Typical G.C. analysis

achillea millefolium oil greece
200.50  artemisyl alcohol
16trace  artemisyl ketone
10.40  artemisia triene
3349.30  ascaridole
550.10alpha- bisabolol
292.00iso borneol
50tracedelta- cadinene
49tracegamma- cadinene
540.10alpha- cadinol
530.10T- cadinol
50.90  camphene
268.10  camphor
11tracedelta-3- carene
37trace  carvacrol
430.40beta- caryophyllene
520.20  caryophyllene oxide
280.20(Z)- chrysanthenol
36trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
1410.501,8- cineole
40tracealpha- copaene
410.10beta- cubebene
46tracear- curcumene
137.40para- cymene
42tracebeta- elemene
44trace(E)-beta- farnesene
350.30  geranial
47trace  germacrene D
45tracealpha- humulene
390.80(Z)- jasmone
270.10  lavandulol
150.10  limonene
220.50  linalool
48tracealpha- muurolene
9trace  myrcene
51trace(E)- nerolidol
6trace1- octen-3-ol
10tracealpha- phellandrene
40.40alpha- pinene
80.30beta- pinene
70.40  sabinene
190.40(E)- sabinene hydrate
250.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
301.10  terpinen-4-ol
127.00alpha- terpinene
180.30gamma- terpinene
310.50alpha- terpineol
210.30  terpinolene
3tracealpha- thujene
231.50alpha- thujone
240.20beta- thujone
341.40 thujyl isobutyrate
380.10  thymol
2trace  tricyclene
320.20  verbenone
171.70  yomogi alcohol

P. Chatzopoulou, S. T. Katsiotis and A. Baerheim Svendsen, An ascaridole containing essential oil of the Achilles millefolium L. complex growing wild in Northen Greece, J. Essent. Oil Res., 4, 457-459 (1992).

P&F 22, No. 3, 57, (1997)

acorus calamus root oil
260.33  acolamone
190.35  acoradiene
240.50  acoragermacrone
361.09  acorenone
301.68beta- asarone
30.04  borneol
60.04  bornyl acetate
370.64  cadala-1,4,9-triene
251.57beta- cadinene
120.44delta- cadinene
132.11gamma- cadinene
270.68alpha- calacorene
290.91preiso calamendiol
343.15  calamenene
399.62  calamenone
20.03  camphor
141.43  cascarilladiene
100.61alpha- cedrene
90.05alpha- copaene
200.74ar- curcumene
400.15  dibutyl phthalate
350.591,4- dihydro-1,1,4,4-tetramethyl-2,3-naphthalene dione
330.451,6- dimethyl-4-isopropyl naphthalene
110.29beta- elemene
220.30(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
161.12(E)-beta- farnesene
210.11beta- guaiene
157.66beta- gurjurene
10.24  linalool
172.85(Z)- methyl isoeugenol
230.96alpha- muurolene
310.69alpha- muurolol
320.24epi-alpha- muurolol
410.05  palmitic acid
380.352-isoproponyl-6-isopropyl methyl-3-vinyl cyclohexanol
2818.70epi- shyobunone
40.08  terpinen-4-ol
50.05alpha- terpineol
70.133,3,7,9-tetramethyl tricyclo(
180.162,6,10,10-tetramethyl tricyclo(

M. X. Li and Z-B. Jiang, The volatile constituents of the essential oil and their distribution in Acorus calamus L. Zhongcaoyo, 24, 459-461 (1993).

P&F 22, No. 2, 59, (1997)

aloysia triphylla oil turkey
410.54  aromadendrene
350.10epi- bicyclosesquiphellandrene
480.15beta- bisabolene
310.56beta- bourbonene
520.24delta- cadinene
530.26gamma- cadinene
660.97T- cadinol
290.05alpha- campholenic aldehyde
570.36trans- carveol
590.12cis- carveol
500.50  carvone
373.49beta- caryophyllene
614.87  caryophyllene oxide
340.43alpha- cedrene
1110.071,8- cineole
260.17  citronellal
280.58alpha- copaene
544.93ar- curcumene
160.11para- cymene
420.11(E)-beta- farnesene
4911.93  geranial
580.04  geraniol
560.21  geranyl propionate
461.50  germacrene D
120.17(E)-2- hexenal
180.04(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
430.51alpha- humulene
1018.59  limonene
240.22(E)-1,2- limonene epoxide
230.47(Z)-1,2-limonene epoxide + 1-octen-3-ol
320.38  linalool
220.04(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
10.35  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
620.08  methyl eugenol
40.102- methyl-3-buten-2-ol
190.016- methyl-3-heptanol
360.086- methyl-3,5-heptadien-2-one
171.406- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
670.19T- muurolol
70.40  myrcene
445.99  neral
550.12  nerol
630.73  nerolidol
510.72  neryl acetate
151.41(E)-beta- ocimene
130.11(Z)-beta- ocimene
200.06  perillene
270.22(Z,Z)- photocitral
210.14  photocitral B
21.42alpha- pinene
50.19beta- pinene
600.07  piperitenone
390.31  rosefuran epoxide
62.83  sabinene
250.80(E)- sabinene hydrate
330.20(Z)- sabinene hydrate
654.30  spathulenol
380.31  terpinen-4-ol
80.08alpha- terpinene
140.08gamma- terpinene
452.00alpha- terpineol
30.20alpha- thujene
90.051,3,3-trimethyl bicyclo(2,2,2)oct-5-ene
640.08  viridiflorol
470.27  zingiberene

T. Ozek, N. Kirimer, K. H. C. Baser and G. Tiimen, Composition of the essential oil of Aloysia triphylla (l’Herit,) Britton grown in Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 8,581-563 (1896).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

alpinia galanga oil
2410.70alpha- bergamotene
3016.20beta- bisabolene
12trace  borneol
172.50  bornyl acetate
20.50  camphene
230.90  caryophyllene
332.50  caryophyllene oxide
160.20  chavicol
191.00  chavicyl acetate
75.501,8- cineole
201.60  citronellyl acetate
220.70  copaene
281.90ar- curcumene
14tracepara- cymen-8-ol
60.80para- cymene
291.50  eugenyl acetate
2618.20(E)-beta- farnesene
215.10  geranyl acetate
250.60alpha- humulene
81.60  limonene
11trace  linalool
50.70  myrcene
311.90  pentadecane
321.60beta-sesqui phellandrene
110.20alpha- pinene
41.60beta- pinene
3trace  sabinene
270.80 santalene
130.30  terpinen-4-ol
9tracealpha- terpinene
150.20alpha- terpineol
10trace  terpinolene
18trace  tridecane

H. L. De Pooter, M. Nor Omar, B. A. Coolsaet and N. M. Schamp, The Essential Oil of Greater Galanga (Alpinia galanga) from Malaysia, Phytochem.,24, 93-96 (1985).

P&F 11, No. 1, 29, (1986)

amyris wood oil
110.70alpha- acoradiene
301.00beta- acoradiene
350.70beta- acorenol
31.00alpha- agarofuran
141.60beta- bisabolene
260.20delta- cadinol
37<0.10T- cadinol
2tracebeta- caryophyllene
36<0.10  cedranol
173.10ar- curcumene
200.80 dihydroagarofuran
90.10beta- elemene
410.10  elemol
510.9010-epi-gamma- eudesmol
616.80beta- eudesmol
1<0.10  furfural
311.00alpha- gurjunene
160.40beta- himachalene
15<0.10alpha- humulene
70.504alpha- hydroxydihydroagarofuran
38<0.10  ledol
230.50(E)- nerolidol
10<0.10alpha- santalene
346.40 selin-5-en-7-ol
290.10  selina-3,7-diene
193.50  selina-3,7(11)-diene
250.20 selina-5-en-11-ol
320.50alpha- selinene
27<0.101,3,7,7-tetramethyl bicyclo(4.4.0)-3-decene
13trace  valencene
822.10  valerianol
333.50  zingiberene

B. Corbier, C. Ehret and P. Maupetit, Constituents inedits de L’essence de Santal Amyris. In: Progress in Terpene Chemistry. Edit., D. Joulain, pp. 307-316, Editns Frontiers (1986).

P&F 21, No. 1, 37, (1996)

anthemis nobilis flower oil roman
470.48iso amyl 3-hydroxy-2-methylene butyrate
60.93iso amyl acetate
270.07  amyl angelate
2517.54iso amyl angelate
123.13iso amyl isobutyrate
181.53iso amyl methacrylate
110.06iso amyl propionate
320.02  benzaldehyde
440.10  benzyl isobutyrate
400.20  borneol
430.08isobutyl 2-hydroxy-2-methylene butyrate
20.02iso butyl acetate
230.37  butyl angelate
194.03iso butyl angelate
70.04iso butyl butyrate
50.75iso butyl isobutyrate
90.33iso butyl methacrylate
340.03iso butyric acid
40.39  camphene
330.02  camphor
130.121,8- cineole
42tracear- curcumene
460.05para- cymen-8-ol
500.01  decanoic acid
80.08 ethyl angelate
1trace  ethyl isobutyrate
370.10beta- farnesene
300.172-methyl butyl tiglate
220.193- methyl pentanol
480.663-methyl pentyl 3-hydroxy-2-methylene butyrate
140.943- methyl pentyl acetate
3122.693- methyl pentyl angelate
2112.543- methyl pentyl isobutyrate
260.042-methyl pentyl isovalerate
200.102- methyl pentyl propionate
170.152- methyl-2-butenyl isobutyrate
2413.142- methyl-2-propenyl angelate
100.882- methyl-2-propenyl isobutyrate
160.812- methyl-2-propenyl methacrylate
290.802- methyl-2-propenyl tiglate
360.67  myrtenal
450.38  myrtenol
410.05  myrtenyl isobutyrate
490.04  nonanoic acid
280.051- octen-3-ol
31.05alpha- pinene
384.36trans- pinocarveol
352.37  pinocarvone
151.04  propyl angelate
390.03alpha- terpineol

E. J. Brunke, F. J. Hammnerschmidt and G. Schmaus, Flower scent of some traditional medical plants. In: Bioactive volatile compounds from plants. Edits., R. Teranishi, R. G. Buttery and H. Sugisawa, pp. 282-296. ACS Symposium Series No. 525, Amer. Chem. Soc., Washington (1993).

P&F 23, No. 6, 53, (1998)

artemisia campestris spp. glutinosa flower oil italy
21trace  aromadendrene
2714.50  bicyclogermacrene
330.90 bisabolene endoperoxide
397.00alpha- bisabolol
421.70alpha-bisabolol oxide
220.10iso borneol
30tracedelta- cadinene
440.50alpha- cadinol
320.20  calamenene
2trace  camphene
18trace  camphor
430.90  carvacrol
340.30  caryophyllene oxide
371.00  cedrol
70.201,8- cineole
170.40alpha- copaene
310.20ar- curcumene
110.10para- cymene
285.00(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
241.50(E)-beta- farnesene
290.10  geranyl acetate
268.00  germacrene D
401.00  globulol
230.40beta- guaiene
140.20(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl isovalerate
251.40alpha- humulene
63.00  limonene
353.70  methyl eugenol
450.40T- muurolol
511.20  myrcene
200.40  myrtenal
360.80(E)- nerolidol
82.40(Z)-beta- ocimene
130.10allo- ocimene
105.40(E)-beta- ocimene
12.60alpha- pinene
319.00beta- pinene
40.30  sabinene
410.90  spathulenol
190.90  terpinen-4-ol
90.40gamma- terpinene
12trace  terpinolene
15tracealpha- thujone
16tracebeta- thujone
380.90  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 91, (2001)
artemisia variabilis flower oil italy
380.40  acenaphthalene
240.70  bicyclogermacrene
331.00alpha- bisabolol
26tracedelta- cadinene
370.90alpha- cadinol
2trace  camphene
16trace  camphor
80.101,8- cineole
27tracear- curcumene
120.40para- cymene
280.501,4- dimethyl naphthalene
250.10  geranyl acetate
230.30  germacrene D
340.20  globulol
20tracebeta- guaiene
15trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl isovalerate
210.10alpha- humulene
400.102- hydroxy-4,6-dimethoxyacetophenone
71.00  limonene
17trace  linalool
29trace  methyl eugenol
50.20  myrcene
19trace  myrtenal
310.30(E)- nerolidol
95.50(Z)-beta- ocimene
14traceallo- ocimene
111.30(E)-beta- ocimene
10.80alpha- pinene
33.60beta- pinene
40.10  sabinene
351.00  spathulenol
180.10  terpinen-4-ol
60.10alpha- terpinene
103.20gamma- terpinene
220.20alpha- terpineol
13trace  terpinolene
360.80  thymol
320.20  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 91, (2001)
cedarwood oil china
270.30 abietadiene
70.60alpha- acoradiene
80.30beta- acoradiene
192.60alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
180.40beta- bisabolene
240.80alpha- bisabolol
226.40alpha- cedrene
39.20beta- cedrene
219.60  cedrol
250.10  cedryl acetate
260.10  cembrene
161.40alpha- chamigrene
92.20beta- chamigrene
173.40  cuparene
110.40ar- curcumene
100.20gamma- curcumene
200.10(E)-beta- farnesene
60.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
50.20alpha- himachalene
151.40beta- himachalene
10.70  methyl chavicol
143.10alpha- selinene
120.20beta- selinene
429.90  thujopsene
229.50  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedarwood oil texas
70.70alpha- acoradiene
80.60beta- acoradiene
190.70alpha- alaskene
140.20beta- alaskene
250.40alpha- bisabolol
10.20  camphor
260.908- cedren-13-ol
230.70alpha- cedrene
35.50beta- cedrene
2019.10  cedrol
171.20alpha- chamigrene
91.10beta- chamigrene
230.20  cubenol
181.70  cuparene
120.10ar- curcumene
110.10gamma- curcumene
50.50alpha- himachalene
161.40beta- himachalene
100.10gamma- himachalene
151.50alpha- selinene
60.10  thujopsadiene
425.00  thujopsene
130.10  valencene
211.60  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedarwood oil virginia
[8000-27-9] Page 298 RI 1.506 d .952 Fp 224#F Merck Index 11,6708 FTNMR 1,316C Safety 1,707B RTECS# FJ1520050 Disp. A Harmony 1515.90.4000 IRRITANT LIGHT-SENSITIVE KEEP TIGHTLY CLOSED
60.20alpha- acoradiene
70.30beta- acoradiene
180.90alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
230.60alpha- bisabolol
121.10alpha- cedrene
28.20beta- cedrene
1922.20  cedrol
161.60alpha- chamigrene
81.80beta- chamigrene
220.10  cubebol
171.60  cuparene
100.10ar- curcumene
90.10gamma- curcumene
50.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
40.20alpha- himachalene
152.10beta- himachalene
143.00alpha- selinene
110.10beta- selinene
321.30  thujopsene
120.10  valencene
202.30  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

citrus hystrix leaf oil
38tracedelta- cadinene
40trace  calamenene
4tracedelta-3- carene
310.16beta- caryophyllene
27traceiso caryophyllene
2281.49  citronellal
530.10  citronellic acid
438.22  citronellol
340.90  citronellyl acetate
240.06alpha- copaene
46trace  cubenol
47traceepi- cubenol
39tracear- curcumene
12tracepara- cymene
33trace2,6- dimethyl-5-heptenal
150.132,6- dimethyl-5-heptenol
30tracebeta- elemene
51trace  elemol
23trace4,8- epoxyterpinolene
440.31  geraniol
420.09  geranyl acetate
35trace  germacrene D
32tracealpha- humulene
52trace  indole
80.03  limonene
253.69  linalool
20trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
19trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
48tracepara- menthan-1,8-diol
17trace  menthone
18traceiso menthone
14trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
36tracealpha- muurolene
50.43  myrcene
41trace  neral
500.18(E)- nerolidol
45trace  neryl acetone
100.23beta- ocimene
6tracealpha- phellandrene
90.05beta- phellandrene
54trace  phytol
55traceiso phytol
10.06alpha- pinene
20.24beta- pinene
280.32iso pulegol
16trace rose oxide
31.57  sabinene
210.14(E)- sabinene hydrate
260.13(Z)- sabinene hydrate
490.24  safrole
290.20  terpinen-4-ol
70.03alpha- terpinene
110.07gamma- terpinene
130.05  terpinolene

A. Sato, K. Asano and T. Sato, The chemical composition of Citrus hystrix DC (Swangi), J. Essent. oil Res., 2, 179-163 ( 1990).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

citrus junos sieb var. tanaka peel oil
220.80-1.52  bicycloelemene
25tracetrans- carveol
26tracecis- carveol
210.01-0.02  carvone
150.13-0.17beta- caryophyllene
56.15-8.251,8- cineole
24tracear- curcumene
70.21-0.40para- cymene
12trace  decanal
19trace  dodecanal
110.01-0.02delta- elemene
171.21-1.96beta- farnesene
27trace  juniper camphor
460.41-71.29  limonene
131.64-2.00  linalool
14trace  linalyl acetate
31.41-1.43  myrcene
10trace  nonanal
9trace  octanal
230.01-0.02  perillaldehyde
10.95-1.11alpha- pinene
20.32-0.35beta- pinene
20trace  piperitone
16trace-0.02  terpinen-4-ol
67.59-7.78gamma- terpinene
180.10-0.25alpha- terpineol
80.23-0.51  terpinolene
280.12-0.21  thymol

M. Sawamura, T. Kuriyama, Z-F. Li and H. Kusunose, Composition of peel oil components of yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide and those of traditional ones. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gaikkaishi, 36, 34-38 (1989).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

citrus junos sieb var. tanaka peel oil CO2 extract
220.90-1.65  bicycloelemene
25trace-0.01trans- carveol
26trace-0.01cis- carveol
210.01  carvone
150.02-0.19beta- caryophyllene
53.70-5.801,8- cineole
24tracear- curcumene
70.11-0.48para- cymene
12trace-0.03  decanal
19trace-0.02  dodecanal
110.01-0.02delta- elemene
171.41-3.49beta- farnesene
27trace-0.05  juniper camphor
461.91-75.74  limonene
131.19-7.94  linalool
14trace  linalyl acetate
31.05-1.63  myrcene
10trace-0.04  nonanal
9trace  octanal
23trace-0.05  perillaldehyde
10.64-0.90alpha- pinene
20.28-0.37beta- pinene
20trace-0.07  piperitone
160.01-0.33  terpinen-4-ol
67.43-10.49gamma- terpinene
180.16-0.84alpha- terpineol
80.17-0.34  terpinolene
280.24-1.10  thymol

M. Sawamura, T. Kuriyama, Z-F. Li and H. Kusunose, Composition of peel oil components of yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide and those of traditional ones. Nippon Shokuhin Kogyo Gaikkaishi, 36, 34-38 (1989).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

conyza canadensis (l.) cronq. oil
56trace  anthracene
55trace  benzyl benzoate
327.00(E)-alpha- bergamotene
29trace(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
440.20beta- bisabolene
530.40alpha- bisabolol
450.10delta- cadinene
2trace  camphene
210.80trans- carveol
230.30cis- carveol
241.10  carvone
26tracetrans- carvyl acetate
300.20beta- caryophyllene
490.70  caryophyllene oxide
270.10alpha- copaene
280.10beta- cubebene
362.20ar- curcumene
20trace  decanal
180.20  dihydrocarveol
16trace(E)- dihydrocarvone
390.90(E)-beta- farnesene
330.60(Z)-beta- farnesene
430.20alpha- farnesene
31trace  geranyl acetone
380.70  germacrene D
52trace  gossonorol
340.10alpha- humulene
35trace(E)-beta- ionone
370.30(Z)- lachnophyllum ester
670.00  limonene
120.30(E)- limonene oxide
90.10  linalool
402.40(Z,Z)- matricaria ester
150.20(E)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
220.10(Z)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
100.60(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
13tracepara- methyl acetophenone
500.40  mint ketone (salvial-4(14)-en-1-one)
420.10alpha- muurolene
51.20  myrcene
460.30(E)- nerolidol
8trace  nonanal
140.10  nonanol
71.30(E)-beta- ocimene
540.20  octadecanal
250.10  perillaldehyde
10.20alpha- pinene
40.80beta- pinene
190.40(Z)- piperitol
3trace  sabinene
480.20  spathulenol
17tracealpha- terpineol
410.20  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 781, (2000)
croton eluteria bark oil
800.01  amyl benzoate
330.28allo- aromadendrene
129tracealpha- bisabolol
126tracebeta- bisabolol
1010.94  borneol
550.22  cadalene
460.42delta- cadinene
440.17gamma- cadinene
1231.00T- cadinol
470.96alpha- calacorene
490.24beta- calacorene
450.11  calamenene
40.40  camphene
630.02  camphor
100.21delta-2- carene
1130.02  carvacrol
110trace  carvenone
1080.08trans- carveol
670.03  carvone
680.21  carvotan acetone
320.25beta- caryophyllene
870.67 caryophyllene oxide + dihydro-ar-bisabolol
860.32 cascarilla epoxide
890.08 cascarilla furan
1331.34 cascarilla hydroxyketone
920.01 cascarilla hydroxyketone
930.02 cascarilla lactone
274.62  cascarilladiene
901.28 cascarilladienone
1370.74  cascarillone
281.11beta-cedrene isomer
1180.07  cedrol
430.20alpha- chamigrene
360.11beta- chamigrene
600.281,8- cineole
480.09 compound k
500.23 compound l
510.07 compound m
520.14 compound n
530.01 compound o
540.07 compound p
740.02 compound q
770.73 compound r
1270.38 compound t
1280.18 compound u
1350.06 compound v
1384.30 compound w
250.39alpha- copaene
230.04alpha- cubebene
370.21beta- cubebene
660.05  cuminaldehyde
422.45 cuparene + alpha-muurolene
1341.88 cuparophenol
350.39ar- curcumene
240.53  cyclosativene
1020.28para- cymen-8-ol
119.91para- cymene
650.062- decanone
1310.86 dictyopterol 1A
1320.43 dictyopterol 1B
200.012,5- dimethoxytoluene (fennelone)
160.16alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
1191.286,7-dimethyl undeca-5,9-dien-2-ol
340.731,11-oxido calamenene
261.63beta- elemene
410.31gamma- elemene
1140.56  elemicin
1150.51beta- elemol
1243.03beta- eudesmol
310.07(E)-beta- farnesene
970.01alpha- fenchyl alcohol
1360.35 geran-9-yl-alpha-terpineol
812.18  geranyl acetone
290.07  germacrene D
120trace  guaiol
57trace2- heptanol
560.012- heptanone
1trace2,4- hexadien-1-al
880.28 humulene epoxide isomer
1250.71  intermedeol
120.94 limonene + 1,8-cineole
965.12  linalool
940.09  linalool oxide
690.02  linalyl acetate
390.01beta- maaliene
111tracepara- mentha-1,3-dien-7-al
640.02para- methyl acetophenone
80.02ortho- methyl anisole
820.053- methyl but-2-enyl benzoate
220.02  methyl carvacrol
760.05 methyl cascarillate
190.01  methyl chavicol
780.22  methyl eugenol
580.036- methyl heptan-2-one
210.02  methyl thymol
590.026- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
180.095-methyl-5-hexyl furan
70.64  myrcene
1050.17  myrtenol
1160.05  nerolidol
950.022- nonanol
610.182- nonanone
140.01(E)-beta- ocimene
130.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
700.05  phellandral
90.13alpha- phellandrene
32.59alpha- pinene
60.35beta- pinene
990.17  pinocarveol
1070.10  piperitol
840.03  prenyl benzoate
910.094-iso propyl-6-methyl tetral-1-one
50.09  sabinene
109trace  sabinol
380.58beta- selinene
1170.70  spathulenol
1031.70  terpinen-4-ol
73trace  terpinen-4-yl acetate
150.60gamma- terpinene
1041.10alpha- terpineol
100tracebeta- terpineol
170.07  terpinolene
750.16alpha- terpinyl acetate
22.11alpha- thujene
620.14alpha- thujone
300.23  thujopsene
112trace  thymol
1220.77  torilenol
85trace2- tridecanone
710.295,8-undecadien-2-one + (Z)-5-undecen-2-one
720.312- undecanone
400.18  valencene
1060.11  verbenone

M. L. Hagedorn and S. M. Brown, The constituents of Cascarilla oil (Croton eluteria Bennett) Flav. Fragr. J., 6, 193-204 (1991).

P&F 18, No. 6, 53, (1993)

croton flavens l. (welensali) leaf oil curacao
470.30allo- aromadendrene
241.20  borneol
320.20  bornyl acetate
280.50  bornyl formate
390.30beta- bourbonene
511.20delta- cadinene
41.70  camphene
220.30  camphene hydrate
19tracealpha- campholenal
20trace  camphor
449.30iso caryophyllene
110.101,8- cineole
380.60alpha- copaene
360.20alpha- cubebene
487.90ar- curcumene
101.70para- cymene
420.50  cyperene
270.102- decanone
430.202,6- dimethoxy-para-cymene
40trace2- dodecanone
410.80beta- elemene
350.30delta- elemene
490.30  germacrene D
450.80alpha- gurjunene
461.50alpha- humulene
121.30  limonene
180.40  linalool
16trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
15trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
370.20  longicyclene
8trace4- methyl anisole
300.10  methyl carvacrol
29trace  methyl thymol
70.60  myrcene
520.40(E)- nerolidol
130.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
91.50alpha- phellandrene
316.00alpha- pinene
60.70beta- pinene
21.020trans- pinocarveol
230.10  pinocarvone
50.20  sabinene
534.50  spathulenol
250.10  terpinen-4-ol
140.20gamma- terpinene
260.10alpha- terpineol
17trace  terpinolene
20.30alpha- thujene
34trace  thymol
10.20  tricyclene
500.302- tridecanone
330.502- undecanone
310.60trans- verbenyl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 667, (2000)
curcuma amada roxb. rhizome oil
120.20alpha- bergamotene
250.50beta- bisabolol
181.30  borneol
164.50iso borneol
21.70  camphene
911.20  camphor
140.20beta- caryophyllene
230.50  caryophyllene oxide
66.001,8- cineole
2111.20beta- curcumene
2228.10ar- curcumene
267.10  curzerenone
132.80beta- elemene
80.20delta- elemene
240.30  germacrone
50.40  limonene
100.40  linalool
40.20  myrcene
70.102- nonanone
10.40alpha- pinene
30.60beta- pinene
190.60beta- selinene
200.50alpha- selinene
280.30  spathulenol
150.20  terpinen-4-ol
170.80alpha- terpineol
270.20  zerumbone
111.40  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 63, (2001)
curcuma longa rhizome oil
 0.25alpha- pinene
 0.02beta- pinene
 0.21  sabinene
 0.26  myrcene
 0.20alpha- terpinene
 2.72  limonene
 1.09para- cymene
 0.55iso caryophyllene
 0.50beta- caryophyllene
 0.96beta- farnesene
 0.16  linalool
 0.36ar- curcumene
 0.17  perillyl alcohol
 1.54  neral
 1.13  geraniol
 1.08  eugenol
 0.81beta- ionone
 1.37iso eugenol
 3.63 turmerone
 1.92  methyl isoeugenol
 0.14  farnesol
curcuma longa root oil CO2 extract
81.40alpha- bergamotene
91.08  borneol
25.50  camphene
132.12  carvone
71.63beta- caryophyllene
54.05  citronellal
202.94  citronellyl valerate
32.16 cubebene
174.23ar- curcumene
41.15para- cymene
151.02  germacrene D
141.01  linalool
61.99  menthofuran
181.53  nerol
163.17beta-sesqui phellandrene
191.84  phellandrol
11.25alpha- pinene
120.96alpha- terpineol
1116.12 turmerone
1042.00ar- turmerone
211.14  xanthorrhizol

B. Gopalan, M. Goto, A. Kodama and T. Hirose, Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Turmeric (Curcuma longa). J. Agric. Food Chem., 48, 2189-2192 (2000).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

curcuma longa root oil hydrodistilled
90.50beta- caryophyllene
80.55iso caryophyllene
120.36ar- curcumene
71.09para- cymene
161.08  eugenol
181.37iso eugenol
100.96beta- farnesene
220.14  farnesol
151.13  geraniol
170.81beta- ionone
62.72  limonene
110.16  linalool
211.92  methyl isoeugenol
40.26  myrcene
141.54  neral
130.17  perillyl alcohol
10.25alpha- pinene
20.02beta- pinene
30.21  sabinene
50.20alpha- terpinene
193.63 turmerone
2059.69ar- turmerone

M. C. Nigam and A. Ahmed, Curcuma longa: terpenoid composition of its essential oil. Indian Perfum., 3, 255-257 (1991)

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

curcuma longa root oil vietnam
100.20beta- bisabolene
70.90beta- caryophyllene
20.101,8- cineole
121.50ar- curcumene
171.00  curzerenone
30.05para- cymene
60.05beta- elemene
80.50alpha- humulene
10.05  limonene
113.00beta-sesqui phellandrene
50.05  terpinen-4-ol
40.90  terpinolene
130.15alpha,alpha,para- trimethyl benzyl alcohol
1430.00alpha- turmerone
1610.00ar- turmerone
1510.00beta- turmerone
91.50  zingiberene

T. S. Phan, N. H. Van, X. D. Nguyen and S. B. Luong, Chemical composition of the essential oil from rhizome Curcuma longa Linn. of Vietnam. Tap Chi Hoa Hoc, 25(1), 18-21 (1987).

P&F 25, No. 6, 32, (2000)

cymbopogon citratus leaf oil morocco
310.10(E)-alpha- bergamotene
240.40trans- carveol
320.20  caryophyllene oxide
51.001,8- cineole
210.50  citronellol
300.10ar- curcumene
14trace(Z)- dihydrocarvone
330.1010-epi-gamma- eudesmol
280.10alpha- fenchol
1839.80  geranial
261.40  geranic acid
253.30  geraniol
200.70  geranyl acetate
230.20  geranyl isobutyrate
40.20  limonene
101.30  linalool
80.10(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
70.20(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
120.20  menthone
170.60  methyl geranate
62.206- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
20.80  myrcene
130.30  myrtenyl acetate
1632.00  neral
270.10  neric acid
190.50  neryl acetate
11trace  octanal
9trace3- octanol
10.40alpha- pinene
290.30iso pulegol
150.90  pulegone
30.10alpha- terpinene
220.402- undecanone

A. Il. Idrissi, J. Bellakhbar, S. Canigueral, J. Iglesias and R. Vila, Composition de L'huile essentielle de la citronelle (Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf.) acclimatee et Maroc. Plant. Medicin Phytother., 26, 274-277 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 4, 37, (1998)

guava leaf oil cuba
11trace  acetophenone
350.20alpha- acoradiene
48tracebeta- acorenol
34traceallo- aromadendrene
30.20  benzaldehyde
410.40beta- bisabolene
420.20(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
523.20beta- bisabolol
533.20alpha- bisabolol
430.10alpha- calacorene
17trace  camphor
25trace  carvacrol
3021.60beta- caryophyllene
45trace  caryophyllene alcohol
468.20  caryophyllene oxide
497.90  cedr-8(15)-en-9-alpha-ol
290.20alpha- cedrene
31tracebeta- cedrene
270.20alpha- copaene
371.40ar- curcumene
7tracepara- cymene
36trace  drima-7,9(11)-diene
26tracedelta- elemene
32trace(Z)-beta- farnesene
540.20(E,E)- farnesol
55trace(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
10.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
2trace(Z)-2- hexen-1-ol
20trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
28trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl hexanoate
333.10alpha- humulene
470.20  humulene oxide II
8trace  limonene
16trace  linalool
15trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
14trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
22trace2- methyl-2-nonen-4-one
5trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-ol
4trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
500.50alpha- muurolol
6trace  myrcene
23trace  myrtenyl acetate
4419.20(E)- nerolidol
9trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
18traceallo- ocimene
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
13trace  octanol
56trace  phytol
5113.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
398.30alpha- selinene
19trace  terpinen-4-ol
12tracegamma- terpinene
21tracealpha- terpineol
240.10  thymol
388.80  viridiflorene
400.70  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 61, (2001)
helichrysum italicum flower oil
142.01(E)-alpha- bergamotene
150.87(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
170.03(E)-alpha- bisabolene
240.19(E)-gamma- bisabolene
230.07(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
210.25beta- bisabolene
340.81  bulnesol
161.85beta- caryophyllene
300.08  caryophyllene oxide
251.08ar- curcumene
1915.98gamma- curcumene
80.13para- cymene
330.1110-epi-gamma- eudesmol
350.20alpha- eudesmol
360.41beta- eudesmol
290.45  geranyl isovalerate
321.65  guaiol
100.05(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
180.06alpha- humulene
131.84  italicene
41.09  limonene
121.04  linalool
110.136- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
220.37alpha- muurolene
20.17  myrcene
274.47  nerol
310.20(Z)- nerolidol
2016.60  neryl acetate
280.18  neryl isovalerate
266.53  neryl propionate
60.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.40(E)-beta-ocimene + gamma-terpinene
50.09beta- phellandrene
13.41alpha- pinene
30.22alpha- terpinene
90.39  terpinolene
A. 0, Tucker, M. J. Maciarello, D, J. Charles and J, E, Simon, Volatile leaf oil of the curry plant (Helichtysurn italicurn (Roth) G. Don subsp. italicum) and dwarf curry plant (subsp, microphyllum (Willd.) Nyman) in the North American herb trade, J. Essent. Oil, Res,, 9,583-565 (1997). P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)
lavandula latifolia herb oil spain
In 1996, Guillen et a!. analyzed an oil of spike lavender produced from plants cultivated in northeastern Spain. The components identified in this oil on using GC and GC/ MS as the analytical procedures were as follows:
400.11  bergamotene
390.13  bergamotene
430.22  bergamotene
500.24beta- bisabolene
560.23alpha- bisabolol
550.02alpha-bisabolol oxide
171.13  borneol
300.10  bornyl acetate
260.11  bornyl formate
350.17iso bornyl isovalerate
370.19beta- bourbonene
420.01beta- cadinene
510.12gamma- cadinene
540.08T- cadinol
50.56  camphene
1513.60  camphor
410.47beta- caryophyllene
521.59  caryophyllene oxide
1031.311,8- cineole
380.02beta- cubebene
490.01ar- curcumene
190.07  epoxylinalool
450.03  farnesene
470.06  farnesene
460.11  farnesene
530.03  farnesol
480.08  germacrene A
250.05 hexen-1-yl butyrate
270.42  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
240.37  hexyl butyrate
330.03  hexyl hexanoate
230.15  hexyl isobutyrate
320.10  hexyl tiglate
280.19  hexyl valerate
440.30alpha- humulene
1436.94  linalool
130.05(E)- linalool oxide
120.77(Z)- linalool oxide
290.10  linalyl acetate
340.03  linalyl butyrate
70.15  myrcene
310.02  neryl acetate
31.11alpha- pinene
41.48beta- pinene
160.04  pinocamphone
60.47  sabinene
110.61(Z)- sabinene hydrate
180.19  terpinen-4-ol
80.33alpha- terpinene
210.79alpha- terpineol
90.69  terpinolene
20.02alpha- thujene
10.05  tricyclene
200.241,1,3- trimethyl-2-oxobicyclo(2.2.2)octan-5-one
220.12  verbenone
360.02alpha- ylangene

M. D. Guillen, N. Cabo and J. Burillo, Characterization of the essential oils of some cultivated aromatic plants of industrial interest. J. Sci. Food Agric., 70, 359-363 (1996).

P&F 26, No. 3, 66, (2001)

lippia citriodora cymbopogon oil
182.00beta- caryophyllene
232.10  caryophyllene oxide
170.20alpha- cedrene
64.901,8- cineole
115.90 citronellol + nerol
150.60  citronellyl acetate
212.40ar- curcumene
1419.90  geranial
136.60  geraniol
161.00  geranyl acetate
190.20alpha- humulene
513.50  limonene
81.20  linalool
22.30  methyl heptenone
40.40  myrcene
1214.40  neral
220.70(E)- nerolidol
10.60alpha- pinene
31.80  sabinene
90.60  terpinen-4-ol
102.10alpha- terpineol
200.20  thujopsene

Ph. Morin, M. Caude, H. Richard and R. Rosset, Semipreparative Separation of Terpenoids from Essential Oils by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Their Subsequent Identification by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, J. Chromatog,, 363, 57-59, (1986).

P&F 13, No. 3, 29, (1988)

lippia citriodora oil
460.5allo- aromadendrene
280.4  bornyl butyrate
430.8beta- bourbonene
480.1delta- cadinene
500.6gamma- cadinene
590.9T- cadinol
410.1  carvacrol
320.4trans- carveol
400.8  carvone
450.4beta- caryophyllene
52traceiso caryophyllene
555.5  caryophyllene oxide
581.0iso caryophyllene oxide
530.4alpha- cedrene
1412.41,8- cineole
420.6alpha- copaene
470.6beta- cubebene
51trace  cuparene
494.6ar- curcumene
70.2para- cymene
360.6  fenchone
269.9  geranial
350.7  geranic acid
330.5  geraniol
291.6  geranyl acetate
300.9  geranyl isobutyrate
310.3  geranyl propionate
440.1alpha- gurjunene
130.4(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
120.3  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
43.7  limonene
191.3  linalool
180.1(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
17trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
540.2  longifolene
240.7  methyl geranate
97.46- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
560.5alpha- muurolol
370.2  myrtenal
236.9  neral
571.2  nerolidol
270.6  neryl acetate
100.33- octanol
110.71- octen-3-ol
5tracealpha- phellandrene
11.4alpha- pinene
20.3beta- pinene
390.7trans- pinocarveol
210.7iso pulegol
15trace rose oxide
30.2  sabinene
380.6(E)- sabinene hydrate
200.3(Z)- sabinene hydrate
605.2  spathulenol
221.0  terpinen-4-ol
61.0gamma- terpinene
252.3alpha- terpineol
8trace  terpinolene
160.3alpha- thujone
340.3  thymol
610.1  viridiflorol

J. Bellakhdar, A.IL. Idrissi, S. Canigueral, J. Iglesias and R.Vila, Analysis de L'huile essentielle dela verveine odorante (Lippia citriodora H, B, and K). Plant. Medicin Phytother., 26, 269-273 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

microstrobos fitzgeraldii leaf oil australia
13traceallo- aromadendrene
12trace  aromadendrene
30.30  camphene
180.50  citronellol
160.20  citronellyl acetate
170.10ar- curcumene
190.20para- cymen-8-ol
100.10para- cymene
250.30alpha- eudesmol
260.50beta- eudesmol
240.40gamma- eudesmol
2327.00  hibaene
271.5015- kaurene
306.3016- kaurene
73.20  limonene
624.10  myrcene
200.40(E)- nerolidol
80.60beta- phellandrene
222.70alpha- pinene
40.50beta- pinene
140.10trans- pinocarveol
50.50  sabinene
213.30  spathulenol
90.20gamma- terpinene
150.20alpha- terpineol
110.10  terpinolene
10.20  tricyclene
222.70 unknown a
280.10 unknown b
290.10 unknown c
310.20 unknown d
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 2, 108, (2001)
ocimum basilicum herb oil poland
212.18alpha- bergamolene
310.13  bicyclogermacrene
200.67  bornyl acetate
180.70beta- bourbonene
390.52delta- cadinol
2trace  camphene
50.11delta-3- carene
251.42beta- caryophyllene
90.721,8- cineole
350.11  citronellol
170.37alpha- copaene
340.04ar- curcumene
120.02para- cymene
220.86beta- elemene
380.62  eugenol
360.02  geraniol
330.05  geranyl acetate
305.07  germacrene D
270.78alpha- humulene
80.11  limonene
1954.06  linalool
230.06  linalyl acetate
261.44  menthol
160.32iso menthone
288.68  methyl chavicol
371.02  methyl eugenol
60.08  myrcene
100.02(Z)-beta- ocimene
140.11allo- ocimene
10.83alpha- pinene
30.08beta- pinene
40.09  sabinene
240.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.06alpha- terpinene
110.15gamma- terpinene
290.91alpha- terpineol
130.03  terpinolene
320.85alpha- terpinyl acetate

E. Kostrzewa and K. Karwowska, Chemical composition of the essential oil from sweet basil grown in Poland. Prace Inst. Lab. Bad. Przem Spoz., 44, 97-107(1991).

P&F 20, No. 4, 29, (1995)

patchouli oil china
330.85  aristolone
5trace  camphene
233.18beta- caryophyllene
300.21ar- curcumene
160.01  dihydrocarvone
210.04delta- elemene
248.82alpha- guaiene
288.65delta- guaiene
60.011- hepten-3-ol
20.01  hexanal
80.02  limonene
100.01  linalool
9trace  linalool oxide
270.66beta- maaliene
30.015- methyl-2-hexanone
10.013- methyl-2-pentanone
180.02  myrtenol
268.48alpha- patchoulene
226.91beta- patchoulene
3131.86  patchouli alcohol
190.02  perilla ketone
110.03iso phorone
40.09alpha- pinene
70.26beta- pinene
140.01iso pinocamphone
323.83  pogostone
290.11gamma- selinene
259.58  seychellene
150.01  terpinen-4-ol
20trace thujone
120.03(E)- verbenol
170.02  verbenone

L. Guan, L-H. Quan and P-H. Cong, Study on chemical constituents of volatile oil from Pogostemon Cablin (Blanc.) Benth. Tianran Chanwu Yangui Yu Kaifa, 4(2), 3437 (1992).

P&F 20, No. 3, 67, (1995)

prangos uechtritzii boiss. et hausskn. fruit oil turkey
331.90  bicyclogermacrene
402.10alpha- bisabolol
351.70delta- cadinene
391.30alpha- cadinol
71.00delta-3- carene
270.70beta- caryophyllene
381.40  caryophyllene oxide
230.30alpha- copaene
141.40meta- cresol
170.10para- cresyl acetate
210.60  cryptone
320.20ar- curcumene
200.60meta- cymen-8-ol
910.90para- cymene
240.30  daucene
290.30(E)-beta- farnesene
361.50  germacrene B
311.10  germacrene D
280.60alpha- humulene
160.10para- mentha-1,5-dien-8-ol
262.20  methyl eugenol
340.30alpha- muurolene
300.30gamma- muurolene
51.40  myrcene
123.20(E)-beta- ocimene
114.60(Z)-beta- ocimene
66.30alpha- phellandrene
107.80beta- phellandrene
26.10alpha- pinene
43.20beta- pinene
34.80  sabinene
371.80  spathulenol
192.00  terpinen-4-ol
80.50alpha- terpinene
137.00gamma- terpinene
151.10  terpinolene
10.30alpha- thujene
223.50  thymol
183.90 unknown a
251.20 unknown b
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 2, 183, (2000)
pteronia incana oil
301.20  bicyclogermacrene
500.70alpha- bisabolol
350.30alpha- cadinene
312.30delta- cadinene
510.50alpha- cadinol
470.40T- cadinol
430.70alpha- calacorene
490.50  carvacrol
370.30trans- carveol
400.20cis- carveol
203.20beta- caryophyllene
440.10  caryophyllene oxide
89.001,8- cineole
330.50  cuminaldehyde
322.10ar- curcumene
380.80para- cymen-8-ol
1011.30para- cymene
180.10alpha- fenchyl alcohol
390.30  geranyl acetone
521.50epi- globulol
241.20alpha- humulene
283.10  ledene
77.00  limonene
150.90  linalool
120.30  methyl caproate
140.20  methyl caprylate
457.20  methyl eugenol
291.10  muurolene
480.80T- muurolol
410.30  myrcene
210.50  myrtenal
340.70  myrtenol
250.10  myrtenyl acetate
460.80(E)- nerolidol
50.40alpha- phellandrene
118.60alpha- pinene
232.50beta- pinene
221.30trans- pinocarveol
170.10iso pulegol
160.10neoiso pulegol
13trace  pyronene
37.40  sabinene
420.10(E)- sabinol
360.30(Z)- sabinol
531.40iso spathulenol
195.30  terpinen-4-ol
60.20alpha- terpinene
261.30alpha- terpineol
230.40delta- terpineol
110.10  terpinolene
270.80alpha- terpinyl acetate

K. Bruns and M. Meiertoberens, Volatile Constituents of Pteronia incana (Compositae). Flav. Frag. J., 2, 157-162 (1987).

P&F 14, No. 1, 29, (1989)

rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil CO2 extract
42trace  abietatriene
340.41beta- bisabolene
1515.56  borneol
234.94iso bornyl acetate
360.35delta- cadinene
350.26gamma- cadinene
250.19alpha- cadinol
370.15  calamenene
23.11  camphene
1215.33  camphor
40.39delta-3- carene
220.26  carvone
282.22beta- caryophyllene
390.37  caryophyllene oxide
400.20 cedrane diol
1020.021,8- cineole
260.43alpha- cubebene
311.28ar- curcumene
81.81para- cymene
200.39  dihydrocarveol
380.37  farnesene
300.38beta- gurjunene
90.51  limonene
113.53  linalool
210.48  linalyl acetate
270.12  methyl eugenol
330.20alpha- muurolene
60.35  myrcene
161.17  nonanol
41trace  octadecane
50.181- octen-3-ol
130.80 pinanone
18.30alpha- pinene
70.74beta- pinene
140.39  pinocarvone
30.32  sabinene
290.41alpha- santalene
320.16alpha- selinene
171.00  terpinen-4-ol
181.95alpha- terpineol
240.69  thymol
43trace  totarol
198.36  verbenone

E. Reverchon and F. Senatore, Isolation of rosemary oil: Comparison between hydrodistillation and supercritical CO2 extraction. Flav. Fragr. J., 7, 227-230 (1992).

P&F 17, No. 6, 51, (1992)

salvia lavandulifolia vahl. leaf oil
In 1983 Cordoba Rodriguez examined the chemical composition of Spanish sage oil produced from more than 30 collections of plants from different areas in Spain. She determined that the oils possessed the following compositional range:
420.0-0.2  aromadendrene
430.0-0.4allo- aromadendrene
380.0-0.8(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
450.0-0.2beta- bisabolene
231.5-6.4  borneol
240.2-1.9iso borneol
330.8-4.9  bornyl acetate
44.6-10.6  camphene
1912.9-36.1  camphor
200.0-0.3  carvone
400.2-3.7beta- caryophyllene
390.0-0.8iso caryophyllene
460.0-0.1  caryophyllene oxide
1812.0-40.31,8- cineole
360.0-0.1alpha- copaene
350.0-0.2alpha- cubebene
440.1-0.9ar- curcumene
100.4-2.1para- cymene
170.0-0.4alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
290.1-0.7  geraniol
320.1-0.2  geranyl acetate
370.0-0.2alpha- gurjunene
410.0-1.0alpha- humulene
112.4-5.0  limonene
220.2-11.2  linalool
300.1-5.8  linalyl acetate
71.0-4.9  myrcene
280.0-0.6  nerol
310.1  neryl acetate
130.0-0.4(E)-beta- ocimene
120.0-2.2(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.0-0.2alpha- phellandrene
34.7-10.9alpha- pinene
63.3-7.3beta- pinene
50.6-2.2  sabinene
210.1-0.6(E)- sabinene hydrate
340.1-6.6(Z)- sabinyl acetate
250.2-0.8  terpinen-4-ol
90.0-0.1alpha- terpinene
140.0-0.7gamma- terpinene
270.1-1.9alpha- terpineol
260.0-0.7delta- terpineol
150.0-0.3  terpinolene
20.2-0.5alpha- thujene
10.0-0.5  tricyclene

M. de los Angelos Cordoba Rodriguez, Contribucion al estudio del Aceite Esencial de Salvia Espanola (salvia lavandulaefolia Vahl.). PhD thesis, Univ. Complutense, Madrid, Spain (1983).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

salvia lavandulifolia vahl. leaf oil
Also in 1999, Guillén and Manzanos examined the composition of a methylene chloride extract of the aerial parts of S. lavandulaefolia using CC and CC/MS. The identified components are summarized as follows:
 0.50alpha- pinene
 0.40  camphene
 0.10beta- pinene
 0.20  myrcene
 0.10alpha- terpinene
 0.10para- cymene
 0.30  limonene
 2.801,8- cineole
 0.10  linalool
 2.90  camphor
 1.50  borneol
 0.10  terpinen-4-ol
 0.80alpha- terpineol
 0.10  geraniol
 0.70  bornyl acetate
 0.10alpha- cubebene
 0.20alpha- copaene
 0.10alpha- gurjunene
 0.10  aromadendrene
 0.60alpha- humulene
 0.10allo- aromadendrene
 0.10ar- curcumene
 0.20beta- selinene
 0.10alpha- selinene
 0.10alpha- muurolene
 0.40gamma- cadinene
 0.60delta- cadinene
 0.10  cadina-1,4-diene
 0.10  spathulenol
 0.60 caryophyllenol II
 3.30  viridiflorol
 0.40beta-gurjunene epoxide
 0.10 caryophyllenol
 0.80beta- caryophyllene
 0.30 aristolenol
 0.10neo phytadiene
 0.106,10,14- trimethyl-2-pentadecanone
 0.10 pimara-8(9),15-diene
 0.20 abieta-8,11,13-trienal
 0.10 abieta-6,8,11,13-tetraen-12-ol
 0.80  ferruginol
 0.80 abieta-8,11,13-trien-19-ol
 6.50 abieta-8,11,13-trien-19-oic acid
 0.60  barbatusol
 1.50  rosmadial
 13.90 dimethyl salvicanol
 2.70  carnosic acid
 0.20  squalene
 0.30  cirsimaritin
 1.20beta- sitosterol
 0.80beta- amyrin
 1.803,5- dihydroxy-6,7,8-trimethoxyflavone
 0.30  hexadecanoic acid
 0.10  oleic acid
 0.70  pentacosane
 0.30  heptacosane
 0.30  octacosane
 0.10 ethyl hexacosane
 2.30  nonacosane
 0.10 methyl octacosane
 0.20  triacontane
 0.30 ethyl octacosane
 0.10 methyl nonacosane
 2.70 henitriacontane
 0.10 ethyl nonacosane
 0.50 methyl triacontane
 1.00  dotriacontane
 0.80 ethyl triacontane
 0.20 methyl henitriacontane
 5.30  tritriacotane
 1.90 tetratriacotane
 0.30 ethyl dotriacotane
 0.60  pentatriacotane
sandalwood oil east indian
30.12(E)-alpha- bergamotene
70.07beta- bisabolene
160.26alpha- bisabolol
130.64beta- bisabolol
100.26ar- curcumene
80.13beta- curcumene
60.04gamma- curcumene
180.38 dihydro-alpha-santalol
251.70(Z)- lanceol
120.06(E)- nerolidol
261.10(Z)- nuciferol
20.82alpha- santalene
51.40beta- santalene
40.97epi-beta- santalene
210.56(E)-alpha- santalol
241.50(E)-beta- santalol
1950.00(Z)-alpha- santalol
2320.90(Z)-beta- santalol
10.01  santene
271.20  spirosantalol

E. J. Brunke and F. J. Hammerschmidt, Constituents of East Indian Sandalwood Oil—An Eighty Year Long “Stability Test.” Dragoco Rept., (4) 107-113 (1988).

P&F 16, No. 6, 49, (1991)

santolina chamaecyparissus oil
Giner et al. (1993) used GC and GC/MS to determine the effect of season and vegetative growth stage of S. chamaecyparisus on the composition of the oil. Although these authors did not use a typical artemisia ketone-rich chemotype, their results showed that the composition of the oil is definitly affected by the date of plant harvesting. A summery of this somewhat incomplete data can be seen in Table VI. Note: this page will only include the June harvest.
260.91allo- aromadendrene
112.49  artemisyl ketone
194.78  borneol
231.65 bornyl + isobornyl acetates
330.41delta- cadinene
2trace  camphene
174.67  camphor
290.18iso caryophyllene
240.13alpha- copaene
270.66alpha- cubebene
221.83  cuminaldehyde
300.22ar- curcumene
95.80para-cymene + 1,8-cineole
132.14alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
141.13  fenchone
320.73  germacrene B
280.86beta- gurjunene
70.59  limonene
310.21alpha- muurolene
40.19  myrcene
183.82  myrtenal
80.16beta- phellandrene
55.00alpha-phellendrene + delta-3-carene
10.23alpha- pinene
31.59beta-pinene + sabinene
161.48(Z)- sabinene hydrate
200.91  terpinen-4-ol
60.65alpha- terpinene
101.35gamma- terpinene
210.65alpha- terpineol
121.05  terpinolene
150.15 thujone
3410.66 unknown sesqui alcohol 1
355.18 unknown sesqui alcohol 2
363.08 unknown sesqui alcohol 3
25tracealpha- ylangene

R. M. Giner, S. Manez and J. L. Rios, Seasonal variations in the essential oil of Santolina chamaecyparisus L. Sci. Pharm., 61, 169-173 (1993).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

sideritis scardica oil bulgaria
144.50  bicyclogermacrene
60.70alpha- bourbonene
153.50delta- cadinene
185.20alpha- cadinol
918.80beta- caryophyllene
81.50beta- cedrene
51.70alpha- copaene
134.40ar- curcumene
70.50beta- elemene
40.80delta- elemene
175.80  elemol
106.60(Z)-beta- farnesene
194.30  farnesol
126.60  germacrene D
112.20alpha- humulene
30.70  limonene
22.10  myrcene
1612.10  nerolidol
11.40alpha- pinene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 418, (2000)
valeriana officinalis rhizome oil
360.2-0.8beta- bisabolene
160.1-0.6  borneol
15trace-0.1iso borneol
252.3-33.5  bornyl acetate
430.5-1.2  bornyl isovalerate
460.1-0.3delta- cadinene
30.1-6.4  camphene
14trace-0.1  camphor
21trace-0.1trans- carveol
200.1-0.2cis- carveol
8trace-0.21,8- cineole
31trace-0.1  citronellyl acetate
510.2-2.1  citronellyl isovalerate
33trace-0.2alpha- copaene
570.4-3.9  cryptofauronol
70trace-2.9  cryptofauronyl acetate
22trace-0.1  cuminaldehyde
400.7-2.1ar- curcumene
70.1-1.5para- cymene
340.2-1.42,6- dimethoxy-para-cymene
620.1-0.4  drimenol
350.1-0.4beta- elemene
300.2-2.9delta- elemene
420.1-0.4gamma- elemene
75trace-0.6  ethyl palmitate
380.5-7.6  eudesma-2,6,8-triene
530.6-6.9beta- eudesmol
29trace-0.1  eugenol
610.1-0.4  eugenyl isovalerate
670.1-1.1iso eugenyl isovalerate
480.4-0.6  faurinone
410.2-1.4  germacrene D
44trace-1.0beta- gurjunene
370.1-0.9alpha- humulene
390.1-0.7beta- ionone
450.2-3.8  kessane
380.1-3.5  kessanyl acetate
730.1-0.7  kessoglycyl monoacetate
630.1-12.6alpha- kessyl acetate
520.5-2.1  ledol
100.1-1.2  limonene
13trace  linalool
500.1-1.6  maaliol
240.1-0.2  methyl carvacrol
710.1-0.9  methyl palmitate
23trace-0.4  methyl thymol
650.1-0.2  methyl valerenate
6trace-0.1  myrcene
190.1-4.0  myrtenol
28trace-9.1  myrtenyl acetate
560.1-0.2 myrtenyl hexanoate
491.6-10.5  myrtenyl isovalerate
26trace-0.8  nojigiku acetate
470.5-3.2  pacifigorgiol
720.1-1.9  palmitic acid
9trace-2.4beta- phellandrene
20.1-0.2alpha- pinene
5trace-0.9beta- pinene
4trace-0.1  sabinene
170.1-0.6  terpinen-4-ol
11trace-0.2gamma- terpinene
18trace-0.1alpha- terpineol
12trace-0.1  terpinolene
270.1  thymol
1trace-0.1  tricyclene
550.5-8.2  valeranone
660.1-1.5(E)-valeren-1-yl acetate
640.2-0.8(Z)-valeren-1-yl acetate
76trace-1.6(E)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
74trace-0.7(Z)-valeren-1-yl isovalerate
590.4-12.4  valerenal
690.3-2.8  valerenic acid
600.3-1.2(Z+E)- valerenol
541.5-14.2  valerianol
320.1-0.4alpha- ylangene

R. Bos and H. J. Woerdenbag, Analytical aspects of the essential oil, valerenic acid derivatives and valepotriates in Valeriana officinalis roots and rhizomes. In: Proceedings, International Symposium on breeding research and medicinal and aromatic plants. Edits., F. Pank, p. 355-358, Beiträge zur Zuchtungsforschung, Quedlinburg, Germany (1996).

P&F 24, No. 3, 47, (1999)

zingiber officinale oil CO2 extract
113.53beta- bisabolene
201.82 bisabolyl acetate
30.60  borneol
70.31beta- caryophyllene
1trace1,8- cineole
910.87ar- curcumene
181.31  eudesmol
60.83  eugenol
1314.17beta- farnesene
160.88(E,E)- farnesol
15trace(Z,Z)- farnesol
226.02  gingerol
172.26  gingerone
210.54 lanceolyl acetate
2trace  linalool
50.80  linalyl acetate
192.21  nerolidyl acetate
80.64  neryl acetate
126.81beta-sesqui phellandrene
14tracebeta- selinene
2312.226- shogaol
42.51alpha- terpineol
1024.70  zingiberene

M. D’Alpaos, P. Traldi, G. Tassinato and P. Pallado, Extraction of essential oils and flavors with classic and supercritical techniques: a comparison. Rivista Ital. EPPOS (Numero Speciale – Agosto), 200-207 (1997).

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

zingiber officinale oil CO2 extract australia
In 1994, Bartley and Foley analyzed the chemical composition of a supercritical fluid extract of Australian-grown ginger. The freshly harvested roots were peeled and chopped into 2 mm cubes before grinding under liquid nitrogen. The pulp was mixed with coarse granulated Celite (diatomaceous earth) and subjected to extraction by supercritical CO2. The analysis was preformed by a combination of capillary GC (for retention indices and quantitative data) and GC/MS (for component identification confirmation). The compounds identified were:
320.20 aromadendrenol
2310.83alpha- bergamolene
242.73beta- bisabolene
290.14alpha- bisabolol
110.60  borneol
160.10iso bornyl acetate
250.14gamma- cadinene
43.71  camphene
92.991,8- cineole
213.25ar- curcumene
120.11  decanal
280.22  dodecatrienol
190.20beta- elemene
180.23delta- elemene
270.25  elemol
200.18beta- farnesene
1525.06  geranial
140.66  geraniol
170.12  geranyl acetate
10.52  hexanal
70.43  limonene
100.46  linalool
20.113- methyl hexanol
60.53  myrcene
132.87  neral
350.086- paradol
340.20 pentenyl curcumene
81.63beta- phellandrene
268.18beta-sesqui phellandrene
50.08beta- pinene
300.22(Z)-sesqui sabinene hydrate
360.316- shogaol
30.93alpha- thujene
310.15 zingerenol
2225.87  zingiberene
330.64 zongerone

J. P. Bartley and P. Foley, Supercritical fluid extraction of Australian grown ginger (Zingibar officinale), J. Sci. Food Agric., 66, 365-371 (1994).

P&F 22, No. 5, 71, (1997)

zingiber officinale root oil china
3113.49beta- bisabolene
120.48  borneol
190.23  bornyl acetate
304.51gamma- cadinene
33.88  camphene
110.10  camphor
260.44beta- caryophyllene
293.39alpha- cedrene
84.001,8- cineole
150.21  citronellol
220.29  citronellyl acetate
2826.31ar- curcumene
70.13para- cymene
240.81beta- elemene
210.10delta- elemene
182.93  geranial
170.30  geraniol
232.92  geranyl acetate
270.58beta- gurjunene
90.10  heptyl acetate
100.46  linalool
10.105- methyl-2-hexanol
50.376- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
60.12  myrcene
161.34  neral
320.92  nerolidol
21.04alpha- pinene
40.14beta- pinene
130.10  terpinen-4-ol
140.37alpha- terpineol
200.212- undecanone
250.28  zingiberene

L-F. Zhu, Y-H. Li, B-L. Li, B-Y. Lu and W-L. Zhang, Aromatic plants and essential constituents (Supplement 1). South China Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hai Feng Publ. Co. distributed by Peace Book Co., Ltd., Hong Kong (1995).

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

zingiber officinale root oil china
293.00  agarospirol
410.06gamma- aminobutyric acid
400.26  aspartic acid
300.78alpha- bisabolol
270.20  borneol
248.72beta- cadinene
42tracedelta-3- carene
430.05  carveol
120.26  carvone
2513.12iso caryophyllene
200.19alpha- cedrene
61.101,8- cineole
160.52  citronellyl acetate
190.43alpha- copaene
2216.38ar- curcumene
310.84gamma- curcumene
100.40  decanal
340.34 dihydrogermacrene
150.16  elemene
370.65  eugenol
350.34  farnesol
280.15  geranial
170.60  geraniol
181.10  geranyl acetate
210.72  germacrene D
260.97  glycine
40.68  limonene
50.14  linalool
80.30  linalyl acetate
44trace  linalyl propionate
130.71  neral
90.30  nonanal
70.50  octanal
110.102- octyl acetate
30.92beta- phellandrene
390.12  phenyl alanine
10.69alpha- pinene
21.05beta- pinene
380.10  pipecolic acid
330.28  tetradecanoic acid
36trace turmerone
140.712- undecanone
321.55 zingerenol
2323.80  zingiberene
zingiber officinale var. gigante root oil brazil
220.50  aromadendrene
254.70beta- bisabolene
150.70  borneol
35.70  camphene
140.30  citronellal
171.00  citronellol
190.50alpha- copaene
237.90ar- curcumene
80.20para- cymene
210.90beta- elemene
267.40alpha- farnesene
189.60 geraniol + geranial
200.50  geranyl acetate
10.402- heptanol
101.60  limonene
120.70  linalool
50.506- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
61.30  myrcene
165.40  neral
130.302- nonanol
70.60alpha- phellandrene
277.00beta-sesqui phellandrene
98.40beta-phellandrene + 1,8-cineole
22.30alpha- pinene
40.40beta- pinene
110.50  terpinolene
2419.00  zingiberene

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

zingiber zerumbet (l.) sm. root oil india
244.90  borneol
228.90iso borneol
160.30  bornyl acetate
24.40  camphene
1212.80  camphor
180.50beta- caryophyllene
310.90  caryophyllene oxide
67.101,8- cineole
280.40ar- curcumene
3414.40  curzerenone
300.10para- cymen-8-ol
70.10para- cymene
200.10  decanol
173.30beta- elemene
110.20delta- elemene
291.70gamma- elemene
331.00  germacrone
80.10  heptanol
210.30alpha- humulene
320.30 humulene epoxide isomer
50.80  limonene
141.10  linalool
40.30  myrcene
131.902- nonanol
90.302- nonanone
100.102- octanol
11.30alpha- pinene
32.40beta- pinene
260.80alpha- selinene
251.00beta- selinene
361.00  spathulenol
190.70  terpinen-4-ol
231.30alpha- terpineol
270.202- undecanol
3512.60  zerumbone
150.50  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 5, 595, (2000)
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