal
110.01-0.02delta- elemene
171.41-3.49beta- farnesene
27trace-0.05  juniper camphor
461.91-75.74  limonene
131.19-7.94  linalool
14trace  linalyl acetate
31.05-1.63  myrcene
10trace-0.04  nonanal
9trace  octanal
23trace-0.05  perillaldehyde
10.64-0.90alpha- pinene
20.28-0.37beta- pinene
20trace-0.07  piperitone
160.01-0.33  terpinen-4-ol
67.43-10.49gamma- terpinene
180.16-0.84alpha- terpineol
80.17-0.34  terpinolene
280.24-1.10  thymol

M. Sawamura, T. Kuriyama, Z-F. Li and H. Kusunose, Composition of peel oil components of yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide and those of traditional ones. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gaikkaishi, 36, 34-38 (1989).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

citrus unshiu peel oil
54trace  bornyl acetate
230.012- butanol
200.86delta- cadinene
65trace  carvacrol
32tracetrans- carveol
34tracecis- carveol
49trace  carvone
120.07  caryophyllene
71trace1,8- cineole
440.03  citronellal
310.02  citronellol
370.03  citronellyl acetate
110.06alpha- copaene
46trace  cuminaldehyde
33tracepara- cymen-8-ol
80.22para- cymene
400.08  decanal
43trace(E)-2- decenal
380.01  decyl acetate
48trace  dihydrocarvone
420.03  dodecanal
62trace  dodecyl acetate
13tracebeta- elemene
10tracedelta- elemene
360.01beta- elemol
220.02  ethanol
51trace  ethyl propionate
180.53(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
570.11  geranyl acetate
60trace  geranyl propionate
150.46  germacrene D
52trace  heptyl acetate
140.10alpha- humulene
72trace  indole
290.01  limonen-4-ol
688.39  limonene
70trace(E)-1,2- limonene epoxide
69trace(Z)-1,2- limonene epoxide
270.82  linalool
67trace(E)- linalool oxide
68trace(Z)- linalool oxide
59tracepara- menth-1-en-9-yl acetate
610.03para-menth-1,8(10)-dien-9-yl acetate
350.01para- mentha-1,8(10)-dien-9-ol
47trace  methyl heptenone
41.00  myrcene
560.03  neryl acetate
39trace  nonanal
550.01  nonyl acetate
500.03  nootkatone
19trace  octanal
530.03  octyl acetate
26trace  pentanol
250.012- pentanol
24trace3- pentanol
45trace  perillaldehyde
630.01  perillyl acetate
66trace  phenol
10.64alpha- pinene
20.16beta- pinene
30.24  sabinene
17tracealpha- selinene
16tracebeta- selinene
280.03  terpinen-4-ol
50.41alpha- terpinene
74.80gamma- terpinene
300.21alpha- terpineol
90.13  terpinolene
64trace  thymol
410.01  undecanal
21trace  undecane
58trace  undecyl acetate

I. Yajima, T. Yanai, M. Nakamum, H. Sakakibara and K. Hayashi, Composition of the Volatiles of Peel Oil and Juice from Citrus unshiu, Agric. BioI. Chem., 43, 259-264 (1979).

P&F 12, No. 3, 58, (1987)

citrus x latifolia oil expressed
330.8alpha- bergamotene
52trace(E)-alpha- bisabolene
480.8beta- bisabolene
68tracealpha- bisabolol
25trace  borneol
32trace  bornyl acetate
690.1alpha- cadinol
30.1  camphene
6tracedelta-3- carene
350.3beta- caryophyllene
73trace  cinnamic alcohol
220.1  citronellal
40trace  citronellyl acetate
19tracealpha- cubebene
27tracebeta- cubebene
150.1para- cymene
240.1  decanal
72trace  decanoic acid
61trace(E)-2- dodecen-1-ol
340.1beta- elemene
210.1delta- elemene
37tracegamma- elemene
67tracegamma- eudesmol
500.2(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
410.1(E)-beta- farnesene
71trace(E,E)- farnesyl acetate
492.3  geranial
58trace  geraniol
511.0  geranyl acetate
45trace  geranyl formate
560.1  germacrene B
460.1  germacrene D
70trace  heptadecanal
650.1  hexadecanal
42tracealpha- humulene
1052.2  limonene
260.2  linalool
30trace  linalyl acetate
59tracepara- mentha-1,8-dien-10-yl acetate
38trace(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
71.3  myrcene
431.2  neral
62trace(E)- nerolidol
471.4  neryl acetate
18trace  nonanal
310.1  nonyl acetate
14trace(E)-beta- ocimene
12trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
74trace  octadecanal
17trace  octanal
29trace  octanol
23trace  pentadecane
54trace  perillaldehyde
60trace  perillyl acetate
8tracealpha- phellandrene
11tracebeta- phellandrene
53tracebeta-sesqui phellandrene
23.2alpha- pinene
413.0beta- pinene
57traceiso piperitenone
52.0  sabinene
200.1(E)- sabinene hydrate
280.1(Z)- sabinene hydrate
39tracebeta- santalene
64trace  spathulenol
90.3alpha- terpinene
1317.0gamma- terpinene
440.4alpha- terpineol
160.7  terpinolene
55trace  tetradecanal
1tracealpha- thujene
66trace  thymol
36trace  undecanal
75trace  undecanoic acid
63trace  viridiflorol

S. M. Njoroge, H. Ueda, H. Kusunose and M. Sawamura, Japanese sour citrus fruits Part IV. Volatile compounds of Naaoshichi and Tahiti lime essential oils. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 25-29 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

crithmum maritimum oil
53<0.10(E)-alpha- bergamotol
26<0.10  bornyl formate
5<0.10delta-3- carene
540.10  carvacrol
45<0.10trans- carveol
57<0.10 caryophylla-2(12),6(13)-dien-5a-ol
46<0.10para- cymen-8-ol
125.30para- cymene
44<0.10beta- damascenone
320.10(E)-2- decenal
41<0.10neo dihydrocarveol
58<0.10  dillapiole
16<0.10alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
550.10  elemicin
19<0.104,8- epoxyterpinolene
36<0.10  limonen-4-ol
824.20  limonene
17<0.10(Z)-1,2- limonene epoxide
21<0.10  linalool
240.70(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
310.40(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
48<0.10para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-ol
33<0.10(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
520.20para- methoxypropiophenone
29<0.10  methyl carvacrol
343.40  methyl chavicol
47<0.10  methyl eugenol
250.30  methyl isothymol
270.30  methyl thymol
30<0.102- methyl-6-methylene-3,7-octadien-2-ol
61.60  myrcene
56<0.10  myristicin
370.10  myrtenyl acetate
15<0.10  nonanal
200.10(E)-2- nonenal
100.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
14<0.10  octanal
23<0.10  octanol
90.30beta- phellandrene
59<0.10  phytol
10.70alpha- pinene
30.20beta- pinene
350.20(E)- piperitol
430.40(Z)- piperitol
42<0.10  piperitone
426.90  sabinene
180.90(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.60(Z)- sabinene hydrate
490.30  spathulenol
289.00  terpinen-4-ol
71.40alpha- terpinene
1119.30gamma- terpinene
380.40alpha- terpineol
130.70  terpinolene
39<0.10alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.30alpha- thujene
51<0.10  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 424, (2000)
croton cajucara benth. leaf oil brazil
330.30  aromadendrene
350.40allo- aromadendrene
382.20  bicyclogermacrene
480.40alpha- bisabolol
14trace  borneol
22trace  bornyl acetate
292.00beta- bourbonene
400.20alpha- bulnesene
411.20gamma- cadinene
30.10  camphene
316.90beta- caryophyllene
451.80  caryophyllene oxide
81.101,8-cineole + limonene
280.50alpha- copaene
25tracealpha- cubebene
70.20para- cymene
300.70beta- elemene
230.30delta- elemene
190.20  geraniol
26trace  geranyl acetate
422.10  germacrene B
374.00  germacrene D
321.30beta- gurjunene
16trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
341.40alpha- humulene
1341.20  linalool
12trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
11trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
200.30  linalyl acetate
270.90  longicyclene
360.20(Z)- muurola-4(14),5-diene
391.20alpha- muurolene
471.10epi-alpha- muurolol
6trace  myrcene
18trace  nerol
4312.60(E)- nerolidol
24trace  neryl acetate
90.40(Z)-beta- ocimene
20.60alpha- pinene
50.10beta- pinene
40.20  sabinene
442.00  spathulenol
150.20  terpinen-4-ol
10tracegamma- terpinene
170.60alpha- terpineol
1tracealpha- thujene
210.10  thymol
460.60  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 705, (2000)
croton eluteria bark oil
800.01  amyl benzoate
330.28allo- aromadendrene
129tracealpha- bisabolol
126tracebeta- bisabolol
1010.94  borneol
550.22  cadalene
460.42delta- cadinene
440.17gamma- cadinene
1231.00T- cadinol
470.96alpha- calacorene
490.24beta- calacorene
450.11  calamenene
40.40  camphene
630.02  camphor
100.21delta-2- carene
1130.02  carvacrol
110trace  carvenone
1080.08trans- carveol
670.03  carvone
680.21  carvotan acetone
320.25beta- caryophyllene
870.67 caryophyllene oxide + dihydro-ar-bisabolol
860.32 cascarilla epoxide
890.08 cascarilla furan
1331.34 cascarilla hydroxyketone
920.01 cascarilla hydroxyketone
930.02 cascarilla lactone
274.62  cascarilladiene
901.28 cascarilladienone
1370.74  cascarillone
281.11beta-cedrene isomer
1180.07  cedrol
430.20alpha- chamigrene
360.11beta- chamigrene
600.281,8- cineole
480.09 compound k
500.23 compound l
510.07 compound m
520.14 compound n
530.01 compound o
540.07 compound p
740.02 compound q
770.73 compound r
1270.38 compound t
1280.18 compound u
1350.06 compound v
1384.30 compound w
250.39alpha- copaene
230.04alpha- cubebene
370.21beta- cubebene
660.05  cuminaldehyde
422.45 cuparene + alpha-muurolene
1341.88 cuparophenol
350.39ar- curcumene
240.53  cyclosativene
1020.28para- cymen-8-ol
119.91para- cymene
650.062- decanone
1310.86 dictyopterol 1A
1320.43 dictyopterol 1B
200.012,5- dimethoxytoluene (fennelone)
160.16alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
1191.286,7-dimethyl undeca-5,9-dien-2-ol
340.731,11-oxido calamenene
261.63beta- elemene
410.31gamma- elemene
1140.56  elemicin
1150.51beta- elemol
1243.03beta- eudesmol
310.07(E)-beta- farnesene
970.01alpha- fenchyl alcohol
1360.35 geran-9-yl-alpha-terpineol
812.18  geranyl acetone
290.07  germacrene D
120trace  guaiol
57trace2- heptanol
560.012- heptanone
1trace2,4- hexadien-1-al
880.28 humulene epoxide isomer
1250.71  intermedeol
120.94 limonene + 1,8-cineole
965.12  linalool
940.09  linalool oxide
690.02  linalyl acetate
390.01beta- maaliene
111tracepara- mentha-1,3-dien-7-al
640.02para- methyl acetophenone
80.02ortho- methyl anisole
820.053- methyl but-2-enyl benzoate
220.02  methyl carvacrol
760.05 methyl cascarillate
190.01  methyl chavicol
780.22  methyl eugenol
580.036- methyl heptan-2-one
210.02  methyl thymol
590.026- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
180.095-methyl-5-hexyl furan
70.64  myrcene
1050.17  myrtenol
1160.05  nerolidol
950.022- nonanol
610.182- nonanone
140.01(E)-beta- ocimene
130.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
700.05  phellandral
90.13alpha- phellandrene
32.59alpha- pinene
60.35beta- pinene
990.17  pinocarveol
1070.10  piperitol
840.03  prenyl benzoate
910.094-iso propyl-6-methyl tetral-1-one
50.09  sabinene
109trace  sabinol
380.58beta- selinene
1170.70  spathulenol
1031.70  terpinen-4-ol
73trace  terpinen-4-yl acetate
150.60gamma- terpinene
1041.10alpha- terpineol
100tracebeta- terpineol
170.07  terpinolene
750.16alpha- terpinyl acetate
22.11alpha- thujene
620.14alpha- thujone
300.23  thujopsene
112trace  thymol
1220.77  torilenol
85trace2- tridecanone
710.295,8-undecadien-2-one + (Z)-5-undecen-2-one
720.312- undecanone
400.18  valencene
1060.11  verbenone

M. L. Hagedorn and S. M. Brown, The constituents of Cascarilla oil (Croton eluteria Bennett) Flav. Fragr. J., 6, 193-204 (1991).

P&F 18, No. 6, 53, (1993)

croton flavens l. (welensali) leaf oil curacao
470.30allo- aromadendrene
241.20  borneol
320.20  bornyl acetate
280.50  bornyl formate
390.30beta- bourbonene
511.20delta- cadinene
41.70  camphene
220.30  camphene hydrate
19tracealpha- campholenal
20trace  camphor
449.30iso caryophyllene
110.101,8- cineole
380.60alpha- copaene
360.20alpha- cubebene
487.90ar- curcumene
101.70para- cymene
420.50  cyperene
270.102- decanone
430.202,6- dimethoxy-para-cymene
40trace2- dodecanone
410.80beta- elemene
350.30delta- elemene
490.30  germacrene D
450.80alpha- gurjunene
461.50alpha- humulene
121.30  limonene
180.40  linalool
16trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
15trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
370.20  longicyclene
8trace4- methyl anisole
300.10  methyl carvacrol
29trace  methyl thymol
70.60  myrcene
520.40(E)- nerolidol
130.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
91.50alpha- phellandrene
316.00alpha- pinene
60.70beta- pinene
21.020trans- pinocarveol
230.10  pinocarvone
50.20  sabinene
534.50  spathulenol
250.10  terpinen-4-ol
140.20gamma- terpinene
260.10alpha- terpineol
17trace  terpinolene
20.30alpha- thujene
34trace  thymol
10.20  tricyclene
500.302- tridecanone
330.502- undecanone
310.60trans- verbenyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 667, (2000)
daucus carota ssp. gummifer hook. fil. seed oil spain
34trace-1.38alpha- acoradiene
21trace-0.35  borneol
390.07-0.16gamma- cadinene
430.10-0.90alpha- cadinol
30.04-0.08  camphene
310.44-1.39beta- caryophyllene
410.18-1.01  caryophyllene oxide
30trace-0.32alpha- copaene
110.06-2.48para- cymene
440.74-1.37  eudesm-11-en-4-ol
380.04-0.30(E)-beta- farnesene
250.14-0.32  geranial
240.61-2.33  geraniol
2951.74-76.95  geranyl acetate
35trace-0.16beta- gurjunene
320.24-0.61alpha- humulene
33trace-0.50beta- ionone
120.70-1.18  limonene
183.97-5.18  linalool
170.05-0.13(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
160.20-1.07(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
4trace-0.026- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
42trace-1.37T- muurolol
70.52-0.81  myrcene
400.04-0.09  nerolidol
280.08-0.73  neryl acetate
14trace-0.10(E)-beta- ocimene
13trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
9trace-0.02alpha- phellandrene
20.50-1.73alpha- pinene
60.16-1.66beta- pinene
54.42-11.13  sabinene
200.03-0.62(E)- sabinene hydrate
190.02-0.23(Z)- sabinene hydrate
370.16-0.66alpha- selinene
360.25-1.99beta- selinene
220.93-8.17  terpinen-4-ol
10trace-0.29alpha- terpinene
150.02-0.52gamma- terpinene
230.16-0.69alpha- terpineol
270.03-0.08alpha- terpinyl acetate
10.03-0.12alpha- thujene
26trace-0.35  thymol

M. Gil Pinilla, M. J. Pérez-Alonso and A. Velasco-Negueruela, Volatile constituents from fruits of Daucus carota L. gummifer Hook. fil. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 433-435 (1995).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

eucalyptus camaldulensis leaf oil jerusalem
190.80allo- aromadendrene
233.80  borneol
270.60delta- cadinene
390.90alpha- cadinol
324.50  caryophyllene oxide
93.701,8-cineole + beta-phellandrene
206.90  cryptone
283.90  cuminaldehyde
300.60para- cymen-8-ol
1124.20para- cymene
210.10  deshydroaromadendrene
330.80 eicosane + humulene epoxide
160.20alpha- fenchol
340.20  globulol
350.10epi- globulol
81.10  limonene
141.30  linalool
151.50(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
181.80(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
130.30  menthone
60.40  myrcene
310.30  nonadecane
290.10  octadecane
243.80  phellandral
50.40alpha- phellandrene
10.70alpha- pinene
30.60beta- pinene
260.10  piperitol
251.30  piperitone
40.20  sabinene
3617.50  spathulenol
370.20iso spathulenol
174.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.60alpha- terpinene
101.30gamma- terpinene
220.70alpha- terpineol
120.40  terpinolene
21.30alpha- thujene
380.40  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 105, (2001)
eucalyptus delegatensis r. baker leaf oil ethiopia
134.10iso borneol
20.70  camphene
120.40alpha- campholenic aldehyde
160.40  carvacrol
726.401,8- cineole
110.80alpha- fenchyl alcohol
55.00  limonene
100.60  linalool
60.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.40alpha- phellandrene
128.30alpha- pinene
30.50beta- pinene
818.00gamma- terpinene
148.30alpha- terpineol
91.60  terpinolene
150.40  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus globulus bud oil
110.05iso amyl isovalerate
1816.57  aromadendrene
201.88allo- aromadendrene
151.57beta- bourbonene
190.34 bulnesene
310.10delta- cadinene
300.26gamma- cadinene
340.08trans- carveol
736.951,8- cineole
130.10alpha- copaene
210.11  cryptone
120.27alpha- cubebene
350.37para- cymen-7-ol
98.04para- cymene
410.18beta- eudesmol
37tracegamma- eudesmol
393.05  globulol
380.12epi- globulol
280.29alpha- guaiene
14tracealpha- gurjunene
17tracebeta- gurjunene
22tracegamma- gurjunene
23tracealpha- humulene
250.10  ledene
63.10  limonene
330.10cis-para- mentha-1(7),5-dien-2-ol
50.07  myrcene
32trace  nerol
360.07  palustrol
40.01alpha- phellandrene
20.30beta- pinene
160.10  pinocarvone
27trace  piperitone
30.54  sabinene
290.29alpha- selinene
8tracegamma- terpinene
264.66alpha- terpineol
10trace  terpinolene
111.95alpha- thujene
420.14  thymol
240.36  viridiflorene
400.53  viridiflorol

J-C. Chalchat, J. L. Cabard, M. S. Gorunovic, V. Djermanovic and V. Bulatovic, Chemical composition of Eucalyptus globulus oils from the Montenegro coast and east coast of spain. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 147-152 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

eucalyptus globulus fruit oil
130.46iso amyl isovalerate
2123.33  aromadendrene
233.32allo- aromadendrene
172.40beta- bourbonene
220.44 bulnesene
410.62delta- cadinene
40tracegamma- cadinene
580.20alpha- cadinol
550.28T- cadinol
18trace  carvenone
270.16  carvotan acetone
715.311,8- cineole
150.08alpha- copaene
240.13  cryptone
140.34alpha- cubebene
19tracebeta- cubebene
44tracepara- cymen-7-ol
116.44para- cymene
520.84beta- eudesmol
470.55gamma- eudesmol
36trace  germacrene D
5014.98  globulol
493.10epi- globulol
340.39alpha- guaiene
16tracealpha- gurjunene
200.47beta- gurjunene
260.20gamma- gurjunene
28tracealpha- humulene
313.63  ledene
46trace  ledol
61.10  limonene
43tracecis-para- mentha-1(7),5-dien-2-ol
38tracegamma- muurolene
540.12T- muurolol
40.21  myrcene
420.10  nerol
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
450.16  palustrol
32.11alpha- phellandrene
80.50beta- phellandrene
48trace2- phenethyl 2-methyl butyrate
13.61alpha- pinene
20.10beta- pinene
25tracetrans- pinocarveol
33trace  piperitone
350.30alpha- selinene
37tracedelta- selinene
39tracegamma- selinene
530.20  spathulenol
57traceiso spathulenol
50.22alpha- terpinene
90.18gamma- terpinene
322.27alpha- terpineol
120.20  terpinolene
560.28  thymol
29tracebeta- vetivene
300.66  viridiflorene
512.17  viridiflorol

J-C. Chalchat, J. L. Cabard, M. S. Gorunovic, V. Djermanovic and V. Bulatovic, Chemical composition of Eucalyptus globulus oils from the Montenegro coast and east coast of spain. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 147-152 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

eucalyptus globulus oil rwanda
Also in 1997, Chalchat et al. (1997) examined the com position of a lab-distilled oil of E. globulus leaves produced from trees found in Rwanda using CC/MS. The composition of the oil was found to be as follows:
260.10allo- aromadendrene
40.04  camphene
310.03trans- carveol
240.03beta- caryophyllene
1171.201,8- cineole
190.03alpha- cubebene
320.07para- cymen-8-ol
158.23para- cymene
180.05alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
390.05alpha- eudesmol
400.11beta- eudesmol
370.01gamma- eudesmol
30.01alpha- fenchene
350.11  globulol
340.04epi- globulol
200.02alpha- gurjunene
230.06beta- gurjunene
120.13(E)-2- hexenal
170.18(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
103.10  limonene
22trace  linalool
300.05(E)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
330.03(Z)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
80.09  myrcene
130.02(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.01alpha- phellandrene
16.23alpha- pinene
50.19beta- pinene
270.20trans- pinocarveol
210.04  pinocarvone
60.02  sabinene
251.46  terpinen-4-ol
90.02alpha- terpinene
143.20gamma- terpinene
280.11alpha- terpineol
160.06  terpinolene
293.10alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.03alpha- thujene
38trace  thymol
360.03  viridiflorol

J-C. Chalchat, A. Muhayimana, J. B. Habimana and J. L. Chabard, Aromatic plants of Rwanda II. Chemical composition of essential oils of ten Eucalpytus species growing in Ruhande Arboretum Butare, Rwanda. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 159-165 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

guava leaf oil cuba
11trace  acetophenone
350.20alpha- acoradiene
48tracebeta- acorenol
34traceallo- aromadendrene
30.20  benzaldehyde
410.40beta- bisabolene
420.20(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
523.20beta- bisabolol
533.20alpha- bisabolol
430.10alpha- calacorene
17trace  camphor
25trace  carvacrol
3021.60beta- caryophyllene
45trace  caryophyllene alcohol
468.20  caryophyllene oxide
497.90  cedr-8(15)-en-9-alpha-ol
290.20alpha- cedrene
31tracebeta- cedrene
270.20alpha- copaene
371.40ar- curcumene
7tracepara- cymene
36trace  drima-7,9(11)-diene
26tracedelta- elemene
32trace(Z)-beta- farnesene
540.20(E,E)- farnesol
55trace(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
10.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
2trace(Z)-2- hexen-1-ol
20trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
28trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl hexanoate
333.10alpha- humulene
470.20  humulene oxide II
8trace  limonene
16trace  linalool
15trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
14trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
22trace2- methyl-2-nonen-4-one
5trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-ol
4trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
500.50alpha- muurolol
6trace  myrcene
23trace  myrtenyl acetate
4419.20(E)- nerolidol
9trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
18traceallo- ocimene
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
13trace  octanol
56trace  phytol
5113.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
398.30alpha- selinene
19trace  terpinen-4-ol
12tracegamma- terpinene
21tracealpha- terpineol
240.10  thymol
388.80  viridiflorene
400.70  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 61, (2001)
helichrysum arenarium l. moench oil hungary
53.20  anethole
70.30para- anisaldehyde
211.50beta- asarone
160.70delta- cadinene
113.60  carvacrol
41.10  carvone
180.30 caryophylla-2(12),6-dien-5-ol
90.60beta- caryophyllene
60.20  copaene
159.80  decanoic acid
1911.90  dodecanoic acid
130.40  eugenol
221.40  globulol
170.10alpha- gurjunene
120.50alpha- humulene
11.70  linalool
2328.50  methyl palmitate
140.10gamma- muurolene
201.30alpha- muurolol
86.90  nonanoic acid
36.00  octanoic acid
21.80alpha- terpineol
100.60  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 728, (2000)
laurus nobilis leaf oil turkey
840.10(E)- anethole
1390.20  anhydrooplopanone
16trace  benzaldehyde
1230.10  bicyclogermacrene
1290.20alpha- bisabolene
550.30  borneol
830.70  bornyl acetate
1010.10 bourbonene
23<0.10iso butyl 2-methyl butyrate
9traceiso butyl isobutyrate
1520.10  cadalene
128trace  cadina-1,4-diene
1250.30gamma- cadinene
1260.40delta- cadinene
146traceT- cadinol
1500.10alpha- cadinol
1300.10alpha- calacorene
1330.10beta- calacorene
1270.10  calamenene
150.70  camphene
47<0.10alpha- campholenic aldehyde
25<0.10delta-3- carene
890.10  carvacrol
710.20trans- carveol
740.10cis- carveol
780.10  carvone
950.10cis- carvyl acetate
1450.603(15),7(14)- caryophylladien-6-ol
1060.40beta- caryophyllene
1360.90  caryophyllene oxide
2921.801,8- cineole
920.401,8-cineole-2-yl acetate
1080.70  cinnamyl acetate
100<0.10alpha- copaene
770.10  cuminaldehyde
105<0.10  cuminyl acetate
870.10  cuminyl alcohol
600.20para- cymen-8-ol
271.50para- cymene
38<0.10para- cymenene
1140.30(E)-3-decen-1-yl acetate
1540.20  dehydrocostus lactone
75<0.102,3- dimethoxytoluene
96trace2- dodecanone
1020.60beta- elemene
1310.30  elemicin
1470.30(E)-iso elemicin
1550.10  eremanthin
2trace  ethyl 2-methyl butyrate
3trace  ethyl isovalerate
1490.30alpha- eudesmol
1481.10beta- eudesmol
142<0.1010-epi-gamma- eudesmol
144tracegamma- eudesmol
942.90  eugenol
1110.20(E)-iso eugenol
118<0.10(Z,E)-alpha- farnesene
153<0.10  farnesyl acetone
14<0.10alpha- fenchene
110trace  geranyl acetone
1150.10  germacrene D
109<0.10  guaia-6,9-diene
1070.10alpha- guaiene
104<0.10alpha- gurjunene
22trace2,4- heptadienal
1<0.10  hexanal
7<0.10  hexanol
4<0.10(E)-2- hexenal
6trace(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
50.10(E)-3- hexen-1-ol
410.10  hotrienol
1130.10alpha- humulene
1400.10  humulene oxide
1510.30  intermedeol
510.10  ipsdienol
1380.30  ledol
281.50  limonene
392.00  linalool
36<0.10(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
35<0.10(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
490.20(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
460.20(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
910.10para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-ol
570.20para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
640.20para- mentha-1(7),2-dien-8-ol
610.30(E)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
730.30(Z)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
450.10(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
42<0.10para- menthatriene
67<0.10  methyl chavicol
1033.50  methyl eugenol
1200.40(E)- methyl isoeugenol
65trace  methyl salicylate
19<0.106- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
1210.10gamma- muurolene
124tracealpha- muurolene
200.60  myrcene
680.40  myrtenal
720.10  nerol
520.10  nerol oxide
1320.10(E)- nerolidol
99<0.10  neryl acetate
31trace2- nonanone
30<0.10(E)-beta- ocimene
134trace  palustrol
810.10  phellandral
240.20alpha- phellandrene
970.103- phenyl propyl acetate
124.60alpha- pinene
184.00beta- pinene
500.10trans- pinocarveol
540.20  pinocarvone
880.10  pinocarvyl acetate
34<0.10  pinol
66<0.10(Z)- piperitol
690.10(E)- piperitol
79trace  piperitone
8traceiso propyl 2-methyl butyrate
62trace4-iso propyl-2-cyclohexenone
530.10  sabinaketone
175.30  sabinene
33<0.10(E)- sabinene hydrate
40trace(Z)- sabinene hydrate
76trace  sabinol
860.10  sabinyl acetate
112trace  selina-4(15),5-diene
1190.30beta- selinene
1220.30alpha- selinene
116tracegamma- selinene
1350.80  spathulenol
594.30  terpinen-4-ol
261.30alpha- terpinene
321.80gamma- terpinene
633.10alpha- terpineol
560.60delta- terpineol
370.70  terpinolene
900.90delta- terpinyl acetate
939.80alpha- terpinyl acetate
130.102,4(10)- thujadiene
800.504- thujen-2-alpha-yl acetate
110.60alpha- thujene
44tracebeta- thujone
82trace  thymol
10<0.10  tricyclene
1170.102- tridecanone
58trace  umbellulone
850.202- undecanone
1430.20  valerianol
70<0.10  verbenone
1370.30  viridiflorol
980.10alpha- ylangene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 95, (2001)
lavandula angustifolia herb oil france
50trace(E)-alpha- bergamotene
292.76 borneol + linalool oxide pyranoid
380.06  bornyl acetate
70.18  butyl isobutyrate
59trace  cadalene
530.56gamma- cadinene
580.99T- cadinol
40.13  camphene
260.59  camphor
10tracedelta-3- carene
491.08beta- caryophyllene
563.74  caryophyllene oxide
480.05alpha- cedrene
123.321,8- cineole
430.22  citronellyl acetate
46tracealpha- copaene
110.33para- cymene
19tracepara- cymenene
42tracedelta- elemene
510.97(Z)-beta- farnesene
60trace(Z,E)- farnesol
36trace  geraniol
451.95  geranyl acetate
520.14  germacrene D
570.10  hexadecane
91.96  hexyl acetate
320.25  hexyl butyrate
280.12 hexyl isobutyrate + pinocarvone
405.46  lavandulyl acetate
130.59  limonene
2220.98  linalool
201.98(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
182.44(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
3726.54  linalyl acetate
410.12  linalyl propionate
35trace  methyl thymol
81.08  myrcene
341.02 nerol + citronellol + carvone
550.08(E)- nerolidol
54trace(Z)- nerolidol
441.02  neryl acetate
151.15(E)-beta- ocimene
140.86(Z)-beta- ocimene
61trace  octadecane
250.093- octen-1-yl acetate
231.341- octen-3-yl acetate
330.12  octyl acetate
30.14alpha- pinene
60.51beta-pinene + 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one
240.07cis- pinene hydrate
270.16trans- pinocarveol
50.05  sabinene
170.11(E)- sabinene hydrate
301.52  terpinen-4-ol
160.07gamma- terpinene
314.34alpha- terpineol
210.29  terpinolene
47trace  tetradecane
2tracealpha- thujene
39trace  thymol
1trace  tricyclene

P. R. Venskutonis, A. Dapkevicies and M. Baranauskiene, Composition of the essential oil of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) from Lithuania. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 107-110 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 4, 55, (2000)

lippia aff. gracillis h.b.k. leaf oil brazil
170.50  aromadendrene
201.60  bicyclogermacrene
100.50  borneol
210.10delta- cadinene
1438.40  carvacrol
165.00beta- caryophyllene
230.80  caryophyllene oxide
62.101,8- cineole
514.50para- cymene
180.50alpha- humulene
191.403-hydroxymethyl carvacrol
70.40  limonene
91.20  linalool
126.00  methyl thymol
32.30  myrcene
20.60alpha- pinene
220.80  spathulenol
110.80  terpinen-4-ol
41.90alpha- terpinene
810.60gamma- terpinene
11.30alpha- thujene
138.00  thymol
150.40  thymyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 295, (2000)
lippia citriodora oil
460.5allo- aromadendrene
280.4  bornyl butyrate
430.8beta- bourbonene
480.1delta- cadinene
500.6gamma- cadinene
590.9T- cadinol
410.1  carvacrol
320.4trans- carveol
400.8  carvone
450.4beta- caryophyllene
52traceiso caryophyllene
555.5  caryophyllene oxide
581.0iso caryophyllene oxide
530.4alpha- cedrene
1412.41,8- cineole
420.6alpha- copaene
470.6beta- cubebene
51trace  cuparene
494.6ar- curcumene
70.2para- cymene
360.6  fenchone
269.9  geranial
350.7  geranic acid
330.5  geraniol
291.6  geranyl acetate
300.9  geranyl isobutyrate
310.3  geranyl propionate
440.1alpha- gurjunene
130.4(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
120.3  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
43.7  limonene
191.3  linalool
180.1(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
17trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
540.2  longifolene
240.7  methyl geranate
97.46- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
560.5alpha- muurolol
370.2  myrtenal
236.9  neral
571.2  nerolidol
270.6  neryl acetate
100.33- octanol
110.71- octen-3-ol
5tracealpha- phellandrene
11.4alpha- pinene
20.3beta- pinene
390.7trans- pinocarveol
210.7iso pulegol
15trace rose oxide
30.2  sabinene
380.6(E)- sabinene hydrate
200.3(Z)- sabinene hydrate
605.2  spathulenol
221.0  terpinen-4-ol
61.0gamma- terpinene
252.3alpha- terpineol
8trace  terpinolene
160.3alpha- thujone
340.3  thymol
610.1  viridiflorol

J. Bellakhdar, A.IL. Idrissi, S. Canigueral, J. Iglesias and R.Vila, Analysis de L'huile essentielle dela verveine odorante (Lippia citriodora H, B, and K). Plant. Medicin Phytother., 26, 269-273 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

lippia graveolens oil mexico
150.84  aromadendrene
190.20beta- bisabolene
260.09  borneol
200.08delta- cadinene
210.16gamma- cadinene
220.06  calamenene
30.34  camphene
3116.50  carvacrol
143.40beta- caryophyllene
280.33  caryophyllene oxide
231.841,8- cineole
130.06alpha- copaene
98.12para- cymene
120.08alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
180.34  eremophilene
162.10alpha- humulene
290.12  humulene oxide
80.70  limonene
240.41  linalool
170.12gamma- muurolene
51.10  myrcene
60.56alpha- phellandrene
20.56alpha- pinene
40.16beta- pinene
250.33  terpinen-4-ol
70.34alpha- terpinene
100.54gamma- terpinene
270.48alpha-terpineol + methyl thymol
110.08  terpinolene
10.08alpha- thujene
3046.30  thymol

J. Pino, A. Rosado, R. Baluja and P. Borges, Analysis of the Essential oil of Mexican Oregano (Lippia graveolens HBK). Nahrung, 3, 289-295 (1989).

P&F 21, No. 3, 55, (1996)

lutea petiolare (dc) m. pimen. oil iran
10.50  camphene
436.20delta-3- carene
90.20trans- carveol
50.10para- cymene
80.20  myrtenal
61.80(E)-beta- ocimene
30.60beta- pinene
257.80  sabinene
70.10gamma- terpinene
100.10  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 49, (2001)
mandarin oil
10.91alpha- thujene
22.29alpha- pinene
30.05  camphene
41.88beta- pinene
51.73  myrcene
60.02delta-2- carene
70.48alpha- phellandrene
84.25para- cymene
966.41  limonene
100.03(E)-beta- ocimene
110.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
1219.17gamma- terpinene
131.38  terpinolene
14tracepara- mentha-1,3,8-triene
150.01gamma- terpineol
16trace(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
170.13  linalool
18trace(Z)- sabinene hydrate
19trace(Z)-beta- terpineol
20traceiso pulegol
21trace(E)-beta- terpineol
220.04  terpinen-4-ol
230.12alpha- terpineol
24trace  citronellol
250.02  hexanol
260.123- octanol
270.03  decanol
280.02  benzaldehyde
29trace3- methyl benzaldehyde
30trace  nonanal
31trace  geranial
32trace  perillaldehyde
330.10  terpinen-4-yl acetate
340.50  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
35trace  thymol
360.08beta- caryophyllene
37tracealpha- humulene
38tracebeta- selinene
390.30alpha- farnesene
40tracedelta- cadinene

G. Della Porta, E. Reverchon, D. Chouchi and D. Barth, Mandarin and lime peel oil processing by supercritical CO2 desorption:deterpenation and high molecular weight compounds elimination. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 519-522 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

mandarin oil avana
30.01  camphene
300.06beta- caryophyllene
160.04  citronellal
260.11  decanal
320.04  farnesene
220.07  geranial
210.03  geraniol
310.03alpha- humulene
1073.58  limonene
150.19  linalool
290.48  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
61.73  myrcene
20trace  neral
190.04  nerol
250.01  nonanal
28trace  nonanol
120.02(E)-beta- ocimene
11trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
240.08  octanal
270.02  octanol
70.06alpha- phellandrene
90.39beta- phellandrene
21.79alpha- pinene
51.36beta- pinene
40.22  sabinene
330.14alpha- sinensal
170.20  terpinen-4-ol
80.40alpha- terpinene
1316.68gamma- terpinene
180.38alpha- terpineol
140.78  terpinolene
10.66alpha- thujene
230.11  thymol
G. Ruberto, D. Bondi, P. Rapisarda, A. Renda and A. Starrantino, Essential oil of cami, a new Citrus hybrid, J. Agric. Food Chem., 45, 3206-3210 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

mandarin oil avana
10.64alpha- thujene
21.78alpha- pinene
30.02  camphene
40.17  sabinene
51.41beta- pinene
60.06  octanal
71.71  myrcene
80.07alpha- phellandrene
9tracedelta-3- carene
100.24alpha- terpinene
110.52beta- phellandrene
120.23para- cymene
1372.71  limonene
14trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
150.02(E)-beta- ocimene
1617.17gamma- terpinene
170.03  octanol
180.82  terpinolene
190.02  nonanal
200.16  linalool
210.02  citronellal
220.27  terpinen-4-ol
230.37alpha- terpineol
240.11  decanal
250.07  nerol
26trace  neral
270.03  geraniol
280.08  geranial
290.02  thymol
300.46  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
310.06beta- caryophyllene
320.02alpha- humulene
330.05(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
mandarin oil italy
280.02  benzaldehyde
40tracedelta- cadinene
30.05  camphene
60.02delta-2- carene
360.08beta- caryophyllene
24trace  citronellol
84.25para- cymene
270.03  decanol
390.30alpha- farnesene
31trace  geranial
250.02  hexanol
37tracealpha- humulene
966.41  limonene
170.13  linalool
16trace(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
14tracepara- mentha-1,3,8-triene
29trace3- methyl benzaldehyde
340.50  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
51.73  myrcene
30trace  nonanal
100.03(E)-beta- ocimene
110.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
260.123- octanol
32trace  perillaldehyde
70.48alpha- phellandrene
22.29alpha- pinene
41.88beta- pinene
20traceiso pulegol
18trace(Z)- sabinene hydrate
38tracebeta- selinene
220.04  terpinen-4-ol
330.10  terpinen-4-yl acetate
1219.17gamma- terpinene
21trace(E)-beta- terpineol
19trace(Z)-beta- terpineol
230.12alpha- terpineol
150.01gamma- terpineol
131.38  terpinolene
10.91alpha- thujene
35trace  thymol

G. Della Porta, E. Reverchon, D. Chouchi and D. Barth, Mandarin and lime peel oil processing by supercritical CO2 desorption:deterpenation and high molecular weight compounds elimination. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 519-522 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

mandarin oil italy
 0.89alpha- thujene
 2.36alpha- pinene
 0.02  camphene
 0.26  sabinene
 1.68beta- pinene
 1.70  myrcene
 0.21 octanol + alpha-phellandrene
 0.44alpha- terpinene
 0.33para- cymene
 69.51  limonene
 trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
 19.85gamma- terpinene
 0.03(Z)- sabinene hydrate
 trace  octanol
 0.87  terpinolene
 0.04(E)- sabinene hydrate
 0.11  linalool
 0.03  nonanal
 0.03  citronellal
 0.04  terpinen-4-ol
 0.14alpha- terpineol
 0.09  decanal
 0.02  nerol
 0.01  neral
 trace  geraniol
 0.05  geranial
 0.05  thymol
 0.01  undecanal
 trace  neryl acetate
 tracealpha- copaene
 trace  geranyl acetate
 tracealpha- cubebene
 0.45  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
 0.10beta- caryophyllene
 0.01alpha- humulene
 tracebeta- cubebene
 0.15  farnesene
marjoram oil
12.63alpha- pinene
22.45  camphene
32.70beta- pinene
41.92  myrcene
51.35  limonene
639.901,8- cineole
72.20gamma- terpinene
81.37  camphor
919.41  linalool
100.43beta- caryophyllene
114.04alpha- terpineol
120.52  borneol
130.71  geraniol
140.51  thymol
15trace  carvacrol
marjoram oil spain
26trace  borneol
37tracealpha- cadinol
30.40  camphene
18trace  camphor
36trace  carvacrol
210.40beta- caryophyllene
310.30  caryophyllene oxide
942.601,8- cineole
290.10  citronellol
130.30para- cymene
330.30  elemol
270.40  geranial
300.10  geraniol
280.20  geranyl acetate
82.10  limonene
1932.80  linalool
170.80(E)- linalool oxide
150.80(Z)- linalool oxide
200.50  linalyl acetate
61.40  myrcene
120.20(E)-beta- ocimene
10trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
22.00alpha- pinene
42.60beta- pinene
52.20  sabinene
160.40(E)- sabinene hydrate
340.20  spathulenol
220.30  terpinen-4-ol
70.10alpha- terpinene
110.10gamma- terpinene
253.00alpha- terpineol
241.10gamma- terpineol
140.10  terpinolene
1tracealpha- thujene
35trace  thymol
230.10(Z)- verbenol
320.35  viridiflorol

M. C. Soriano, J. A. Sotomayor, E. Correal, P. Sanchez Gomez and C. Garcia-Vallejo, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Thymus x arundanas Willk. and its parents T. mastichina L. and T. baeticus Boiss ex Lacaita. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 593-594 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

mentha pulegium oil cuba
270.10beta- bourbonene
300.18delta- cadinene
250.09alpha- calacorene
282.49beta- caryophyllene
311.04  caryophyllene oxide
60.08para- cymene
260.39beta- damascenone
336.78  hexadecanoic acid
290.27alpha- humulene
71.13  limonene
90.77  linalool
150.16  menthol
160.30iso menthol
131.86neo menthol
1420.68neoiso menthol
106.29  menthone
119.73iso menthone
200.14iso menthyl acetate
230.28neo menthyl acetate
226.24neoiso menthyl acetate
50.06  myrcene
80.11(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.413- octanol
10.35alpha- pinene
30.38beta- pinene
242.39  piperitenone
191.02  piperitone
1825.14  pulegone
20.11  sabinene
170.29alpha- terpineol
320.56  tetradecanoic acid
213.03  thymol
120.74  umbellulone

J. Pino, A. R.sado and V. Fluentes, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Mentha puiegium L. from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil. Res., 8, 295-296 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

nepeta betonicifolia c.a. meyer oil turkey
121.30  bicyclogermacrene
310.20alpha- bisabolol
32.90beta- bourbonene
200.60nor bourbonone
330.10alpha- cadinol
301.00  carvacrol
385.10 caryophylenol II
370.30 caryophylla-2(12),6-dien-5-ol
360.40 caryophylla-2(12),6(13)-dien-5a-ol
52.70beta- caryophyllene
184.30iso caryophyllene oxide
1939.20  caryophyllene oxide
10.301,8- cineole
20.40alpha- copaene
270.303,4- dimethyl-5-pentylidene-2(5H)-furanone
320.30alpha- eudesmol
80.50(Z)-beta- farnesene
150.20(E)- geranyl acetone
113.80  germacrene D
410.40  heptacosane
420.50  hexadecanoic acid
240.90  hexahydrofanesyl acetone
260.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl benzoate
100.50alpha- humulene
70.30iso humulene
163.00isohumulene oxide
224.70  humulene oxide II
230.10  humulene oxide III
170.50beta- ionone
60.20  myrtenal
140.20  myrtenol
130.20  naphthalene
210.10(E)- nerolidol
390.70  pentacosane
401.40  phytol
40.10  pinocarvone
259.70  spathulenol
291.20  thymol
350.70  tricosane
90.10(E)- verbenol
oregano oil (thymus capitatus hoffmanns & link) greece
17trace  borneol
20trace  bornyl acetate
30.08  camphene
16trace  camphor
90.10delta-3- carene
2266.69  carvacrol
234.79beta- caryophyllene
240.70  caryophyllene oxide
116.58para- cymene
120.80  limonene
150.40  linalool
61.58  myrcene
70.303- octanol
40.391- octen-3-ol
80.08alpha- phellandrene
20.69alpha- pinene
50.11beta- pinene
180.46  terpinen-4-ol
100.03alpha- terpinene
136.43gamma- terpinene
190.10alpha- terpineol
140.41  terpinolene
10.65alpha- thujene
210.25  thymol

F. Tateo, M. Mariotti and M. Bononi, Essential oil composition and enantiomeric distribution of some monoterpenoid components of Coridothymus capitatus (L.) Reichenb. fil. grown on island of Kos (Greece). Rivista Sci. Aliment., 25(2), 103-107 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

origanum majorana herb oil turkey
320.01-0.05(E)- anethole
290.00-0.64  borneol
30.21-0.25  camphene
60.07-0.08delta-3- carene
3778.27-79.46  carvacrol
300.15-0.17  carvone
340.11-0.12  caryophyllene oxide
100.21-0.351,8- cineole
330.02-0.07para- cymen-8-ol
154.31-4.68para- cymene
260.04-0.08(Z)- dihydrocarvone
250.65-0.75(E)-dihydrocarvone + methyl carvacrol
310.03-0.04delta- elemene
270.00-0.02alpha- humulene
90.20-0.26  limonene
230.21-0.69  linalool
180.00-0.02(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
210.01-0.03  methyl 2-hydroxy-3-methyl pentanoate
10.00-0.12  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
170.04-0.096- methyl-3-heptanol
71.59-1.93  myrcene
140.00-0.04(E)-beta- ocimene
120.13-0.17(Z)-beta- ocimene
190.18-0.281- octen-3-ol
110.19-0.24beta- phellandrene
21.66-1.76alpha- pinene
40.16-0.19beta- pinene
50.03-0.04  sabinene
200.51-0.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.17-0.21(Z)- sabinene hydrate
350.09-0.11  spathulenol
240.22-0.29  terpinen-4-ol
80.95-1.27alpha- terpinene
133.72-4.84gamma- terpinene
280.56-1.35alpha- terpineol
160.12-0.13  terpinolene
360.48-1.53  thymol

K. H. C. Baser, N. Kirimer and G. Tumen, Composition of the essential oil of Origanum majorana L. from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 577-579 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 4, 33, (1994)

origanum majorana oil cuba
353.27  bicyclogermacrene
36tracebeta- bisabolene
270.49  bornyl acetate
310.10beta- bourbonene
37tracedelta- cadinene
41tracealpha- cadinol
30.81  camphene
213.43  camphor
290.46  carvacrol
323.11beta- caryophyllene
390.70  caryophyllene oxide
94.98para- cymene
30tracedelta- elemene
341.24  germacrene D
400.09  globulol
330.27alpha- humulene
102.12  limonene
1716.41  linalool
150.17(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
260.25  linalyl acetate
200.40(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
191.22(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
61.21  myrcene
120.22(E)-beta- ocimene
111.84(Z)-beta- ocimene
4trace1- octen-3-ol
182.081- octen-3-yl acetate
70.11alpha- phellandrene
20.64alpha- pinene
54.60beta- pinene
250.11(E)- piperitol
240.22(Z)- piperitol
142.26(Z)- sabinene hydrate
381.07  spathulenol
2217.67  terpinen-4-ol
83.32alpha- terpinene
138.34gamma- terpinene
233.19alpha- terpineol
161.52  terpinolene
10.33alpha- thujene
2811.55  thymol

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado, M. Estarrón and V. Fuentes, Essential oil of majoram (Origanum majorana L.) grown in Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res. 9, 479-480 (1997).

P&F 25, No. 5, 52, (2000)

origanum majorana oil morocco
230.33  aromadendrene
192.17  bornyl acetate
141.54alpha- campholenal
210.40  carvacrol
221.73beta- caryophyllene
78.07para- cymene
104.89  fenchone
131.68alpha- fenchyl alcohol
172.52  geraniol
240.64alpha- humulene
250.53  ledol
81.74  limonene
1232.68  linalool
180.99  linalyl acetate
51.87  myrcene
60.53alpha- phellandrene
20.39alpha- pinene
40.33beta- pinene
34.57  sabinene
1522.30  terpinen-4-ol
91.21gamma- terpinene
163.26alpha- terpineol
110.46  terpinolene
10.32alpha- thujene
200.56  thymol

M. Charai, M. Mosaddak and M. Faid, Chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of two aromatic plants: Origanum majorana L. and O. compactum Benth. J. Essent. Oil Res., 8, 657-664 (1996).

P&F 25, No. 5, 52, (2000)

origanum majorana var. tenuifolium weston oil cyprus
320.10-0.50(E)- anethole
300.30-1.00beta- bisabolene
260.10-0.20iso borneol
210.10-0.90  bornyl acetate
310.10-0.30delta- cadinene
330.10-0.30  calamenene
20.50-0.80  camphene
17trace-1.80  camphor
360.50-6.00  carvacrol
290.00-0.70  carvone
221.10-2.00beta- caryophyllene
340.10-0.80  caryophyllene oxide
81.30-2.101,8- cineole
16trace-0.20alpha- copaene
111.00-4.20para- cymene
37trace-0.20delta- elemene
240.60-1.20  geraniol
250.20-0.60alpha- humulene
71.20-2.10  limonene
192.00-4.30  linalool
200.00-0.10  linalyl acetate
51.20-2.30  myrcene
130.00-0.103- octanol
140.00-trace1- octen-3-ol
90.00-0.10beta- phellandrene
11.00-1.90alpha- pinene
30.20-0.50beta- pinene
280.70-1.30  piperitone
41.10-5.50  sabinene
151.50-4.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
187.40-33.00(Z)- sabinene hydrate
2316.60-21.60  terpinen-4-ol
64.70-6.50alpha- terpinene
108.30-11.10gamma- terpinene
277.30-14.20alpha- terpineol
121.70-2.40  terpinolene
350.00-0.10  thymol

F. I. Jean, G. J. Collin and D. Lord, Essential oils and microwave extracts of cultivated plants. Perfum. Flavor., 17(3), 35-41 (1992).

P&F 23, No. 5, 52, (2000)

origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum oil turkey
250.00-0.03alpha- bergamolene
330.17-1.03beta- bisabolene
340.00-0.19gamma- cadinene
410.00-0.12T- cadinol
360.00-0.03  calamenene
30.05--0.56  camphene
60.07-0.10delta-3- carene
4323.43-78.73  carvacrol
380.00-0.09  carvacryl acetate
350.00-0.04trans- carveol
260.62-2.32beta-caryophyllene + terpinen-4-ol
390.12-1.06  caryophyllene oxide
110.15-1.381,8-cineole + beta-phellandrene
370.00-0.44para- cymen-8-ol
164.93-24.90para- cymene
280.04-3.53(Z)- dihydrocarvone
320.01-0.38gamma- elemene
300.00-0.19(Z)-beta- farnesene
310.00-0.18  heptadecane
120.00-0.08(Z)-2- hexenal
290.04-0.36alpha- humulene
100.02-0.41  limonene
230.03-0.46  linalool
240.02-0.06  linalyl acetate
10.03-0.11  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
270.35-1.71 methyl carvacrol + (E)-dihydrocarvone
180.00-0.066- methyl-3-heptanol
70.45-2.94  myrcene
190.00-0.01  nonanal
150.06-0.35(E)-beta- ocimene
130.00-0.07(Z)-beta- ocimene
200.16-0.931- octen-3-ol
80.00-0.01alpha- phellandrene
20.78-2.69alpha- pinene
40.09-0.28beta- pinene
5trace-0.31  sabinene
210.05-1.41(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.14-9.52(Z)- sabinene hydrate
400.00-0.16  spathulenol
90.39-2.31alpha- terpinene
141.83-16.32gamma- terpinene
300.35-1.45alpha-terpineol + isoborneol
170.05-0.24  terpinolene
420.17-39.81  thymol

K. H. C. Baser, T. Ozek, G. Tumen and E. Sezik, Composition of the Essential Oils of Turkish Origanum Species with Commercial Importance, J, Essent. Oil Res., 5, 619-623 (1993).

P&F 20, No. 5, 95, (1995)

osmanthus fragrans flower absolute
960.04  amyl benzoate
320.03  amyl butyrate
360.008  amyl isovalerate
104trace  amyl salicylate
800.06  anethole
1070.003  anisyl acetate
510.19  benzaldehyde
700.08  benzyl acetate
870.19  benzyl alcohol
86trace  benzyl butyrate
500.02  benzyl formate
590.16  bornyl acetate
15trace  butanal
31trace  butyl benzene
210.02  butyl butyrate
950.12  butyl phenyl acetate
62trace  butyric acid
8trace  camphene
52trace  camphor
16tracedelta-3- carene
119trace  carvacrol
71trace  carvone
200.301,8- cineole
75trace  citronellol
103tracemeta- cresol
102tracepara- cresol
26tracepara- cymene
113tracedelta- decalactone
10611.70gamma- decalactone
29trace  decanal
1170.05  decanoic acid
749.20  decanol
660.08  decyl acetate
1300.39  dibutyl phthalate
84trace  dihydrojasmone
890.282,6- dimethyl phenol
1110.03  docosane
1240.21gamma- dodecalactone
490.05  dodecanal
970.04  eicosane
20.06  ethyl acetate
130.02  ethyl benzene
430.03  ethyl decanoate
220.004  ethyl hexanoate
101trace  ethyl myristate
77trace  ethyl salicylate
1081.90  eugenol
1210.02(E)-iso eugenol
1140.02(Z)-iso eugenol
1200.18  farnesol
45trace  furfural
72trace  geranial
830.07  geraniol
73trace  geranyl acetate
680.08 geranyl formate + dodecanal
105trace  heneicosane
17trace  heptanal
94trace  heptanoic acid
90.022-heptanol + hexanal
38trace  heptyl acetate
330.01  heptyl formate
88trace  heptyl isovalerate
370.01  hexanal
810.05  hexanoic acid
390.12(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
42trace  hexyl butyrate
35trace  hexyl propionate
1100.007  hexyl salicylate
53trace  hexyl valerate
820.86alpha- ionone
925.85beta- ionone
116trace  jasmolactone
930.02(Z)- jasmone
1280.02  lauric acid
18trace  limonene
552.36  linalool
4414.60(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
4621.10(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
56trace  linalyl acetate
910.07 methyl alpha-ionone + quinoline
190.053- methyl butanol
60trace  methyl decanoate
118trace  methyl dihydrojasmonate
780.03  methyl dodecanoate
58trace5- methyl furfural
480.09  methyl nonanoate
1270.16  methyl oleate
1120.07  methyl palmitate
340.022- methyl-2-hepten-6-one
14trace4- methyl-3-penten-2-one
1310.03  myristic acid
990.21  nerolidol
980.04gamma- nonalactone
400.11  nonanal
630.70  nonanol
1000.11  octanoic acid
570.02  octanol
28trace2- octanone
47trace  octyl acetate
690.02  octyl valerate
1320.71  palmitic acid
30.003  pentanal
24trace pentenal
79trace2- phenethyl acetate
900.192-phenethyl alcohol + nonadecane
760.012- phenethyl formate
65trace  phenyl acetaldehyde
5tracealpha- pinene
11tracebeta- pinene
1trace  propanal
70.01  propanol
540.02  propionic acid
12trace  sabinene
850.02  safrole
1220.03alpha- santalol
1260.02beta- santalol
25trace  styrene
610.06  terpinen-4-ol
230.20gamma- terpinene
670.07alpha- terpineol
270.06  terpinolene
1250.02  tetracosane
41trace  tetradecane
1090.23  thymol
6trace  toluene
30trace  tridecane
115tracegamma- undecalactone
100.008  undecane
1233.10  undecanoic acid
64traceiso valeric acid
1290.08  vanillin
V. T. Cogiya, L. G. Kharebava, R. V. Gogiya and E. B. Gvatua, Composition of the volatile compounds in flowers of Osrnanthus fragrans (Thumb) Lour. Rastit. Resur., 22, 243-248 (1986). P&F 17, No. 3, 61, (1992)
pelargonium capitatum l. l'hér. ex aiton oil cuba
50.10  borneol
150.80beta- bourbonene
282.40alpha- bulnesene
471.00  cadalene
290.10gamma- cadinene
322.60delta- cadinene
450.20alpha- cadinol
340.30alpha- calacorene
350.10beta- calacorene
310.20(Z)- calamenene
183.20beta- caryophyllene
3814.70  caryophyllene oxide
825.60  citronellol
120.10  citronellyl acetate
102.50  citronellyl formate
140.20alpha- copaene
130.10alpha- cubebene
300.60  cubebol
430.60  cubenol
160.70beta- elemene
530.80  ethyl hexadecanoate
203.00(Z)-beta- farnesene
490.40(Z,E)- farnesol
510.20(E,E)- farnesol
520.40(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
91.90  geraniol
360.10  geranyl butyrate
230.30  geranyl propionate
251.80  germacrene D
390.10  gleenol
197.20alpha- guaiene
270.20(Z)-beta- guaiene
210.70alpha- humulene
401.80  humulene oxide II
460.5014- hydroxy-9-epi-beta-caryophyllene
410.40(E)-sesqui lavandulol
10.10  linalool
170.10  longifolene
40.30iso menthone
240.10gamma- muurolene
420.40epi-alpha- muurolol
500.40(E)- nerolidol acetate
480.90(Z)- nerolidyl acetate
220.60alpha- patchoulene
25.50(Z)- rose oxide
34.50(E)- rose oxide
440.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
260.30beta- selinene
372.00  spathulenol
60.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.20alpha- terpineol
110.10  thymol
333.60 unknown MW 218
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 21, (2001)
petroselinum crispum leaf oil cuba
In 1997, Pino et al. analyLed a parsley leaf oil that was produced from plants grown in Cuba. Using CC/MS as the method of analysis the oil was determined to contain the following constituents:
240.02alpha- amorphene
3414.40 apiole
110.02  benzyl alcohol
210.02(E)-beta- bergamotene
321.42  carotol
190.24beta- caryophyllene
140.03  citronellal
160.09para- cymen-8-ol
50.03para- cymene
90.28alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
180.61beta- elemene
200.21gamma- elemene
281.70  elemicin
290.02iso elemicin
300.02  elemol
230.11(Z)-beta- farnesene
251.09  germacrene D
330.28  guaiol
220.03alpha- humulene
70.06  limonene
123.90para- mentha-1,3,8-triene
130.05para- mentha-1,4,8-triene
150.03para- menthatriene
30.84  myrcene
2663.90  myristicin
310.03  nerolidol
40.09alpha- phellandrene
61.60beta- phellandrene
271.04beta-sesqui phellandrene
10.03alpha- pinene
20.01beta- pinene
80.03gamma- terpinene
100.72  terpinolene
170.02  thymol

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado and V. Fuentes, Herb oil of parsley (Petroselinum crispum Mill.) from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 241-242 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

peumus boldus leaf oil
3321.25  ascaridole
50.21  camphene
230.01  camphor
80.14delta-3- carene
370.04trans- carvyl acetate
90.511,4- cineole
1321.101,8- cineole
310.10  cuminaldehyde
118.63para- cymene
40.01alpha- fenchene
14trace  fenchone
300.04alpha- fenchyl acetate
190.22alpha- fenchyl alcohol
320.10  geraniol
418.80  guaiazulene
10.032- heptanone
400.17  ledol
120.04  limonene
390.75  methyl eugenol
70.01  myrcene
280.20  myrtenol
290.04  nerol
17trace2- nonanol
150.042- nonanone
30.01alpha- pinene
210.66trans- pinocarveol
270.40  sabinaketone
60.01  sabinene
362.36  sabinyl acetate
250.75  terpinen-4-ol
160.02  terpinen-4-yl acetate
100.02alpha- terpinene
260.14alpha- terpineol
240.07beta- terpineol
20.03alpha- thujene
1814.30alpha- thujone
207.15beta- thujone
350.03  thymol
380.01  thymyl acetate
229.90(Z)- verbenol
340.08cis- verbenyl acetate

E. Miraldi, S. Ferri, G. G. Franchi and G. Giorgi, Peumus boldus essential oil: New constituents and comparison of oils from leaves of different origin. Fitoterapia, 67, 227-230 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

pimenta dioica leaf oil
182.77alpha- amorphene
172.13allo- aromadendrene
220.49  cadina-1,4-diene
215.49delta- cadinene
284.94alpha- cadinol
276.64T- cadinol
231.23alpha- calacorene
2011.12 calamenene + gamma-cadinene
131.00  carvacrol
110.10  carvone
151.00beta- caryophyllene
242.69  caryophyllene oxide
514.501,8- cineole
41.87para- cymene
250.52alpha- eudesmol
260.82beta- eudesmol
1428.04  eugenol
1610.12alpha- humulene
60.10  limonene
90.56  menthol
100.09  methyl chavocol
191.76alpha- muurolene
20.19  myrcene
31.12alpha- phellandrene
10.56alpha- pinene
70.56gamma- terpinene
81.38  terpinolene
121.00  thymol

J. A. Pino, J. Garcia and M. A. Martinez, Solvent extraction and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Pimenta dioica Merrill leaf. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 689-691 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

plectranthus glandulosus hook f. leaf oil cameroon
330.10(E)- anethole
290.50iso borneol
46tracebeta- bourbonene
70.30  camphene
270.70  camphor
111.50delta-3- carene
48tracebeta- caryophyllene
54trace  caryophyllene oxide
200.101,8- cineole
450.10alpha- copaene
313.60para- cymen-8-ol
130.40para- cymene
190.20para- cymenene
470.10beta- elemene
420.10  eugenol
490.20beta- farnesene
6tracealpha- fenchene
2230.80  fenchone
241.50alpha- fenchyl alcohol
521.40  germacrene D
510.10beta- gurjunene
30.10  hexanol
20.10(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
11.20(E)-3- hexen-1-ol
500.20alpha- humulene
550.10  humulene oxide
400.704- hydroxypiperitone
143.20  limonene
23trace  linalool
250.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
260.50(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
530.10alpha- muurolene
92.20  myrcene
300.80  neral
570.20  nerolidol
160.60(E)-beta- ocimene
100.70alpha- phellandrene
150.20beta- phellandrene
58trace  phytol
50.60alpha- pinene
80.30beta- pinene
411.30  piperitenone
4310.90  piperitenone oxide
34trace  piperitone
360.50(E)- piperitone oxide
353.00(Z)- piperitone oxide
441.80iso pulegone
21trace(E)- sabinene hydrate
560.10  spathulenol
280.10  terpinen-4-ol
120.80alpha- terpinene
170.20gamma- terpinene
320.30alpha- terpineol
1825.20  terpinolene
4tracealpha- thujene
380.40  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 73, (2001)
prangos uechtritzii boiss. et hausskn. fruit oil turkey
331.90  bicyclogermacrene
402.10alpha- bisabolol
351.70delta- cadinene
391.30alpha- cadinol
71.00delta-3- carene
270.70beta- caryophyllene
381.40  caryophyllene oxide
230.30alpha- copaene
141.40meta- cresol
170.10para- cresyl acetate
210.60  cryptone
320.20ar- curcumene
200.60meta- cymen-8-ol
910.90para- cymene
240.30  daucene
290.30(E)-beta- farnesene
361.50  germacrene B
311.10  germacrene D
280.60alpha- humulene
160.10para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
262.20  methyl eugenol
340.30alpha- muurolene
300.30gamma- muurolene
51.40  myrcene
123.20(E)-beta- ocimene
114.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
66.30alpha- phellandrene
107.80beta- phellandrene
26.10alpha- pinene
43.20beta- pinene
34.80  sabinene
371.80  spathulenol
192.00  terpinen-4-ol
80.50alpha- terpinene
137.00gamma- terpinene
151.10  terpinolene
10.30alpha- thujene
223.50  thymol
183.90 unknown a
251.20 unknown b
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 2, 183, (2000)
rhizophora mangle bark oil cuba
46trace(Z)- asarone
80.10  benzaldehyde
270.10  benzothiazole
21trace  borneol
480.20alpha- cadinol
410.10alpha- calacorene
390.10(E)- calamenene
180.10  camphor
28tracetrans- carveol
430.10  caryophyllene oxide
120.30para- cymene
150.10para- cymenene
330.10(E,Z)-2,4- decadienal
20.10  dihydro-3,5-dimethyl-2(3H)-furanone
250.10(E)- dihydrocarvone
360.201,2- dimethoxy-4-(2-propenyl) benzene
200.101,3- dimethoxybenzene
400.20  elemicin
410.00  ethyl acetate
5trace  ethyl benzene
440.10  ethyl laurate
300.10  ethyl salicylate
31trace  geranial
6trace  heptanal
30.20  hexanal
291.504- hydroxy-3-methyl benzaldehyde
370.10(E)-beta- ionone
541.10  kaurene
130.10  limonene
170.10  linalool
14trace(Z)- linalool oxide
5595.50  manool
512.1013-epi- manool
539.6013-epi- manoyl oxide
5229.90  manoyl oxide
19traceiso menthone
70.10  methoxybenzene
350.401-(4- methoxyphenyl)-2-propanone
240.20  methyl chavicol
90.106- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
500.406- methyl-8-(2,6,6-trimethyl cyclohexen-1-yl)-5-octen-2-one
470.10epi-alpha- muurolol
420.40(E)- nerolidol
160.10  nonanal
110.102- pentyl furan
10trace  phenol
492.20  phytol
1trace  pyridine
220.80  terpinen-4-ol
230.40alpha- terpineol
450.201,2,3,4- tetramethoxy-5-(2-propenyl)-benzene
320.70  thymol
568.60 unknown a
577.50 unknown b
5814.50 unknown c
26trace  verbenone
in mg/kg. J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 88, (2001)
rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil CO2 extract
42trace  abietatriene
340.41beta- bisabolene
1515.56  borneol
234.94iso bornyl acetate
360.35delta- cadinene
350.26gamma- cadinene
250.19alpha- cadinol
370.15  calamenene
23.11  camphene
1215.33  camphor
40.39delta-3- carene
220.26  carvone
282.22beta- caryophyllene
390.37  caryophyllene oxide
400.20 cedrane diol
1020.021,8- cineole
260.43alpha- cubebene
311.28ar- curcumene
81.81para- cymene
200.39  dihydrocarveol
380.37  farnesene
300.38beta- gurjunene
90.51  limonene
113.53  linalool
210.48  linalyl acetate
270.12  methyl eugenol
330.20alpha- muurolene
60.35  myrcene
161.17  nonanol
41trace  octadecane
50.181- octen-3-ol
130.80 pinanone
18.30alpha- pinene
70.74beta- pinene
140.39  pinocarvone
30.32  sabinene
290.41alpha- santalene
320.16alpha- selinene
171.00  terpinen-4-ol
181.95alpha- terpineol
240.69  thymol
43trace  totarol
198.36  verbenone

E. Reverchon and F. Senatore, Isolation of rosemary oil: Comparison between hydrodistillation and supercritical CO2 extraction. Flav. Fragr. J., 7, 227-230 (1992).

P&F 17, No. 6, 51, (1992)

rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil france
380.00-tracebeta- bisabolene
480.00-0.27alpha- bisabolol
353.24-6.53  borneol
251.19-14.32  bornyl acetate
390.00-0.08alpha- cadinene
400.00-0.07delta- cadinene
450.00-0.12T- cadinol
45.86-8.35  camphene
203.01-7.50  camphor
80.19-1.19delta-3- carene
470.00-0.14  carvacrol
260.00-2.19beta- caryophyllene
440.00-0.10  caryophyllene oxide
125.30-24.791,8- cineole
161.39-1.54para- cymene
310.00-0.19beta- farnesene
430.00-trace  geraniol
280.33-0.68  geranyl acetate
360.00-trace  germacrene D
290.00-0.94alpha- humulene
320.00-0.06  lavandulol
30trace-0.54  lavandulyl acetate
113.02-3.96  limonene
221.46-9.41  linalool
230.00-5.52  linalyl acetate
370.00-tracegamma- muurolene
91.55-2.12  myrcene
410.00-0.05  nerol
150.02-0.53(E)-beta- ocimene
130.00-0.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
219.91-35.08alpha- pinene
52.08-4.35beta- pinene
210.06-0.58iso pinocamphone
60.21-1.36  sabinene
180.09-0.12(E)- sabinene hydrate
240.00-tracealpha- santalene
270.00-1.21  terpinen-4-ol
100.39-0.46alpha- terpinene
140.28-1.28gamma- terpinene
340.00-0.09alpha- terpineol
170.51-0.78  terpinolene
30.00-0.08alpha- thujene
460.00-0.18  thymol
10.24-0.41  tricyclene
331.03-5.08  verbenone
190.06-0.15  viridiflorene

J. C. Chalchat, R. P. Garry, A. Michet, B. Benjilali and J. L. Chabart, Essential oils of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.). The chemical composition of the oils of various origins (Morocco, Spain, France). J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 613-618 (1993).

P&F 20, No. 1, 47, (1995)

rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil turkey
1617.50  borneol
231.64  bornyl acetate
210.32  bornyl formate
33.81  camphene
147.63  camphor
251.73  carvacrol
261.22beta- caryophyllene
1136.911,8- cineole
910.50para- cymene
270.25alpha- humulene
100.82  limonene
60.38  myrcene
70.38alpha- phellandrene
20.44alpha- pinene
50.44beta- pinene
190.38(E)- piperitol
200.54(Z)- piperitol
220.76  piperitone
40.44  sabinene
151.44(E)- sabinene hydrate
131.93(Z)- sabinene hydrate
173.63  terpinen-4-ol
83.29alpha- terpinene
121.52gamma- terpinene
180.83alpha- terpineol
10.35alpha- thujene
240.90  thymol

M. J. Perez-Alonso, A, Velasio-Negueruela, M. Emin Duru, M. Harmandas and J. L. Esteban, Composition of the essential oils of Ocimum basilicum var. glabratum and Rosmarinus from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil. Res., 7, 73-75 (1995).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

sage oil dalmatian
141.20  borneol
180.10  bornyl acetate
240.20gamma- cadinene
20.50  camphene
126.10  camphor
200.70beta- caryophyllene
260.50  caryophyllene oxide
72.201,8- cineole
60.30para- cymene
220.10alpha- guaiene
23tracedelta- guaiene
210.20alpha- humulene
271.20  humulene oxide II
50.40  myrcene
170.30  myrtenol
10.20alpha- pinene
40.90beta- pinene
130.60  pinocamphone
258.30  pogostol
30.10  sabinene
150.60  terpinen-4-ol
80.20gamma- terpinene
160.10alpha- terpineol
90.30beta- terpineol
1063.30alpha- thujone
116.40beta- thujone
190.20  thymol

C. Bourrel, G. Vilarem, G. Michel and A. Gaset, Etude des proprietes bacteriostatiques et fongistatiques en milieu solide de 24 huiles essentielles preamblement analysees. Rivista Ital. EPPOS, No. 16, 3-12 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

sage oil giza egypt
Comparative percentage composition of Salvia offlcinalis oil produced from plants grown in two areas of Egypt, Giza oil
 0.10  tricyclene
 0.17alpha- thujene
 3.81alpha- pinene
 3.70beta- pinene
 3.82  camphene
 3.85  sabinene
 3.38  myrcene
 0.85ortho- cymene
 0.76para- cymene
 9.381,8- cineole
 0.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
 1.10gamma- terpinene
 1.02  linalool
 0.68  terpinolene
 17.72alpha- thujone
 2.03beta- thujone
 0.05(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
 13.29  camphor
 0.10(Z)-beta- terpineol
 0.68iso menthone
 0.43iso pinocamphone
 2.37  borneol
 1.10alpha- terpineol
 1.44  carvone
 0.08  bornyl acetate
 2.20iso bornyl acetate
 0.68  sabinene hydrate acetate
 0.68  thymol
 1.70beta- caryophyllene
 1.10 aromadendr-9-ene
 3.05alpha- humulene
 0.10allo aromadendr-9-ene
 1.44  germacrene B
 0.04gamma- cadinene
 0.60delta- cadinene
 0.85  spathulenol
 0.60  caryophyllene oxide
 3.30  globulol
 0.85 bergamotol acetate
F. M. Soliman, M. A. El-Sohly, M. M. Fathy and F. S. El-Salhawy, A comparitive study of the essential oils from Mentha and Salvia species grown in Egypt. Egypt. J. Pharm. Sci., 38, 553-564 (1997).
salvia atropatana bunge oil iran
1916.30beta- caryophyllene
260.70  caryophyllene oxide
171.40beta- elemene
151.10delta- elemene
270.60beta- eudesmol
2310.00  germacrene B
224.10  germacrene D
183.10alpha- gurjunene
210.70gamma- gurjunene
111.90  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
40.10  hexyl acetate
241.40  hexyl benzoate
101.30  hexyl butyrate
163.90  hexyl hexanoate
2512.20  hexyl octanoate
124.60  hexyl valerate
200.80alpha- humulene
50.10  limonene
92.30  linalool
281.00  manool
60.10(E)-beta- ocimene
140.40  octyl butyrate
10.10alpha- pinene
30.10beta- pinene
20.10  sabinene
2913.30  sclareol
70.10gamma- terpinene
80.20  terpinolene
130.40  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 5, 575, (2000)
salvia officinalis oil england
A Sardinian oil of S. officinalis was analyzedbv Peana et al. (1999) using both CC and GC/MS. and it was found to possess the following composition:
254.10  borneol
311.30  bornyl acetate
56.60  camphene
2126.40  camphor
10tracedelta-3- carene
300.10  carvacrol
330.70beta- caryophyllene
350.20  caryophyllene oxide
139.601,8- cineole
120.20para- cymene
170.10para-alpha- dimethyl styrene
320.10  eugenol
363.30  guaiol
340.90alpha- humulene
370.40  humulene oxide
380.6014- hydroxy-9-epi-beta-caryophyllene
142.30  limonene
16trace(Z)- linalool oxide
390.10  lyral
90.90  myrcene
281.00  myrtanol
43.70alpha- pinene
80.40beta- pinene
231.10  pinocamphone
240.10iso pulegol
70.20  sabinene
10.30 salvene
400.30alpha- santalol
260.70  terpinen-4-ol
110.20alpha- terpinene
150.10gamma- terpinene
270.30alpha- terpineol
180.10  terpinolene
3tracealpha- thujene
1924.70alpha- thujone
206.40beta- thujone
290.20  thymol
20.20  tricyclene
61.60  verbenene
220.70(Z)- verbenol

M. Tiziana Baratta, H. J. D. Dorman, S. G. Deans, D. M. Biondi and G. Ruberto. Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antiozidative activity of Laurel, sage, rosemary, oregano and coriander essential oils. J. Essent. Oil Res. , 10, 618-627 (1998).

P&F 26, No. 3, 66, (2001)

salvia officinalis seed oil tunisia
GC Analyses of Salvia Seeds as Valuable Essential Oil Source Mouna Ben Taârit, Kamel Msaada, Karim Hosni, and Brahim Marzouk1 1Laboratoire des Substances Bioactives, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopôle de Borj-Cédria, BP 901, 2050 Hammam-Lif, Tunisia 2Laboratoire des Substances Naturelles, Institut National de Recherche et d’Analyse Physico-Chimique (INRAP), Sidi Thabet, 2020 Ariana, Tunisia
1470.47alpha- amorphene
1461.43allo- aromadendrene
1620.18  aromadendrene
1751.29  bicyclogermacrene
1740.72beta- bisabolene
1163.54  borneol
1590.16  bornyl acetate
1510.08gamma- cadinene
1510.53delta- cadinene
2180.15T- cadinol
 0.41alpha- cadinol
15313.08  camphor
1150.03delta-3- carene
1290.83  carvacrol
1610.19beta- caryophyllene
1570.16  caryophyllene oxide
1036.661,8- cineole
1490.01alpha- copaene
1490.34epi- cubebol
1180.17para- cymen-8-ol
1021.52para- cymene
1380.06beta- damascenone
1380.16beta- elemene
1330.07delta- elemene
 0.47beta- eudesmol
1350.83  eugenol
1500.24(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
1141.01 geigerene
1850.33  geraniol
1850.08  germacrene B
1721.18  germacrene D
8781.29  hexanol
1453.71alpha- humulene
1600.25  humulene oxide II
1550.68  linalool
1070.13(Z)- linalool oxide
1230.08  linalyl acetate
 2.2213-epi- manool
1400.18  methyl eugenol
1190.28  myrtanol
1190.55  myrtenal
1561.41(E)- nerolidol
9391.26alpha- pinene
1060.19(Z)- sabinene hydrate
1210.18(Z)- sabinol
1570.08  spathulenol
1170.09  terpinen-4-ol
1700.91alpha- terpineol
1182.42delta- terpineol
1701.81alpha- terpinyl acetate
1033.08alpha- thujene
11014.77alpha- thujone
1114.30beta- thujone
1290.37  thymol
1010.23  tricyclene
1100.48  undecane
1592.66  viridiflorol
1490.04alpha- ylangene
Overall, it emerges that tricyclene and camphor were biochemical markers of the essential oil of S. verbenaca seeds. Being rich in camphor, seeds could be used as antimicrobial agent. Another point that should be highlighted is that S. officinalis seeds had the same a-thujone chemotype as leaves, whereas these two organs showed some quantitative differences leading to the safe use of seeds essential oil in food industry. From a qualitative standpoint, seeds of S. sclarea seemed to have the same enzymatic trend as flowers characterized by the prevalence of linalool. It is noteworthy to mention that linalool-producing seeds as S. sclarea were suitable for flavouring purposes and constitute potential anti-inflammatory agents.
salvia sclarea oil greece
320.10  aromadendrene
57trace  benzyl tiglate
29trace  bornyl acetate
250.15beta- bourbonene
43tracedelta- cadinene
2trace  camphene
62trace  carvacrol
301.20beta- caryophyllene
501.50  caryophyllene oxide
6trace1,8- cineole
230.50alpha- copaene
260.10beta- cubebene
480.15para- cymen-8-ol
460.10beta- damascenone
691.25 deutenyl curcumene furanoid
45trace dihydro-para-cymen-8-ol
580.10  dodecahydro-3a-,6,6,9a-tetramethyl(2,1beta)furan
550.15  elemol
610.158,13- epoxy-15,16-dinorlabd-12-ene
56trace  eudesmol
54trace10-epi-gamma- eudesmol
630.20alpha- eudesmol
641.50beta- eudesmol
24trace formic acid + benzaldehyde
412.15  geranial
496.50  geraniol
447.50  geranyl acetate
401.25  geranyl formate
140.10  hexanol
170.102- hexanol
150.153- hexanol
70.152- hexenal
12trace hexen-1-yl acetate furanoid
350.10alpha- humulene
51trace  hydroxycitronellal
670.10endo-8-hydroxycycloisolongifolene furanoid
521.20 hydroxylinalool furanoid
370.10 lavandulol + beta-farnesene
50.15  limonene
2717.20  linalool
221.10(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
190.15(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
2814.30  linalyl acetate
31trace  linalyl formate
712.50  manool
680.10  manoyl oxide
700.1513-epi- manoyl oxide
34trace  methyl chavicol
9trace2-methyl-2-vinyl-4-isopropenyl tetrahydrofuran
13trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
38trace  muurolene
66trace muurolol
40.25  myrcene
361.50  neral
475.50  nerol
21trace  nerol oxide
53trace  nerolidol
425.20  neryl acetate
16trace  nonanal
100.15(E)-beta- ocimene
80.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
180.10  perillene
10.10alpha- pinene
30.10beta- pinene
725.20  sclareol
590.20  spathulenol
330.20  terpinen-4-ol
3915.10alpha- terpineol
11trace  terpinolene
65trace  thymol
600.10  valerianol
200.10alpha-ylangene + 1-octen-3-ol

Ch. Souleles and N. Argyriadou, Constituents of the essential oil of Salvia sclarea growing wild in Greece. Internat. J. Pharmacog., 35, 218-220 (1997).

P&F 25, No. 4, 55, (2000)

salvia sclarea seed oil tunisia
GC Analyses of Salvia Seeds as Valuable Essential Oil Source Mouna Ben Taârit, Kamel Msaada, Karim Hosni, and Brahim Marzouk1 1Laboratoire des Substances Bioactives, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopôle de Borj-Cédria, BP 901, 2050 Hammam-Lif, Tunisia 2Laboratoire des Substances Naturelles, Institut National de Recherche et d’Analyse Physico-Chimique (INRAP), Sidi Thabet, 2020 Ariana, Tunisia
1460.06allo- aromadendrene
1494.29  bicyclogermacrene
1530.35beta- bourbonene
1770.24delta- cadinene
1640.52T- cadinol
1640.88alpha- cadinol
1540.10alpha- calacorene
1291.93  carvacrol
1410.24beta- caryophyllene
2003.18  caryophyllene oxide
1210.121,8- cineole
1374.08alpha- copaene
1342.86alpha- cubebene
1540.72beta- cubebene
1900.24epi- cubenol
1020.12para- cymene
1470.85delta- elemene
 1.72beta- eudesmol
1252.79  geraniol
1381.94  geranyl acetate
1551.29  germacrene B
1475.88  germacrene D
8520.03(E)-2- hexenal
1450.08alpha- humulene
1591.55  humulene oxide I
1030.17  limonene
10924.25  linalool
1236.90  linalyl acetate
 0.5913-epi- manool
1220.98  nerol
1730.36  neryl acetate
1030.03beta- phellandrene
9390.27alpha- pinene
2140.03  spathulenol
1610.37  terpinen-4-ol
1180.20alpha- terpineol
1180.20delta- terpineol
1350.29alpha- terpinyl acetate
9307.48alpha- thujene
2190.10  thymol
9270.08  tricyclene
1100.75  undecane
1370.24alpha- ylangene
Overall, it emerges that tricyclene and camphor were biochemical markers of the essential oil of S. verbenaca seeds. Being rich in camphor, seeds could be used as antimicrobial agent. Another point that should be highlighted is that S. officinalis seeds had the same a-thujone chemotype as leaves, whereas these two organs showed some quantitative differences leading to the safe use of seeds essential oil in food industry. From a qualitative standpoint, seeds of S. sclarea seemed to have the same enzymatic trend as flowers characterized by the prevalence of linalool. It is noteworthy to mention that linalool-producing seeds as S. sclarea were suitable for flavouring purposes and constitute potential anti-inflammatory agents.
satureja hortensis oil
160.85-0.93beta- bisabolene
150.30-0.33 borneol + alpha-terpineol
20.08-0.12  camphene
120.10  camphor
1923.88-27.20  carvacrol
142.36-2.86beta- caryophyllene
170.11-0.20  caryophyllene oxide
70.15-0.191,8- cineole
93.31-8.60para- cymene
60.17-0.22  limonene
130.27-0.35  linalool
42.53-3.13  myrcene
100.28-0.361- octen-3-ol
12.35-3.83alpha- pinene
30.80-1.42beta- pinene
110.10-0.42(E)- sabinene hydrate
54.45-4.69alpha- terpinene
847.23-53.22gamma- terpinene
180.12-0.14  thymol

A. Bianchi, A. Albasini, M. Melegari, P. Pecorari, C. Vampa and M. Rinaldi, Indagini su piante del genere Satureja, Atti Soc. Nat. Mat. Moderna, 117, 49-64 (1986).

P&F 17, No. 1, 45, (1992)

satureja khuzistanica jamzad oil iran
180.30beta- bisabolene
70.80delta-3- carene
1629.60  carvacrol
170.20beta- caryophyllene
91.801,8- cineole
839.60para- cymene
101.30  limonene
132.40  linalool
50.80  myrcene
60.10alpha- phellandrene
20.30alpha- pinene
40.40beta- pinene
30.10  sabinene
140.20  terpinen-4-ol
1118.90gamma- terpinene
12trace  terpinolene
10.50alpha- thujene
15trace  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 427, (2000)
satureja montana oil
131.60  borneol
35.80  camphene
1218.30  camphor
161.50  carvacrol
172.30beta- caryophyllene
200.90  caryophyllene oxide
724.70para- cymene
181.60gamma- elemene
81.50  limonene
114.70  linalool
68.60  myrcene
23.60alpha- pinene
50.90beta- pinene
40.90  sabinene
101.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
190.70  spathulenol
142.80  terpinen-4-ol
910.80gamma- terpinene
10.90alpha- thujene
150.30  thymol

C. Bourrel, G. Vilarem, G. Michel and A. Casez, Etude des proprietes bacteriostatiques et fongistatiqes en. milieu solide de 24 huiles essentielles preamblement analysees. Ritista Ital. EPPOS, No. 16, 3-12 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 6, 55, (1996)

satureja montana oleoresin
 1.60  borneol
 5.80  camphene
 18.30  camphor
 1.50  carvacrol
 2.30beta- caryophyllene
 0.90  caryophyllene oxide
 24.70para- cymene
 1.60gamma- elemene
 1.50  limonene
 4.70  linalool
 8.60  myrcene
 3.60alpha- pinene
 0.90beta- pinene
 0.90  sabinene
 1.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
 0.70  spathulenol
 2.80  terpinen-4-ol
 10.80gamma- terpinene
 0.90alpha- thujene
 0.30  thymol
tanacetum annum l. oil marocco
310.10allo- aromadendrene
470.30  benzyl benzoate
450.60alpha- bisabolol
212.10  borneol
80.40iso butyl 2-methyl butyrate
360.40gamma- cadinene
350.30(Z)- calamenene
30.50  camphene
209.60  camphor
10030delta-3- carene
270.20  carvacrol
250.30  carvone
291.20beta- caryophyllene
400.70  caryophyllene oxide
4628.00  chamazulene
141.001,8- cineole
122.20para- cymene
421.707,12- dehydro-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochamazulene
343.703,6- dihydrochamazulene
411.705,6- dihydrochamazulene
280.40beta- elemene
370.40  elemol
445.10beta- eudesmol
301.00(Z)-beta- farnesene
430.70  hinesol
390.30  ledol
131.30  limonene
170.10  linalool
64.40  myrcene
240.10  myrtenal
70.20  octanal
92.60alpha- phellandrene
320.102- phenethyl isovalerate
21.30alpha- pinene
53.10beta- pinene
190.10trans- pinocarveol
46.40  sabinene
380.20  spathulenol
221.80  terpinen-4-ol
110.40alpha- terpinene
150.40gamma- terpinene
230.40alpha- terpineol
160.10  terpinolene
10.10alpha- thujene
180.10alpha- thujone
261.20  thymol
330.50  valencene

H. Greche, M. Ismaili-Alaoui, N. Hajjaji, S. Zrira, A. Belanger and B. Benjilali, Composition of Tanacetum annuum L. oil from Morocco. J. Essent. Oil Res., 11, 343-348 (1999).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

tanacetum annum l. oil marocco
10.70alpha- thujene
24.90alpha- pinene
31.80  camphene
422.30  sabinene
510.10beta- pinene
66.00  myrcene
77.60alpha- phellandrene
80.90alpha- terpinene
98.90para- cymene
104.20  limonene
110.301,8- cineole
121.50gamma- terpinene
1313.20  camphor
142.70  borneol
15trace  terpineol
160.80  thymol
170.20beta- elemene
181.70beta- caryophyllene
190.80(Z)-beta- farnesene
201.10 valencene
211.903,6- dihydrochamazulene
22trace  caryophyllene oxide
23trace5,6- dihydrochamazulene
24trace7,12- dehydro-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochamazulene
250.30beta- eudesmol
262.80  chamazulene
tanacetum parthenium leaf oil
2trace  benzaldehyde
27trace  benzyl isobutyrate
33trace  benzyl isovalerate
25trace  benzyl propionate
190.60  borneol
261.90  bornyl acetate
440.84 C13-compound (spiroketal ether polyines)
45trace C14-compound (spiroketal ether polyines)
41tracedelta- cadinene
46.46  camphene
1742.73  camphor
29trace  carvacrol
350.53beta- caryophyllene
432.06  caryophyllene oxide
161.42(E)- chrysanthenol
2424.00(E)- chrysanthenyl acetate
42trace(E)-chrysanthenyl angelate
39trace(E)- chrysanthenyl isovalerate
30trace(E)-chrysanthenyl propionate
10trace1,8- cineole
34tracealpha- copaene
23trace  cuminaldehyde
38trace curcumene
80.63para- cymene
14tracepara- cymenene
20tracepara- ethyl benzaldehyde
372.52beta- farnesene
403.00  germacrene D
36tracealpha- humulene
9trace  limonene
31trace  linalyl propionate
11tracepara- methyl benzaldehyde
31.65alpha- pinene
60.27beta- pinene
180.14  pinocarvone
50.33  sabinene
130.10  sabinene hydrate
210.27  terpinen-4-ol
72.98alpha- terpinene
121.87gamma- terpinene
220.17alpha- terpineol
15trace  terpinolene
10.70alpha- thujene
320.10  thujopsene
28trace  thymol

H. Hendriks, R. Bos and H. J. Woerdenbag, The essential oil of Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Schultz-Bip. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 367-371 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

thymus richardii pers. subsp. nitidus (guss.) jalas oil italy
270.70allo- aromadendrene
3032.30beta- bisabolene
14trace  borneol
250.60beta- bourbonene
311.00delta- cadinene
344.00T- cadinol
13trace  camphor
2213.10  carvacrol
24trace  carvacryl acetate
180.50trans- carveol
200.70  carvone
263.40beta- caryophyllene
333.10  caryophyllene oxide
80.751,8- cineole
52.10para- cymene
161.00(Z)- dihydrocarvone
175.00(E)- dihydrocarvone
291.90  germacrene D
61.00  limonene
121.60  linalool
1912.40  methyl thymol
280.40gamma- muurolene
4trace  myrcene
70.50beta- phellandrene
320.70beta-sesqui phellandrene
10.70alpha- pinene
3tracebeta- pinene
2trace  sabinene
101.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
150.60  terpinen-4-ol
9tracegamma- terpinene
11tracebeta- thujone
211.30  thymol
23trace  thymyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 8, (2001)
thymus serpyllum oil canada
143.70beta- bisabolene
154.80delta- cadinene
175.90alpha- cadinol
161.00T- cadinol
10.30  camphene
107.00beta- caryophyllene
40.701,8- cineole
60.70para- cymene
133.70  geranyl acetate
31.80  limonene
825.20  linalool
98.30  linalyl acetate
20.50  myrcene
72.101- octen-3-ol
50.50gamma- terpinene
112.90alpha- terpineol
129.60alpha- terpinyl acetate
183.50  thymol

B. M, Lawrence, unpublished information.

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

thymus serpyllum oil pakistan
243.13  borneol
30.20  camphene
163.54  camphor
60.96delta-3- carene
288.15  carvacrol
182.19beta- caryophyllene
100.161,8- cineole
150.17  citronellal
129.54para- cymene
20.14 fenchene
190.91alpha- fenchol
250.35  geranial
260.35  geraniol
90.85  limonene
170.50  linalool
210.10  neral
140.17  nonanal
130.11  octanal
70.88alpha- phellandrene
10.27alpha- pinene
40.51beta- pinene
200.21  pulegone
50.56  sabinene
232.90  terpinen-4-ol
80.67alpha- terpinene
111.66gamma- terpinene
2742.63  thymol
220.23  undecanal

A. Sattar, M. Shafiq Malik and S. A. Khan, Essential oils of the species of Labiatae. part IV. Composition of the essential oil of Thymus serpyllum. Pak. J. Sci. Ind. Res., 34(4), 119-120 (1991).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

thymus vulgaris absolute
216.96  carvacrol
17trace  carvone
23tracebeta- caryophyllene
12trace1,8- cineole
222.10alpha- copaene
100.95para- cymene
40.894,7- dimethyl-4-octanol
182.61  geraniol
11trace limonene + alpha-phellandrene
165.76  linalool
1923.17  linalyl acetate
51.446- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
6trace  myrcene
14trace(E)-beta- ocimene
13trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.923- octanol
8tracealpha- phellandrene
2tracealpha- pinene
3tracebeta- pinene
9tracealpha- terpinene
152.45gamma- terpinene
1tracealpha- thujene
2043.10  thymol

F. I. Jean, G. J. Collin and D. Lord, Essential oils and microwave extracts of cultivated plants. Perfum. Flavor, 17(3), 35-41 (1992).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus vulgaris oil CO2 extract
Oszagyan et al. (1996) analyzed the composition od supercritical fluid CO2 extract of thyme (ex. T. vulgaris) and compared it to a steam-distilled oil. The quantitative data was obtained in a GD-FID, whereas the identity od each component was determined by GC/MS. A comparison between the two analyses is shown in Table VII. Note, only the CO2 extract will be shown here.
160.02  borneol
220.37  bornyl acetate
300.24gamma- cadinene
30.04  camphene
243.17  carvacrol
271.64beta- caryophyllene
100.161,8- cineole
260.22alpha- copaene
82.55para- cymene
210.04  geraniol
320.27  heptadecane
340.16  heptadecanoic acid
310.10  hexadecane
280.09alpha- humulene
90.09  limonene
131.63  linalool
200.54  methyl carvacrol
190.32  methyl thymol
50.17  myrcene
335.98  palmitic acid
60.09alpha- phellandrene
20.01alpha- pinene
40.35beta- pinene
140.02  pinocarveol
358.30  stearic acid
171.04  terpinen-4-ol
70.07alpha- terpinene
110.67gamma- terpinene
180.20alpha- terpineol
150.22beta- terpineol
120.09  terpinolene
10.03alpha- thujene
2336.59  thymol
290.01  valencene
25tracealpha- ylangene

H. J. Bestmann, J. Ederand O. Vostrowky, Extraktion von Thymian mit flusigem CO2 in Labormasstab. Zeit. Lebersmitt. Unters Forsch., 180, 491-493 (1985).

P&F 20, No. 3, 67, (1995)

thymus vulgaris oil CO2 extract spain
Oszagyan et al. (1996) analyzed the composition od supercritical fluid CO2 extract of thyme (ex. T. vulgaris) and compared it to a steam-distilled oil. The quantitative data was obtained in a GD-FID, whereas the identity od each component was determined by GC/MS. A comparison between the two analyses is shown in Table VII. Note, only the CO2 extract will be shown here.
110.8alpha- bisabolene
43.0delta-3- carene
933.3  carvacrol
101.9beta- caryophyllene
514.3para- cymene
31.6  limonene
70.6  linalool
21.3  myrcene
120.4  palmitic acid
10.5beta- pinene
625.0gamma- terpinene
813.2  thymol

M. Oszagyan, B. Simandi, J. Sawinsky, A. Kery, E. Lemberkovics and J. Fekete, Supercritical fluid extraction of volatile compounds from lavandin and thyme. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 157-165 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus vulgaris oil red india
Raghaven et al. (1995) compared the hydrodistilled oils of Indian thyme (ex. T. vulgaris) produced both from fresh plants and those dried under a variety of conditions. The composition of these oils, which were analyzed by GC (quantitative data) and GC/MS (component identification), can be seen in Table V. Only the fresh plant material analysis will be shown:
77.9para- cymene
80.3  limonene
101.0  linalool
41.0  myrcene
31.41- octen-3-ol
50.2alpha- phellandrene
20.4alpha- pinene
110.5  terpinen-4-ol
61.4alpha- terpinene
914.5gamma- terpinene
13.6alpha- thujene
1260.1  thymol

B. Raghavan, K. O. Abaham and W. D. Koller, Flavour quality of fresh and dried Indian thyme. PAFAI, (oct/Nov), 9-14 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus vulgaris oil red spain
An oil of T. Vulgaris that was produced for two separate seasons in Casolavalsenio, Italy, was subjected to analysis by a combination of GC and GC/MS (Piccaglia and Marotti, 1993). The compounds that were characterized during this analysis were:
19trace  aromadendrene
340.44-0.45  borneol
400.04-0.07  bornyl acetate
16tracebeta- bourbonene
260.11-0.25delta- cadinene
250.06-0.15gamma- cadinene
29trace-0.05alpha- cadinol
28trace-0.09delta- cadinol
30.18-0.46  camphene
33trace-0.30  camphor
90.07-0.13delta-3- carene
420.61-1.72  carvacrol
172.38-4.28beta- caryophyllene
270.29-0.45  caryophyllene oxide
131.96-2.621,8- cineole
44tracealpha- copaene
43trace-0.08  cumin alcohol
36tracepara- cymen-8-ol
1118.60-25.34para- cymene
21trace-0.04(Z)-beta- farnesene
18trace-0.04beta- gurjunene
200.13-0.23alpha- humulene
120.17-0.30  limonene
302.42-2.82  linalool
381.43-1.52  methyl thymol
220.04-0.07alpha- muurolene
24trace-0.08gamma- muurolene
71.40-2.14  myrcene
60.41-0.671- octen-3-ol
80.15-0.19alpha- phellandrene
20.49-1.34alpha- pinene
50.17-0.41beta- pinene
4trace  sabinene
350.98-1.10  terpinen-4-ol
101.67-2.34alpha- terpinene
1412.06-12.27gamma- terpinene
370.17-0.26alpha- terpineol
150.18-0.19  terpinolene
10.87-2.10alpha- thujene
310.00-0.51alpha- thujone
320.00-0.15beta- thujone
4116.55-38.24  thymol
39trace  thymoquinone
23trace-0.10  viridiflorene

R. Piccaglia, M. Marotti, E. Giovanelli, S. G. Deans and E. Eaglesham, Antibacterial and antioxidant properties of Mediterranean aromatic plants. Inust. Crops Products, (2), 47-50 (1993).

R. Piccaglia, M. Marotti, Characterization of several aromatic plants grown in northern Italy. Flav. Fragr. J., 8, 115-122 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus zygis gracillis herb oil spain
Variations in the chemical composition of the essential oils of T. sygis L. ssp. sylvestris (Hoffm. et Link) Brot. ex. Coutinho and T. sygis L. ssp. gracilis (boiss.) R. Morales from southeastern Spain were determined by Saez (1995). In this study, oils from four collections of each subspecies were examined by GC and GC/MS. A summary of the data obtained from these analyses (Table IV) shows that different chemotypes of each of the subspecies can be found. Of these, only the thymol chemotypes of T. zygis ssp. gracilis is typical of the red thyme oil in commerce. Only the chemotype thymol will be shown here:
191.63  borneol
141.17iso bornyl acetate
290.05alpha- cadinol
20.30  camphene
110.56  camphor
283.34  carvacrol
160.12beta- caryophyllene
230.07  caryophyllene oxide
71.021,8- cineole
210.08  citronellol
92.95para- cymene
250.08  elemol
220.14  geraniol
200.09  geranyl acetate
60.09  limonene
127.89  linalool
130.06  linalyl acetate
40.06  myrcene
10.04alpha- pinene
30.04beta- pinene
100.36(E)- sabinene hydrate
260.28  spathulenol
151.60  terpinen-4-ol
50.02alpha- terpinene
80.36gamma- terpinene
180.08alpha- terpineol
170.11delta- terpineol
2771.84  thymol
240.08  viridiflorol

F. Saez, Essential oil variability of Thymus zygis growing wild in southeastern Spain. Phytochemistry, 40, 819-825 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus zygis spp. sylvestris herb oil spain
Variations in the chemical composition of the essential oils of T. sygis L. ssp. sylvestris (Hoffm. et Link) Brot. ex. Coutinho and T. sygis L. ssp. gracilis (boiss.) R. Morales from southeastern Spain were determined by Saez (1995). In this study, oils from four collections of each subspecies were examined by GC and GC/MS. A summary of the data obtained from these analyses (Table IV) shows that different chemotypes of each of the subspecies can be found. Of these, only the thymol chemotypes of T. zygis ssp. gracilis is typical of the red thyme oil in commerce. Only the chemotype thymol will be shown here:
234.06  borneol
181.04iso bornyl acetate
300.04alpha- cadinol
31.76  camphene
150.10  camphor
291.66  carvacrol
200.36beta- caryophyllene
270.63  caryophyllene oxide
91.541,8- cineole
250.06  citronellol
1227.63para- cymene
260.39  geraniol
240.24  geranyl acetate
80.13  limonene
165.10  linalool
170.40  linalyl acetate
60.09  myrcene
101.14(Z)-beta- ocimene
22.28alpha- pinene
40.29beta- pinene
50.06  sabinene
140.22(E)- sabinene hydrate
191.15  terpinen-4-ol
71.91alpha- terpinene
1110.95gamma- terpinene
220.04alpha- terpineol
210.03delta- terpineol
130.15  terpinolene
10.08alpha- thujene
2834.18  thymol

F. Saez, Essential oil variability of Thymus zygis growing wild in southeastern Spain. Phytochemistry, 40, 819-825 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

thymus zygis ssp. zygis herb oil portuguese
Variations in the chemical composition of the essential oils of T. sygis L. ssp. sylvestris (Hoffm. et Link) Brot. ex. Coutinho and T. sygis L. ssp. gracilis (boiss.) R. Morales from southeastern Spain were determined by Saez (1995). In this study, oils from four collections of each subspecies were examined by GC and GC/MS. A summary of the data obtained from these analyses (Table IV) shows that different chemotypes of each of the subspecies can be found. Of these, only the thymol chemotypes of T. zygis ssp. gracilis is typical of the red thyme oil in commerce. Only the chemotype thymol will be shown here:
25tracebeta- bisabolene
231.0  borneol
18trace  bornyl acetate
30.6  camphene
160.5  camphor
2942.0  carvacrol
191.5beta- caryophyllene
300.6  caryophyllene oxide
90.21,8- cineole
1119.9para- cymene
270.3  geraniol
260.2  geranyl acetate
24trace  germacrene D
21tracealpha- humulene
80.4  limonene
173.8  linalool
61.3  myrcene
130.13- octanol
140.21- octen-3-ol
20.7alpha- pinene
40.1beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
150.2(E)- sabinene hydrate
200.9  terpinen-4-ol
71.0alpha- terpinene
1015.0gamma- terpinene
220.1alpha- terpineol
12trace  terpinolene
10.8alpha- thujene
280.2  thymol
310.1  viridiflorol

L. R. Salgueiro. A. Proencada Cunha and J. Paiva,Chemotaxonomic characterization of a Thymus hybrid from Portugal. Flav. Fragr. J., 8, 325-330 (1993).

P&F 20, No. 3, 67, (1995)

trachyspermum copticum fruit oil
23trace(E)- anethole
25trace  anise ketone
3trace  camphene
6tracedelta-3- carene
270.60  carvacrol
21trace  carvone
11trace1,8- cineole
22trace  cuminaldehyde
1315.57para- cymene
92.08  limonene
18trace  methyl carvacrol
24trace  methyl eugenol
70.56  myrcene
100.18beta- phellandrene
10.32alpha- pinene
43.31beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
150.19(E)- sabinene hydrate
160.29(Z)- sabinene hydrate
20tracebeta- selinene
171.13  terpinen-4-ol
8tracealpha- terpinene
1211.86gamma- terpinene
190.19alpha- terpineol
14trace  terpinolene
20.20alpha- thujene
2661.31  thymol

F. Chialva, F. Monguzzi, P. Manitto and A. Akgul. Essential oil constituents of Trachyspermum copticum (L.) Link Fruits. J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 105-106 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 2, 63, (1994)

valeriana officinalis rhizome oil
360.2-0.8beta- bisabolene
160.1-0.6  borneol
15trace-0.1iso borneol
252.3-33.5  bornyl acetate
430.5-1.2  bornyl isovalerate
460.1-0.3delta- cadinene
30.1-6.4  camphene
14trace-0.1  camphor
21trace-0.1trans- carveol
200.1-0.2cis- carveol
8trace-0.21,8- cineole
31trace-0.1  citronellyl acetate
510.2-2.1  citronellyl isovalerate
33trace-0.2alpha- copaene
570.4-3.9  cryptofauronol
70trace-2.9  cryptofauronyl acetate
22trace-0.1  cuminaldehyde
400.7-2.1ar- curcumene
70.1-1.5para- cymene
340.2-1.42,6- dimethoxy-para-cymene
620.1-0.4  drimenol
350.1-0.4beta- elemene
300.2-2.9delta- elemene
420.1-0.4gamma- elemene
75trace-0.6  ethyl palmitate
380.5-7.6  eudesma-2,6,8-triene
530.6-6.9beta- eudesmol
29trace-0.1  eugenol
610.1-0.4  eugenyl isovalerate
670.1-1.1iso eugenyl isovalerate
480.4-0.6  faurinone
410.2-1.4  germacrene D
44trace-1.0beta- gurjunene
370.1-0.9alpha- humulene
390.1-0.7beta- ionone
450.2-3.8  kessane
380.1-3.5  kessanyl acetate
730.1-0.7  kessoglycyl monoacetate
630.1-12.6alpha- kessyl acetate
520.5-2.1  ledol
100.1-1.2  limonene
13trace  linalool
500.1-1.6  maaliol
240.1-0.2  methyl carvacrol
710.1-0.9  methyl palmitate
23trace-0.4  methyl thymol
650.1-0.2  methyl valerenate
6trace-0.1  myrcene
190.1-4.0  myrtenol
28trace-9.1  myrtenyl acetate
560.1-0.2 myrtenyl hexanoate
491.6-10.5  myrtenyl isovalerate
26trace-0.8  nojigiku acetate
470.5-3.2  pacifigorgiol
720.1-1.9  palmitic acid
9trace-2.4beta- phellandrene
20.1-0.2alpha- pinene
5trace-0.9beta- pinene
4trace-0.1  sabinene
170.1-0.6  terpinen-4-ol
11trace-0.2gamma- terpinene
18trace-0.1alpha- terpineol
12trace-0.1  terpinolene
270.1  thymol
1trace-0.1  tricyclene
550.5-8.2  valeranone
660.1-1.5(E)-valeren-1-yl acetate
640.2-0.8(Z)-valeren-1-yl acetate
76trace-1.6(E)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
74trace-0.7(Z)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
590.4-12.4  valerenal
690.3-2.8  valerenic acid
600.3-1.2(Z+E)- valerenol
541.5-14.2  valerianol
320.1-0.4alpha- ylangene

R. Bos and H. J. Woerdenbag, Analytical aspects of the essential oil, valerenic acid derivatives and valepotriates in Valeriana officinalis roots and rhizomes. In: Proceedings, International Symposium on breeding research and medicinal and aromatic plants. Edits., F. Pank, p. 355-358, Beiträge zur Zuchtungsforschung, Quedlinburg, Germany (1996).

P&F 24, No. 3, 47, (1999)

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