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Odor Descriptors for balsamic
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Primary (First) - balsamic
FR abies alba leaf extract
 odor: balsamic pine
FL2-acetyl-3,5-dimethyl furan
 odor: sweet balsam
FL/FR allyl cinnamate
 odor: fruity pineapple balsam peach spicy
FL/FRisoamyl benzoate
 odor: sweet balsamic green waxy
 flavor: Sweet, fruity with a green tropical nuance
FL/FR amyl cinnamate
 odor: balsam amber cocoa bean orchid labdanum
 flavor: sweet heavy peach
FL/FRisoamyl (E)-cinnamate
FL/FR amyl phenyl acetate
 odor: balsam chocolate animal tobacco
FL/FR amyris wood oil
 odor: sweet balsam peppery guaiacwood cubeb
FD arabinogalactan
 odor: very mild balsam pine resin
FL/FR artemisia annua herb oil bulgaria
 odor: balsam sweet spicy basil fresh green
FL/FR balsam fir needle oil america
 odor: fresh turpentine
FL/FR balsam fir oleoresin
 odor: sweet fir woody fir needle
FR balsam fragrance
 odor: balsam
FR balsam ketone
 odor: balsam opoponax myrrh labdanum herbal lavender
FR balsam specialty
 odor: sweet fruity balsam amber
FL/FRsiam benzoin absolute
 odor: sweet vanilla balsam woody
 flavor: Spicy, balsamic, resinous, fruity, with an herbal nuance
FL/FRsumatra benzoin absolute
 odor: sweet spicy balsam aromatic resinous phenolic
 flavor: spice balsam resin fruit herbal
FR benzoin essence
 odor: balsamic
FL/FRsumatra benzoin gum
 odor: balsam sweet vanilla styrene
 flavor: benzoin
FL/FRsumatra benzoin resin
 odor: sweet spicy vanilla balsam
 flavor: benzoin
FR benzoin resin replacer
 odor: benzoin
FL/FRsumatra benzoin resinoid
 odor: sweet spicy vanilla balsam resinous
 flavor: benzoin
FL/FR benzophenone
 odor: balsam rose metallic powdery geranium
FL/FR1-benzoyl acetone
 odor: acetophenone balsam woody dry opoponax vanilla
FL/FR benzyl benzoate
 odor: faint sweet balsam oily herbal
 flavor: Balsamic, fruity, with powdery and berry nuances
FL/FR benzyl salicylate
 odor: balsam clean herbal oily sweet
FL/FR(E)-benzyl tiglate
 odor: Sweet, balsamic with a cherry / almond nuance
 flavor: Balsamic, spice-like with a nutty almond note
FL/FR betula pubescens bud oil
 odor: woody green balsam
FL/FR bisabolene
 odor: balsamic citrus myrrh opoponax spicy
 flavor: Citrus, woody, tropical, floral, fruity, astringent and green
 odor: balsamic spicy
 odor: balsamic woody
 odor: balsam camphor herbal woody
FL/FRisobornyl acetate
 odor: balsam camphor herbal woody sweet
 flavor: Woody, camphoraceous, terpy and piney with a spicy, herbal and slightly citrus nuance
FL/FRlaevo-bornyl acetate
 odor: sweet balsamic woody fresh pine needle herbal
isobornyl benzoate
 odor: balsam pine herbal
FL/FRisobornyl isobutyrate
 odor: balsam herbal fir needle spicy earthy woody
FR brachyleana hutchinsii wood oil
 odor: balsam woody sweet floral vetiver sandalwood
 bursera graveolens wood
 odor: balsamic citrus fruity woody coumarinic
FL/FR bursera graveolens wood oil
 odor: balsamic citrus fruity woody coumarinic
FL/FR butyl benzoate
 odor: mild amber balsam fruity
FL/FR butyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam cocoa spicy fruity
FL/FRisobutyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam fruity like labdanum
 flavor: Balsamic, fruity and chemical-like
FL2-butyryl furan
 flavor: fruity
 odor: pure has no odor but mixtures have balsam earthy
FR callitropsis araucarioides wood oil
 odor: balsamic woody rose
FL/FR cinnamic acid
 odor: balsam sweet storax
FL/FR(E)-cinnamic acid
FL/FR cinnamyl alcohol
 odor: sweet balsam hyacinth spicy green powdery cinnamic
 flavor: Green, floral, spicy and honey with a fermented yeasty nuance
FL/FR(E)-cinnamyl alcohol
 odor: sweet balsam hyacinth spicy green powdery cinnamic
FR cinnamyl alcohol replacer
 odor: sweet balsam styrax cinnamyl alcohol
 cinnamyl anthranilate
 odor: balsam fruity grape
FL/FR cinnamyl benzoate
 odor: balsam spicy buttery fruity
FL/FR(E)-cinnamyl butyrate
FL/FR cinnamyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam floral cassia cinnamyl
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamic balsamic, with a floral, yeasty note and a lingering spicy aftertaste
FL/FR cinnamyl formate
 odor: balsam fruity floral green herbal cinnamyl narcissus
FL/FR commiphora myrrha extract
 odor: myrrh
FL/FR commiphora myrrha gum oil
 odor: myrrh
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR commiphora myrrha gum oil CO2 extract
 odor: myrrh
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR commiphora myrrha gum tincture
 odor: myrrh
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR commiphora myrrha resin extract
 odor: myrrh
 flavor: myrrh
FR conifer acetate
 odor: balsam woody sweet fir balsam raspberry jam
FL/FR copaiba balsam oil
 odor: warm balsam spicy peppery
 flavor: copaiba
FR copaiba resin
 odor: copaiba
FL/FR copaifera reticulata extract
 odor: copaiba
 flavor: copaiba
FL/FR cotinus coggygria branch/leaf oil
 odor: resinous balsam green galbanum
FR coumarin replacer
 odor: sweet balsam coumarin
FL/FR croton glabellus bark extract
 odor: balsam woody spice terpene herbal
FL/FR cyclohexyl benzoate
 odor: mild balsamic floral herbal
FR cypress absolute
 odor: balsam fatty sweet pine amber
FR cypress cone oil egypt
 odor: balsamic
 odor: smoky phenolic balsamic bacon powdery woody
 flavor: Sweet, medicinal, creamy, meaty, vanilla, spice
FR eremophila mitchelli wood oil australia
 odor: balsamic woody mossy
 erigeron graveolens l. oil iran
FL/FR ethyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam fruity spicy powdery berry plum
 flavor: Balsamic, powdery, fruity, berry, punch, spice, sweet and green
FL ethyl 2-furoate
 odor: ethyl benzoate fruity floral
 flavor: burnt
FR eucalyptus grandis w. hill ex maiden leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus saligna smith leaf oil ethiopia
FL/FR fenchyl acetate
 odor: fresh sweet pine fir herbal citrus
FR fir balsam absolute
 odor: fir balsam berry woody sweet green pine
 flavor: Woody, pine, floral, mossy, with herbal nuances
FR fir balsam absolute (abies balsamea)
 odor: fir needle
FL/FR fir needle oil canada
 odor: fresh balsam woody fir needle
FL/FR fir needle oil siberia
 odor: fresh dry fir forest earthy woody
 flavor: fir needle
FR fir tree fragrance
 odor: fir tree
FL furfural acetone
 odor: Sweet, balsamic, nutty, creamy, coumarin and vanilla-like with a powdery anisic nuance
 flavor: Sweet, nutty, powdery, vanilla and coumarin creamy
FR geranyl cinnamate
 odor: balsam amber rose
FR guaiacwood oil 20% in gurjun balsam oil
 odor: balsam woody spicy sweet pepper
FL/FR guaiacyl phenyl acetate
 odor: heavy balsam phenolic spice floral woody powdery honey smoked sausage
 flavor: Sweet, phenolic, spicy anisic, with clover honey and vanilla nuances
FR gurjun balsam oil
 odor: balsam woody guaiac sweet
FR habuba fragrance
 odor: habuba
FL/FR heliotropin replacer
 odor: sweet balsam heliotrope cherry anisic
FR hemlock western oil (tsuga heterophylla) canada
 odor: balsamic woody cedar aromatic peppery weedy green
FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl cinnamate
 odor: fresh balsam green
FL/FR hexyl benzoate
 odor: fresh balsam sappy clean woody
(E)-para-hydroxycinnamic acid
FL/FR juniper absolute
 odor: woody juniper
FL/FR juniper berry absolute
 odor: balsam woody terpene
 flavor: juniper
FR juniper berry concrete
 odor: rich balsam sweet ambergris
FL/FR juniper berry oil
 odor: fresh balsam terpene woody carrot fir peppery
 flavor: juniper
FL/FR juniper berry oil CO2 extract
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: juniper
FR khella oil
 odor: sweet balsamic herbaceous coumarinic woody spicy
 levisticum officinale flower oil
 odor: balsamic
FL levisticum officinale seed oil
FL/FR linalyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam lily neroli labdanum amber
FL/FR liquidambar orientalis balsam extract
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: storax
FL/FR liquidambar styraciflua balsam extract
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: storax
FD lycopene
FR mastic gum resin
 odor: balsam resinous incense amber woody olibanum greasy
FL/FR mastic oil
 odor: terpene fresh balsam
 flavor: mastic
FR mastic oil replacer
 odor: mastic balsamic
FR mastic resinoid
 odor: terpene balsam mastic
 odor: balsam tonka sweet
FL/FR methyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam strawberry cherry cinnamon
 flavor: fruity strawberry
FL/FR methyl (E)-cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam strawberry cherry
FRalpha-methyl cinnamyl alcohol
 odor: sweet balsam floral oriental styrax
FR6-methyl coumarin replacer
 odor: sweet balsam hay tonka myrrh
FR methyl hydrogenated rosinate
 odor: balsam woody amber
FL/FR myrrh absolute
 odor: balsam woody musty
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR myrrh gum
 odor: woody balsam
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR myrrh oil
 odor: dry warm sweet balsam amber spicy toffee
 flavor: myrrh
FL/FR myrrh resin
 odor: woody balsam incense sweet old wood
 flavor: myrrh
FR myrrh resinoid
 odor: warm woody balsam spicy
FR myrrh specialty
 odor: myrrh
FL/FR nopol
 odor: sweet balsamic citrus pine herbal
FR octyl cinnamate
 odor: balsam cinnamate opoponax
FL/FR opoponax absolute (balsamodendron kafal)
 odor: sweet aromatic woody spicy
FL/FR opoponax absolute (commiphora erythraea var. glabrescens engle)
 odor: sweet incense woody amber old wood
FL/FR opoponax oil (balsamodendron kafal)
 odor: sweet balsam spicy warm wine animal
 flavor: opoponax
FL/FR opoponax oil (commiphora erythraea var. glabrescens engle)
 odor: sweet balsam spicy warm animal
 flavor: opoponax
FR opoponax resinoid (commiphora erythraea var. glabrescens engle)
FR opoponax resinoid (balsamodendron kafal)
 odor: sweet balsam spicy warm animal
FL peru balsam
 odor: sweet balsam vanilla woody powdery
FL/FR peru balsam absolute
 odor: balsamic woody vanilla powdery
 flavor: peru balsam
FL/FR peru balsam oil
 odor: sweet cinnamic vanilla balsam powdery
 flavor: Bitter, warm, balsamic, cinnamon, woody, vanilla, with leather and spicy nuances
FL/FR peru balsam oil replacer
 odor: balsamic
FL/FR peru balsam resinoid
 odor: sweet cinnamic vanilla balsam
 flavor: bitter warm balsam cinnamon woody vanilla leather
FR peru balsam specialty
 odor: peru balsam
FL/FR phenethyl cinnamate
 odor: rich heavy balsam rose foliage
FL/FR phenethyl salicylate
 odor: balsamic floral rose hyacinth carnation
FR2-phenoxyethyl formate
 odor: balsamic powdery cinnamyl sweet storax cinnamon
 phenyl glycol cinnamate
 odor: balsamic lily hyacinth
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl acetate
 odor: sweet balsam storax spicy cinnamon
 flavor: Balsamic, floral, fruity, sappy, spicy and cinnamic with powdery nuances
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet rich fruity, juicy fruit, honey, tropical fruity with fermented sugar, and jammy osmanthus like nuances
 flavor: sweet rich fruity, ripe juicy notes reminiscent of blackberry, blueberry, fig and grape, slightly fermented miso like nuances.
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam spicy apricot
FL/FR phenyl propyl phenyl acetate
 odor: balsam hyacinth rose green spicy
FR phenyl salicylate
 odor: mild sweet fruity balsam
 odor: fresh pine balsam herbal
FRscotch pine wood/needles resinoid
 odor: balsamic woody
 pinus laricio poiret branch oil italy
 pinus laricio poiret cone oil italy
 pinus laricio poiret leaf oil italy
 piper cernum vell. var. cernum yuncker leaf oil brazil
FL/FR poplar bud oleoresin
 odor: sweet balsam coumarin cinnamic labdanum
 prangos uechtritzii boiss. et hausskn. fruit oil turkey
FL/FR prenyl benzoate
 odor: balsam fruity chocolate ylang tea
FL/FR propyl benzoate
 odor: balsam nutty
 flavor: fruity nutty
FL/FR propyl cinnamate
 odor: musty vine amber
FL/FRisopropyl cinnamate
 odor: balsam fruity tropical cinnamyl berry strawberry peach
 pteronia oil
 odor: sweet balsam herbal benzaldehyde anise
FL/FR(Z)-sabinene hydrate
FR sandal cyclohexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody balsamic
FL/FR sandarac resin
 odor: turpentine fresh resin balsam
FR santalum paniculatum wood oil
 odor: balsamic woody creamy spicy
 satureja khuzistanica jamzad oil iran
FL/FR sclareol
 odor: sweet balsam clary amber woody weedy
 sideritis syriaca oil bulgaria
FL/FR spruce needle absolute
 odor: woody balsamic fir needle green weedy
 flavor: spruce
FRred spruce oil
 odor: fresh balsam pine needle
FL/FR styrax absolute (liquidambar orientalis)
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax absolute (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: balsamic storax
 flavor: storax
FD styrax gum (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic storax
 flavor: storax
FL styrax gum (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam amber woody storax
 flavor: Balsamic, honey, sweet, waxy with a spicy resinous nuance
FL/FR styrax oil (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax oil (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody
 flavor: storax
FR styrax oil replacer
 odor: storax
FL/FR styrax resin (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
 flavor: storax
FL/FR styrax resin (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody amber
 flavor: storax
FR styrax resinoid (liquidambar orientalis)
 odor: balsamic styrene
FL/FR styrax resinoid (liquidambar styraciflua)
 odor: sweet balsam styrene woody amber
 flavor: storax
FR styrax speciality
 odor: sweet balsam styrax woody
FL styrene
 odor: sweet balsam floral plastic
 taxodium distichum (l.) richard branch oil italy
 taxodium distichum (l.) richard cone oil italy
 taxodium distichum (l.) richard leaf oil italy
FL/FR terpinyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam wine moscato nutmeg
FL/FR terpinyl isovalerate
 odor: sweet pine olibanum incense orange
FL/FR tetrahydrofurfuryl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam cortex
 thuja orientalis fruit oil
FL/FR thyme oil wild or creeping finland
 odor: balsamic
 flavor: thyme
FL/FR tolu balsam
 odor: sweet balsam amber fruity
 flavor: tolu balsam
FL/FR tolu balsam absolute
 odor: sweet balsam cinnamyl woody
 flavor: tolu balsam
FL/FR tolu balsam oil
 odor: sweet floral peppery fruity spicy balsam
 flavor: tolu balsam
FL/FR tolu balsam resin
 odor: sweet balsam woody
 flavor: tolu balsam
FR tolu balsam resinoid
 odor: sweet balsam cinnamyl woody
FR tolu balsam specialty
 odor: tolu balsam
FL/FR valerian rhizome absolute
 odor: balsam green sweet woody sour
 flavor: valerian root
FR valeriana wallichii root oil
 odor: balsam woody spicy rooty valerian
 odor: balsam valerian
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla bean balsam
 flavor: vanilla
FR vanilla specialty
 odor: sweet vanilla tincture
FL/FR verbenol
 odor: fresh pine ozone
FL/FR wormwood oil cuba
FL/FRannus wormwood oil france
 odor: balsam sweet spicy basil fresh green
FL/FRannus wormwood oil vietnam
 odor: balsam sweet spicy basil fresh green
 flavor: wormwood
 zanthoxylum bracchyacanthum leaf oil australia
 zanthoxylum nitidum leaf oil australia
 zanthoxylum ovalifolium leaf oil australia
Secondary (Second) - balsamic
FR abies amabilis oil canada
 odor: fresh fir woody balsam citrus
FR abies sibirica needle extract
 odor: pine balsamic woody
FL/FR2-acetyl furan
 odor: sweet balsam almond cocoa caramel coffee
 flavor: Sweet, nutty and roasted with a sweet, baked-goods body
FR agarwood oil
 odor: sweet woody balsam sandalwood
FR agarwood oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet woody balsam sandalwood
FR agarwood specialty
 odor: agarwood
FL/FR allyl (E)-cinnamate
 odor: fruity balsamic apricot peach
FR amyl isoeugenol
 odor: sweet balsam floral spice carnation
FL/FRisoamyl pyruvate
 odor: caramellic balsamic rummy arrack fruity
FL/FRpara-anisyl acetate
 odor: sweet powdery balsam vanilla fruity plum cherry tonka
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, licorice, cherry, vanilla, coumarin
FR azalea fragrance
 odor: azalea
FL/FR bay leaf oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet deep mellow spicy balsam
FL/FRsiam benzoin resin
 odor: sweet vanilla balsam woody powdery
 flavor: benzoin
FL/FRsiam benzoin resinoid
 odor: sweet vanilla balsam woody
 flavor: benzoin
FL/FR benzyl isoeugenol
 odor: mild spicy balsam carnation
 bornyl benzoate
 odor: pine balsam
FL/FRisobornyl phenyl acetate
 odor: cypress oil
FL/FR cananga oil
 odor: sweet floral balsam woody leather
FL/FR cananga oil china
 odor: floral balsam woody leather
 odor: floral balsam herbal
FL/FR(E)-cinnamyl propionate
FR cistus leaf oil
 odor: woody balsamic
FR cistus twig/leaf absolute
 odor: sweet balsam herbal ambergris cypress
FR cistus twig/leaf concrete
 odor: sweet balsam ambergris
FL/FR citronellyl acetone
 odor: sweet floral balsam rose woody
FL/FR clove bud oleoresin
 odor: sweet clove buds
 flavor: clove
FL/FR copaiba balsam
 odor: woody balsam labdanum
 flavor: copaiba
FR cyclohexyl salicylate
 odor: floral balsam sweet green
FR dihydrocoumarin replacer
 odor: spicy balsam coumarin tonka almond
FR dihydrogeranyl linalool
 odor: floral balsam
FL3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid
 odor: mild phenolic balsamic
FL/FR eugenyl benzoate
 odor: mild balsam clove
FL/FR fir balsam absolute replacer
 odor: fir balsam
FR fir balsam concrete
 odor: fir balsam berry woody sweet green pine
FR fir balsam oregon
 odor: fresh sweet pine balsam
FL/FR fir needle oil terpeneless canada
 odor: fresh balsamic woody fir needle
 flavor: fir needle
FL galangal root oleoresin
 odor: spicy balsam fresh woody
 flavor: galanga
FL/FR galbanum absolute
 odor: green balsam earthy woody metallic
 flavor: galbanum
 odor: sweet woody balsam peppery
FR gurjun balsam
 odor: sweet woody balsamic copaiba amyris
 odor: wood balsam
 odor: mild sweet hawthorn balsam mimosa
FL/FR juniper berry oil terpeneless
 odor: fresh earthy balsam carrot seed terpenic fir needle woody carrot caryophyllene
 flavor: juniper
FL/FR juniper lactone
 odor: sweet musk balsam amber animal
 flavor: musk
FL/FR kaempferia galanga rhizome oil
 odor: sweet woody warm balsam spicy
 flavor: camphoreous burning rich aromatic
FL/FR mace oil CO2 extract
 odor: fresh spicy warm balsam
 flavor: mace
FL/FR mastic absolute
 odor: mild green balsam weedy spicy resinous
 flavor: mastic
FR mastic concrete
 odor: balsam
FR musk dec-7(8)-enone
 odor: musk balsamic powdery
FL/FR nutmeg absolute
 odor: spicy balsamic woody terpene
FL/FR nutmeg oil CO2 extract
 odor: warm spicy balsam nutmeg
 flavor: nutmeg
FR octyl benzoate
 odor: fruity balsam
FL/FR patchouli oil decolorized
 odor: old wood woody balsam weedy earthy
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR phenethyl benzoate
 odor: soft rose balsam honey floral
FL/FR phenoxyethanol
 odor: mild rose balsam cinnamyl
FL/FR1-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: sweet floral balsam
 flavor: balsam honey
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl propionate
 odor: floral balsam hyacinth mimosa
FL/FR phytol
 odor: delicate floral balsam powdery waxy
 odor: mild light floral balsam green jasmin
FR pinion fragrance
 odor: pinion pine
 odor: woody warm balsam
 odor: warm woody balsamic fennel
FR pinus nigra oil
 odor: balsam pine turpentine
FR2-isopropoxyethyl salicylate
 odor: sweet floral balsamic hebal
FR rhododendron anthopogon leaf oil
 odor: sweet herbal balsamic
FL/FR rosemary oil corsica
 odor: herbal balsamic
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR(E)-sabinene hydrate
FR sandal hexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody
FR(R)-sandal hexanol
 odor: sandalwood clean sweet woody balsamic
FL/FR sandalwood oil
 odor: sweet woody balsamic cashew terpene herbal spicy
 flavor: Woody, sandalwood, balsamic and floral with a terpy nuance
FL/FR sandalwood oil west australia
 odor: sweet creamy balsamic woody
FR santall
 odor: woody clean sandalwood balsam
FL/FR santalyl butyrate
 odor: woody balsam fruity rose nutty
 santolina oil
 odor: chamomile balsamic floral
FR siam wood oil
 odor: woody balsam opoponax cedar floral
FR terpinyl benzoate
 odor: fir tree ylang niobe cypress
FR tonka undecanone
 odor: sweet spicy balsam tonka woody tobacco green
FL/FR turpentine oil
 odor: fresh balsam woody terpene
FL/FR vetiver oil bourbon
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil brazil
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil india
 odor: woody rooty balsam
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiverol
 odor: sweet balsam woody root sandalwood
FR(Z)-woody amylene
 odor: woody floral pine balsam violet methyl ionone
FL yuzunone
 odor: peely balsamic floral
Tertiary (Third) - balsamic
FR abies lasiocarpa oil canada
 odor: fresh woody fir cypress spruce balsam
 odor: sweet hawthorn anisic powdery balsamic acacia
 flavor: Sweet, anisic, fruity cherry, with powdery vanilla nuances
FR artemisia vestita wall. leaf oil
 odor: fresh herbal slightly sweet woody balsam sage davana oil
FL/FR beeswax absolute
 odor: sweet honey balsam waxy hay tobacco spice
 flavor: Sweet, brown, dried fruity, tobacco, with davana and tagette nuances
FL benzylidene acetone
 odor: sweet spice cinnamon balsam rhubarb creamy floral
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamate-Iike with powdery and waxy balsamic nuances
FR boswellia serrata wood tar oil
 odor: smoky resinous balsamic woody
FR bruyere root absolute
 odor: woody green balsam spicy
FL/FR butyl alcohol
 flavor: banana fusel
FL/FRisobutyl benzoate
 odor: sweet fruity musty powdery balsam
 flavor: Fruity, balsamic, cherry and fruity taste
FL/FR camphor tree bark oil
 odor: camphor herbal pine minty
FR cananga fruit oil
 odor: herbal floral balsam woody leather
FR cananga leaf oil
 odor: spicy floral balsam woody leather
FRatlas cedarwood oil fractions
 odor: oriental lactonic balsamic fruity
FL/FR cinnamyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral spicy balsam cinnamon
 flavor: Sweet, spicy, floral, cinnamon and honey with a tutti-fruti nuance
FL/FR(Z)-cinnamyl acetate
 odor: floral spicy balsam
FL/FR clove bud oil
 odor: warm clove sweet fruity woody
 flavor: Sweet, woody, eugenol, spicy, medicinal, fresh and slightly balsamic with a nice bite
FR clover nitrile
 odor: orchid clover narcissus balsam styrax
FR cypress oil
 odor: fresh pine woody earthy olibanum dry spicy cedar
FL/FR(E,E)-digeranyl ether
 odor: clean floral balsamic
FR elder flower oil
 odor: sweet honey animal balsam
FL/FR elemi oil
 odor: fresh lemony peppery balsam green woody sweet spicy
 flavor: elemi
FR floral undecenone
 odor: sweet floral balsam rose woody dry
FR galbanum absolute replacer
FL/FR galbanum oleoresin
 odor: green woody balsam resin leafy green pepper
 flavor: galbanum
FL/FR galbanum resinoid
 odor: rich green woody balsam dry green pepper foliage
 flavor: galbanum
FL/FR(E)-geranyl linalool
 odor: mild floral rose balsam
CS glyceryl tribenzoate
 odor: plastic benzophenone balsamic clean green
FR guaiacwood extract acetate
 odor: woody vetiver balsamic
FL/FR heptyl benzoate
 odor: damp green freshly bruised sage leaves metallic
FR(E)-2-hexen-1-yl salicylate
 odor: green woody floral
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl salicylate
 odor: floral green metallic herbal balsam
 odor: slightly nutty almond, balsamic vanilla like with slight brown honey nuance. with a faint metallic character.
 flavor: mparts a creamy mouth feel, slightly musty nutty with vanilla and honey nuances.
FR lily flower absolute
 odor: floral waxy oily balsam sweet narcissus boronia
FRisolongifolene epoxide
 odor: dry woody citrus linalyl and nopyl acetate
FL/FRalpha-methyl cinnamaldehyde
 odor: sweet cinnamon spicy cassia
 flavor: Spice, cinnamon, sweet, woody with a slight pungent and hot bite
FR myoporum crassifolium wood oil
 odor: woody pine balsam cedar
FL/FR myristica fragrans houtt. fruit extract
 odor: spicy woody balsam green waxy floral
 flavor: spicy
FL/FR myristica fragrans seed tincture
 odor: spicy woody balsam green waxy floral
 flavor: spicy
 odor: spice warm balsam woody
FL/FR myrtenol
 odor: woody pine balsam sweet mint medical
 flavor: Cooling, minty, camphoreous, green with a medicinal nuance
FL/FR neryl benzoate
 odor: sweet soft rose ylang balsamic
 odor: sweet fruity floral balsam
 flavor: waxy, concord grape, floral, sweet
FR picea glauca leaf absolute
 odor: green resinous balsamic fruity coumarinic
FR pimenta officinalis fruit extract
 odor: spicy clove
FL/FRwhite pine bark oil
 odor: sweet pine woody balsam anisic
FL/FR pine needle absolute
 odor: fresh christmas tree fruity tonka balsam
FL/FR pine needle oil dwarf
 odor: pine balsam sweet woody spicy cypress juniperberry
FR pine specialty
 odor: fir needle
FR pinoacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh clean watery balsam pine nutty natural aldehydic
FR poplar bud absolute
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl balsamic bouquet resinous labdamum coumarinic
FL/FRisopropyl benzoate
 odor: sweet fruity floral balsamic
FL/FR rosemary oil africa
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsam herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil tunisia
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsam herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FR sandalwood oil west australia (santalum spicata)
 odor: dry soft woody balsam sweet myrrh
FR sweet pea absolute
 odor: floral green balsam sweet freesia
FL/FR terpinyl butyrate
 odor: sour rosemary fruity balsam
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla spp.)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee fresh balsam
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR vetiver oil
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: vetiver
FL/FR vetiver oil haiti
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: Musky, woody, vegetative with woody pine and sandalwood notes and perfume rosy geranium nuances
FR vetiver oil terpenes
 odor: sweet rooty waxy balsam
FR vetiver resinoid
 odor: sweet woody rooty balsam
FR xanthoxylum fruit oil
 odor: fruity spicy balsamic
Quaternary (Fourth) - balsamic
 odor: woody amber
FR agarwood oil replacer
 odor: woody vetiver sweet balsamic
FL/FRisoamyl salicylate
 odor: floral herbal woody orchid metallic
 flavor: herbal green berry
FL/FRpara-anisyl methyl ketone
 odor: Sweet, fruity spicy, with anisic balsamic nuances
 flavor: Sweet spicy, with green anisic, minty nuances
FL/FRpara-anisyl phenyl acetate
 odor: anise honey balsam woody
FL/FR benzyl acetone
 odor: floral balsam
 flavor: strawberry
FL/FR benzyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam floral fruity cherry
 flavor: Spicy, floral, fruity, balsamic
 odor: pine woody camphor
FL/FR bornyl formate
 odor: green earthy herbal balsam pine
FR calendula officinalis flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: herbal floral woody balsamic
FL/FR cardamom seed oil
 odor: warm spicy camphor medical eucalyptus balsam woody
 flavor: cardamom
FR cedarwood oil texas fractions
 odor: clean amber woody balsamic
FR cedarwood oil virginia
 odor: cedar woody oily balsam
FR chloranthus spicatus absolute
 odor: woody floral boronia sweet balsam
FL/FR cinnamaldehyde
 odor: sweet spice cinnamon red hots warm
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamon and cinnamon bark
FR cinnamaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet cinnamon cypress
FR cinnamomum culilawan bark oil
 odor: spicy clove balsamic woody
FL/FR(E)-cinnamyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral spicy balsam
FR2-ethyl hexyl salicylate
 odor: mild orchid sweet balsam
FL/FR ethyl phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral honey rose balsam cocoa
 flavor: Strong sweet rosy honey and balsamic cocoa-like with molasses and yeasty nuances
FR eucalyptus citriodora oil
 odor: fresh rosy citronella balsamic floral
FL/FR frankincense absolute
 odor: woody terpene incense balsam
 flavor: Medicinal, woody, mentholic, herbal and spicy
FL/FR frankincense resinoid
 odor: incense old wood terpene woody
 flavor: frankincense
FL/FR guaiacwood oil
 odor: sweet dry woody spicy powdery
 flavor: guaiacwood
FR guaiyl butyrate
 odor: rose plum animal balsamic woody
 flavor: plum
FL1-hexen-3-yl acetate
 odor: green fruity rum
 flavor: earthy mushroom slightly green
FL/FR honey absolute
 odor: honey tobacco
 flavor: honey brown woody
 odor: sweet waxy citrus floral balsamic dry dusty powdery spicy
FR lantana camara flower oil
 odor: green herbal resinous balsamic
FL/FR marigold pot flower oil
 odor: herbal floral woody balsamic
 flavor: marigold
4-methoxy-alpha-toluene thiol
 odor: sulfurous slightly burnt floral balsamic anise seed
FL/FR methyl hydrocinnamate
 odor: honey fruity wine balsam floral
FL/FR methyl salicylate
 odor: wintergreen mint
 flavor: Sweet, salicylate and root beer with aromatic and balsamic nuances
FL/FR myrrh oil CO2 extract
 odor: resinous aromatic spicy balsamic
 flavor: myrrh
FR phenyl glycol diacetate
 odor: gardenia muguet hyacinth balsam honey vetiver
FL/FR2-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: green spicy hyacinth balsam lilac honeysuckle
FL/FR phytyl acetate
 odor: mild waxy fruity balsam
FR rosa alba flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral rose honey balsamic
FL/FR rose absolute (rosa centifolia) morocco
 odor: rich sweet deep rose spicy honey balsam woody
FL/FR rosemary absolute
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsam herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil
 odor: herbal camphor woody balsam
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil morocco
 odor: herbal camphor woody balsam minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil spain
 odor: herbal camphor woody balsam
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR tea absolute
 odor: sweet leathery herbal floral balsamic woody
FL/FR trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract
 odor: Burnt, roasted, bready, coffee, grain, wheat and sesame with a whiskey nuance
 flavor: Roasted, bready and grainy with savory, vegetative and whiskey nuances
FL/FR tuberose absolute chassis
 odor: heavy floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil
 odor: fresh green warm woody balsam rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil china
 odor: green warm woody balsam rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil CO2 extract china
 odor: fresh green warm woody balsam rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root
FL/FR vanillyl acetate
 odor: Sweet, creamy, vanilla-like with a powdery heliotropine nuance
 flavor: Sweet, vanilla, creamy, powdery with a balsamic beany nuance
FL/FR vanillylidene acetone
 odor: Sweet, powdery vanilla with creamy balsamic nuances
 flavor: Balsamic vanilla, with sweet aromatic spicy nuance
FL/FR vetiver oil CO2 extract
 odor: woody earthy rooty balsam amber
 flavor: vetiver
FR woody octene
 odor: woody clean spicy balsam
Quinary (Fifth) - balsamic
FL2-acetyl-5-methyl thiophene
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl mignonette hyacinth balsamic
 flavor: sweet floral heliotrope
FL/FR amyl benzoate
 odor: floral green musky amber balsam
FL/FR benzyl alcohol
 odor: floral rose phenolic balsamic
 flavor: Chemical, fruity with balsamic nuances
FL/FR benzyl propionate
 odor: sweet fruity floral banana jasmin balsam
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, apple, banana, tutti frutti, with a floral nuance
FR cardamom liquid resin
 odor: warm woody orange citrus balsam
FL/FR cardamom seed oil guatemala
 odor: warm spicy camphor medical eucalyptus balsam woody
 flavor: cardamom
FR chamaecyparis nootkatensis oil canada
 odor: fresh woody oily orris styrax balsam
FR chamomile oil morocco
 odor: fresh herbal camphor sweet cistus balsam
 flavor: chamomile
FL/FR cinnamyl butyrate
 odor: soft fruity winey cognac cinnamyl balsamic
FL/FR civet absolute
 odor: animal urine
 flavor: civet
FL/FRpara-cresyl laurate
 odor: Sweet, slightly oily, nutty, vanilla-like and balsamic
 flavor: Sweet, waxy, fatty and balsamic
FL/FR davana oil
 odor: fruity leafy berry black currant balsam raisin
 flavor: sweet fruity jammy raisin dried fruit apricot peach
FL/FR davana oil CO2 extract
 odor: fruity leafy berry black currant balsam raisin
 flavor: sweet fruity jammy raisin dried fruit apricot peach
FL/FR elemi gum
 odor: fresh terpene peppery lemony woody balsam dill
 flavor: elemi
FL/FR elemi resinoid
 odor: fresh terpeney peppery lemony woody balsam
 flavor: elemi
FL/FR ethyl palmitate
 odor: Waxy, fruity, creamy and milky with a balsamic nuance
 flavor: Waxy, fruity, creamy and fermented with a vanilla, balsamic nuance
FL/FR ethyl salicylate
 odor: sweet wintergreen mint floral spicy balsam
 flavor: Sweet, wintergreen, spicy and anisic
FL/FRisoeugenyl acetate
 odor: sweet spicy powdery floral carnation balsam
FL/FR ferula assa-foetida absolute
 odor: garlic onion sweet balsam
FR fruity butanate
 odor: fruity green peach orchid balsam woody
FR hawthorn acetate
 odor: sweet floral anisyl acetate anisyl alcohol balsam
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl benzoate
 odor: fresh green leaf floral orchid balsam fatty
 flavor: Fatty, floral, green, fruity, spicy with woody nuances
 odor: sweet herbal floral violet tropical balsam woody
 flavor: Floral violet-like, fruity, woody, berry with powdery nuances
FR jonquil absolute
 odor: sweet floral green spicy
FR labdanum gum
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam
FL/FR labdanum oil
 odor: dry old wood amber ambergris balsam labdanum spicy
 flavor: labdanum
FR labdanum resinoid
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam
FR mesitene lactone
 odor: sweet caramel sugar green licorice balsam gourmand
 odor: garlic, green, starchy, pepper, balsamic, mossy, woody cabbage, sulfur
FR muguet carboxaldehyde
 odor: floral clean muguet ozone marine sandy balsamic
FL/FR myrcene
 odor: peppery terpene spicy balsam plastic
 flavor: Woody, vegetative, citrus, fruity with a tropical mango and slight leafy minty nuances
FL/FR narcissus acetate
 odor: deep rose green narcissus leafy sweet balsam
FL/FR patchouli oil
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR phenethyl isobutyrate
 odor: floral fruity rose tea rose peach pastry
 flavor: Heavy, honey, floral, aldehydic with floral nuances
FL/FR phenethyl propionate
 odor: floral red rose fruity honey balsam styrax
FL/FR pinocarveol
 odor: Camphoreous, woody pine-like with fresh, cooling minty undernotes
 flavor: Camphoreous, woody pine-like with a green thymol borneol nuance
FL/FR spruce needle oil canada
 odor: fir needle woody thujone herbal terpene
 flavor: spruce
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from pommade)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
Senary (Sixth) - balsamic
FL/FRalpha-amyl cinnamyl acetate
 odor: floral jasmin chocolate leather fruity balsam spicy cinnamyl
 flavor: Earthy, fruity, spicy, powdery and balsamic
FR berry hexanoate
 odor: fruity floral anisic fresh raspberry jasmin
FR cyclohexyl propanol
 odor: floral mint green geranium muguet balsam
FR cymbopogon validus leaf oil
 odor: sweet fruity floral herbal green rose balsamic
FL/FR fenugreek absolute
 odor: sweet maple celery spicy coumarin balsam
 flavor: Strong maples, celery, caramellic, coffee-like with lingering nutty and fatty nuances
FRdouglas fir oil
 odor: fresh woody fir citric oily carrot seed balsam
FL/FR geranyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral tropical honey rose fruity sweet balsam
 flavor: Floral, rosy, honey and green with fatty, fruity nuances
FR labdanum concrete
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam
FL/FR linalool oxide (furanoid)
 odor: musty camphor fenchyl alcohol
FL/FR2-methyl butyl salicylate
 odor: herbal woody orchid floral
FL/FR patchouli oil molecular distilled
 odor: patchouli
 flavor: patchouli
FR patchouli woody amber fragrance
 odor: patchouli woody amber
FL/FR phenethyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral sweet rose honey balsam
 flavor: Honey, floral, green, rose, cocoa, hay, tropical body
FL/FR phenethyl pivalate
 odor: rose spice rhodinol geranium blueberry
FL/FR3-phenyl propionaldehyde
 odor: fresh cortex green leaf foliage balsam storax
 flavor: Green, melon, fruity and citrus
FL/FR prenyl acetate
 odor: sweet fresh banana fruity jasmin ripe heliotrope balsam
 flavor: sweet banana fruity ripe floral green
FL/FR propyl phenyl acetate
 odor: Sweet, honey, floral, with a rose-like nuance
 flavor: Sweet, honey, floral with a fermented balsamic nuance
FL/FR sesame absolute
 odor: sesame nutty roasted peanut coffee gourmand woody balsamic
 flavor: nutty sesame
FL/FR sesame absolute CO2 extract
 odor: sesame nutty roasted peanut coffee gourmand woody balsamic
 flavor: nutty sesame
FL/FR spicy acetoacetate
 odor: Sweet, musty, spicy, floral, fruity and vanilla with a slight berry nuance
 flavor: Spicy, musty and cinnamon-like with a caramellic undernote
FR tricyclodecenyl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity amber chocolate anise basil
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FR walnut leaf oil
 odor: warm spicy sweet tea leaf labdanum herbal balsam
FR woody acetate
 odor: woody cedar floral oily herbal balsam green fruity
Septenary (Seventh) - balsamic
FL/FR benzyl isovalerate
 odor: sweet fruity apple pineapple herbal
 flavor: Sweet, fruity and balsamic with a tropical and dried fruit nuance
FL/FR celery seed oil
 odor: fresh herbal green phenolic woody
 flavor: celery
FL/FR galbanum oil
 odor: fresh green cortex earthy rooty woody balsam metallic
 flavor: galbanum
FR hexyl cinnamate
 odor: cypress cuminic acetate fruity balsam
FR hyacinth ether
 odor: floral hyacinth green metallic fruity raspberry balsam
FL/FR phenethyl acetate
 odor: floral rose sweet honey fruity tropical
 flavor: Sweet, honey, floral, rosy with a slight green nectar fruity body and mouth feel
FL/FR phenoxyethyl propionate
 odor: resin fruity myrrh opoponax lavender hay
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl alcohol
 odor: sweet spicy cinnamyl mignonette hyacinth balsam
 flavor: Spicy, cinnamon, balsamic, fruity, winey and honey-like with floral nuances
FL/FR rum extract
 odor: rum fusel fruity raisin floral woody balsamic
Octonary (Eighth) - balsamic
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