Typical G.C. analysis

abies balsamea needle oil canada
240.31-2.07  borneol
194.89-16.22  bornyl acetate
250.02-0.21delta- cadinene
53.49-9.72  camphene
180.04-0.56  camphor
80.00-27.27delta-3- carene
200.00-0.27alpha- cedrene
150.03-0.16para- cymene
220.06-0.60alpha- humulene
121.83-15.63  limonene
100.71-2.28  myrcene
170.00-0.691- octen-1-yl acetate
90.03-0.19alpha- phellandrene
134.39-12.64beta- phellandrene
46.18-14.29alpha- pinene
628.10-56.10beta- pinene
70.02-0.23  sabinene
10.30-1.41  santene
210.06-0.29  terpinen-4-ol
110.02-0.11alpha- terpinene
140.06-0.31gamma- terpinene
230.56-4.48alpha- terpineol
160.17-1.68  terpinolene
30.00-0.21alpha- thujene
260.00-2.89  thymol
20.56-1.69  tricyclene

J. M. Regimbal and G. Collin, Essential Oil Analysis of Balsam Fir Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. J. Essent. Oil Res., 6, 229-238 (1994).

P&F 20, No. 5, 95, (1995)

agathosma betulina leaf oil
26trace  carvone
84.431,8- cineole
110.16para- cymene
200.12(E)- dihydrocarvone
190.21(Z)- dihydrocarvone
3022.30  diosphenol
611.64  limonene
150.50  linalool
139.82  menthone
1419.91iso menthone
310.53(E)-8- mercapto-para-menthan-3-one ((E)-3-oxo-para-menthan-8-thiol)
322.33(Z)-8- mercapto-para-menthan-3-one ((Z)-3-oxo-para-menthan-8-thiol)
40.61  myrcene
100.25(E)-beta- ocimene
70.08beta- phellandrene
10.37alpha- pinene
20.29beta- pinene
250.06  piperitone
210.94  pulegone
160.54(E)-iso pulegone
170.40(Z)-iso pulegone
30.15  sabinene
180.90  terpinen-4-ol
50.13alpha- terpinene
90.34gamma- terpinene
230.28alpha- terpineol
220.23delta- terpineol
120.09  terpinolene
M. A. Posthumus, T. A. van Beek, N. F. Collins and E. H. Graven, Chemical composition of the essential oils of Agathosma betulina, A. crenulata and an A. betulina x crenulata hybrid (buchu), J. Essent, Oil Res., 8, 223-228 (1996). P&F 23, No. 4, 37, (1998)
agathosma crenulata oil
 6.83(E)-8-acetyl thio-para-menthan-3-one ((E)-3-oxo-para-menthan-8-thiol acetate)
 0.37(Z)-8-acetyl thio-para-menthan-3-one ((Z)-3-oxo-para-menthan-8-thiol acetate)
 0.22  carvone
 1.191,8- cineole
 0.41para- cymene
 0.18(E)- dihydrocarvone
 0.21(Z)- dihydrocarvone
 11.70  limonene
 0.76  linalool
 trace  menthofuran
 2.91  menthone
 3.58iso menthone
 1.01  myrcene
 0.06(E)-beta- ocimene
 0.07beta- phellandrene
 0.73alpha- pinene
 0.44beta- pinene
 trace  piperitone
 53.75  pulegone
 2.77(E)-iso pulegone
 2.78(Z)-iso pulegone
 trace  sabinene
 0.77  terpinen-4-ol
 0.05alpha- terpinene
 0.09gamma- terpinene
 0.43alpha- terpineol
 0.08delta- terpineol

M. A. Posthumus, T. A. van Beek, N. F. Collins and E. H. Graven, Chemical composition of the essential oils of Agathosma betulina, A. crenulata and an A. betulina x crenulata hybrid (buchu), J. Essent, Oil Res., 8, 223-228 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 4, 37, (1998)

anethum graveolens herb oil cuba
1614.50  carvone
19tracealpha- cubebene
814.38para- cymene
150.99(E)- dihydrocarvone
120.29(Z)- dihydrocarvone
1114.85  dill ether
210.31  dillapiole
100.18alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
20trace  elemicin
611.92  limonene
41.56  myrcene
220.20  myristicin
524.88alpha- phellandrene
78.21beta- phellandrene
33.17alpha- pinene
170.40iso piperitenone
130.50  sabinol
90.34alpha- terpinene
21.06alpha- thujene
180.16  thymol
1trace  toluene

J. A. Pino, E. Roncal, A. Rosado and I. Goire, Herb oil of dill (Anethum graveolens L.) grown in Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 219-220 (1995).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

angelica archangelica root oil
350.19  borneol
271.78  bornyl acetate
80.48iso butyl benzene
400.07delta- cadinene
620.06alpha- cadinol
610.04T- cadinol
51.88  camphene
90.20delta-2- carene
1016.24delta-3- carene
420.21  carvyl acetate
480.04  caryophyllene oxide
54tracealpha- copaen-11-ol
560.24alpha- copaen-8-ol
240.57alpha- copaene
280.16beta- copaene
520.04  copaenol
430.03  cuparene
640.85  cyclopentadecanolide
460.23meta- cymen-8-ol
450.65para- cymen-8-ol
196.39para- cymene
360.42delta- elemene
440.06gamma- elemene
630.05  elemol
330.41  eucarvone
600.49beta- eudesmol
40.05alpha- fenchene
370.64  germacrene D
650.37  heptadecanolide
320.54alpha- humulene
510.39  humulene oxide
490.09  humulenol
146.56  limonene
250.14  linalool
230.07  longicyclene
300.09(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
260.50(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
220.08  menthone
55trace methyl tridecanolide
380.10alpha- muurolene
580.08alpha- muurolol
590.03T- muurolol
125.28  myrcene
18trace(E)-beta- ocimene
160.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
470.10  perillyl alcohol
112.02alpha- phellandrene
151.26beta- phellandrene
232.19alpha- pinene
61.54beta- pinene
390.28(E)- piperitol
70.46  sabinene
410.15  sabinyl acetate
570.14  spathulenol
290.08  terpinen-4-ol
130.26alpha- terpinene
173.07gamma- terpinene
340.40alpha- terpineol
210.87  terpinolene
30.13alpha- thujene
10.04  tricyclene
530.56 tridecanolide
310.39  verbenyl acetate

J. C. Chalchat and R. P. Garry, Essential oil of Angelica roots (Angelica archangelica L.). Optimization of distillation, location in plant and chemical composition. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 311-319 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

angelica archangelica seed oil
130.30ortho-allyl methyl phenol
140.30  bornyl acetate
30.30  camphene
152.30alpha- copaene
81.10para- cymene
161.30alpha- humulene
180.50alpha- muurolene
170.90gamma- muurolene
62.10  myrcene
100.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
10.302- penten-1-ol
72.00alpha- phellandrene
961.00beta- phellandrene
25.20alpha- pinene
50.50beta- pinene
40.60  sabinene
120.30  sabinol
190.70  spathulenol
111.204,4,6- trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-one

S. Bourrel, G. Vilarem, G. Michel and A. Gaset, Etude des proprietes bacteriostatiques et fongistatiques en milieu solide de 24 huiles essentielles preamblement analysees. Rivista Ital., EPPOS, No. 16, 3-12 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 5, 57, (1996)

angelica archangelica seed oil CO2 extract
340.60  bicyclogermacrene
35tracebeta- bisabolene
151.80  bornyl acetate
360.30gamma- cadinene
3trace  camphene
61.70delta-3- carene
280.50beta- caryophyllene
292.00iso caryophyllene
26tracebeta- cedrene
460.50  cedrol
16trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
172.30  chrysanthenyl acetate
390.40alpha- copaen-11-ol
401.10alpha- copaen-8-ol
240.20alpha- copaene
23tracealpha- cubebene
210.40  cumin alcohol
38trace  cuparene
22tracepara- cymen-8-ol
130.80para- cymene
490.70(E,E)-2,4- decadienal
441.30  dihydroeudesmol
500.60(E,E)-2,4- dodecadien-1-al
27tracebeta- elemene
251.30gamma- elemene
413.60  elemol
451.50beta- eudesmol
310.30(Z)-beta- farnesene
321.70  germacrene D
601.60  heptadecanyl acetate
590.60  hexadecanol
470.70  hexanal
91.70  limonene
33tracegamma- muurolene
81.20  myrcene
12trace(E)-beta- ocimene
610.90  octadecanol
540.90  pentadecanol
587.7015- pentadecanolide
191.40  phellandral
70.50alpha- phellandrene
1016.70beta- phellandrene
211.80alpha- pinene
40.90beta- pinene
430.60  rosifoliol
59.10  sabinene
303.50beta- selinene
420.30  spathulenol
110.20gamma- terpinene
14trace  terpinolene
510.40  tetradecanal
532.60  tetradecanol
570.50  tetradecanyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene
200.20(Z)- thujenol
370.60  thujopsene
520.50  tridecanal
180.304,4,6- trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-one
48trace5- undecen-3-yne

K. M. Kerrola and H. P. Kallio, Extraction of volatile compounds of Angelica (Angelica archangelica L.) root by liquid carbon dioxide. J. Agric. Food Chem., 42, 2234-2245 (1994).

P&F 21, No. 5, 57, (1996)

artemisia absinthium herb oil poland
In 1993, Kalemba et al. compared the composition of oils obtained from Artemisia absinthum (absinthe) grown in Poland, using GC and GC/MS as their method of analysis. Oils produced from plants harvested at the pre-flowering stage, in full bloom and after flowering were found to possess quantitative differences in their compositions as shown in Table XI. In addition, the authors found that the oil was strongly toxic to Rhizopertha dominca (lesser grain boror), mildly toxic to Tribolium confusum (darkling grain beetle) and Sitophilus granarius (grain weevil). Also, it was repellent to S. granarius. Only the full-flowering analysis will be shown here.
210.74alpha- bisabolol
10.95  camphene
5tracedelta-3- carene
112.74beta- caryophyllene
136.95  chrysanthenyl acetate
612.661,8- cineole
70.77para- cymene
166.31 dihydrocarvyl acetate + alpha-terpineol
18trace  geranyl acetate
120.91  linalool
20trace  nerol
170.56  neryl acetate
190.52  neryl propionate
80.12beta- phellandrene
23.23alpha- pinene
30.39beta- pinene
45.67 sabinene + myrcene
1520.13  sabinyl acetate
141.73  terpinen-4-ol
98.03alpha- thujone
1016.91beta- thujone

D. Kalemba, J. Gora, A. Kurowska, T. Majda and Z. Mielnizuk, Analysis of essential oils in respects of their influence to insects. Zeszyty Nauk. Politechnik. Lodz., No. 589, 5-14 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

bergamot oil
 0.36(E)-alpha- bergamotene
 trace(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
 0.6beta- bisabolene
 tracealpha- bisabolol
 tracebeta- bisabolol
 trace  camphorenone
 0.09  carvone
 0.2beta- caryophyllene
 0.02  citronellal
 0.02  citronellyl acetate
 trace  coumarin
 3.5para- cymene
 0.03  decyl acetate
 trace dihydrojasmone
 0.04beta- farnesene
 trace  farnesol
 0.01alpha- fenchyl alcohol
 0.6  geraniol
 0.8  geranyl acetate
 0.02  germacrene D
 trace guaienol
 0.04alpha- humulene
 trace  indole
 trace(Z)- jasmone
 trace lanceal
 26.0(+)- limonene
 16.0  linalool
 34.0  linalyl acetate
 trace  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
 1.3  myrcene
 0.6 neral + geranial
 0.08  nerol
 0.02  nerolidol
 1.2  neryl acetate
 0.08  nonanal
 trace  nootkatone
 0.07  octanal
 0.02  octanol
 trace5- octen-2-one
 0.15  octyl acetate
 0.1beta- phellandrene
 2.2alpha- pinene
 10.0beta- pinene
 1.0  sabinene
 trace2-santalene hydrates
 tracebeta- sinensal
 trace  spathulenol
 0.06  terpinen-4-ol
 3.2alpha- terpinene
 11.0gamma- terpinene
 0.3alpha- terpineol
 1.0  terpinolene
cajuput leaf oil vietnam
49trace  bulnesol
370.4  cadina-1,4-diene
35tracedelta- cadinene
34tracegamma- cadinene
47tracealpha- cadinol
44traceT- cadinol
38trace  calamenene
2trace  camphene
5tracedelta-3- carene
232.5beta- caryophyllene
410.3  caryophyllene oxide
1041.11,8- cineole
20tracealpha- copaene
270.5gamma- curcumene
156.8para- cymene
170.2para- cymenene
220.3beta- elemene
18tracedelta- elemene
25tracegamma- elemene
42trace  elemol
480.7beta- eudesmol
450.6gamma- eudesmol
310.3alpha- farnesene
390.4  geraniol
290.3beta- guaiene
431.2  guaiol
281.6alpha- humulene
94.1  limonene
213.6  linalool
40tracealpha- maaliene
46tracealpha- muurolol
60.1  myrcene
14trace(E)-beta- ocimene
12trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.5alpha- phellandrene
110.2beta- phellandrene
36tracebeta-sesqui phellandrene
13.2alpha- pinene
30.8beta- pinene
4trace  sabinene
331.5alpha- selinene
321.5beta- selinene
241.5  terpinen-4-ol
80.6alpha- terpinene
134.6gamma- terpinene
308.7alpha- terpineol
165.9  terpinolene
26trace  thujopsene
190.3alpha- ylangene

O. Motl, J. Hodacova and K. Ubik, Composition of Vietnamese cajuput essential oil. Flav. Fragr. J., 5, 39-42 (1990).

P&F 25, No. 1, 33, (2000)

carum petroselinum herb oil
This same year, a sample of Egyptian parsley herb oil was subjected to analysis by CC and CC/MS (El-Nikeety et al. 1998). This oil was found to contain:
210.20 apiole
170.21beta- bisabolene
20.06  camphene
150.05beta- caryophyllene
130.82para- cymene
145.35alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
190.15  elemicin
160.53alpha- humulene
65.36  limonene
106.20para- mentha-1,3,8-triene
220.404- methyl pyridine amine
1123.75  myrcene
208.79  myristicin
51.46alpha- phellandrene
719.47beta- phellandrene
16.94alpha- pinene
34.57beta- pinene
40.63  sabinene
80.17alpha- terpinene
180.13alpha- terpineol
92.78  terpinolene
120.065- undec-5-yne

M. M. A. El-Nikeety, A. T. M. El-Alek, M. M. I. A. El-Hady and A. Z. M. Badei, Changes in physical properties and chemical constituents of parsley herb volatile oil during storage, Egypt. J. Food Sci., 26-28 (1998).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

chenopodium ambrosioldes var. anthelminthicum oil america
211.98  ascaridole
50.14  camphene
80.03delta-3- carene
230.04  carvacrol
191.06trans- carveol
200.25cis- carveol
182.28  carvone
158.09para- cymene
170.09(E)- dihydrocarvone
10.01  dimethyl sulfide
40.02alpha- fenchene
1242.32  limonene
160.09(E)- limonene oxide
90.01  myrcene
100.01alpha- phellandrene
130.09beta- phellandrene
30.82alpha- pinene
60.18beta- pinene
70.01  sabinene
1117.54alpha- terpinene
140.58gamma- terpinene
220.02  thymol
20.22  tricyclene

A. O. Tucker and M. J. Maciarello, Some toxic culinary herbs in North America. In: Food Flavors, Formation, Analysis and Packaging Influences. Edits., E. T. Contis, C-T. Ho, C. J. Mussinan, T. H. Parliament, F. Shahidi and A. M. Spanier, 401-414, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1998).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil sri lauka
Using GC (retention indices) Bouzid et al. (1997) analyzed an oil of cinnamon bark. The compounds identified were as follows:
11trace-0.05  benzaldehyde
250.40-1.00  benzyl benzoate
20.04-0.05  camphene
40.01-0.02delta-3- carene
19trace-0.12  caryophyllene
131.00-2.00beta- caryophyllene
2072.00-82.15(E)- cinnamaldehyde
170.12-0.98(Z)- cinnamaldehyde
213.24-3.65(E)- cinnamyl acetate
230.50-0.60(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
100.04-0.05alpha- copaene
90.25-0.35para- cymene
221.07-13.30  eugenol
140.20-0.62alpha- humulene
70.09-0.10  limonene
120.70-1.06  linalool
180.09-0.15ortho- methoxybenzaldehyde
240.30-0.80ortho- methoxycinnamaldehyde
60.07-0.08  myrcene
80.40-0.64beta- phellandrene
160.10-0.70  phenyl propionaldehyde
10.04-0.07alpha- pinene
30.02-0.03beta- pinene
150.35-0.62alpha-terpineol + borneol
cinnamomum zeylanicum fruit oil india
In 1997, Jayaprakasha et al. analyzed two oils of the fruit of C. zeylanicum by GC and GC/MS. Although the oils were produced from fruit harvested in two different locations in India, Karnataka and Kerala, the oil compositions were similar as can be seen from the following analytical results:
322.7-2.8  benzyl benzoate
80.3-0.4  borneol
212.3-3.0delta- cadinene
201.2-1.6gamma- cadinene
311.0-1.5alpha- cadinol
302.7-3.4T- cadinol
159.2-13.7beta- caryophyllene
240.9-1.1  caryophyllene oxide
100.6-4.3(E)- cinnamaldehyde
70.2-0.3(Z)- cinnamaldehyde
1642.4-54.2(E)- cinnamyl acetate
112.0-2.2(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
141.8-3.1alpha- copaene
290.5-0.8  cubenol
270.4-0.510-epi-gamma- eudesmol
120.2-0.3  eugenol
191.7-2.0  germacrene B
180.7-0.8  germacrene D
260.3  germacrene D-4-ol
250.5-0.6  globulol
220.4beta- guaiene
172.8-3.1alpha- humulene
340.0-0.3  methyl oleate
330.0-0.3  methyl palmitate
280.3alpha- muurolol
30.0-0.2  myrcene
230.2-0.4  nerolidol
60.2-0.5(E)-beta- ocimene
40.1-0.7alpha- phellandrene
50.4-1.6beta- phellandrene
132.9-4.33- phenyl propyl acetate
10.1-1.6alpha- pinene
20.1-0.6beta- pinene
90.3alpha- terpineol

G. K. Jayaprakasha, L. Jaganmohan Rao and K. K. Sakariah, Chemical composition of the folatile oil from the fruits of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume. Flav. Fragr. J., 12, 331-333 (1997)

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

cistus ladaniferus leaf oil
230.20  acetophenone
211.90allo- aromadendrene
290.80  borneol
260.20iso borneol
183.10  bornyl acetate
340.80delta- cadinene
350.40gamma- cadinene
22.10  camphene
140.80alpha- campholenic aldehyde
38tracetrans- carveol
330.30  carvone
390.40  caryophyllene oxide
130.80alpha- copaene
120.70  cyclosativene
91.70para- cymene
440.50beta- eudesmol
24trace(E)-beta- farnesene
360.30  geranyl acetate
410.30  globulol
150.30alpha- gurjunene
25tracealpha- humulene
310.90  ledene
403.30  ledol
61.70  limonene
270.40gamma- muurolene
200.50  myrtenal
370.40  myrtenol
280.40  myrtenyl acetate
70.40beta- phellandrene
139.00alpha- pinene
30.50beta- pinene
160.50iso pinocamphone
221.90trans- pinocarveol
170.90  pinocarvone
40.80  sabinene
430.50  spathulenol
191.10  terpinen-4-ol
50.10alpha- terpinene
80.40gamma- terpinene
300.50alpha- terpineol
100.20  terpinolene
110.902,2,6- trimethyl cyclohexanone
320.30  verbenone
4211.80  viridiflorol

J. P. Mariotti, F. Tomi, J. Cassanova, J. Costa and A. F. Bernadini, Composition of the essential oil of Cistus ladaniferus L. cultivated in Corsica (France). Flav. Fragr. J., 12, 147-151 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 4, 31, (1999)

cistus ladaniferus oil morocco
400.80alpha- amorphene
470.97allo- aromadendrene
231.45  borneol
352.40  bornyl acetate
523.00delta- cadinene
591.32alpha- cadinol
580.81T- cadinol
530.31alpha- calacorene
540.37beta- calacorene
210.74  camphene hydrate
12trace  camphenilone
170.78alpha- campholenic aldehyde
202.92  camphor
360.21  carvacrol
311.22cis- carveol
330.31  carvone
45tracebeta- caryophyllene
7trace1,8- cineole
410.79alpha- copaene
380.30alpha- cubebene
420.19beta- cubebene
571.71  cubenol
320.77  cuminaldehyde
250.19para- cymen-8-ol
40.30ortho- cymene
130.43para- cymene
160.572,6- dimethyl cyclohexanol
2trace3,5- dimethyl phenol
30tracealpha- fenchyl acetate
340.35  geraniol
440.42alpha- gurjunene
460.19beta- gurjunene
43traceiso italicene
500.45  ledene
550.42  ledol
5trace  limonene
110.15(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
510.62alpha- muurolene
480.18gamma- muurolene
28trace  myrtanol
271.35  myrtenal
60.25beta- phellandrene
370.06 phenyl propionic acid
10.37alpha- pinene
150.23alpha- pinene oxide
192.47trans- pinocarveol
221.11  pinocarvone
180.16(E)- rose oxide
240.70  terpinen-4-ol
3tracealpha- terpinene
90.35gamma- terpinene
260.30alpha- terpineol
140.43  terpinolene
100.353,5,5- trimethyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
80.752,2,6- trimethyl cyclohexanone
490.16  valencene
290.19  verbenone
5612.81  viridiflorol
390.80alpha- ylangene

N. Mrabet, S. Zrira, M. M. Ismaili-Alaoui, H. Lahloa and B. Benjilali, Essential oils and resin gum from Moroccan Cistus, “Cistus ladaniferus L." Rivista Ital. EPPOS, (Numero Speciale), 622-630 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 4, 31, (1999)

citrus aurantifolia swingle leaf oil
3trace  camphene
70.40delta-3- carene
260.70beta- caryophyllene
200.50  citronellal
13tracepara- cymene
210.20  decanal
19tracealpha-para- dimethyl styrene
2940.00  geranial
330.60  geraniol
300.50  geranyl acetate
15trace  hexanol
10trace(E)-2- hexenal
17trace(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
16trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
824.70  limonene
220.80  linalool
23trace  linalyl acetate
61.00  myrcene
2823.80  neral
320.20  nerol
18trace  nonanal
121.40(E)-beta- ocimene
90.10beta- phellandrene
10.30alpha- pinene
40.30beta- pinene
240.10iso pulegol
52.30  sabinene
310.10beta- selinene
250.10  terpinen-4-ol
110.30gamma- terpinene
270.20alpha- terpineol
140.10  terpinolene
20.20alpha- thujene

S. Kamiyama and M. Amaha, Studies on leaf oils of Citrus species. VI. Composition of leaf oil from ten Citrus taxa and some intrageneric hybrids Bull. Brew. Sci., 18, 17-27 (1972).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

citrus aurantium var. bergamia wright et arn. leaf oil
180.02  borneol
70.641,8- cineole
110.02  citronellal
233.27  citronellol
150.42  citronellyl acetate
213.15  geranial
252.77  geraniol
220.08  geranyl acetate
190.90alpha- humulene
51.21  limonene
1222.39  linalool
1351.64  linalyl acetate
100.036- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
41.63  myrcene
160.07  neral
241.21  nerol
200.27  neryl acetate
81.54beta- ocimene
60.04beta- phellandrene
10.09alpha- pinene
21.00beta- pinene
30.15  sabinene
142.53  terpinen-4-ol
174.21alpha- terpineol
90.31  terpinolene

Y. S. Cheng and C. S. Lee, Composition of leaf essential oils from ten Citrus species. Proc. Natl Sci. Count. B. ROC, 5, 278-283(1981).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

citrus grandis peel oil
160.19delta- cadinene
24tracetrans- carveol
26tracecis- carveol
120.35beta- caryophyllene
360.11  citronellal
220.04  citronellol
480.03  citronellyl acetate
100.11alpha- copaene
110.11beta- copaene
340.53  decanal
470.02  decyl acetate
350.07  dodecanal
420.02  dodecanoic acid
130.03beta- elemene
280.09  elemol
290.12  farnesol
380.17  geranial
250.02  geraniol
490.19  geranyl acetate
150.13  germacrene D
440.11  hexadecanoic acid
300.01  hexanal
310.03(E)-2- hexenal
45trace  hexyl butyrate
140.10alpha- humulene
500.02  limonen-10-yl acetate
591.12  limonene
520.02(E)- limonene oxide
51trace(Z)- limonene oxide
180.25  linalool
41.78  myrcene
370.08  neral
230.01  nerol
270.03  nerolidol
330.06  nonanal
400.60  nootkatone
80.24(E)-beta- ocimene
70.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
320.26  octanal
410.02  octanoic acid
170.13  octanol
460.11  octyl acetate
390.05  perillaldehyde
60.27beta- phellandrene
10.45alpha- pinene
20.09beta- pinene
30.93  sabinene
190.06(E)- sabinene hydrate
200.02  terpinen-4-ol
210.12alpha- terpineol
9trace  terpinolene
430.03  tetradecanoic acid

H. Gotou and T. Fukumoto, Flavor constituents of pummelos (Citrus grandis Osbeck). Koryo, 183, 95-105 (1994).

P&F 25, No. 3, 54, (2000)

citrus hystrix leaf oil
38tracedelta- cadinene
40trace  calamenene
4tracedelta-3- carene
310.16beta- caryophyllene
27traceiso caryophyllene
2281.49  citronellal
530.10  citronellic acid
438.22  citronellol
340.90  citronellyl acetate
240.06alpha- copaene
46trace  cubenol
47traceepi- cubenol
39tracear- curcumene
12tracepara- cymene
33trace2,6- dimethyl-5-heptenal
150.132,6- dimethyl-5-heptenol
30tracebeta- elemene
51trace  elemol
23trace4,8- epoxyterpinolene
440.31  geraniol
420.09  geranyl acetate
35trace  germacrene D
32tracealpha- humulene
52trace  indole
80.03  limonene
253.69  linalool
20trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
19trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
48tracepara- menthan-1,8-diol
17trace  menthone
18traceiso menthone
14trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
36tracealpha- muurolene
50.43  myrcene
41trace  neral
500.18(E)- nerolidol
45trace  neryl acetone
100.23beta- ocimene
6tracealpha- phellandrene
90.05beta- phellandrene
54trace  phytol
55traceiso phytol
10.06alpha- pinene
20.24beta- pinene
280.32iso pulegol
16trace rose oxide
31.57  sabinene
210.14(E)- sabinene hydrate
260.13(Z)- sabinene hydrate
490.24  safrole
290.20  terpinen-4-ol
70.03alpha- terpinene
110.07gamma- terpinene
130.05  terpinolene

A. Sato, K. Asano and T. Sato, The chemical composition of Citrus hystrix DC (Swangi), J. Essent. oil Res., 2, 179-163 ( 1990).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

citrus paradisi leaf oil
30.20  camphene
76.10delta-3- carene
280.90beta- caryophyllene
223.10  citronellal
351.40  citronellol
141.40para- cymene
230.10  decanal
21tracealpha-para- dimethyl styrene
32trace  dodecanal
26tracebeta- elemene
290.70beta- farnesene
340.60  geranial
380.30  geraniol
17trace  hexanol
110.30(E)-2- hexenal
19trace(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
180.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
330.50alpha- humulene
96.40  limonene
244.40  linalool
64.90  myrcene
311.20  neral
370.30  nerol
20trace  nonanal
134.60(E)-beta- ocimene
16trace(Z)-2- penten-1-ol
102.30beta- phellandrene
12.40alpha- pinene
43.10beta- pinene
250.60iso pulegol
518.50  sabinene
361.20beta- selinene
270.80  terpinen-4-ol
810.70alpha- terpinene
1212.00gamma- terpinene
300.30alpha- terpineol
152.20  terpinolene
24.00alpha- thujene

S. Kamiyama and M. Amaha, Studies on leaf oils of Citrus species. VI Composition of leaf oils from ten Citrus taxa and some intragenetic hybrids, Bull. Brew, Sci., 16, 17-27 (1972).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

citrus paradisi var. red blush oil
3trace  camphene
250.05  carveol
370.17beta- caryophyllene
340.04alpha- copaene
110.18para- cymene
240.26  decanal
300.02  decanol
36trace  decyl acetate
350.02  dodecanal
390.022- dodecenal
290.07  geranial
280.02  geraniol
330.06  geranyl acetate
380.02alpha- humulene
1293.70  limonene
190.20  linalool
160.21(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
71.86  myrcene
270.05  neral
260.03  nerol
320.01  neryl acetate
180.05  nonanal
21trace  nonanol
400.07  nootkatone
130.21(E)-beta- ocimene
60.34  octanal
150.14  octanol
80.07alpha- phellandrene
100.18beta- phellandrene
20.52alpha- pinene
50.07beta- pinene
200.05iso pulegol
40.54  sabinene
220.18  terpinen-4-ol
90.04alpha- terpinene
140.08gamma- terpinene
230.15alpha- terpineol
170.02  terpinolene
31tracealpha- terpinyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene

D. R. L. Caccioni, M. Guizzardi, D. M. Biondi, A. Renda and G. Ruberto, Relationship between volatile components of citrus fruit essential oils and antimicrobial action on Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum. Internat. J. Food Microbiol., 43, 73-79 (1998).

P&F 25, No. 3, 54, (2000)

citrus sinensis peel oil cold pressed brazil
190.02-0.04beta- caryophyllene
130.03-0.04 citronellal + octyl acetate
27trace-0.03  citronellol
21trace  citronellyl acetate
10trace-0.04para- cymene
140.29-0.33  decanal
24trace-0.04  dodecanal
260.04-0.16  geranial
290-trace  geranyl acetate
791.98-93.43  limonene
150.45-0.60  linalool
17trace-0.06  linalyl acetate
43.03-3.31  myrcene
220.06-0.07  neral
300.02-0.05  nerol
250.03-0.06  neryl acetate
120.05-0.06  nonanal
200.04-0.07  nonanol
160.08-0.11  octanol
5tracealpha- phellandrene
8tracebeta- phellandrene
10.89-0.95alpha- pinene
2tracebeta- pinene
30.45-0.71  sabinene
6tracealpha- terpinene
9trace-0.02gamma- terpinene
230.08-0.09alpha- terpineol
110.21-0.23 terpinolene + octanal
180.02-0.04  undecanal
280.13-0.27  valencene

M. Koketsu, M. T. Magaihaes, V. C. Wilberg and M. G. R. Donaliso, Oleos Essenciais de frutos citricos cultivadas no Brazil. Bol. Pesqui EMBRAPA Cent. Technol. Agric. Aliment., (7), 21 pp (1983).

P&F 17, No. 5, 131, (1992)

citrus x bergamia peel oil turkey
230.28alpha- bergamotene
310.33delta- cadinene
20.02  camphene
240.05  citronellyl acetate
140.35para- cymene
200.04  decanal
301.432,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol + beta-bisabolene
260.07(Z)-beta- farnesene
340.04  geraniol
320.24  geranyl acetate
30.02  hexanal
100.01(E)-2- hexenal
832.28  limonene
2116.27  linalool
2237.39  linalyl acetate
170.016- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
280.05gamma- muurolene
60.78  myrcene
250.36  neral
330.03  nerol
290.02  neryl acetate
180.02  nonanal
130.14(E)-beta- ocimene
110.02(Z)-beta- ocimene
160.03  octanal
190.09  octyl acetate
90.15beta- phellandrene
10.81alpha- pinene
43.02beta- pinene
50.55  sabinene
70.07alpha- terpinene
124.12gamma- terpinene
270.18alpha-terpineol + alpha-terpinyl acetate
150.18  terpinolene

K. H. C. Baser, T. Ozek and M. Tutas, Composition of cold-pressed bergamot oil from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 341-342 (1995).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

citrus x latifolia oil expressed
330.8alpha- bergamotene
52trace(E)-alpha- bisabolene
480.8beta- bisabolene
68tracealpha- bisabolol
25trace  borneol
32trace  bornyl acetate
690.1alpha- cadinol
30.1  camphene
6tracedelta-3- carene
350.3beta- caryophyllene
73trace  cinnamic alcohol
220.1  citronellal
40trace  citronellyl acetate
19tracealpha- cubebene
27tracebeta- cubebene
150.1para- cymene
240.1  decanal
72trace  decanoic acid
61trace(E)-2- dodecen-1-ol
340.1beta- elemene
210.1delta- elemene
37tracegamma- elemene
67tracegamma- eudesmol
500.2(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
410.1(E)-beta- farnesene
71trace(E,E)- farnesyl acetate
492.3  geranial
58trace  geraniol
511.0  geranyl acetate
45trace  geranyl formate
560.1  germacrene B
460.1  germacrene D
70trace  heptadecanal
650.1  hexadecanal
42tracealpha- humulene
1052.2  limonene
260.2  linalool
30trace  linalyl acetate
59tracepara- mentha-1,8-dien-10-yl acetate
38trace(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
71.3  myrcene
431.2  neral
62trace(E)- nerolidol
471.4  neryl acetate
18trace  nonanal
310.1  nonyl acetate
14trace(E)-beta- ocimene
12trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
74trace  octadecanal
17trace  octanal
29trace  octanol
23trace  pentadecane
54trace  perillaldehyde
60trace  perillyl acetate
8tracealpha- phellandrene
11tracebeta- phellandrene
53tracebeta-sesqui phellandrene
23.2alpha- pinene
413.0beta- pinene
57traceiso piperitenone
52.0  sabinene
200.1(E)- sabinene hydrate
280.1(Z)- sabinene hydrate
39tracebeta- santalene
64trace  spathulenol
90.3alpha- terpinene
1317.0gamma- terpinene
440.4alpha- terpineol
160.7  terpinolene
55trace  tetradecanal
1tracealpha- thujene
66trace  thymol
36trace  undecanal
75trace  undecanoic acid
63trace  viridiflorol

S. M. Njoroge, H. Ueda, H. Kusunose and M. Sawamura, Japanese sour citrus fruits Part IV. Volatile compounds of Naaoshichi and Tahiti lime essential oils. Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 25-29 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

clausena anisata leaf oil
50.00-1.30(E)- anethole
40.00-0.00(Z)- anethole
60.00-0.66beta- caryophyllene
91.32-19.76 dictagymnin
80.00-0.48  germacrene D
70.00-0.73alpha- humulene
10.00-0.55  limonene
30.00-0.22  methyl chavicol
110.00-0.234-(3- methyl-2-butenyl) oxybenzaldehyde
20.00-1.62beta- phellandrene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 757, (2000)
coriandrum sativum fruit oil cuba
300.04  bicyclogermacrene
161.55  borneol
20.21  camphene
155.83  camphor
280.16beta- caryophyllene
211.23 citronellol + nerol
70.90para- cymene
200.15  decanal
310.45  dillapiole
270.20  dodecanal
230.13  geranial
226.97  geraniol
264.96  geranyl acetate
335.82  hexadecanoic acid
81.55  limonene
1454.57  linalool
120.18(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
50.65  myrcene
190.16  myrtenal
250.19  neryl acetate
100.09(E)-beta- ocimene
340.20 octadecenoic acid
90.04beta- phellandrene
11.14alpha- pinene
40.21beta- pinene
30.14  sabinene
171.38  terpinen-4-ol
60.02alpha- terpinene
114.08gamma- terpinene
182.32alpha- terpineol
130.53  terpinolene
290.18  tetradecanal
320.57  tetradecanoic acid
240.10  undecanal

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado and V. Fuentes, Chemical composition of seed oil of Coriandrum sativum L. from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 8, 97-98 (1996).

P&F 22, No. 1, 49, (1997)

crithmum maritimum oil
53<0.10(E)-alpha- bergamotol
26<0.10  bornyl formate
5<0.10delta-3- carene
540.10  carvacrol
45<0.10trans- carveol
57<0.10 caryophylla-2(12),6(13)-dien-5a-ol
46<0.10para- cymen-8-ol
125.30para- cymene
44<0.10beta- damascenone
320.10(E)-2- decenal
41<0.10neo dihydrocarveol
58<0.10  dillapiole
16<0.10alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
550.10  elemicin
19<0.104,8- epoxyterpinolene
36<0.10  limonen-4-ol
824.20  limonene
17<0.10(Z)-1,2- limonene epoxide
21<0.10  linalool
240.70(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
310.40(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
48<0.10para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-ol
33<0.10(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
520.20para- methoxypropiophenone
29<0.10  methyl carvacrol
343.40  methyl chavicol
47<0.10  methyl eugenol
250.30  methyl isothymol
270.30  methyl thymol
30<0.102- methyl-6-methylene-3,7-octadien-2-ol
61.60  myrcene
56<0.10  myristicin
370.10  myrtenyl acetate
15<0.10  nonanal
200.10(E)-2- nonenal
100.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
14<0.10  octanal
23<0.10  octanol
90.30beta- phellandrene
59<0.10  phytol
10.70alpha- pinene
30.20beta- pinene
350.20(E)- piperitol
430.40(Z)- piperitol
42<0.10  piperitone
426.90  sabinene
180.90(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.60(Z)- sabinene hydrate
490.30  spathulenol
289.00  terpinen-4-ol
71.40alpha- terpinene
1119.30gamma- terpinene
380.40alpha- terpineol
130.70  terpinolene
39<0.10alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.30alpha- thujene
51<0.10  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 424, (2000)
cuminum cyminum fruit oil egypt
200.31(E)-alpha- bergamotene
3trace  camphene
190.20beta- caryophyllene
1625.01  cuminaldehyde
84.91para- cymene
100.37  limonene
143.83para- menth-3-en-7-al
185.84para- mentha-1,3-dien-7-al
1717.36para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-al
60.92  myrcene
70.63alpha- phellandrene
90.30beta- phellandrene
20.78alpha- pinene
514.64beta- pinene
40.40  sabinene
130.16  terpinen-4-ol
1119.12gamma- terpinene
150.05alpha- terpineol
120.11  terpinolene
10.28alpha- thujene

N. A. Shaath and N. R. Azzo, Essential oils of Egypt, In Food Flavors, Ingredients and Compositlon. Edit., G. Charalambous, pp 591-603, Elsevier Sci, Publ. BV, Amsterdam (1993).

P&F 20, No. 1, 47, (1995)

cupressus sempervirens cone oil egypt
280.3  borneol
370.4  bornyl acetate
200.2delta- cadinene
250.2alpha- cadinol
240.2T- cadinol
819.0delta-3- carene
340.3  carveol
35trace  carvone
410.2beta- caryophyllene
210.1  caryophyllene oxide
400.2alpha- cedrene
223.3  cedrol
39tracealpha- copaene
460.1para- cymen-8-ol
450.1ortho- cymene
140.6alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
31.8alpha- fenchene
160.2alpha- fenchyl alcohol
44trace  germacrene D
420.1alpha- humulene
122.5  limonene
360.2  methyl carvacrol
63.0  myrcene
300.1  myrtenal
320.1  myrtenol
7tracealpha- phellandrene
110.4beta- phellandrene
248.2alpha- pinene
51.4beta- pinene
180.1  pinocamphone
170.6trans- pinocarveol
190.3  pinocarvone
4trace  sabinene
43tracebeta- selinene
291.6  terpinen-4-ol
90.4alpha- terpinene
130.8gamma- terpinene
312.2alpha- terpineol
270.3delta- terpineol
153.9  terpinolene
382.2alpha- terpinyl acetate
470.6delta- terpinyl acetate
10.1  tricyclene
260.1  umbellulone
330.9  verbenone

F. F. Kassem, F. M. Harmz, N. A. El-Sebakhy, H. L. DePooter, N. M. Schamp and H, About-Shleib. Composition of the essential oil of Egyptian Cupressus sempervirens L. cones. Flav. Frag J., 6, 205-207 (1991).

P&F 20, No. 4, 29, (1995)

cymbopogon citratus leaf oil egypt
110.59  cadinene
80.79  citronellal
1443.56  geranial
153.20  geranyl acetate
57.20  limonene
90.16  linalool
100.82  linalyl acetate
31.46  myrcene
1331.96  neral
40.05alpha- phellandrene
70.70beta- phellandrene
10.73alpha- pinene
20.10beta- pinene
60.30  terpinene
121.38  terpineol

Z. Y. Daw, G. E. El-Baroty and A. M. Ebtesam, Inhibition od Aspergillus parasiticus growth and aflatoxin production by some essential oils. Chem. Mikrobiol.Technol. Lebensmitti., 16(5/6), 129-135 (1994).

P&F 23, No. 4, 37, (1998)

daucus carota sativa leaf oil
267.38  bisabolene
30.11  bornylene
151.99  camphor
289.85  carotol
238.77  carvone
80.301,8- cineole
253.50  daucene
165.92alpha- dihydro-alpha-terpineol
93.00  elemol
120.76alpha- fenchol
133.08beta- fenchol
110.61  fenchone
212.00  geraniol
242.00alpha- humulene
61.60  limonene
1414.90  linalool
188.35  linalyl acetate
240.69  methyl cinnamate
101.336- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
57.49  myrcene
174.022- nonenal
70.65beta- phellandrene
21.42alpha- pinene
410.93  sabinene
191.60  terpinen-4-ol
201.08alpha- terpineol
225.33alpha- terpinyl acetate
11.06alpha- thujene

R. K. Khanna, O. S. Sharma and A. Singh, The essential oil from the leaves of Daucus carota Linn var. sativa. In: Proceedings of 11th International Congress of Essential Oils, Fragrances and Flavors, New Delhi, Nov. 1989. Edits. S. C. Bhattacharyya, N. Sen and K. L. Sethi, Vol. 4, 173-176, Oxford & IBH Publ. Co., New Delhi (1989).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

echinophora cinerea oil iran
170.10beta- caryophyllene
120.10  citronellal
150.80  citronellol
76.10para- cymene
160.10beta- elemene
180.10alpha- humulene
113.40  linalool
51.20  myrcene
192.20  myristicin
661.40alpha- phellandrene
810.70beta- phellandrene
29.60alpha- pinene
40.50beta- pinene
31.20  sabinene
90.30gamma- terpinene
130.70alpha- terpineol
100.10  terpinolene
10.20alpha- thujene
140.10  verbenone
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 82, (2001)
elemi oil
67.70para- cymene
1010.60  elemicin
917.30  elemol
426.90  limonene
71.00  myrcene
84.30alpha- phellandrene
51.60beta- phellandrene
15.40alpha- pinene
21.00beta- pinene
31.30  sabinene

B. M. Lawrence, unpublished information.

P&F 9, No. 4, 35, (1984)

eucalyptus camaldulensis leaf oil ethiopia
170.40beta- caryophyllene
191.80  caryophyllene oxide
1415.50  cryptone
154.60  cuminaldehyde
131.10para- cymen-8-ol
817.80para- cymene
61.10  limonene
30.60  myrcene
47.70alpha- phellandrene
718.90beta- phellandrene
20.80alpha- pinene
180.70  spathulenol
124.70  terpinen-4-ol
50.50alpha- terpinene
90.60gamma- terpinene
100.40  terpinolene
1612.20alpha- terpinyl acetate
10.50alpha- thujene
110.60beta- thujone
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus deaneti maiden leaf oil ethiopia
180.80  carvacrol
941.601,8- cineole
1517.60  cryptone
175.00  cuminaldehyde
141.20para- cymen-8-ol
70.90  limonene
40.50  myrcene
55.60alpha- phellandrene
813.00beta- phellandrene
20.90alpha- pinene
30.50beta- pinene
132.50  terpinen-4-ol
60.30alpha- terpinene
102.10gamma- terpinene
160.80alpha- terpineol
110.20  terpinolene
10.30alpha- thujene
120.10beta- thujone
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus globulus fruit oil
130.46iso amyl isovalerate
2123.33  aromadendrene
233.32allo- aromadendrene
172.40beta- bourbonene
220.44 bulnesene
410.62delta- cadinene
40tracegamma- cadinene
580.20alpha- cadinol
550.28T- cadinol
18trace  carvenone
270.16  carvotan acetone
715.311,8- cineole
150.08alpha- copaene
240.13  cryptone
140.34alpha- cubebene
19tracebeta- cubebene
44tracepara- cymen-7-ol
116.44para- cymene
520.84beta- eudesmol
470.55gamma- eudesmol
36trace  germacrene D
5014.98  globulol
493.10epi- globulol
340.39alpha- guaiene
16tracealpha- gurjunene
200.47beta- gurjunene
260.20gamma- gurjunene
28tracealpha- humulene
313.63  ledene
46trace  ledol
61.10  limonene
43tracecis-para- mentha-1(7),5-dien-2-ol
38tracegamma- muurolene
540.12T- muurolol
40.21  myrcene
420.10  nerol
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
450.16  palustrol
32.11alpha- phellandrene
80.50beta- phellandrene
48trace2- phenethyl 2-methyl butyrate
13.61alpha- pinene
20.10beta- pinene
25tracetrans- pinocarveol
33trace  piperitone
350.30alpha- selinene
37tracedelta- selinene
39tracegamma- selinene
530.20  spathulenol
57traceiso spathulenol
50.22alpha- terpinene
90.18gamma- terpinene
322.27alpha- terpineol
120.20  terpinolene
560.28  thymol
29tracebeta- vetivene
300.66  viridiflorene
512.17  viridiflorol

J-C. Chalchat, J. L. Cabard, M. S. Gorunovic, V. Djermanovic and V. Bulatovic, Chemical composition of Eucalyptus globulus oils from the Montenegro coast and east coast of spain. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 147-152 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

eucalyptus globulus oil pakistan
Saeed and Sabir (1997) screened eucalyptus oil for their antimicrobial characteristics. As part of their study, the authors reported that a pakistani e. globulus oil contained the following constituents:
80.20  borneol
30.40  camphene
1616.70beta- caryophyllene
723.601,8- cineole
1013.60  citronellol
118.60  cryptone
170.10beta- cubebene
1trace  cumene
60.60para- cymene
181.90  linalool oxide
131.80  linalyl acetate
150.60alpha- phellandrene
193.60beta- phellandrene
20.30alpha- pinene
40.40beta- pinene
140.20iso pulegol
51.20gamma- terpinene
92.90alpha- terpineol
120.50  terpinolene

M. A. Saeed and A. W. Sabir, Antimicrobial studies of the constituents of Pakistani Eucalyptus oils. J. Fac. Pharm. Gazi, 12(2), 129-140 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

eucalyptus grandis w. hill ex maiden leaf oil ethiopia
120.70allo- aromadendrene
20.80  camphene
62.701,8- cineole
90.60alpha- fenchyl alcohol
142.10  globulol
45.60  limonene
50.20beta- phellandrene
144.70alpha- pinene
330.50beta- pinene
130.50  spathulenol
100.90  terpinen-4-ol
70.30gamma- terpinene
115.40alpha- terpineol
80.80  terpinolene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus nitens (deane et maiden) maiden leaf oil ethiopia
130.70allo- aromadendrene
1054.701,8- cineole
74.30  limonene
40.60  myrcene
90.70(Z)-beta- ocimene
52.50alpha- phellandrene
80.30beta- phellandrene
221.70alpha- pinene
30.40beta- pinene
60.20alpha- terpinene
110.10gamma- terpinene
129.40alpha- terpineol
13.00alpha- thujene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus saligna smith leaf oil ethiopia
110.70  carvacrol
610.601,8- cineole
94.10  cryptone
130.70  globulol
43.30  limonene
21.40  myrcene
35.00alpha- phellandrene
512.20beta- phellandrene
138.50alpha- pinene
129.20  spathulenol
83.60  terpinen-4-ol
70.90gamma- terpinene
102.70alpha- terpineol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus tereticornis smith leaf oil ethiopia
20.50  camphene
742.701,8- cineole
57.30  limonene
43.80alpha- phellandrene
61.10beta- phellandrene
124.40alpha- pinene
33.50beta- pinene
122.30  spathulenol
94.00  terpinen-4-ol
81.00gamma- terpinene
106.30alpha- terpineol
111.30alpha- terpinyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus urophylla s.t. blake leaf oil ethiopia
131.20iso borneol
150.20iso bornyl acetate
20.50  camphene
171.10beta- caryophyllene
190.20  caryophyllene oxide
834.501,8- cineole
120.70alpha- fenchyl alcohol
200.50  globulol
59.80  limonene
110.20  linalool
76.80(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.60alpha- phellandrene
60.20beta- phellandrene
113.30alpha- pinene
39.10beta- pinene
180.50  spathulenol
90.20gamma- terpinene
145.60alpha- terpineol
100.50  terpinolene
1611.60alpha- terpinyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
eucalyptus viminalis labill. leaf oil ethiopia
102.20allo- aromadendrene
90.50beta- caryophyllene
111.20  caryophyllene oxide
650.901,8- cineole
125.10  globulol
44.30  limonene
30.40  myrcene
50.30beta- phellandrene
128.20alpha- pinene
20.50beta- pinene
70.30  terpinen-4-ol
81.40alpha- terpineol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 467, (2000)
ferula cupularis flower oil
Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oils from flower, leaf and stem of Ferula cupularis growing wild in Iran
1294.24  bornyl acetate
1510.04gamma- cadinene
1002.60  camphene
1035.21delta-3- carene
10015.81delta-2- carene
1350.09  citronellyl acetate
1040.05ortho- cymene
1055.21meta- cymene
1250.53endo- fenchyl acetate
1480.27  germacrene D
10725.04DL- limonene
1151.85L- linalool
1242.75para- menth-1-en-9-ol
1230.27para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
1024.47beta- myrcene
1091.72(Z)-beta- ocimene
1190.91allo- ocimene
1036.89beta- phellandrene
1270.21alpha- phellandrene epoxide
1012.20beta- pinene
1017.96  sabinene
1160.48(E)- sabinene hydrate
1120.22(Z)- sabinene hydrate
1030.71alpha- terpinene
1112.19gamma- terpinene
1145.61a- terpinolene
9401.22alpha- thujene
1210.09(E)- verbenol
1210.70(Z)- verbenol
1280.03cis- verbenyl acetate
Ziba Alipour, Poroshat Taheri, and Nasrin Samadi Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Roudehen Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, 2Department of Chemistry, School of Art & Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United State, and 3Department of Drug and Food Control, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
ferula cupularis leaf oil
Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oils from flower, leaf and stem of Ferula cupularis growing wild in Iran
1630.37  bicyclogermacrene
1536.55  bornyl angelate
1640.31delta- cadinene
1062.69  camphene
1002.90delta-2- carene
1600.17  caryophyllene oxide
1512.63  citronellyl butyrate
1082.37  decane
1305.02  dihydrolinalool acetate
1701.66beta- eudesmol
1571.87  eugenyl acetate
1610.11  geranyl butyrate
1680.21  guaiol
1390.20para- menth-1-en-9-yl acetate
1134.05para- mentha-1,5,8-triene
9930.22beta- myrcene
1230.14  neral
1166.08allo- ocimene
1049.05beta- ocimene
1361.65  octadecanal
1310.773- octen-1-yl acetate
2140.72  osthol
1092.36alpha- phellandrene
1104.18beta- phellandrene
10713.87beta- pinene
1220.62(Z)- sabinene hydrate acetate
1651.13  spathulenol
1203.45  terpinen-4-ol
1111.25alpha- terpinene
1463.70alpha- terpinyl isobutyrate
1411.39neo-iso- verbenyl acetate
Ziba Alipour, Poroshat Taheri, and Nasrin Samadi Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Roudehen Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, 2Department of Chemistry, School of Art & Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United State, and 3Department of Drug and Food Control, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
fir needle oil siberian
171.66  borneol
1830.96  bornyl acetate
424.27  camphene
160.05  camphor
812.23delta-3- carene
200.59beta- caryophyllene
100.15para- cymene
190.17  geranyl acetate
210.33alpha- humulene
124.08  limonene
60.69  myrcene
70.12alpha- phellandrene
112.47beta- phellandrene
313.74alpha- pinene
51.57beta- pinene
12.52  santene
150.14  terpinen-4-ol
90.10alpha- terpinene
130.14gamma- terpinene
141.12  terpinolene
22.38  tricyclene

A. Orav, K. Kuningas and T. Kailas, Computerized capillary gas chromatographic identification and determination of Siberian fir oil constituents. J. Chromatogr., A, 697, 495-499 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 6, 55, (1996)

foeniculum vulgare mill. var. vulgare (mill.) thell. flower oil lithuania
1752.65(E)- anethole
160.29para- anisaldehyde
190.15beta- bisabolene
200.12delta- cadinene
20.13  camphene
140.21  camphor
71.21para- cymene
1215.59  fenchone
180.33  germacrene D
910.31  limonene
152.73  methyl chavicol
51.25  myrcene
100.77(Z)-beta- ocimene
66.15alpha- phellandrene
80.82beta- phellandrene
14.08alpha- pinene
40.33beta- pinene
30.22  sabinene
110.81gamma- terpinene
130.10  terpinolene

P. R. Venskutonis, A. Dapkevicius and T. A. van Beek, Essential oils of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill,) from Lithuania. J. Essent. Oil Res., 8, 211-213 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

glycosmis pentaphylla (cor.) seed oil india
170.40  borneol
70.401,8- cineole
62.90para- cymene
231.60  decanal
210.403,7- dimethyl-1,5-octadiene-3,7-diol
260.50  geraniol
91.20  limonene
1424.50  linalool
120.60(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
130.80(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
180.40(E)- linalool oxide pyranoid
190.50(Z)- linalool oxide pyranoid
160.20(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
15trace(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
271.1para-menthane-1,8-diol hydrate
50.40  myrcene
250.40  nerol
41.20  octanal
111.00  octanol
80.20beta- phellandrene
12.10alpha- pinene
36.00beta- pinene
23.80  sabinene
2019.20  terpinen-4-ol
100.60gamma- terpinene
224.20alpha- terpineol
287.001,2,4- trihydroxy-para-menthane
290.601,2,4- trihydroxy-para-menthane
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 471, (2000)
helichrysum italicum flower oil
142.01(E)-alpha- bergamotene
150.87(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
170.03(E)-alpha- bisabolene
240.19(E)-gamma- bisabolene
230.07(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
210.25beta- bisabolene
340.81  bulnesol
161.85beta- caryophyllene
300.08  caryophyllene oxide
251.08ar- curcumene
1915.98gamma- curcumene
80.13para- cymene
330.1110-epi-gamma- eudesmol
350.20alpha- eudesmol
360.41beta- eudesmol
290.45  geranyl isovalerate
321.65  guaiol
100.05(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
180.06alpha- humulene
131.84  italicene
41.09  limonene
121.04  linalool
110.136- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
220.37alpha- muurolene
20.17  myrcene
274.47  nerol
310.20(Z)- nerolidol
2016.60  neryl acetate
280.18  neryl isovalerate
266.53  neryl propionate
60.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.40(E)-beta-ocimene + gamma-terpinene
50.09beta- phellandrene
13.41alpha- pinene
30.22alpha- terpinene
90.39  terpinolene
A. 0, Tucker, M. J. Maciarello, D, J. Charles and J, E, Simon, Volatile leaf oil of the curry plant (Helichtysurn italicurn (Roth) G. Don subsp. italicum) and dwarf curry plant (subsp, microphyllum (Willd.) Nyman) in the North American herb trade, J. Essent. Oil, Res,, 9,583-565 (1997). P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)
hyacinthus orientalis absolute
340.21-0.27  benzaldehyde
4736..84-44.24  benzyl acetate
521.78-1.95  benzyl alcohol
732.94-3.06  benzyl benzoate
630.80-0.13  benzyl tiglate
33trace2-sec- butyl-3-methoxypyrazine
35trace2-iso butyl-3-methoxypyrazine
20.01-0.05  camphene
390.02beta- caryophyllene
110.011,8- cineole
59trace  cinnamaldehyde
650.21-0.32  cinnamyl acetate
703.46-4.04(E)- cinnamyl alcohol
67trace(Z)- cinnamyl alcohol
560.02-0.04  creosol
170.05-0.56para- cymene
320.01-0.02  decanal
680.29-0.32  elemicin
440.05-0.09  ethyl benzoate
661.57-1.68  eugenol
420.00-trace(E)-beta- farnesene
46trace-0.03(Z,E)-alpha- farnesene
30.02  hexanal
230.03-0.04  hexanol
250.76-2.66(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
280.02(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
240.03-0.08(E)-3- hexen-1-ol
210.02-0.05(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
64trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl benzoate
310.00-0.01(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
150.04-0.19(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl formate
430.32-0.48(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl tiglate
16trace-0.01  hexyl acetate
483.80-3.94 hydroquinone dimethyl ether + (E,E)-alpha-farnesene
720.05-0.08  indole
90.53-1.00  limonene
360.03  linalool
710.00-trace2-(4- methoxyphenyl) ethyl alcohol
40.012- methyl (E)-2-butenal
600.01-0.10  methyl 2-methoxybenzoate
270.01-0.024- methyl anisole
690.02-0.03  methyl anthranilate
400.09-0.10  methyl benzoate
571.12-1.40  methyl eugenol
62trace  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
490.04-0.07  methyl salicylate
220.01-0.036- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
71.80-2.05  myrcene
260.01-0.03  nonanal
1313.72-14.93(E)-beta- ocimene
120.75-1.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
190.02-0.05  octanal
370.04  octanol
140.02-0.033- octanone
300.66-1.301- octen-3-ol
200.011- octen-3-one
60.01-0.021- penten-3-ol
8trace-0.01alpha- phellandrene
100.01beta- phellandrene
511.62-2.482- phenethyl acetate
538.96-16.392- phenethyl alcohol
740.40-0.532- phenethyl benzoate
50trace2- phenethyl formate
410.02-0.05  phenyl acetaldehyde
550.05-0.063- phenyl propyl acetate
580.81-0.863- phenyl propyl alcohol
10.08-0.16alpha- picoline
29trace2-iso propyl-3-methoxypyrazine
450.00-0.04alpha- terpineol
180.01  terpinolene
611.12-1.261,2,4- trimethoxybenzene
380.16-0.172- undecanone
E. J. Brunke, F. J. Hammerschmidt and G. Schmaus, Head-space analysis of hyacinth flowers Fla.. Fragr J., 9, 56-69 (1994). P&F 20, No. 6, 35, (1995)
hyssopus officinalis oil
140.3(E)- anethole
171.2beta- bourbonene
181.4beta- caryophyllene
40.1para- cymene
70.4  dihydroverbenone
190.1alpha- humulene
60.6  linalool
160.5  methyl eugenol
3trace  myrcene
131.3  myrtenol
50.2beta- phellandrene
1tracealpha- pinene
20.2beta- pinene
1018.1  pinocamphone
917.4iso pinocamphone
80.6  pinocarveol
150.3  sabinyl acetate
110.4  terpinen-4-ol
120.2alpha- terpineol

C. Bourrel, G. Vilarem, G. Michel and A. Gaset, étude des propriétés bacteriostatiques et fongistatiques en milieu solide de 24 huiles essentielles préamblement analysées. Rivista Ital. EPPOS, No. 16, 3-12 (1995).

P&F 24, No. 3, 47, (1999)

hyssopus officinalis oil CO2 extract
180.1allo- aromadendrene
235.8  bicyclogermacrene
320.4T- cadinol
30.1  camphene
174.2beta- caryophyllene
242.5iso caryophyllene
260.11-(1,4- dimethyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl) ethanone
2216.0  germacrene D
131.2alpha- gurjunene
292.3  hedycaryol
270.5  ledol
70.1  limonene
150.3  linalool
210.5  methyl chavicol
280.4  methyl eugenol
200.4  methyl myrtenate
60.2  myrcene
253.2  myrtenol
90.7  myrtenyl methyl ether
80.7beta- phellandrene
2tracealpha- pinene
42.2beta- pinene
1212.0  pinocamphone
1416.5iso pinocamphone
191.0trans- pinocarveol
1620.3  pinocarvone
50.2  sabinene
300.1beta- selinenol
314.7  spathulenol
1tracealpha- thujene
100.1alpha- thujone
11tracebeta- thujone

K. Kerrola B. Galambosi and H. Kallio, Volatile Components and Odor Intensity of Four Phenotypes of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.). J. Agric. Focal Chem., 42, 776-781(1994).

P&F 20, No. 5, 95, (1995)

illicium verum fruit oil china
2387.89(E)- anethole
210.20(Z)- anethole
220.28para- anisaldehyde
250.06  anise ketone
340.16allo- aromadendrene
310.14beta- bergamotene
350.22beta- bisabolene
160.04  borneol
150.05iso borneol
20.03  camphene
140.02  camphor
70.58delta-3- carene
290.35beta- caryophyllene
280.31iso caryophyllene
100.201,8- cineole
260.10alpha- copaene
80.29para- cymene
270.04beta- elemene
300.50gamma- elemene
390.05  elemol
330.42(E)-beta- farnesene
380.03  farnesol
360.89  foeniculin
92.38  limonene
130.73  linalool
190.57  methyl chavicol
320.32  methyl isoeugenol
50.41  myrcene
370.12  nerolidol
60.39alpha- phellandrene
120.03beta- phellandrene
10.49alpha- pinene
40.03beta- pinene
240.194-iso propyl tropolone
30.03  sabinene
200.14  safrole
170.03  terpinen-4-ol
110.30gamma- terpinene
180.28alpha- terpineol

L-F. Sun, Studies on the Chemical constituents of the volatile oil of Illicium verum Hook. f grown in Shangyou. Youji Huaxue, 10, 183-186 (1990).

P&F 17, No. 2, 39, (1992)

juniperus communis fruit oil CO2 extract
101.20para- cymene
73.90  limonene
53.90  myrcene
81.00beta- phellandrene
114.10alpha- pinene
30.80beta- pinene
432.20  sabinene
120.50(E)- sabinene hydrate
1316.30  terpinen-4-ol
64.10alpha- terpinene
96.90gamma- terpinene
141.10alpha- terpineol
113.00  terpinolene
23.60alpha- thujene

F. Tomi, P. Bradesi, A. Bighelli and J. Casanova, Computer-aided Identification of Individual Components of Essential Oils Using Carbon-13-NMR Spectroscopy. J. Magnet Res. Anal., 25-34


P&F 21, No. 1, 37, (1996)

juniperus communis leaf oil
170.40  bornyl acetate
20.50  camphene
200.60beta- caryophyllene
94.001,4- cineole
113.60para- cymene
13<0.10  limonene oxide
14<0.10  linalool
16<0.10  linalyl acetate
30.10para- menthane
65.50  myrcene
21<0.10  nerol
220.30  neryl acetate
71.30alpha- phellandrene
103.30beta- phellandrene
133.70alpha- pinene
41.10beta- pinene
527.60  sabinene
154.60  terpinen-4-ol
81.90alpha- terpinene
123.00gamma- terpinene
180.20alpha- terpineol
19<0.10alpha- terpinyl acetate

H. Horster, C. Csedo and G. Racz, Gas chromatographic analysis of the volatile oil from juniper leaves (Juniperus communis L. ) harvsted in Romania, Orvosi Szemle. 20, 78-62 (1974); Revista Medicula, 20, 79-83 (1974).

P&F 19, No. 1, 31, (1994)

juniperus sabina oil
180.10  cadinene
30.10  camphene
100.201,8- cineole
190.20  citronellol
130.20para- cymene
200.20  elemol
81.50  limonene
53.40  myrcene
60.20alpha- phellandrene
90.20beta- phellandrene
11.60alpha- pinene
423.50  sabinene
170.30(Z)- sabinol
1645.50(Z)- sabinyl acetate
153.10  terpinen-4-ol
70.50alpha- terpinene
111.30gamma- terpinene
120.80  terpinolene
20.90alpha- thujene
141.10beta- thujone

G. Fournier, N. Pages, C. Fournier and G. Callen, Contribution to the study of the essential oil of various cultivars of ]uniperus sabina. Planta Med., 57, 392-393 (1991).

P&F 16, No. 6, 49, (1991)

laurus nobilis bark oil
20.3  camphene
150.7beta- caryophyllene
937.71,8- cineole
110.5para- cymene
191.7  eugenol
71.8  limonene
136.6  linalool
183.1  methyl eugenol
51.0  myrcene
60.2alpha- phellandrene
80.6beta- phellandrene
14.0alpha- pinene
34.3beta- pinene
47.6  sabinene
146.8  terpinen-4-ol
100.3gamma- terpinene
160.3alpha- terpineol
120.2  terpinolene
1717.3alpha- terpinyl acetate

N. A. Kekelidze, Essential oils of the bark, wood and stem of Laurus nobilis. Khim, Prir. Soedin., (3), 457-459 (1987).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

laurus nobilis leaf oil
20.8  camphene
932.71,8- cineole
103.8para- cymene
152.6  eugenol
72.0  limonene
114.9  linalool
143.8  methyl eugenol
51.8  myrcene
60.5alpha- phellandrene
80.9beta- phellandrene
15.8alpha- pinene
35.4beta- pinene
48.8  sabinene
125.7  terpinen-4-ol
1316.8alpha- terpinyl acetate

W. G. Pruidze, S. G. Tukvadze and N. A. Kekelidze, The change in essential oil composition on storage of the leaves of Laurus nobilis. Tr. Gruz. Nauch-Issled. Inst. Pishch. Prom., (5), 151-155 (1971).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

laurus nobilis stem oil
20.2  camphene
150.4beta- caryophyllene
932.81,8- cineole
110.4para- cymene
192.2  eugenol
71.5  limonene
136.6  linalool
183.2  methyl eugenol
50.8  myrcene
60.1alpha- phellandrene
80.4beta- phellandrene
13.5alpha- pinene
33.6beta- pinene
48.7  sabinene
147.0  terpinen-4-ol
100.2gamma- terpinene
160.5alpha- terpineol
120.1  terpinolene
1720.5alpha- terpinyl acetate

N. A. Kekelidze, Production of Laurus nobilis leaf oil from fresh material. Maslo-Zhir. Prom., (10), 28 (1985).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

laurus nobilis wood oil
20.1  camphene
150.7beta- caryophyllene
97.91,8- cineole
110.1para- cymene
195.0  eugenol
70.1  limonene
136.2  linalool
183.8  methyl eugenol
50.2  myrcene
60.1alpha- phellandrene
80.1beta- phellandrene
11.0alpha- pinene
30.3beta- pinene
415.3  sabinene
148.4  terpinen-4-ol
100.1gamma- terpinene
161.9alpha- terpineol
120.1  terpinolene
1744.8alpha- terpinyl acetate

N. A. Kekelidze, Production of Laurus nobilis leaf oil from fresh material. Maslo-Zhir. Prom., (10), 28 (1985).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

leptospermum scoparium var. eximium oil australia
20trace  aromadendrene
220.30allo- aromadendrene
280.80  bicyclogermacrene
21tracealpha- bulnesene
290.90gamma- cadinene
3trace  camphene
181.70beta- caryophyllene
320.30  caryophyllene oxide
100.101,8- cineole
14tracepara- cymene
170.10beta- elemene
3911.50alpha- eudesmol
4013.80beta- eudesmol
3813.60gamma- eudesmol
2tracealpha- fenchene
300.50  geraniol
353.30  globulol
230.40alpha- humulene
81.40  limonene
164.40  linalool
34trace(E)- methyl cinnamate
60.30  myrcene
330.40(E)- nerolidol
130.80(E)-beta- ocimene
110.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
310.40  palustrol
9tracebeta- phellandrene
118.10alpha- pinene
40.70beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
270.30alpha- selinene
260.30beta- selinene
371.80  spathulenol
190.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.10alpha- terpinene
120.10gamma- terpinene
253.00alpha- terpineol
150.20  terpinolene
240.30  viridiflorene
364.30  viridiflorol

J. J. Brophhy, B. J. Goldsack, A. R. Bean, P. I. Forester and B. J. Lepschi, Leaf essential oils of the genus Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) in eastern Australia. Part 5. Leptospermum continentale and allies. Flav. Fragr. J., 14, 98-104 (1999).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

levisticum officinale flower oil
240.42  bornyl acetate
10.45  butanal
80.22  camphene
192.33para- cymene
145.60  limonene
3trace2- methyl butanal
4trace3- methyl butanal
20.222- methyl-2-propenal
124.30  myrcene
180.55(E)-beta- ocimene
160.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
220.40allo- ocimene
5trace  pentanal
230.48  pentyl benzene
210.56 pentyl cyclohexadiene
113.14alpha- phellandrene
1536.30beta- phellandrene
61.20alpha- pinene
90.26beta- pinene
100.73  sabinene
130.70alpha- terpinene
171.40gamma- terpinene
201.50  terpinolene
254.70alpha- terpinyl acetate
70.08alpha- thujene

E. Bylaite, A. Legger, J. P. Roozen and P. R. Venskutonis, Dynamic headspace gas chromatography of different botanical parts of lovage (Levisticum officinale Koch.). Spec. Publ. Royal Soc. Chem., 66-69 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

levisticum officinale flower oil
6trace  dihydro-1,8-cineole
250.14  bornyl acetate
340.51(Z)-3- butylidene phthalide
350.34(E)-3-butylidene phthalide
370.27(E)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
3616.01(Z)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
30.21  camphene
230.27  carvone
110.92para- cymene
260.79(Z)-dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
300.13beta- farnesene
28trace  geranyl acetate
32trace  germacrene A
330.37  germacrene B
311.00  germacrene D
132.25  limonene
180.22  linalool
290.10  methyl eugenol
77.12  myrcene
150.24(E)-beta- ocimene
142.50(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.17  octanal
190.40 pentyl cyclohexadiene
240.15  phellandral
90.93alpha- phellandrene
1240.82beta- phellandrene
21.01alpha- pinene
50.31beta- pinene
200.444-iso propyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
41.00  sabinene
210.14  terpinen-4-ol
10tracealpha- terpinene
161.87gamma- terpinene
220.31alpha- terpineol
170.11  terpinolene
2716.27alpha- terpinyl acetate
10.11alpha- thujene
levisticum officinale leaf oil
230.38  bornyl acetate
10.08  butanal
70.27  camphene
187.11para- cymene
133.00  limonene
2trace2- methyl butanal
3trace3- methyl butanal
113.30  myrcene
17trace(E)-beta- ocimene
151.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
210.32allo- ocimene
4trace  pentanal
220.30  pentyl benzene
20trace pentyl cyclohexadiene
102.37alpha- phellandrene
1438.30beta- phellandrene
50.70alpha- pinene
80.37beta- pinene
91.70  sabinene
120.80alpha- terpinene
162.60gamma- terpinene
19trace  terpinolene
242.60alpha- terpinyl acetate
60.20alpha- thujene

E. Bylaite, A. Legger, J. P. Roozen and P. R. Venskutonis, Dynamic headspace gas chromatography of different botanical parts of lovage (Levisticum officinale Koch.). Spec. Publ. Royal Soc. Chem., 66-69 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

levisticum officinale root oil
220.26  bornyl acetate
251.33(E)-3- butylidene phthalide
242.24(Z)-3- butylidene phthalide
270.55(E)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
2661.79(Z)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
20.07  camphene
160.19alpha- copaene
170.87beta- cubebene
70.86para- cymene
90.18  limonene
202.79  linalool
50.45  myrcene
110.63(E)-beta- ocimene
100.22(Z)-beta- ocimene
140.47  pentyl benzene
150.13  pentyl cyclohexane
60.24alpha- phellandrene
80.07beta- phellandrene
10.65alpha- pinene
42.05beta- pinene
30.12  sabinene
195.92beta- selinene
181.58gamma- selinene
120.74gamma- terpinene
214.12alpha- terpineol
130.37  terpinolene
230.22alpha- terpinyl acetate

J-Q. Cu, F. Pu, Y. Shi, F. Perineau, M. Delmas and A. Gaset, The chemical composition of lovage headspace and essential oils produced by solvent extraction with various solvents. J. Essent. Oil. Res., 2, 53-59 (1990).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

levisticum officinale seed oil
200.70  bornyl acetate
10.35  butanal
40.75  camphene
153.50para- cymene
102.60  limonene
84.20  myrcene
140.98(E)-beta- ocimene
121.70(Z)-beta- ocimene
18traceallo- ocimene
190.26  pentyl benzene
171.66 pentyl cyclohexadiene
711.91alpha- phellandrene
1120.90beta- phellandrene
21.90alpha- pinene
50.90beta- pinene
61.10  sabinene
94.80alpha- terpinene
132.11gamma- terpinene
160.86  terpinolene
210.80alpha- terpinyl acetate
30.24alpha- thujene

E. Bylaite, A. Legger, J. P. Roozen and P. R. Venskutonis, Dynamic headspace gas chromatography of different botanical parts of lovage (Levisticum officinale Koch.). Spec. Publ. Royal Soc. Chem., 66-69 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

levisticum officinale seed oil
250.13  bornyl acetate
330.69(Z)-3- butylidene phthalide
340.26(E)-3-butylidene phthalide
360.23(E)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
3514.18(Z)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
30.25  camphene
230.10  carvone
100.59para- cymene
261.35(Z)-dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
290.78beta- farnesene
31trace  germacrene A
320.47  germacrene B
300.82  germacrene D
123.16  limonene
170.11  linalool
280.20  methyl eugenol
220.11  methyl salicylate
62.19  myrcene
130.54(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.21  octanal
180.43 pentyl cyclohexadiene
240.10  phellandral
81.96alpha- phellandrene
1161.50beta- phellandrene
21.47alpha- pinene
50.35beta- pinene
190.804-iso propyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
40.54  sabinene
20trace  terpinen-4-ol
9tracealpha- terpinene
150.39gamma- terpinene
21tracealpha- terpineol
16trace  terpinolene
274.56alpha- terpinyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene
mace oil
110.16  borneol
160.09  bornyl acetate
230.15delta- cadinene
40.67delta-3- carene
210.07beta-caryophyllene + (E)-isoeugenol
66.971,8-cineole + limonene
253.14  elemicin
200.45(Z)-iso eugenol
180.15 eugenol + alpha-terpinyl acetate
140.22  geraniol
190.16 geranyl acetate + alpha-copaene
220.03alpha- humulene
90.42 linalool + terpinolene
170.22  methyl eugenol
260.01  myristic acid
245.92  myristicin
33.17alpha- phellandrene
72.80beta- phellandrene
115.24alpha- pinene
245.52beta-pinene + sabinene
150.67 safrole + para-cymen-8-ol
124.59  terpinen-4-ol
81.83gamma- terpinene
53.53alpha-terpinene + para-cymene
100.32beta- terpineol
130.94alpha-terpineol + piperitol
270.05 triglyceryl myristate

M. Gopalakrishnan, Chemical composition of nutmeg and mace. J. Spices Aromat. Crops, 1, 49-54 (1992).

P&F 25, No. 3, 54, (2000)

mandarin oil avana
30.01  camphene
300.06beta- caryophyllene
160.04  citronellal
260.11  decanal
320.04  farnesene
220.07  geranial
210.03  geraniol
310.03alpha- humulene
1073.58  limonene
150.19  linalool
290.48  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
61.73  myrcene
20trace  neral
190.04  nerol
250.01  nonanal
28trace  nonanol
120.02(E)-beta- ocimene
11trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
240.08  octanal
270.02  octanol
70.06alpha- phellandrene
90.39beta- phellandrene
21.79alpha- pinene
51.36beta- pinene
40.22  sabinene
330.14alpha- sinensal
170.20  terpinen-4-ol
80.40alpha- terpinene
1316.68gamma- terpinene
180.38alpha- terpineol
140.78  terpinolene
10.66alpha- thujene
230.11  thymol
G. Ruberto, D. Bondi, P. Rapisarda, A. Renda and A. Starrantino, Essential oil of cami, a new Citrus hybrid, J. Agric. Food Chem., 45, 3206-3210 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

mandarin oil avana
10.64alpha- thujene
21.78alpha- pinene
30.02  camphene
40.17  sabinene
51.41beta- pinene
60.06  octanal
71.71  myrcene
80.07alpha- phellandrene
9tracedelta-3- carene
100.24alpha- terpinene
110.52beta- phellandrene
120.23para- cymene
1372.71  limonene
14trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
150.02(E)-beta- ocimene
1617.17gamma- terpinene
170.03  octanol
180.82  terpinolene
190.02  nonanal
200.16  linalool
210.02  citronellal
220.27  terpinen-4-ol
230.37alpha- terpineol
240.11  decanal
250.07  nerol
26trace  neral
270.03  geraniol
280.08  geranial
290.02  thymol
300.46  methyl N-methyl anthranilate
310.06beta- caryophyllene
320.02alpha- humulene
330.05(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
mentha pulegium herb oil spain
20.10  camphene
70.10para- cymene
60.80 limonene + 1,8-cineole + (E)-beta-ocimene
120.10neo menthol
13traceneoisomenthol + menthol
1015.6  menthone
112.20isomenthone + menthofuran
81.203- octanol
9trace1- octen-3-ol
5tracebeta- phellandrene
11.50alpha- pinene
30.50beta-pinene + sabinene
150.50  piperitone
1472.40 pulegone + isomenthol + menthyl acetate + isopulegone
4tracealpha- terpinene

M. de Gavina Mugica and J. T. Ochoa, Aceite esencial de Menthal pulegium L. “poleo” In: Contribucion al estudio de los aceites esenciales Espanoles 11. Aceites esenciales de la provinvia de Guadalajara. pp. 235-254, Minist. Agric. Instituto National de Investigaciones Agrarias, Madrid (1974).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

microstrobos fitzgeraldii leaf oil australia
13traceallo- aromadendrene
12trace  aromadendrene
30.30  camphene
180.50  citronellol
160.20  citronellyl acetate
170.10ar- curcumene
190.20para- cymen-8-ol
100.10para- cymene
250.30alpha- eudesmol
260.50beta- eudesmol
240.40gamma- eudesmol
2327.00  hibaene
271.5015- kaurene
306.3016- kaurene
73.20  limonene
624.10  myrcene
200.40(E)- nerolidol
80.60beta- phellandrene
222.70alpha- pinene
40.50beta- pinene
140.10trans- pinocarveol
50.50  sabinene
213.30  spathulenol
90.20gamma- terpinene
150.20alpha- terpineol
110.10  terpinolene
10.20  tricyclene
222.70 unknown a
280.10 unknown b
290.10 unknown c
310.20 unknown d
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 108, (2001)
microstrobos niphophilus leaf oil australia
161.00  bicyclogermacrene
170.60delta- cadinene
240.70T- cadinol
272.10alpha- cadinol
40.90  camphene
180.60  citronellol
200.20epi- cubenol
190.30  cubenol
120.10para- cymene
3trace fenchene
150.30  germacrene D
210.40  globulol
930.50  limonene
250.80T- muurolol
260.30alpha- muurolol
720.80  myrcene
100.70beta- phellandrene
226.90alpha- pinene
50.90beta- pinene
60.80  sabinene
233.60  spathulenol
80.50alpha- terpinene
110.70gamma- terpinene
140.40alpha- terpineol
130.50  terpinolene
10.80  tricyclene
220.30  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 108, (2001)
mikania cordata (burm. f.) b.l. robinson var. cordata leaf oil france
240.40  aromadendrene
290.80  bicyclogermacrene
330.50(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
190.80beta- bourbonene
470.60 cadinadienol
341.10gamma- cadinene
372.60delta- cadinene
440.10T- cadinol
461.60alpha- cadinol
360.20(Z)- calamenene
2211.80beta- caryophyllene
410.90  caryophyllene oxide
182.00alpha- copaene
230.40beta- copaene
110.10  cryptone
150.10alpha- cubebene
350.20  cubebol
300.101-epi- cubenol
160.60  cyclosativene
70.40para- cymene
212.10beta- elemene
140.50delta- elemene
280.50(Z,E)-alpha- farnesene
321.30  germacrene A
381.40  germacrene B
2721.60  germacrene D
400.30  germacrene D-4-ol
256.10alpha- humulene
422.70  humulene oxide II
91.10  limonene
100.50  linalool
261.10gamma- muurolene
311.10alpha- muurolene
390.70(E)- nerolidol
50.902- pentyl furan
80.80beta- phellandrene
60.10  phenyl acetaldehyde
29.60alpha- pinene
45.20beta- pinene
31.30  sabinene
201.40  sativene
120.50  terpinen-4-ol
130.50alpha- terpineol
11.30alpha- thujene
430.10  widdrol
170.90alpha- ylangene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 31, (2001)
murraya koenigii fruit oil india
33<0.05  aromadendrene
280.40  bornyl acetate
370.10delta- cadinene
400.10T- cadinol
40.40  camphene
9<0.05delta-3- carene
313.00beta- caryophyllene
110.10para- cymene
250.10  decanal
17<0.05alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
30<0.05beta- elemene
41<0.05beta- eudesmol
42<0.05(E,E)- farnesol
270.10  geraniol
39<0.05  globulol
320.10beta- gurjunene
34<0.05gamma- gurjunene
350.60alpha- humulene
123.50  limonene
190.10  linalool
73.10  myrcene
260.10  nerol
380.10(E)- nerolidol
290.20  neryl acetate
140.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
150.50(E)-beta- ocimene
82.70alpha- phellandrene
1323.10beta- phellandrene
348.10alpha- pinene
67.10beta- pinene
50.10  sabinene
20<0.05(Z)- sabinene hydrate
360.10alpha- selinene
230.30  terpinen-4-ol
100.20alpha- terpinene
163.00gamma- terpinene
22<0.05(E)-beta- terpineol
210.10(Z)-beta- terpineol
240.20alpha- terpineol
180.70  terpinolene
20.20alpha- thujene
1<0.05  tricyclene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 766, (2000)
murraya koenigii leaf oil india
350.10  aromadendrene
290.70  bornyl acetate
400.10delta- cadinene
460.10T- cadinol
30.20  camphene
8<0.05delta-3- carene
334.90beta- caryophyllene
440.10  caryophyllene oxide
310.10alpha- copaene
100.10para- cymene
260.10  decanal
17<0.05alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
320.20beta- elemene
410.30  elemol
470.20beta- eudesmol
480.20(E,E)- farnesol
28<0.05  geraniol
450.20  globulol
380.10(Z)-beta- guaiene
34<0.05beta- gurjunene
360.10gamma- gurjunene
371.20alpha- humulene
230.10  lavandulol
115.10  limonene
192.00  linalool
62.40  myrcene
270.10  nerol
420.30(E)- nerolidol
300.10  neryl acetate
147.10(E)-beta- ocimene
130.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
76.10alpha- phellandrene
1249.00beta- phellandrene
29.00alpha- pinene
51.50beta- pinene
40.20  sabinene
16<0.05(E)- sabinene hydrate
20<0.05(Z)- sabinene hydrate
390.20alpha- selinene
430.10  spathulenol
240.40  terpinen-4-ol
90.20alpha- terpinene
150.20gamma- terpinene
22<0.05(E)-beta- terpineol
210.30(Z)-beta- terpineol
250.60alpha- terpineol
180.20  terpinolene
10.10alpha- thujene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 766, (2000)
myristica fragrans oil CO2 extract
30tracealpha- bergamotene
20trace  borneol
320.10delta- cadinene
30.10  camphene
80.40delta-3- carene
290.20beta- caryophyllene
270.60alpha- copaene
100.80para- cymene
333.10  elemicin
28trace(E)-iso eugenol
250.20  geranyl acetate
122.80  limonene
160.60  linalool
230.20  linalyl acetate
3540.00 lipids
190.10(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
180.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
260.10  methyl eugenol
61.40  myrcene
344.00  myristic acid
311.30  myristicin
70.30alpha- phellandrene
111.10beta- phellandrene
26.40alpha- pinene
55.50beta- pinene
420.70  sabinene
141.00(E)- sabinene hydrate
170.60(Z)- sabinene hydrate
240.10  safrole
211.40  terpinen-4-ol
90.40alpha- terpinene
130.80gamma- terpinene
220.20alpha- terpineol
150.20  terpinolene
11.10alpha- thujene

D. A. Moyler, R. M. Bowing and M. A. Stevens, CO2 extraction of essential oils: Part V. Nutmeg and mace oils. In: Spices, Herbs and Edible Fungi. Edit. G. Charalambous, 145-170, Elsevier Sci., B. V. Amsterdam (1994).

P&F 25, No. 5, 52, (2000)

myristica fragrans oil CO2 extract (mace)
310.10alpha- bergamotene
330.10delta- cadinene
30.10  camphene
80.60delta-3- carene
300.20beta- caryophyllene
280.40alpha- copaene
100.80para- cymene
344.20  elemicin
24trace  eugenol
290.10(E)-iso eugenol
260.20  geranyl acetate
123.20  limonene
161.10  linalool
220.20  linalyl acetate
3650.00 lipids
19trace(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
18trace(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
270.10  methyl eugenol
61.40  myrcene
350.20  myristic acid
321.90  myristicin
70.40alpha- phellandrene
111.20beta- phellandrene
26.60alpha- pinene
57.50beta- pinene
413.20  sabinene
140.90(E)- sabinene hydrate
170.40(Z)- sabinene hydrate
230.20  safrole
200.70  terpinen-4-ol
90.70alpha- terpinene
131.20gamma- terpinene
210.10alpha- terpineol
150.40  terpinolene
250.10alpha- terpinyl acetate
12.40alpha- thujene

D. A. Moyler, R. M. Bowing and M. A. Stevens, CO2 extraction of essential oils: Part V. Nutmeg and Mace oils. In: Spices, Herbs and Edible fungi., Edit., G. Charalambous, 145-170, Elsevier Sci. B.V., Amsterdam (1994).

P&F 25, No. 3, 54, (2000)

orange peel oil bitter brazil
2trace  camphene
220.10beta- caryophyllene
170.06 citronellal + octyl acetate
28trace  citronellol
24trace  citronellyl acetate
10tracepara- cymene
180.12  decanal
120.03  dodecanal
130.06  geranial
16trace  geranyl acetate
792.29  limonene
190.21  linalool
200.37  linalyl acetate
53.10  myrcene
250.05  neral
270.05  neryl acetate
150.02  nonanal
230.03  nonanol
6tracealpha- phellandrene
8tracebeta- phellandrene
10.89alpha- pinene
31.17beta- pinene
40.23  sabinene
210.03  terpinen-4-ol
90.07gamma- terpinene
260.07alpha- terpineol
110.07 terpinolene + octanal
140.29  valencene

M. Koketsu, M. T. Magaihaes, V. C. Wilberg and M. G. R. Domaliso, Oleos Essenciais de Frutos Citricos Cultivados no Brazil. Bol. Pesqui EMBRAPA Cent. Technol. Agric. Aliment., (7), 21 (1983).

P&F 16, No. 4, 49, (1991)

origanum majorana herb oil turkey
320.01-0.05(E)- anethole
290.00-0.64  borneol
30.21-0.25  camphene
60.07-0.08delta-3- carene
3778.27-79.46  carvacrol
300.15-0.17  carvone
340.11-0.12  caryophyllene oxide
100.21-0.351,8- cineole
330.02-0.07para- cymen-8-ol
154.31-4.68para- cymene
260.04-0.08(Z)- dihydrocarvone
250.65-0.75(E)-dihydrocarvone + methyl carvacrol
310.03-0.04delta- elemene
270.00-0.02alpha- humulene
90.20-0.26  limonene
230.21-0.69  linalool
180.00-0.02(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
210.01-0.03  methyl 2-hydroxy-3-methyl pentanoate
10.00-0.12  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
170.04-0.096- methyl-3-heptanol
71.59-1.93  myrcene
140.00-0.04(E)-beta- ocimene
120.13-0.17(Z)-beta- ocimene
190.18-0.281- octen-3-ol
110.19-0.24beta- phellandrene
21.66-1.76alpha- pinene
40.16-0.19beta- pinene
50.03-0.04  sabinene
200.51-0.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.17-0.21(Z)- sabinene hydrate
350.09-0.11  spathulenol
240.22-0.29  terpinen-4-ol
80.95-1.27alpha- terpinene
133.72-4.84gamma- terpinene
280.56-1.35alpha- terpineol
160.12-0.13  terpinolene
360.48-1.53  thymol

K. H. C. Baser, N. Kirimer and G. Tumen, Composition of the essential oil of Origanum majorana L. from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 577-579 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 4, 33, (1994)

origanum majorana oil
102.70  citronellol
120.20  elemol
39.32  limonene
722.38  linalyl acetate
92.56  methyl chavicol
11.45  myrcene
130.15  nerolidol
112.07  patchoulene
24.84alpha- phellandrene
56.83beta- phellandrene
47.81  terpinene
826.85alpha- terpineol
64.59  terpinolene

Z. Y. Daw, G. E. El-Baroty and A. M. Ebtesam, Inhibition of Aspergillus parasiticus grown and aflatoxin production by some essential oils. Chem. Mikrobiol. Technol. Lebensmitt., 16(516), 129-135 (1994).

P&F 23, No. 5, 52, (2000)

origanum majorana var. tenuifolium weston oil cyprus
320.10-0.50(E)- anethole
300.30-1.00beta- bisabolene
260.10-0.20iso borneol
210.10-0.90  bornyl acetate
310.10-0.30delta- cadinene
330.10-0.30  calamenene
20.50-0.80  camphene
17trace-1.80  camphor
360.50-6.00  carvacrol
290.00-0.70  carvone
221.10-2.00beta- caryophyllene
340.10-0.80  caryophyllene oxide
81.30-2.101,8- cineole
16trace-0.20alpha- copaene
111.00-4.20para- cymene
37trace-0.20delta- elemene
240.60-1.20  geraniol
250.20-0.60alpha- humulene
71.20-2.10  limonene
192.00-4.30  linalool
200.00-0.10  linalyl acetate
51.20-2.30  myrcene
130.00-0.103- octanol
140.00-trace1- octen-3-ol
90.00-0.10beta- phellandrene
11.00-1.90alpha- pinene
30.20-0.50beta- pinene
280.70-1.30  piperitone
41.10-5.50  sabinene
151.50-4.70(E)- sabinene hydrate
187.40-33.00(Z)- sabinene hydrate
2316.60-21.60  terpinen-4-ol
64.70-6.50alpha- terpinene
108.30-11.10gamma- terpinene
277.30-14.20alpha- terpineol
121.70-2.40  terpinolene
350.00-0.10  thymol

F. I. Jean, G. J. Collin and D. Lord, Essential oils and microwave extracts of cultivated plants. Perfum. Flavor., 17(3), 35-41 (1992).

P&F 23, No. 5, 52, (2000)

pandanus odoratissimus oil
5trace  benzaldehyde
260.17-0.20  borneol
36trace-0.46  bornyl acetate
37tracedelta- cadinene
40.14-0.20  camphene
25trace-0.11  camphene hydrate
24trace-0.11  camphor
33trace  carvone
140.56-0.951,8- cineole
290.20-0.21para- cymen-8-ol
111.08-1.42para- cymene
42trace-0.16  docosane
350.10-0.16  geraniol
41trace  heneicosane
120.20-0.40  limonene
200.25-0.30  linalool
190.12-0.13(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
160.07-0.20(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
40trace-0.17  manoyl oxide
230.35(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
220.47-0.48(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
80.10-0.13  myrcene
38trace(E)- nerolidol
90.6-0.08alpha- phellandrene
130.16-0.35beta- phellandrene
210.05-0.132- phenethyl alcohol
1766.35-67.912- phenethyl methyl ether
30.30-0.40alpha- pinene
70.05-0.07beta- pinene
320.16-0.18(E)- piperitol
31trace-0.11(Z)- piperitol
340.21-0.25  piperitone
60.20-0.31  sabinene
39trace-0.21alpha- santalol
2818.07-20.88  terpinen-4-ol
100.09-0.22alpha- terpinene
150.28-0.76gamma- terpinene
301.89-2.05alpha- terpineol
180.24-0.28  terpinolene
44trace  tetracosane
20.10-0.33alpha- thujene
430.21-0.22  tricosane
1trace-0.02  tricyclene
270.07-0.08  umbellulone

M. Bisht, S, Sharma, C. S. Mathela and M. L, Maheshwari, Composition of the essential oil from the flowers of kewda (Pandanus odoratissimus L.). Indian Perfum., 41(2), 69-72 (1997).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

petitgrain oil paraguay
260.10(E+Z)- anhydrolinalool oxide furanoid
5tracedelta-3- carene
14tracepara- cymene
15tracealpha-para- dimethyl styrene
29trace  geranial
201.80  geraniol
244.20  geranyl acetate
84.00  limonene
1624.10  linalool
250.20(E+Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
2145.50  linalyl acetate
62.50  myrcene
28trace  neral
190.80  nerol
232.20  neryl acetate
112.50(E)-beta- ocimene
100.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
27trace  perillene
9tracebeta- phellandrene
20.20alpha- pinene
42.50beta- pinene
30.40  sabinene
170.10  terpinen-4-ol
70.30alpha- terpinene
120.10gamma- terpinene
185.20alpha- terpineol
130.40  terpinolene
220.10alpha- terpinyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene

M. H. Boelens and A. Oporto, Natural isolates from Seville bitter orange tree. Perf. & Flav., 16(6), 1-7 (1991).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

petitgrain sweet oil
61.66delta-3- carene
470.20trans- carveol
490.21cis- carveol
500.10  caryophyllene oxide
221.52  citronellal
421.30  citronellol
300.70  citronellyl acetate
440.60  cuminaldehyde
480.50para- cymen-8-ol
80.09ortho- cymene
143.17para- cymene
170.082,6- dimethyl-5-heptenal
390.312- dodecanone
260.03beta- elemene
310.17(E)-beta- farnesene
381.72  geranial
410.32  geranyl acetate
360.31  geranyl formate
109.76  limonene
2412.09  linalool
210.89(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
201.07(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
250.30  linalyl acetate
510.29para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-ol
120.12ortho- mentha-1(7),5,8-triene
430.09para- methyl acetophenone
340.20  methyl geranate
160.476- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
70.40  myrcene
290.50  myrtenal
450.07  myrtenol
321.01  neral
460.66  nerol
370.08  neryl acetate
180.753- octanol
190.16  perillene
110.01beta- phellandrene
10.95alpha- pinene
41.76beta- pinene
520.46para-iso propyl anisole
280.51iso pulegol
522.32  sabinene
230.61  sabinene hydrate
273.33  terpinen-4-ol
130.11gamma- terpinene
90.08alpha-terpinene + heptanal + 2-methyl-2-butenal
331.09alpha- terpineol
150.02  terpinolene
350.12alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.58alpha- thujene
30.08  toluene
400.392,6,6- trimethyl-2-vinyl-5-hydroxytetrahydropyran

A. Baaliouamer, B. Y. Meklati, D. Fraisse and C. Scharff, Analysis of leaf oils from four varieties of sweet orange by combined gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Flav. Fragr. J., 3, 47-52 ( 1988).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

petroselinum crispum leaf oil
3927.96 apiole
250.02alpha- bergamotene
480.04  bergapten
300.41beta- bisabolene
190.02  bornyl acetate
370.783- butyl phthalide
380.63(E)- butylidene phthalide
40trace(Z)- butylidene phthalide
350.01  carotol
240.02beta- caryophyllene
220.02alpha- copaene
71.46para- cymene
120.04para- cymenene
18trace(E)-2- decenal
170.77(Z)-2- decenal
291.672,6- dimethoxy-4-(2-propenyl) phenol
231.59beta- elemene
330.71  elemicin
521.79  falcarindiol
4915.00  falcarinol
260.01(E)-beta- farnesene
270.17  germacrene D
550.37  heraclenol
460.37  hexadecanoic acid
540.04  imperatorin
422.79(E)- ligustilide
440.01(Z)- ligustilide
130.15  linalool
510.01  linoleic acid
140.49para- menthatriene
500.06  methyl linoleate
51.94  myrcene
318.70  myristicin
360.06iso myristicin
150.05  myrtenal
340.02  nerolidol
90.02(E)-beta- ocimene
60.39alpha- phellandrene
81.72beta- phellandrene
328.51beta-sesqui phellandrene
531.06iso pimpinellin
20.25alpha- pinene
42.00beta- pinene
451.24  psoralen
30.01  sabinene
412.29  sedanenolide
100.09gamma- terpinene
112.50  terpinolene
21tracealpha- terpinyl acetate
10.14alpha- thujene
160.20  undecatriene
200.424- vinyl guaiacol
470.24  xanthotoxin
280.05  zingiberene

M. Spraul, Strukteraufklarung Wertgebender Inhaltsstoffe aus Petersilienblatten, - Wurzeln and -samen sowie aus Dillbluten. Ph.D. thesis Technische Universtat, Munchen (1991).

P&F 21, No. 4, 57, (1996)

petroselinum crispum leaf oil cuba
In 1997, Pino et al. analyLed a parsley leaf oil that was produced from plants grown in Cuba. Using CC/MS as the method of analysis the oil was determined to contain the following constituents:
240.02alpha- amorphene
3414.40 apiole
110.02  benzyl alcohol
210.02(E)-beta- bergamotene
321.42  carotol
190.24beta- caryophyllene
140.03  citronellal
160.09para- cymen-8-ol
50.03para- cymene
90.28alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
180.61beta- elemene
200.21gamma- elemene
281.70  elemicin
290.02iso elemicin
300.02  elemol
230.11(Z)-beta- farnesene
251.09  germacrene D
330.28  guaiol
220.03alpha- humulene
70.06  limonene
123.90para- mentha-1,3,8-triene
130.05para- mentha-1,4,8-triene
150.03para- menthatriene
30.84  myrcene
2663.90  myristicin
310.03  nerolidol
40.09alpha- phellandrene
61.60beta- phellandrene
271.04beta-sesqui phellandrene
10.03alpha- pinene
20.01beta- pinene
80.03gamma- terpinene
100.72  terpinolene
170.02  thymol

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado and V. Fuentes, Herb oil of parsley (Petroselinum crispum Mill.) from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 241-242 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

petroselinum crispum seed oil
230.07 apiole
200.07beta- bisabolene
220.35delta- cadinene
30.13  camphene
160.09para- cymen-8-ol
80.11para- cymene
130.28alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
212.64  elemicin
180.08beta- farnesene
100.10  limonene
140.28para- mentha-1,3,8-triene
150.10para- methyl acetophenone
60.54  myrcene
1947.54  myristicin
70.28alpha- phellandrene
97.52beta- phellandrene
222.28alpha- pinene
516.20beta- pinene
40.87  sabinene
110.10gamma- terpinene
170.07alpha- terpineol
120.14  terpinolene
10.19alpha- thujene

Y.H. Kim, K. S. Kim and C. K. Hong, Volatile Components of Parsley Leaf and Seed (Petrselinum crispum). J. Korean Agric. Chem. Soc., 33, 62-67 (1990).

P&F 16, No. 5, 75, (1991)

pinus mugo turra var. pumilio (haenke) zenari oil
36trace  bisabolol
230.43  bornyl acetate
200.13beta- bourbonene
3111.89delta-cadinene + geranyl acetate
375.82alpha- cadinol
342.17T- cadinol
320.13  calamenene
45.24  camphene
711.77delta-3- carene
260.40beta- caryophyllene
190.62alpha- copaene
180.33alpha- cubebene
140.09para- cymene
254.81beta- elemene
297.62  germacrene D
17trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
270.86alpha- humulene
109.13  limonene
210.07  linalool
220.10  linalyl acetate
150.07para- mentha-2,4(8)-diene
301.87alpha- muurolene
351.51alpha- muurolol
81.52  myrcene
130.33beta- ocimene
110.42beta- phellandrene
39.95alpha- pinene
51.20beta- pinene
60.30  sabinene
10.17  santene
330.24  spathulenol
240.39  terpinen-4-ol
90.13alpha- terpinene
120.23gamma- terpinene
280.10alpha- terpineol
162.15  terpinolene
20.38  tricyclene

M. Yatagai and T. Sato, Terpenes of leaf oils from conifers. Biochem. System. Ecol., 14, 469-478 (1986).

P&F 24, No. 3, 47, (1999)

pinus sylvestris leaf oil
Also in 1995, Stepen compared the composition of Pinus syIvestris oil produced in Siberia from needles harvested in July and September. He found that the oil varied as follows:
160.2-1.2beta- bisabolene
250.4-0.7  borneol
241.8-2.2iso borneol
261.1-3.2  bornyl acetate
45.3-7.0  camphene
212.1-2.9  camphor
73.4-11.6delta-3- carene
130.4-0.9beta- caryophyllene
200.1-0.2alpha- fenchol
181.6-1.9  fenchone
190.5iso fenchone
150.1-0.4alpha- humulene
86.1-8.7  limonene
120.3-0.9  longifolene
170.3-1.4alpha- muurolene
140.1-0.7epsilon- muurolene
64.6-5.9  myrcene
93.5-4.3beta- phellandrene
329.2-36.6alpha- pinene
52.2-4.2beta- pinene
11.8-3.4  santene
231.2-1.6  terpinen-4-ol
100.9-1.2gamma- terpinene
222.0-2.4alpha- terpineol
110.1-0.2  terpinolene
270.3-0.5alpha- terpinyl acetate
21.6-3.1  tricyclene

R. A. Stepen, The composition of essential oil and volatile terpenoids of Pinus sylvestris L. shoots in middle siberia. Rast. Resur., 31, 63-70 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 3, 66, (2001)

piper cubeba fruit oil
291.67allo- aromadendrene
521.39(E)- asarone
480.37  bisabolol
37tracedelta- cadinene
39trace  calamenene
150.04  camphor
20trace  carvone
271.69beta- caryophyllene
254.01alpha- copaene
231.65alpha- cubebene
264.39beta- cubebene
3815.18  cubebol
490.56  cubenol
190.01  cuminaldehyde
31tracegamma- curcumene
70.59para- cymene
470.16  dillapiole
220.10delta- elemene
41trace  elemicin
500.39(E)-iso elemicin
400.32  elemol
36tracealpha- farnesene
53trace  farnesol
322.89  germacrene D
440.77  germacrene D-4-ol
461.76  globulol
510.06  guaiol
280.45alpha- humulene
420.20  ledol
84.41  limonene
143.22  linalool
33trace  methyl isoeugenol
350.62alpha- muurolene
304.20gamma- muurolene
31.15  myrcene
34trace  myristicin
18trace  myrtenol
431.45(E)- nerolidol
90.07(E)-beta- ocimene
50.81(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.58alpha- phellandrene
60.76beta- phellandrene
15.44alpha- pinene
228.09  sabinene
13trace(E)- sabinene hydrate
112.73(Z)- sabinene hydrate
210.08  safrole
45trace  spathulenol
162.69  terpinen-4-ol
101.14gamma- terpinene
170.30alpha- terpineol
120.31  terpinolene
240.07alpha- ylangene

N. B. Shankaracharya, L. Jaganmohan Reo, S. Nagalakshmi and J. Puranaik, Studies on the chemical composition of cubeb (Piper cubeba Linn.). PAFAI J., 17(1), 33-39 (1995).

P&F 26, No. 4, 68, (2001)

piper nigrum fruit oil black
261.00alpha- amorphene
321.20  bisabolene
420.20beta- bisabolol
330.50delta- cadinene
390.20 cadinol
30.20  camphene
62.00delta-3- carene
190.10  carvone oxide
245.30beta- caryophyllene
360.10  caryophyllene alcohol
37trace  caryophyllene oxide
160.10  citronellal
221.20alpha- copaene
210.10alpha- cubebene
23tracebeta- elemene
200.10delta- elemene
340.30  elemol
41tracealpha- eudesmol
40tracebeta- eudesmol
250.10  farnesene
280.10alpha- guaiene
38trace  guaiol
270.60alpha- humulene
924.00  limonene
140.30  linalool
130.60(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
150.10(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
300.10gamma- muurolene
353.00  nerolidol
100.50(E)-beta- ocimene
80.60beta- phellandrene
27.80alpha- pinene
515.70beta- pinene
417.90  sabinene
290.10beta- selinene
170.60  terpinen-4-ol
79.90alpha- terpinene
110.50gamma- terpinene
180.20alpha- terpineol
120.10  terpinolene
12.10alpha- thujene
31trace  valencene

N. Chacko, A. Jayalekshmy, M. Gopalakrishnan and C. S. Natarajan, Roasting studies on black pepper(Piper nigrum L.), Flav. Fragr. J., 11, 305-310 (1996).

P&F 22, No. 2, 59, (1997)

pistacia lentiscus resin oil
220.12  borneol
250.10  bornyl acetate
290.16delta- cadinene
50.69  camphene
110.01delta-3- carene
270.19beta- caryophyllene
300.30beta- caryophyllene oxide
200.341,8- cineole
130.22para- cymene
190.05alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
310.26 dimyrcene a
320.32 dimyrcene b
332.37 dimyrcene c
341.43 dimyrcene d
280.05alpha- humulene
141.63  limonene
210.03  linalool
93.16  myrcene
160.12(E)-beta- ocimene
100.13alpha- phellandrene
150.06beta- phellandrene
60.32 pinadiene
478.61alpha- pinene
83.33beta- pinene
70.77  sabinene
230.10  terpinen-4-ol
120.05alpha- terpinene
170.01gamma- terpinene
240.15alpha- terpineol
180.12  terpinolene
30.06alpha- thujene
20.16  tricyclene
10.142- undecanone
260.12  verbenone

M. H. Boelens and R. Jimenez, Chemical composition of the essential oils from the gum and from various parts of Pistacia lentiscus L. (Mastic gum tree), Flav. Fragr. J., 6, 271-275 (1991).

P&F 18, No. 1, 53, (1993)

plectranthus glandulosus hook f. leaf oil cameroon
330.10(E)- anethole
290.50iso borneol
46tracebeta- bourbonene
70.30  camphene
270.70  camphor
111.50delta-3- carene
48tracebeta- caryophyllene
54trace  caryophyllene oxide
200.101,8- cineole
450.10alpha- copaene
313.60para- cymen-8-ol
130.40para- cymene
190.20para- cymenene
470.10beta- elemene
420.10  eugenol
490.20beta- farnesene
6tracealpha- fenchene
2230.80  fenchone
241.50alpha- fenchyl alcohol
521.40  germacrene D
510.10beta- gurjunene
30.10  hexanol
20.10(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
11.20(E)-3- hexen-1-ol
500.20alpha- humulene
550.10  humulene oxide
400.704- hydroxypiperitone
143.20  limonene
23trace  linalool
250.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
260.50(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
530.10alpha- muurolene
92.20  myrcene
300.80  neral
570.20  nerolidol
160.60(E)-beta- ocimene
100.70alpha- phellandrene
150.20beta- phellandrene
58trace  phytol
50.60alpha- pinene
80.30beta- pinene
411.30  piperitenone
4310.90  piperitenone oxide
34trace  piperitone
360.50(E)- piperitone oxide
353.00(Z)- piperitone oxide
441.80iso pulegone
21trace(E)- sabinene hydrate
560.10  spathulenol
280.10  terpinen-4-ol
120.80alpha- terpinene
170.20gamma- terpinene
320.30alpha- terpineol
1825.20  terpinolene
4tracealpha- thujene
380.40  thymol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 73, (2001)
prangos uechtritzii boiss. et hausskn. fruit oil turkey
331.90  bicyclogermacrene
402.10alpha- bisabolol
351.70delta- cadinene
391.30alpha- cadinol
71.00delta-3- carene
270.70beta- caryophyllene
381.40  caryophyllene oxide
230.30alpha- copaene
141.40meta- cresol
170.10para- cresyl acetate
210.60  cryptone
320.20ar- curcumene
200.60meta- cymen-8-ol
910.90para- cymene
240.30  daucene
290.30(E)-beta- farnesene
361.50  germacrene B
311.10  germacrene D
280.60alpha- humulene
160.10para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
262.20  methyl eugenol
340.30alpha- muurolene
300.30gamma- muurolene
51.40  myrcene
123.20(E)-beta- ocimene
114.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
66.30alpha- phellandrene
107.80beta- phellandrene
26.10alpha- pinene
43.20beta- pinene
34.80  sabinene
371.80  spathulenol
192.00  terpinen-4-ol
80.50alpha- terpinene
137.00gamma- terpinene
151.10  terpinolene
10.30alpha- thujene
223.50  thymol
183.90 unknown a
251.20 unknown b
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 2, 183, (2000)
ribes nigrum bud oil
38trace-0.33allo- aromadendrene
400.00-1.51  bicyclogermacrene
300.00-2.00  bornyl acetate
41trace-0.15delta- cadinene
3trace-2.41  camphene
90.17-45.50delta-3- carene
351.20-4.98beta- caryophyllene
44trace-1.48  caryophyllene oxide
280.00-0.18  citronellol
32trace-0.42  citronellyl acetate
26trace-0.66para- cymen-8-ol
11trace-0.17meta- cymene
12trace-0.48para- cymene
34trace-0.14beta- elemene
31trace-0.24delta- elemene
360.00-1.62gamma- elemene
220.00-0.20(Z)-1,2- epoxylimonene
420.00-1.12  germacrene B
390.00-1.51  germacrene D
37trace-2.00alpha- humulene
450.00-0.52  humulene oxide
130.17-14.12  limonene
29trace-0.12  linalyl acetate
210.00-0.18(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
230.00-0.18(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
24trace-0.66para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
62.89-3.61  myrcene
161.21-3.12(E)-beta- ocimene
150.00-5.63(Z)-beta- ocimene
8trace-1.58alpha- phellandrene
141.72-24.63beta- phellandrene
21.30-9.23alpha- pinene
50.17-10.22beta- pinene
4trace-69.00  sabinene
18trace-0.54(E)- sabinene hydrate
200.00-0.46(Z)- sabinene hydrate
43trace-2.70  spathulenol
460.00-0.18iso spathulenol
250.40-4.52  terpinen-4-ol
10trace-1.32alpha- terpinene
17trace-1.80gamma- terpinene
27trace-0.22alpha- terpineol
190.40-20.00  terpinolene
33trace-0.40alpha- terpinyl acetate
1trace-1.90alpha- thujene

J. L. Le Quere and A. Latrasse, Composition of the essential oils of Blackcurrant bud (Ribes nigram L.). J. Agric. Food Chem., 38, 3-10 (1990).

P&F 16, No. 6, 49, (1991)

rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil corsica
193.20  borneol
158.70  bornyl acetate
26.30  camphene
1311.80  camphor
93.001,8- cineole
121.20para- cymene
210.50  geraniol
73.10  limonene
143.40  linalool
43.40  myrcene
101.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
51.30alpha- phellandrene
83.00beta- phellandrene
122.00alpha- pinene
33.90beta- pinene
170.90  pinocarveol
161.10  terpinen-4-ol
60.70alpha- terpinene
111.90gamma- terpinene
181.00alpha- terpineol
2010.70  verbenone

F. Tomi, P. Bradesi, A. Bigelli and J, Casanova, Computer aided identification of individual components of essential oils using carbon13-NMR spectroscopy. J. Magnet. Reson. Anal., 25-34 (1995).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

salvia officinalis oil reunion
Comparative percentage composition of Salvia offlcinalis oil produced from plants grown in two areas of Egypt, Giza oil
 1.87  borneol
 2.27  bornyl acetate
 20.18  camphor
 1.32beta- caryophyllene
 3.61alpha- humulene
 4.04  limonene
 trace  linalool
 0.197- methyl-3,4-octadiene
 0.14  myrtenol
 1.18beta- phellandrene
 2.71alpha- pinene
 0.72beta- pinene
 0.76  pinocamphone
 1.63  sabinene
 0.56  terpinen-4-ol
 0.32gamma- terpinene
 0.24alpha- terpineol
 0.30  terpinolene
 2.52alpha- thujene
 33.25alpha- thujone
 12.97beta- thujone
 0.13  tricyclene
 0.17  caryophyllene oxide
 2.71  manool
 3.77  viridiflorol
probably misidentification of cis-p-menth-2-en-1-ol probably 3-pinanone, also known as isopinocamphone
salvia officinalis oil spain
242.10  borneol
251.40  bornyl acetate
66.20  camphene
2116.80  camphor
313.30beta- caryophyllene
1411.101,8- cineole
112.00para- cymene
305.00alpha- humulene
123.10  limonene
220.50  linalool
230.50  linalyl acetate
91.10  myrcene
150.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
100.10alpha- phellandrene
130.90beta- phellandrene
54.80alpha- pinene
82.30beta- pinene
70.20  sabinene
180.10(E)- sabinene hydrate
290.30  sabinyl acetate
20.10(E)- salvene
10.40(Z)- salvene
260.30  terpinen-4-ol
160.30gamma- terpinene
270.50alpha- terpineol
170.20  terpinolene
280.20alpha- terpinyl acetate
40.30alpha- thujene
1926.50alpha- thujone
204.30beta- thujone
30.20  tricyclene

M, de los Angelos Cordoba Rodriguez, Contribucion al estudio del aceite esencial de Salvia Espanola (Salvia lavandulaefolia Vahl.). Ph.D. thesis, Univ. Complutense, Madrid (1983).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

salvia sclarea seed oil tunisia
GC Analyses of Salvia Seeds as Valuable Essential Oil Source Mouna Ben Taârit, Kamel Msaada, Karim Hosni, and Brahim Marzouk1 1Laboratoire des Substances Bioactives, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopôle de Borj-Cédria, BP 901, 2050 Hammam-Lif, Tunisia 2Laboratoire des Substances Naturelles, Institut National de Recherche et d’Analyse Physico-Chimique (INRAP), Sidi Thabet, 2020 Ariana, Tunisia
1460.06allo- aromadendrene
1494.29  bicyclogermacrene
1530.35beta- bourbonene
1770.24delta- cadinene
1640.52T- cadinol
1640.88alpha- cadinol
1540.10alpha- calacorene
1291.93  carvacrol
1410.24beta- caryophyllene
2003.18  caryophyllene oxide
1210.121,8- cineole
1374.08alpha- copaene
1342.86alpha- cubebene
1540.72beta- cubebene
1900.24epi- cubenol
1020.12para- cymene
1470.85delta- elemene
 1.72beta- eudesmol
1252.79  geraniol
1381.94  geranyl acetate
1551.29  germacrene B
1475.88  germacrene D
8520.03(E)-2- hexenal
1450.08alpha- humulene
1591.55  humulene oxide I
1030.17  limonene
10924.25  linalool
1236.90  linalyl acetate
 0.5913-epi- manool
1220.98  nerol
1730.36  neryl acetate
1030.03beta- phellandrene
9390.27alpha- pinene
2140.03  spathulenol
1610.37  terpinen-4-ol
1180.20alpha- terpineol
1180.20delta- terpineol
1350.29alpha- terpinyl acetate
9307.48alpha- thujene
2190.10  thymol
9270.08  tricyclene
1100.75  undecane
1370.24alpha- ylangene
Overall, it emerges that tricyclene and camphor were biochemical markers of the essential oil of S. verbenaca seeds. Being rich in camphor, seeds could be used as antimicrobial agent. Another point that should be highlighted is that S. officinalis seeds had the same a-thujone chemotype as leaves, whereas these two organs showed some quantitative differences leading to the safe use of seeds essential oil in food industry. From a qualitative standpoint, seeds of S. sclarea seemed to have the same enzymatic trend as flowers characterized by the prevalence of linalool. It is noteworthy to mention that linalool-producing seeds as S. sclarea were suitable for flavouring purposes and constitute potential anti-inflammatory agents.
santolina chamaecyparissus oil
Giner et al. (1993) used GC and GC/MS to determine the effect of season and vegetative growth stage of S. chamaecyparisus on the composition of the oil. Although these authors did not use a typical artemisia ketone-rich chemotype, their results showed that the composition of the oil is definitly affected by the date of plant harvesting. A summery of this somewhat incomplete data can be seen in Table VI. Note: this page will only include the June harvest.
260.91allo- aromadendrene
112.49  artemisyl ketone
194.78  borneol
231.65 bornyl + isobornyl acetates
330.41delta- cadinene
2trace  camphene
174.67  camphor
290.18iso caryophyllene
240.13alpha- copaene
270.66alpha- cubebene
221.83  cuminaldehyde
300.22ar- curcumene
95.80para-cymene + 1,8-cineole
132.14alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
141.13  fenchone
320.73  germacrene B
280.86beta- gurjunene
70.59  limonene
310.21alpha- muurolene
40.19  myrcene
183.82  myrtenal
80.16beta- phellandrene
55.00alpha-phellendrene + delta-3-carene
10.23alpha- pinene
31.59beta-pinene + sabinene
161.48(Z)- sabinene hydrate
200.91  terpinen-4-ol
60.65alpha- terpinene
101.35gamma- terpinene
210.65alpha- terpineol
121.05  terpinolene
150.15 thujone
3410.66 unknown sesqui alcohol 1
355.18 unknown sesqui alcohol 2
363.08 unknown sesqui alcohol 3
25tracealpha- ylangene

R. M. Giner, S. Manez and J. L. Rios, Seasonal variations in the essential oil of Santolina chamaecyparisus L. Sci. Pharm., 61, 169-173 (1993).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

schinus molle leaf oil
211.71delta- cadinene
31tracealpha- cadinol
274.70T- cadinol
230.93  calamenene
2trace  camphene
160.47beta- caryophyllene
140.02alpha- copaene
130.01alpha- cubebene
100.59para- cymene
150.01beta- elemene
18tracegamma- elemene
2413.25  elemol
30tracealpha- eudesmol
263.24gamma- eudesmol
205.21  germacrene D
22tracebeta- guaiene
190.39alpha- humulene
89.27  limonene
12trace  methyl octanoate
29tracealpha- muurolol
28traceT- muurolol
5trace  myrcene
252.94  neryl hexanoate
630.24alpha- phellandrene
99.63beta- phellandrene
11.46alpha- pinene
30.10beta- pinene
40.67  sabinene
170.03  terpinen-4-ol
70.02alpha- terpinene
110.20  terpinolene

M. Maffei and F. Chialva, Essential oils from Schinus molle berries and leaves. Flav. Fragr. J., 5, 49 -52 (1990).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

schinus molle seed oil
Bernhard et al. (1983) analyzed an oil of S. molle fruit produced by the Likens-Nickerson apparatus using GC/MS. They found that the oil contained the following components:
129.11delta- cadinene
326.64 cadinol
271.39T- cadinol
230.26alpha- calacorene
160.15gamma- calacorene
140.28  calamenene
82.02beta- caryophyllene
210.12alpha- copaene
200.13alpha- cubebene
172.93para- cymene
70.52beta- elemene
241.32  elemol
300.90alpha- eudesmol
311.01beta- eudesmol
261.04gamma- eudesmol
150.34  geranyl butyrate
130.22beta- guaiene
220.71alpha- gurjunene
90.58alpha- humulene
57.23  limonene
190.95  methyl octanoate
111.48alpha- muurolene
100.48gamma- muurolene
290.69alpha- muurolol
282.32T- muurolol
320.41  myrcene
250.28  neryl hexanoate
417.34alpha- phellandrene
66.21beta- phellandrene
12.66alpha- pinene
20.17beta- pinene
180.10  terpinolene

R. A. Bernhard, T. Shibamoto, K. Yamaguchi and E. White, The volatile constituents of Schinus molle L. J. Agric. Food Chem., 31, 463-466 (1983).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

skimmia laureola oil
200.6  elemol
150.5alpha- farnesene
220.7(E,E)- farnesol
211.5(E,E)- farnesyl acetate
85.0  geijerene
181.9  geraniol
162.5  geranyl acetate
30.4  limonene
97.8  linalool
1055.6  linalyl acetate
40.4  myrcene
170.6  nerol
190.4  nerolidol
141.1  neryl acetate
70.7(E)-beta- ocimene
60.5(Z)-beta- ocimene
51.6beta- phellandrene
10.2alpha- pinene
20.1  sabinene
131.8alpha- terpineol
120.9alpha- terpinyl acetate

C. S. Mathela, A. B. Melkani and A. K. Pant, Reinvestigation of Skimmia laureola essential oil. Indian Perfum., 36(3), 217-222 (1992).

P&F 19, No. 3, 59, (1994)

sugandha kokila berry oil
310.40  aromadendrene
260.70alpha- bergamolene
421.10beta- bisabolene
452.90delta- cadinene
500.10alpha- calacorene
470.30  calamenene
30.10  camphene
221.50  camphor
601.30  capric acid
580.40  carvacrol
297.40beta- caryophyllene
520.70  caryophyllene oxide
1113.101,8- cineole
204.70alpha- copaene
190.70alpha- cubebene
490.10para- cymen-8-ol
163.60para- cymene
270.30beta- elemene
590.20  elemicin
440.50  geranial
480.20  geraniol
351.30alpha- humulene
622.70  lauric acid
90.50  limonene
232.80  linalool
240.10(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
320.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
5413.70(E)- methyl cinnamate
510.20(Z)- methyl cinnamate
530.60  methyl eugenol
560.40(E)- methyl isoeugenol
460.20  methyl laurate
60.40  myrcene
612.50  myristicin
370.30  neral
410.30  neryl acetate
210.202- nonanol
181.902- nonanone
140.20(E)-beta- ocimene
120.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
71.50alpha- phellandrene
101.40beta- phellandrene
11.20alpha- pinene
41.90beta- pinene
50.80  sabinene
252.10alpha- santalene
340.80beta- santalene
330.10epi-beta- santalene
430.60alpha- selinene
401.00beta- selinene
550.50  spathulenol
150.10  styrene
304.00  terpinen-4-ol
80.40alpha- terpinene
130.60gamma- terpinene
386.60alpha- terpineol
360.40delta- terpineol
170.30  terpinolene
20.30alpha- thujene
390.012- undecanol
283.602- undecanone

S. R. Adhikary, B. S. Tuladhar, A. Sheak, T. A. van Beek, M. A. Posthumus and G. P. Lelyveld, investigation of Nepalese essential oils. 1. The oil of Cinnamomum glaucescens (Sugandha kokila). J. Essent. Oil Res. 4, 151-159 (1992).

P&F 22, No. 6, 45, (1997)

tagetes minuta flower oil turkey
210.10  bicyclogermacrene
180.47beta- caryophyllene
160.12  decanal
1330.30  dihydrotagetone
20.08  ethyl 2-methyl butyrate
90.06(E)-2- hexenal
77.24  limonene
40.10  myrcene
120.39(E)-beta- ocimene
1028.49(Z)-beta- ocimene
140.32allo- ocimene
50.09alpha- phellandrene
80.07beta- phellandrene
10.06alpha- pinene
220.26iso piperitenone
30.96  sabinene
2015.35(E)- tagetenone
191.87(Z)- tagetenone
174.80(E)- tagetone
150.25(Z)- tagetone
60.02alpha- terpinene
110.05gamma- terpinene

K. H. C. Baser and H. Malyer, Essential oil of Tagetes minuta L. from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 8, 337-338 (1996).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

tangerine oil america
2trace  camphene
210.02beta- caryophyllene
140.02 citronellal + octyl acetate
280.02  citronellol
110.48para- cymene
150.12  decanal
250.04  dodecanal
270.03  geranial
29trace  geranyl acetate
890.75  limonene
161.17  linalool
18trace  linalyl acetate
52.28  myrcene
23trace  neral
26trace  neryl acetate
130.06  nonanal
22trace  nonanol
17trace  octanol
6tracealpha- phellandrene
9tracebeta- phellandrene
11.41alpha- pinene
30.58beta- pinene
40.23  sabinene
200.04  terpinen-4-ol
7tracealpha- terpinene
101.96gamma- terpinene
240.07alpha- terpineol
120.24 terpinolene + octanal
190.03  undecanal
M. Koketsu, M. T. Magaihaes, V. C. Wilberg and M. G. R. Donaliso, Oleos Essenciais de frutos citricos cultivados no Brazil. Bol. Pesqui EMBRAPA Cent. Technol Agric. Aliment., (7), 21 pp (1983). P&F 17, No. 4, 39, (1992)
thuja orientalis fruit oil
120.20iso bornyl acetate
32.20  camphene
162.50  cedrol
141.20  cuparene
81.40para- cymen-8-ol
101.30para- cymen-9-ol
170.50beta- eudesmol
22.30alpha- fenchene
130.30alpha- humulene
50.90  limonene
612.30beta- phellandrene
150.70beta-sesqui phellandrene
167.80alpha- pinene
110.10iso pulegyl acetate
42.00  sabinene
71.10gamma- terpinene
90.40alpha- terpineol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 292, (2000)
thymus richardii pers. subsp. nitidus (guss.) jalas oil italy
270.70allo- aromadendrene
3032.30beta- bisabolene
14trace  borneol
250.60beta- bourbonene
311.00delta- cadinene
344.00T- cadinol
13trace  camphor
2213.10  carvacrol
24trace  carvacryl acetate
180.50trans- carveol
200.70  carvone
263.40beta- caryophyllene
333.10  caryophyllene oxide
80.751,8- cineole
52.10para- cymene
161.00(Z)- dihydrocarvone
175.00(E)- dihydrocarvone
291.90  germacrene D
61.00  limonene
121.60  linalool
1912.40  methyl thymol
280.40gamma- muurolene
4trace  myrcene
70.50beta- phellandrene
320.70beta-sesqui phellandrene
10.70alpha- pinene
3tracebeta- pinene
2trace  sabinene
101.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
150.60  terpinen-4-ol
9tracegamma- terpinene
11tracebeta- thujone
211.30  thymol
23trace  thymyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 8, (2001)
trachyspermum copticum fruit oil
23trace(E)- anethole
25trace  anise ketone
3trace  camphene
6tracedelta-3- carene
270.60  carvacrol
21trace  carvone
11trace1,8- cineole
22trace  cuminaldehyde
1315.57para- cymene
92.08  limonene
18trace  methyl carvacrol
24trace  methyl eugenol
70.56  myrcene
100.18beta- phellandrene
10.32alpha- pinene
43.31beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
150.19(E)- sabinene hydrate
160.29(Z)- sabinene hydrate
20tracebeta- selinene
171.13  terpinen-4-ol
8tracealpha- terpinene
1211.86gamma- terpinene
190.19alpha- terpineol
14trace  terpinolene
20.20alpha- thujene
2661.31  thymol

F. Chialva, F. Monguzzi, P. Manitto and A. Akgul. Essential oil constituents of Trachyspermum copticum (L.) Link Fruits. J. Essent. Oil Res., 5, 105-106 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 2, 63, (1994)

valeriana officinalis rhizome oil
360.2-0.8beta- bisabolene
160.1-0.6  borneol
15trace-0.1iso borneol
252.3-33.5  bornyl acetate
430.5-1.2  bornyl isovalerate
460.1-0.3delta- cadinene
30.1-6.4  camphene
14trace-0.1  camphor
21trace-0.1trans- carveol
200.1-0.2cis- carveol
8trace-0.21,8- cineole
31trace-0.1  citronellyl acetate
510.2-2.1  citronellyl isovalerate
33trace-0.2alpha- copaene
570.4-3.9  cryptofauronol
70trace-2.9  cryptofauronyl acetate
22trace-0.1  cuminaldehyde
400.7-2.1ar- curcumene
70.1-1.5para- cymene
340.2-1.42,6- dimethoxy-para-cymene
620.1-0.4  drimenol
350.1-0.4beta- elemene
300.2-2.9delta- elemene
420.1-0.4gamma- elemene
75trace-0.6  ethyl palmitate
380.5-7.6  eudesma-2,6,8-triene
530.6-6.9beta- eudesmol
29trace-0.1  eugenol
610.1-0.4  eugenyl isovalerate
670.1-1.1iso eugenyl isovalerate
480.4-0.6  faurinone
410.2-1.4  germacrene D
44trace-1.0beta- gurjunene
370.1-0.9alpha- humulene
390.1-0.7beta- ionone
450.2-3.8  kessane
380.1-3.5  kessanyl acetate
730.1-0.7  kessoglycyl monoacetate
630.1-12.6alpha- kessyl acetate
520.5-2.1  ledol
100.1-1.2  limonene
13trace  linalool
500.1-1.6  maaliol
240.1-0.2  methyl carvacrol
710.1-0.9  methyl palmitate
23trace-0.4  methyl thymol
650.1-0.2  methyl valerenate
6trace-0.1  myrcene
190.1-4.0  myrtenol
28trace-9.1  myrtenyl acetate
560.1-0.2 myrtenyl hexanoate
491.6-10.5  myrtenyl isovalerate
26trace-0.8  nojigiku acetate
470.5-3.2  pacifigorgiol
720.1-1.9  palmitic acid
9trace-2.4beta- phellandrene
20.1-0.2alpha- pinene
5trace-0.9beta- pinene
4trace-0.1  sabinene
170.1-0.6  terpinen-4-ol
11trace-0.2gamma- terpinene
18trace-0.1alpha- terpineol
12trace-0.1  terpinolene
270.1  thymol
1trace-0.1  tricyclene
550.5-8.2  valeranone
660.1-1.5(E)-valeren-1-yl acetate
640.2-0.8(Z)-valeren-1-yl acetate
76trace-1.6(E)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
74trace-0.7(Z)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
590.4-12.4  valerenal
690.3-2.8  valerenic acid
600.3-1.2(Z+E)- valerenol
541.5-14.2  valerianol
320.1-0.4alpha- ylangene

R. Bos and H. J. Woerdenbag, Analytical aspects of the essential oil, valerenic acid derivatives and valepotriates in Valeriana officinalis roots and rhizomes. In: Proceedings, International Symposium on breeding research and medicinal and aromatic plants. Edits., F. Pank, p. 355-358, Beiträge zur Zuchtungsforschung, Quedlinburg, Germany (1996).

P&F 24, No. 3, 47, (1999)

zanthoxylum bracchyacanthum leaf oil australia
180.20  aromadendrene
201.10allo- aromadendrene
2312.50  bicyclogermacrene
13tracebeta- bourbonene
190.10alpha- bulnesene
240.50delta- cadinene
250.60gamma- cadinene
370.90alpha- cadinol
340.30T- cadinol
20.50  camphene
1714.00beta- caryophyllene
270.40  caryophyllene oxide
290.50  cubeban-11-ol
120.10para- cymene
160.10beta- elemene
226.10  germacrene D
300.60  globulol
320.10  guaiol
140.10alpha- gurjunene
211.60alpha- humulene
280.60  ledol
81.20  limonene
150.20  linalool
360.10alpha- muurolol
350.30T- muurolol
62.90  myrcene
111.30(E)-beta- ocimene
260.60  palustrol
5tracealpha- phellandrene
91.00beta- phellandrene
381.70  phytol
146.00alpha- pinene
30.60beta- pinene
40.40  sabinene
330.20  spathulenol
7tracealpha- terpinene
100.10gamma- terpinene
310.50  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 285, (2000)
zanthoxylum ovalifolium leaf oil australia
140.50  aromadendrene
150.30allo- aromadendrene
90.20  bicycloelemene
198.20  bicyclogermacrene
200.50delta- cadinene
210.10gamma- cadinene
20.50  camphene
137.50beta- caryophyllene
230.50  caryophyllene oxide
100.30alpha- copaene
120.60beta- elemene
240.60  globulol
160.90alpha- humulene
61.30  limonene
110.20  linalool
180.20alpha- muurolene
519.80  myrcene
81.10(E)-beta- ocimene
70.70beta- phellandrene
131.60alpha- pinene
31.20beta- pinene
40.70  sabinene
221.20  safrole
264.40  spathulenol
170.80  viridiflorene
250.40  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 285, (2000)
zingiber officinale oil CO2 extract australia
In 1994, Bartley and Foley analyzed the chemical composition of a supercritical fluid extract of Australian-grown ginger. The freshly harvested roots were peeled and chopped into 2 mm cubes before grinding under liquid nitrogen. The pulp was mixed with coarse granulated Celite (diatomaceous earth) and subjected to extraction by supercritical CO2. The analysis was preformed by a combination of capillary GC (for retention indices and quantitative data) and GC/MS (for component identification confirmation). The compounds identified were:
320.20 aromadendrenol
2310.83alpha- bergamolene
242.73beta- bisabolene
290.14alpha- bisabolol
110.60  borneol
160.10iso bornyl acetate
250.14gamma- cadinene
43.71  camphene
92.991,8- cineole
213.25ar- curcumene
120.11  decanal
280.22  dodecatrienol
190.20beta- elemene
180.23delta- elemene
270.25  elemol
200.18beta- farnesene
1525.06  geranial
140.66  geraniol
170.12  geranyl acetate
10.52  hexanal
70.43  limonene
100.46  linalool
20.113- methyl hexanol
60.53  myrcene
132.87  neral
350.086- paradol
340.20 pentenyl curcumene
81.63beta- phellandrene
268.18beta-sesqui phellandrene
50.08beta- pinene
300.22(Z)-sesqui sabinene hydrate
360.316- shogaol
30.93alpha- thujene
310.15 zingerenol
2225.87  zingiberene
330.64 zongerone

J. P. Bartley and P. Foley, Supercritical fluid extraction of Australian grown ginger (Zingibar officinale), J. Sci. Food Agric., 66, 365-371 (1994).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

zingiber officinale root oil china
293.00  agarospirol
410.06gamma- aminobutyric acid
400.26  aspartic acid
300.78alpha- bisabolol
270.20  borneol
248.72beta- cadinene
42tracedelta-3- carene
430.05  carveol
120.26  carvone
2513.12iso caryophyllene
200.19alpha- cedrene
61.101,8- cineole
160.52  citronellyl acetate
190.43alpha- copaene
2216.38ar- curcumene
310.84gamma- curcumene
100.40  decanal
340.34 dihydrogermacrene
150.16  elemene
370.65  eugenol
350.34  farnesol
280.15  geranial
170.60  geraniol
181.10  geranyl acetate
210.72  germacrene D
260.97  glycine
40.68  limonene
50.14  linalool
80.30  linalyl acetate
44trace  linalyl propionate
130.71  neral
90.30  nonanal
70.50  octanal
110.102- octyl acetate
30.92beta- phellandrene
390.12  phenyl alanine
10.69alpha- pinene
21.05beta- pinene
380.10  pipecolic acid
330.28  tetradecanoic acid
36trace turmerone
140.712- undecanone
321.55 zingerenol
2323.80  zingiberene
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