heptanal (aldehyde C-7)
oenanthic aldehyde
Found in essential oils of ylang-ylang, clary sage, California orange, bitter orange and others. Flavouring agent Heptanal or heptanaldehyde is an alkyl aldehyde with a strong fruity odor which is used as an ingredient in cosmetics, perfumes, and flavors. It can be obtained from castor oil by distillation under reduced pressure. Industrially, it is used in the manufacture of 1-heptanol and ethyl heptanoate.
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      Aldehyde C-7
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      Aldehyde C7
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      254000 ALDEHYDE C-7, Natural Kosher
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      Paul Bedoukian founded the company to fill a niche as a supplier of high quality specialty aroma and flavor ingredients. In 1975 the company began manufacturing insect pheromones which are chemically similar to flavor and fragrance ingredients. Today, Bedoukian Research offers more than 450 Aroma Chemicals and 50 Insect Pheromones, while also providing custom manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and specialty chemical industries.
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      292 HEPTANAL
      Used in aldehydic accords and florals.
      Used in citrus and other fruit flavors for greenness.
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      Excellentia International was founded in 2010 through the merger of Excellentia Flavors LLC and Polarome International. Collectively, these companies account for more than one hundred years of industry experience, and are recognized for exceptional quality and excellence in meeting our customers’ requirements.
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      Aldehyde C-7 (Heptanal) Natural
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      Operating out of the 200,000 sq. ft., former Hercules/PFW facility in Middletown, NY; Fleurchem produces a full range of natural isolates, synthetic chemicals & specialities, essential oils and flavors. Additionally, the company performs toll manufacturing, as well as custom chemical synthesis for a wide range of clients.
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      aldehyde C-7
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      H0050 HEPTANAL (ALDEHYDEC7,HEPTALDEHYDE) ≥96.00%, NI, Kosher
      Suggested Uses: Coffee, Dairy Products, Hard Fruits, Savoury, Soft Fruits
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      ALDEHYDE C-07
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      N0214 NAT. HEPTANAL
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      101251 ALDEHYDE C7
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      01-13400 ALDEHYDE C-7 FCC, Kosher
      08-07000 HEPTANAL, NATURAL, Kosher
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      Robertet is a leader in the production of natural ingredients with facilities in France, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, India, China, New Caledonia,… Founded in 1850, Robertet remains a family owned business (5th Generation) and one of the largest producers of aromatic extracts. Brand acquisitions include: Charabot, Sapad, Hitex.
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      101429 Aldehyde C7 naturel
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      Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company dedicated to providing high-quality, safe and certified flavor ingredients with transparent and easily accessible documentation to customers around the globe. Sigma-Aldrich also provides a suite of analytical tools that allow food analysts to simplify sample preparation, cleanup and analysis steps, while increasing sensitivity to trace ingredients and harmful substances to meet regulations and quality standards.
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      W254002 Heptanal, ≥95%, FCC, FG
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      Since 2001 TAYTONN has been distributing key ingredients to the Fragrance and Flavor industry in Asia. We work closely with customers, principals and vendors. Together we forecast demand and match it with supply of aroma chemicals, essential oils and natural isolates & extracts. Sourced from around the world, our F&F ingredient inventory in Singapore is ready to ship to any location in Asia and beyond. Time and again, we help our principals introduce new discoveries to the F&F market - stimulating creativity and bringing value added proposition to our customers.
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      Aldehyde C-7
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Fragrance Demo Formulas    Flavor Demo Formulas
heptanal (Click)
CAS Number: 111-71-7Picture of molecule
% from: 92.00% to 97.00%
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg: 203-898-4
Nikkaji Web: J5.520D
Beilstein Number: 1560236
MDL: MFCD00007028
CoE Number: 117
XlogP3: 2.30 (est)
Molecular Weight: 114.18778000
Formula: C7 H14 O
BioActivity Summary: listing
NMR Predictor: Predict (works with chrome or firefox)
Also(can) Contains: 2-methyl hexanal 3.00% to 8.00%
EFSA/JECFA Comments: At least 92%; secondary component 4-7% 2-methyl­hexanal. (EFSA)
Category: flavor and fragrance agents
US / EU / FDA / JECFA / FEMA / FLAVIS / Scholar / Patent Information:
Google Scholar: Search
Google Books: Search
Google Scholar: with word "volatile"Search
Google Scholar: with word "flavor"Search
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Google Patents: Search
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EU Patents: Search
IBM Patents: Obtain
Pubchem Patents: Search
PubMed: Search
NCBI: Search
JECFA Food Flavoring: 95  heptanal
Flavis Number: 05.031 (Old)
DG SANTE Food Flavourings: 05.031  heptanal
FEMA Number: 2540  heptanal
FDA Regulation:
Subpart F--Flavoring Agents and Related Substances
Sec. 172.515 Synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants.
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Physical Properties:
Appearance: colorless clear liquid (est)
Assay: 92.00 to 100.00 % 
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: Yes
Specific Gravity: 0.81800 @  25.00 °C.
Refractive Index: 1.41250 @  20.00 °C.
Melting Point: -43.00 to  -42.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 152.00 to  153.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 74.00 to  75.00 °C. @ 50.00 mm Hg
Acid Value: 10.00 max. KOH/g
Vapor Pressure: 3.854000 mm/Hg @ 25.00 °C. (est)
Vapor Density: 3.9 ( Air = 1 )
Flash Point: 95.00 °F. TCC ( 35.00 °C. )
logP (o/w): 2.442 (est)
Soluble in:
 fixed oils
 water, 1167 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)
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Organoleptic Properties:
Odor Type: green
Odor Strength: high ,
recommend smelling in a 1.00 % solution or less
 fresh  aldehydic  fatty  green  herbal  cognac  ozone  
Odor Description:
at 1.00 % in dipropylene glycol. 
fresh aldehydic fatty green herbal wine-lee ozone
Luebke, William tgsc, (1984)
Substantivity: 12 Hour(s)
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: perfuming agents
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Acme Synthetic Chemicals
Heptaldehyde 97% Min. Purity by GC
Advanced Biotech
95% min.
Odor: Citrus, Sharp
Odor: Very Strong, Fatty, Harsh, Pungent
Apiscent Labs
Odor: Harsh, pungent
Associate Allied Chemicals
Aldehyde C-7
Augustus Oils
Aldehyde C7
Axxence Aromatic
ALDEHYDE C-7, Natural
Bedoukian Research
Odor: Fresh, green, citrus odor
Use: Used in aldehydic accords and florals.
Flavor: green
Used in citrus and other fruit flavors for greenness.
CG Herbals
Aldehyde C 7
Charkit Chemical
Diffusions Aromatiques
EMD Millipore
For experimental / research use only.
Excellentia International
Aldehyde C-7 (Heptanal) Natural
aldehyde C-7
≥96.00%, NI, Kosher
Odor: Aldehydic, Fatty, Oily, Powerful, Rancid
Use: Suggested Uses: Coffee, Dairy Products, Hard Fruits, Savoury, Soft Fruits
Indukern F&F
Inoue Perfumery
Lluch Essence
Lluch Essence
M&U International
Odor: fruity, herbaceous, aldehyde
Flavor: sweet, almond
Natural Advantage
Heptanal Nat
Penta International
Penta International
Reincke & Fichtner
Heptanal natural
Reincke & Fichtner
Aldehyde C7 naturel
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
For experimental / research use only.
Heptanal, ≥95%, FCC, FG
Odor: oily; woody; fatty; fruity; nutty
Certified Food Grade Products
Aldehyde C-7
For experimental / research use only.
Heptanal >95.0%(GC)
WEN International
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Safety Information:
Preferred SDS: View
European information :
Most important hazard(s):
Xi - Irritant
R 10 - Flammable.
R 36/37/38 - Irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin.
R 50/53 - Very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children.
S 26 - In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S 36 - Wear suitable protective clothing.
S 60 - This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
S 61 - Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special instructions/safety data sheet.
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Human Experience:
4 % solution: no irritation or sensitization.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
oral-rat LD50  3200 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0533620

intraperitoneal-rat LD50  1600 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0533620

oral-mouse LD50  3200 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0533620

intraperitoneal-mouse LD50  400 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0533620

Dermal Toxicity:
skin-rabbit LD50 > 5000 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0534465

Inhalation Toxicity:
inhalation-rat LC50 > 18400 mg/m3/4H
National Technical Information Service. Vol. OTS0534501

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Safety in Use Information:
Category: flavor and fragrance agents
Recommendation for heptanal (aldehyde C-7) usage levels up to:
  2.0000 % in the fragrance concentrate.
Use levels for FEMA GRAS flavoring substances on which the FEMA Expert Panel based its judgments that the substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
The Expert Panel also publishes separate extensive reviews of scientific information on all FEMA GRAS flavoring substances and can be found at FEMA Flavor Ingredient Library
publication number: 3
Click here to view publication 3
 average usual ppmaverage maximum ppm
baked goods: -2.60000
beverages(nonalcoholic): -4.90000
beverages(alcoholic): -4.00000
breakfast cereal: --
cheese: --
chewing gum: --
condiments / relishes: --
confectionery froastings: --
egg products: --
fats / oils: --
fish products: --
frozen dairy: -1.20000
fruit ices: -1.20000
gelatins / puddings: --
granulated sugar: --
gravies: --
hard candy: -2.00000
imitation dairy: --
instant coffee / tea: --
jams / jellies: --
meat products: --
milk products: --
nut products: --
other grains: --
poultry: --
processed fruits: --
processed vegetables: --
reconstituted vegetables: --
seasonings / flavors: --
snack foods: --
soft candy: --
soups: --
sugar substitutes: --
sweet sauces: --
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Safety References:
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reference(s):
Flavouring Group Evaluation 61 (FGE.61): Consideration of aliphatic acyclic acetals evaluated by JECFA (57th meeting) structurally related to acetals of branched- and straight-chain aliphatic saturated primary alcohols and branched- and straight-chain saturated aldehydes, and an orthoester of formic acid evaluated by EFSA in FGE.03 (2004) (Commission Regulation (EC) No 1565/2000 of 18 July 2000)
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 10, Revision 1 (FGE10 Rev1)[1] - Aliphatic primary and secondary saturated and unsaturated alcohols, aldehydes, acetals, carboxylic acids and esters containing an additional oxygenated functional group and lactones from chemical groups 9, 13 and 30 - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food (AFC)
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 61, Revision 1 (FGE.61Rev1): Consideration of aliphatic acetals evaluated by JECFA (57th meeting) structurally related to acetals of branched- and straight-chain aliphatic saturated primary alcohols and branched- and straight-chain saturated aldehydes and one orthoester of formic acid evaluated
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of straight-chain primary aliphatic alcohols/aldehydes/acids, acetals and esters with esters containing saturated alcohols and acetals containing saturated aldehydes (chemical group 1) when used as flavourings for all animal species
View page or View pdf
EPI System: View
NLM Hazardous Substances Data Bank: Search
Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System: Search
Cancer Citations: Search
Toxicology Citations: Search
Env. Mutagen Info. Center: Search
NLM Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity: Search
EPA Substance Registry Services (TSCA): 111-71-7
EPA ACToR: Toxicology Data
EPA Substance Registry Services (SRS): Registry
Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary : 8130
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Data
WISER: UN 3056
WGK Germany: 1
Chemidplus: 0000111717
EPA/NOAA CAMEO: hazardous materials
RTECS: MI6900000 for cas# 111-71-7
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NIST Chemistry WebBook: Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List: 111-71-7
Pubchem (cid): 8130
Pubchem (sid): 134975190
Flavornet: 111-71-7
Pherobase: View
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Other Information:
(IUPAC): Atomic Weights of the Elements 2009
(IUPAC): Atomic Weights of the Elements 2009 (pdf)
Videos: The Periodic Table of Videos
tgsc: Atomic Weights use for this web site
(IUPAC): Periodic Table of the Elements
FDA Everything Added to Food in the United States (EAFUS): View
KEGG (GenomeNet): C14390
HMDB (The Human Metabolome Database): HMDB31475
FooDB: FDB008048
YMDB (Yeast Metabolome Database): YMDB01704
Export Tariff Code: 2912.19.5000
Haz-Map: View
VCF-Online: VCF Volatile Compounds in Food
ChemSpider: View
Read: Under the conditions of intended use - New developments in the FEMA GRAS program and the safety assessment of flavor ingredients
Read: A GRAS assessment program for flavor ingredients
Read: Sensory testing for flavorings with modifying properties. Food Technology
Read: Criteria for the safety evaluation of flavoring substances
Read: A procedure for the safety evaluation of natural flavor complexes used as ingredients in food: essential oils
Read: FEMA Expert Panel: 30 Years of safety evaluation for the flavor industry
Read: Consumption ratio and food predominance of flavoring materials
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Potential Blenders and core components note
For Odor
isobutyl quinolineFR
 cinnamyl formateFL/FR
 ethyl 4-pentenoateFL/FR
 benzyl alcoholFL/FR
 citronellyl ethoxalateFR
 dihydrorose oxideFR
 dimethyl benzyl carbinyl butyrateFL/FR
 geranium oil africaFL/FR
 geranium oil egyptFL/FR
 neryl formateFL/FR
 ocean propanalFL/FR
2-pentyl cyclopentanoneFR
 rose butanoateFL/FR
 rose pyranFR
 tropical indeneFR
isobutyl heptanoateFL/FR
isobutyl methyl ketoneFL/FR
2-sec-butyl thiazoleFL/FR
 green heptenalFR
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl oxyacetaldehydeFR
3-hexenyl 2-methyl butyrateFL/FR
 hexyl hexanoateFL/FR
english ivy leaf absoluteFR
 seaweed absolute (fucus vesiculosus et serratus)FL/FR
alpha-amyl cinnamyl formateFL/FR
 anethum graveolens herb oilFL/FR
 anthemis nobilis flower oil romanFL/FR
sweet basil absoluteFL/FR
(+)-alpha-campholenic aldehydeFL/FR
 dimethyl benzyl carbinyl formateFL/FR
cis-herbal cyclohexaneFR
 herbal dioxaneFR
 herbal heptaneFR
 hop absoluteFL/FR
 hop oilFL/FR
 linalyl formateFL/FR
 linalyl octanoateFL/FR
 nonisyl formateFR
1-octen-3-yl acetateFL/FR
 origanum oilFL/FR
 origanum oil greeceFL/FR
 tagete oil CO2 extractFL/FR
 tagete oil rwandaFL/FR
 tagete oil south africaFL/FR
 tricyclodecyl acetateFR
 wormwood oil americaFL/FR
 ozone propanalFR
 treemoss absoluteFR
 dipentene terpene hydrocarbon byproductsFR
isobutyl angelateFL/FR
isocyclogeraniol (IFF)FR
 lychee mercaptan acetateFL/FR
For Flavor
No flavor group found for these
alpha-amyl cinnamyl formateFL/FR
isobutyl heptanoateFL/FR
4-butyl thiazoleFL
2-sec-butyl thiazoleFL/FR
(+)-alpha-campholenic aldehydeFL/FR
 cinnamyl formateFL/FR
 dimethyl benzyl carbinyl formateFL/FR
 ethyl 4-pentenoateFL/FR
 fig leaf absoluteFL
 linalyl formateFL/FR
2-propyl thiazoleFL
 seaweed absolute (fucus vesiculosus et serratus)FL/FR
 dimethyl benzyl carbinyl butyrateFL/FR
 geranium oil africaFL/FR
 geranium oil egyptFL/FR
 ocean propanalFL/FR
 benzyl alcoholFL/FR
 hexyl hexanoateFL/FR
 neryl formateFL/FR
 rose butanoateFL/FR
 tagete oil CO2 extractFL/FR
 tagete oil rwandaFL/FR
 tagete oil south africaFL/FR
isobutyl angelateFL/FR
isobutyl methyl ketoneFL/FR
3-hexenyl 2-methyl butyrateFL/FR
1-octen-3-yl acetateFL/FR
 anethum graveolens herb oilFL/FR
 anthemis nobilis flower oil romanFL/FR
sweet basil absoluteFL/FR
 hop absoluteFL/FR
 hop oilFL/FR
 linalyl octanoateFL/FR
 origanum oilFL/FR
 origanum oil greeceFL/FR
 wormwood oil americaFL/FR
 lychee mercaptan acetateFL/FR
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Potential Uses:
 clary sageFL/FR
 hyacinth jacintheFR
 orange bitterFL/FR
 orange blossomFR
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 allspice plant
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 burdock root
Search Trop  Picture
 carrot root
Search Trop  Picture
 celery leaf
Search Trop  Picture
 celery shoot
Search Trop  Picture
 cerastium candidissimum corr. oil greece @ 4.70%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 corn husk oil
Search Trop  Picture
 corn silk oil
Search Trop  Picture
 elder black elder flower oil
Search Trop  Picture
 guava fruit
Search Trop  Picture
Search Trop  Picture
 lemon oil
Search Trop  Picture
 lovage root
Search Trop  Picture
 mangrove bark red oil cuba @ trace%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 narcissus absolute @ 0.77%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 oat seed
Search Trop  Picture
 orange bitter orange
Search Trop  Picture
 orange fruit
Search Trop  Picture
 osmanthus absolute @ trace%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 papaya fruit
Search Trop  Picture
 plum fruit
Search  Picture
 plumcot fruit
Search  Picture
 rice cooked rice
PbMd  Search  Picture
Search  Picture
 rose oil otto bulgaria @ 0.09%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 roselle calyx
Search Trop  Picture
 rosemary sap
Search Trop  Picture
 sage clary sage
Search Trop  Picture
 sesame seed
Search Trop  Picture
 spearmint oil
Search Trop  Picture
 strawberry wild strawberry fruit
Search Trop  Picture
 tea leaf
Search Trop  Picture
 tea shoot
Search Trop  Picture
 wheat shoot
Search Trop  Picture
 ylang ylang
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 aldehyde C-7
 aldehyde C-7 FCC
 aldehyde C7
 aldehyde C7 naturel
 enanthic aldehyde
1 heptanal
 heptanal (aldehyde C-7)
 heptanal natural
 heptanoic aldehyde
 heptyl aldehyde
N-heptyl aldehyde
 oenanthic aldehyde
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PubMed: Qualitative determination of false-positive effects in the acetylcholinesterase assay using thin layer chromatography.
PubMed: Atmospheric chemistry of nonanal.
PubMed: Electroantennogram responses of Douglas-fir seed chalcids to plant volatiles.
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PubMed: Study of light-induced volatile compounds in goat's milk cheese.
PubMed: Synthesis of 9,9,9-trideutero-1,4-dihydroxynonane mercapturic acid (d3-DHN-MA), a useful internal standard for DHN-MA urinalysis.
PubMed: Aldehydes in exhaled breath condensate of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
PubMed: Relationship between molecular structure, concentration and odor qualities of oxygenated aliphatic molecules.
PubMed: Identification of aroma compounds in Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese by gas chromatography/olfactometry.
PubMed: Airborne carbonyls from motor vehicle emissions in two highway tunnels.
PubMed: Attractant volatiles released by female and male Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), a vector of chagas disease: chemical analysis and behavioral bioassay.
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PubMed: Selective Oxidation of Vinyl Ethers and Silyl Enol Ethers with Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Peroxotungstophosphate.
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PubMed: [In reference to the use of heptaldehyde as a diagnostic test for malignant tumors of the female breast].
PubMed: Breast cancer and heptaldehyde; preliminary report.
PubMed: A pharmacologic and toxicologic study of heptyl aldehyde sodium bisulfite (hepbisul).
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