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Odor Descriptors for sweet
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Primary (First) - sweet
FR acetyl longifolene
 odor: sweet woody
FL/FRstar anise seed oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet anise licorice
 flavor: anise
 odor: sweet malty
FL/FR ethyl vanillin propylene glycol acetal
 odor: Sweet sharp vanillin, creamy with spicy clove-like nuances
 flavor: Sweet, creamy, vanilla with cardboard nuances. It imparts lingering sweetness
 evernia prunastri lichen
 odor: sweet green quinoline grassy oily
FR homalomena rubescens root oil
 odor: sweet woody floral pine
FR honey specialty
 odor: sweet honey
 odor: sweet chocolate
 odor: sweet caramel
FR melaleuca quinquenervia water
 odor: sweet camphor eucalyptus sickly
 odor: caramel maple syrup
 odor: sweet popcorn
 flavor: sweet popcorn
FL2-pentanoyl furan
 odor: sweet caramel
 flavor: fruity cheesy
FR3-pentyl bicyclo[3.2.1]octan-2-one
 odor: strong sweet, slight anisic, floral, and celery notes
FL/FR periploca sepium root oil
 odor: sweet gourmand
FL psidium guajava fruit
 odor: sweet ripe tropical sulfury cooked jam
 flavor: tropical fruity green ripe mango guava fatty
FD saccharomyces cerevisiae extract
 odor: Sweet, brothy, yeasty, meaty, pork, chicken and ham with a roasted and umami note
 flavor: Cheesy, brothy, strong yeasty umami note with a bready and meaty nuance
FL/FR sandalwood oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet woody balsamic cashew terpene herbal spicy
 flavor: sandalwood
FL/FR spikenard oil CO2 extract
 odor: sweet woody spicy animal valerian ginger cardamom
FR sugar fragrance
FRbrown sugar fragrance
FR sweet pea absolute
 odor: floral green balsam sweet freesia
FR sweet pea fragrance
FR sweet pea specialty
 odor: floral green balsamic freesia honey
FL tamarindus indica extract
 odor: Sweet, dried fruit, tangy, candy and fruity
 flavor: Tangy, dried fruit, sour and astringent, woody and prune-like
 taraxacum officinale leaf tincture
 odor: sweet raisin prune fruity tobacco
CS tilia cordata flower
 odor: sweet hay tea fruity
 odor: sweet cereal
 flavor: sweet cereal
FL/FR vanilla aromatica fruit extract
 odor: sweet vanilla
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute CO2 extract (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee custard creamy gourmand balsamic powdery marshmallow
 flavor: sweet vanilla tropical custard creamy gourmand balsamic cocoa bitter
FL vanilla bean aromatica
 odor: vanilla
 flavor: vanilla
FL vanilla bean planifolia
 odor: vanilla
 flavor: vanilla
FRfrench vanilla fragrance
FL/FR vanilla resinoid
 odor: sweet vanilla
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR vanilla tahitensis fruit extract
 odor: vanilla
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR vanillin propylene glycol acetal
 odor: sweet vanilla chocolate creamy dairy powdery
 flavor: Sweet vanilla, with creamy and slightly phenolic nuances
FL/FR vanillyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet vanilla creamy fruity caramel chocolate
 flavor: sweet vanilla powdery chocolate creamy buttery fruity cheesy
Secondary (Second) - sweet
FL2-acetyl-3,5-dimethyl furan
 odor: sweet balsam
FL/FRisoamyl acetoacetate
 odor: ethereal sweet wine green fermented
 flavor: green apple
FL/FR amyl hexanoate
 odor: sweet green fruity estry pineapple apple pear fatty
 flavor: fruity apple green cognac waxy melon
FL/FRisoamyl hexanoate
 odor: fruity banana apple pineapple green
 flavor: rue fruity banana green waxy pineapple
FL/FR amyl octanoate
 odor: orris sweet winey cognac elderflower fatty
FR arnica flower oil
 odor: herbal sweet tea spicy
CS2-butoxyethyl acetate
FR cabreuva wood oil
 odor: dry sweet woody floral
FL/FR caraway seed oleoresin
 odor: Spicy, sweet, rye bread like with a fresh kummel liqueur note
 flavor: Characteristic caraway, sweet, rye bread, seedy spice depth
FL/FR carrot weed oil
 odor: Green, sweet, spice and herbaceous with a minty terpy nuance
 flavor: Green, waxy, vegetative, spice and carrot nuances
FL/FR citronellyl cinnamate
 odor: palmarosa sweet mellow red rose
FR cyclohexyl crotonate
 odor: fruity, sweet, floral, green, woody, and weak
2,5-dibutyl-4-methyl oxazole
FL1,3-dihydroxyacetone (dimer)
 odor: sweet cooling
 flavor: cooling
FL epoxyoxophorone
 odor: sweet camphor
2-ethyl butyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, sweet, woody, floral, green, and weak
1-ethyl-2-methyl propyl 3-butenoate
 odor: fruity and sweet, but dirty and chemical
FL ethyl pentadecanoate
 odor: honey sweet
 eucalyptus leucoxylon leaf oil algeria
FL/FR fenchyl acetate
 odor: fresh sweet pine fir herbal citrus
 flavor: sweet woody minty herbal fir needle balsamic earthy weedy
FL furfuryl ethyl ether
 odor: sweet spicy
 flavor: nutty coffee
FR gingergrass oil
 odor: fatty sweet herbal grassy rose woody spicy
 flavor: spicy grassy aldehydic herbal citrus ginger geranium woody
FR green carboxylate
 odor: sweet fruity citrus green grape cumin
FR green heptenal
 odor: fresh green sweet ozone melon
FR heliotropyl diethyl acetal
 odor: mild floral sweet spicy meadow sweet
FL2-hexyl-5 or 6-keto-1,4-dioxane
 odor: sweet nutty
FR honey fragrance
FR honeydew fragrance
FR honeysuckle fragrance
FR honeysuckle specialty
 odor: honeysuckle
 odor: ionone tropical sweet floral violet woody
 flavor: Woody ionone-like with a sweet perfume berry nuance
FR ivy carbaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh green sweet floral orangeflower leafy
FR juniper berry concrete
 odor: rich balsam sweet ambergris
FL/FR matricaria chamomilla flower oil
 odor: herbal sweet medicinal phenolic fruity green tea algae
 flavor: herbal green weedy oily cognac medicinal woody
 odor: deep menthol peppermint herbal camphor
 flavor: Cooling, peppermint, fresh green, minty with an herbal nuance
FR musk nonane
 odor: sweet musk oily fruity animal floral
 odor: Fruity, sweet, waxy, soapy, cheese, green herbaceous, coconut like
 flavor: Cheesy, green, fruity, dairy, dirty, buttery
 nonyl benzoate
 odor: myrrh sweet orange wintergreen minty
 odor: terpene sweet fresh floral
FRbitter orangeflower concrete morocco
 odor: strong floral sweet woody breadcrust
FL/FR phenethyl acetate
 odor: floral rose sweet honey fruity tropical
 flavor: Sweet, honey, floral, rosy with a slight green nectar fruity body and mouth feel
FL/FR phenoxyacetic acid
 odor: sour sweet
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde
 odor: green sweet floral hyacinth clover honey cocoa
 flavor: Honey, sweet, floral, chocolate and cocoa, with a spicy nuance
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde 2,3-butylene glycol acetal
 odor: floral sweet earthy
 phenyl ethylidene acetone
 odor: floral sweet pea
 odor: mild green sweet earthy
 flavor: fruity green
 odor: green sweet carrot dry earthy
FL/FR4-propenyl syringol
 odor: sweet spicy
FL/FR propyl butyrate
 odor: Fruity, sweet, bubble gum and tutti-frutti-like with a good etherial lift
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, tutti-frutti, bubble gum and pineapple-like with a slight green nuance
 propyl propanesulfinate
 odor: sweet fresh onion juice
 flavor: strong onion
FL/FR propyl isovalerate
 odor: bitter sweet apple fruity
FL/FRisopulegyl acetate
 odor: woody sweet peppermint tropical
 flavor: Woody, berry, green and camphoreous with a fruity nuance
FL/FR pyrus malus fruit extract
 odor: Green, sweet apple, ripe applesauce, juicy and estry with a cider-like nuance
 flavor: Apple juice, fresh, cider-like and brown
 odor: sweet sassafrass spicy
1,3,4-trimethyl pentyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, sweet, winey, and weak
1,2,2-trimethyl propyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, sweet, slightly hay-like, and slightly metallic
FR tropical indene
 odor: fruity sweet green herbal melon
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangeflower ylang
 flavor: floral green weedy peppery magnolia minty balsamic
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from pommade)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
FL/FR turmeric root oil china
 odor: spicy fresh sweet orange ginger galanga
 flavor: turmeric
FR vanilla bean oil (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: vanilla phenolic sweet
FR vanilla planifolia fruit infusion
 odor: vanilla phenolic sweet
FR wormseed oil replacer
FL/FRannus wormwood oil france
 odor: balsam sweet spicy basil fresh green
Tertiary (Third) - sweet
FL/FR acetaldehyde benzyl 2-methoxyethyl acetal
 odor: mild sweet green fruity
FL/FR acetaldehyde hexyl isoamyl acetal
 odor: sweet fruity apple
FL/FR acetyl tributyl citrate
 odor: very faint herbal wine sweet
FL/FRisoamyl butyrate
 odor: fruity green apricot pear banana
 flavor: Waxy, green apple, fruity, sweet estry, melon and berry notes
FL/FR benzaldehyde propylene glycol acetal
 odor: bitter narcissus sweet naphthalic woody
 flavor: fruity maraschino cherry medicinal phenolic
FR brachyleana hutchinsii wood oil
 odor: balsam woody sweet floral vetiver sandalwood
FL/FRisobutyl anthranilate
 odor: grape sweet fruity floral berry
 flavor: Sweet fruity grape-Iike, with a floral honey background
FL/FRisobutyl propionate
 odor: Fruity, sweet, rummy, pungent, bubblegum estry with a tropical nuance
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, banana, tutti frutti, with rummy nuances
FL/FRalpha-campholenic alcohol
 odor: sweet berry camphor
FR chamomile oil morocco
 odor: fresh herbal camphoreous sweet cistus balsamic
 flavor: chamomile
FL/FR(E)-cinnamic acid
 odor: balsam sweet storax
FL/FR citral
 odor: sharp lemon sweet
 flavor: Lemon peel, citrus, juicy, green, lime, woody and herbal
FL/FR cocoa essence
 odor: roasted sulfury sweet chocolate
 flavor: chocolate cocoa
 odor: sweet fruity milk
2,4-diethyl-5-propyl oxazole
 odor: nutty green sweet
FL2,5-diethyl tetrahydrofuran
 odor: sweet herbal caramel
 odor: sweet woody floral
FR elder flower absolute (sambucus canadensis and s. nigra)
 odor: sweet herbal spicy
FRendo-ethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)-5-heptene-2-carboxylate
 odor: fruity, sweet, and green notes
(S)-2-ethyl hexanoic acid
 odor: sweet herbal musty
FL/FR ethyl 5-hydroxydecanoate
 odor: sweet fatty peach
FL/FR ethyl methyl anthranilate
 odor: soft sweet mandarin petitgrain
 odor: sweet woody floral
FL/FRisoeugenyl formate
 odor: orris green sweet woody clove
FL/FR eugenyl phenyl acetate
 odor: spicy honey sweet carnation
FRwhite frangipani concrete
 odor: floral natural sweet orangeflower gardenia
FR freesia acetate
 odor: fresh lily magnolia sweet citrus freesia green
FL/FR grains of paradise oil
 odor: spicy woody sweet peppery cardamom
 odor: fresh lemon grass herbal sweet floral fruity green
 flavor: fruity green earthy bitter
 odor: Fruity ketonic, sweet with a musty cheese-like note
 flavor: Ketonic, with a cheese-like creamy character
 odor: Diffusive, fruity, cheesy, sweet, tutti-frutti, cognac and pineapple nuances
 flavor: Fruity, diffusive, cheesy and ketonic
FL hexanal butane-2,3-diol acetal
 odor: sweet fatty green
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl acetate
 odor: fresh green sweet fruity banana apple grassy
 flavor: Green fruity apple and pear, with fresh tropical nuances
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl lactate
 odor: green leafy sweet melon waxy violet leaf tropical fruity
 flavor: Green leafy waxy with fruity tropical nuances
FL/FRsec-hexyl alcohol
 odor: sweet musty alcoholic
FL4-hydroxyphenethyl alcohol
 odor: mild sweet floral fruity
 odor: creamy sweet fruity
 odor: sweet maple
 odor: sweet milky
 odor: floral woody sweet fruity berry tropical beeswax
 flavor: Woody, berry, floral, green and fruity
FL/FR lime oil expressed florida
 odor: fresh lime sweet terpenic coumarin
 flavor: lime
(3S,6S)-(Z)-linalool oxide (pyranoid)
 odor: sweet floral creamy
FL/FR marigold oil mexico
 flavor: marigold
FL massoia bark oil CO2 extract
 odor: coconut lactonic sweet creamy fatty coumarin
 flavor: coconut creamy sweet lactonic waxy milky
FL/FR menthyl isovalerate
 odor: Fruity, cooling, sweet and woody
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, with a tutti frutti background
FL3-mercapto-3-methyl butanol
 odor: roasted spicy sweet vegetable
 flavor: powerful meaty, beef juice and gravy notes. Presented in 10% dilution
FL3-mercapto-3-methyl-1-butyl acetate
FL methionol
 odor: SuIfureous and onion-like with a sweet, savory, soupy-cooked vegetable nuance
 flavor: Onion- and garlic-like, with a savory bouillion-like note
 odor: Spicy, cinnamon, sweet with a rich pleasant cherry candy note, vanilla and slightly smoky
 flavor: Cherry flesh, sweet, with a cinnamic dry out, slightly aromatic
 odor: spicy floral sweet cinnamon cherry vanilla
FL methyl 2-hydroxy-4-methyl valerate
 odor: sweet fruity musty
FL/FR2-methyl naphthalene
 odor: sweet floral woody
 flavor: oily aromatic
FL/FR methyl octanoate
 odor: Waxy, green, sweet, orange and aldehydic with vegetative and herbal nuances
 flavor: Green, fruity, waxy, citrus, aldehydic and fatty
FR methyl sandal
 odor: woody autumn sweet sandalwood sawdust
FL5-methyl tetrahydrofuran-3-one
 odor: sweet hay coumarinic
FR musk cyclopentenyl propionate
 odor: sweet musk animal
FR musk decanolide
 odor: musk woody sweet brassylate fruity
FR musk gx 100%
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in BB
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR narcissus flower absolute
 odor: green cortex sweet jasmin hay tonka castoreum
 flavor: green tonka mossy honey hay floral
FL/FRgamma-nonalactone (aldehyde C-18 (so-called))
 odor: coconut creamy waxy sweet buttery oily
 flavor: Coconut, creamy, waxy with fatty milky notes
 nonyl anthranilate
 odor: sweet orange oil mandarin
 odor: sweet earthy herbal
FRisooctyl acetate
 odor: sweet estery fruity
FR octyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: powerful green floral sweet
FR peach pivalate
 odor: fruity peach sweet powdery green floral
FR pear valerate
 odor: fruity clean sweet pear oily jasmin natural
FR petitgrain combava oil
 odor: fresh leafy sweet lemon petitgrain eucalyptus citriodora
 odor: sweet fruity herbal
FL/FR phenethyl lactate
 odor: very mild bland sweet rose
FL/FR phenethyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral sweet rose honey balsam
 flavor: Honey, floral, green, rose, cocoa, hay, tropical body
FL/FR phenethyl tiglate
 odor: green sweet rose natural oily leaf herbal
 flavor: sweet green leafy cortex rose geranium
FL/FR4-phenyl-2-butyl acetate
 odor: green fruit
 odor: Cooling, woody, sweet, green, camphoreous, fruity and musty
 flavor: Sweet, green, waxy, woody, cooling pulpy mouthfeel and citrus
 odor: Musty, woody, sweet, tea, citrus lemon with sI. brown nuances
 flavor: Citrus, floral, musty, tea like with green sweet fruity nuances
2-isopropoxy-3(5)-methyl pyrazine
 odor: sweet fruity green
FL/FR propyl mercaptan
 odor: cabbage natural gas sweet onion
 flavor: alliaceous fresh meaty onion sulfurous
 odor: toasted sulfury sweet cocoa chocolate
FL/FRisopropyl propionate
 odor: Fruity etherial, sweet with pineapple & banana nuances
 flavor: Fruity, berry with a slight bubble gum nuance
FL/FR propyl pyruvate
 odor: sweet caramellic floral
FD propylene glycol dibutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity buttery
FL/FR styryl acetate
 odor: sweet fruity rum
FL/FR tea leaf absolute
 odor: dry herbal sweet woody
 flavor: tea
FL(R)-tonka furanone
 odor: lactonic coumarin sweet coconut
FL(R)-N,N,alpha-trimethyl benzyl amine
 odor: sweet fishy ammoniacal amine
 odor: sweet tobacco herbal
FR tuberose acetate
 odor: tuberose ylang sweet fruity dry weedy
 odor: fruity sweet creamy
 odor: strong fatty sweet peach
 odor: fruity sweet milky
 odor: fatty sweet aldehyde
FL/FR undecanal propylene glycol acetal
 odor: sweet fatty floral
FL/FR valerian rhizome absolute
 odor: balsam green sweet woody sour
 flavor: valerian root
FR vanilla tahitensis fruit absolute
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
FL/FR vanilla tahitensis fruit absolute CO2 extract
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
 flavor: anisic floral balsamic fatty almond spicy
FR vanilla tahitensis fruit oil CO2 extract
 odor: vanilla floral creamy sweet
 flavor: fatty floral fruity metallic
FR vanillin hexylene glycol acetal
 odor: sweet creamy vanilla smoky
 odor: smoky woody sweet caramel
 flavor: smoky sweet salty coffee
FL/FR ylang ylang flower absolute
 odor: intensely sweet floral diffusive spicy
 flavor: ylang
Quaternary (Fourth) - sweet
FR acetyl ethyl tetramethyl tetralin replacer
 odor: sweet clean musk amber
9-acetyl-5-methyl-tricyclo[,7 ]undec-4-ene
 odor: herbal green fruity sweet apple
FR allyl isononylate
 odor: fruity rose sweet musk
FL/FR amyl salicylate
 odor: herbal floral clover azalea green sweet chocolate
 odor: sweet spicy floral anisic
 odor: pine woody camphor
 flavor: earthy minty camphoreous herbal woody musty
FL/FRisobornyl acetate
 odor: balsam camphor herbal woody sweet
 flavor: Woody, camphoraceous, terpy and piney with a spicy, herbal and slightly citrus nuance
FL/FRisobornyl phenyl acetate
 odor: cypress oil
FL/FRisobutyl formate
 odor: Sweet, chemical, ethereal and slight fruity
 flavor: rum
FL2-butyl furan
 odor: mild fruity wine sweet spicy
1-isobutyl-2-methyl butyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fruity, winey, floral, sweet, and weak
FLalpha-campholene acetate
 odor: sweet woody ionone
FL/FR(Z)-civet decenone
 odor: clean musk dry animal sweet
 flavor: musk fatty soapy laundered cloth animal powdery
FR cotton candy fragrance
FR date fragrance
 odor: camphor, woody, fresh, sweet, minty, and thujone-like notes
 odor: sweet sulfurous onion
 flavor: sweet sulfurous ripe onion
FL elecampane root absolute
 odor: woody rooty fatty sweet oily
 odor: sweet herbal woody
 odor: sweet smoky vanilla castoreum
FL ethyl butyryl lactate
 odor: fruity buttery creamy sweet
FL/FR ethyl 3-mercaptobutyrate
 odor: sulfurous roasted sweet sour
FL/FRtrans-1-ethyl-2-methyl propyl 2-butenoate
 odor: very powerful and complex with unique fruity and woody combination. Toppy and rich with sugary feel, sweet, and fresh
FL/FR ferula assa-foetida absolute
 odor: garlic onion sweet balsam
 flavor: asafetida sulfurous
FL furfuryl alcohol
 odor: alcoholic chemical musty sweet caramel bread coffee
 flavor: Burnt, sweet, caramellic, brown
FL/FR ginger root absolute
 odor: Woody with fresh sweet notes
 flavor: Fresh pungent, and woody
FR ginsene
 odor: very intense sweet fruity floral ylang
FL/FR grapefruit oil folded florida
 odor: sweet dry grapefruit terpenic
 flavor: grapefruit
FRisogreen methanoindene
 odor: green weedy oily sweet woody floral gardenia jasmin tuberose
FR guaiacwood oil 20% in gurjun balsam oil
 odor: balsam woody spicy sweet pepper
 odor: fatty coconut fruity sweet
FL3-heptyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral rose pear
 odor: sweet creamy coconut woody
FL(E)-2-hexenoic acid
 odor: powerful fruity sweet warm herbal
 flavor: acidic cheesy fruity sweet
FL/FR3-hexenyl 2-methyl butyrate
 odor: Green, fruity, sweet, juicy and pear-like, with vegetative nuances
 flavor: Green fruity, pineapple, pear and apple-like with melon nuances
FR hexoxyacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green leafy sweet floral fruity
FL/FR hexyl formate
 odor: apple unripe plum banana sweet
 flavor: ethereal green unripe banana nasturtium plum skin
FL/FR hexyl 2-furoate
 odor: Floral, waxy and green with sweet pear nuances
 flavor: Green, waxy with fruity pear and apple notes
FR hinoki root oil
 odor: dry woody camphor sweet spicy
FL/FR hop oil
 odor: sharp green spicy sweet beer herbal
 flavor: floral fruity herbal woody citrus terpenic beer tropical
FL/FR hydroxymethyl hexyl ethyl ketone
 odor: musty herbal sweet earthy
FR juniper muscone
 odor: sweet powdery musk animal
 laurel bark oil
 odor: fresh strong sweet camphor spicy
 laurel stem oil
 odor: fresh strong sweet camphor spicy
FR lawsonia inermis flower absolute
 odor: sweet floral tea boronia
FL/FR levisticum officinale herb oil
 odor: lovage celery seed mentha citrata sweet cardamom
 flavor: lovage
FL/FR(Z)-linalool oxide (furanoid)
 odor: earthy floral sweet woody
FL/FR litsea cubeba oil terpenes
 odor: fresh woody grassy dry sweet
 melissa oil slovak republic
 odor: sweet citrus citronella java herbal
laevo-menthyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet herbal clary sage rose
FL/FR methyl benzyl acetate (mixed ortho-,meta-,para-)
 odor: sweet floral fruity herbal
FL2-methyl butyl propionate
 odor: sweet fruity ethereal rum
 odor: cinnamon spicy cassia
 flavor: spicy cinnamon sweet
FL/FR6-methyl heptanal
 odor: fresh green juicy sweet orange
 methyl ionone terpenes
 odor: sweet woody violet citrus
FL/FR methyl 4-methyl benzoate
 odor: sweet anisic floral ylang
FL methyl 4-phenyl butyrate
 odor: sweet fruit honey floral
FR musk ambrette replacer
 odor: dry ambrette musk sweet
FR musk gx 50% in DEP
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in DPG
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in IPM
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FL/FR myrtenol
 odor: woody pine balsam sweet mint medical
 flavor: Cooling, minty, camphoreous, green with a medicinal nuance
FR2-nonyn-1-al dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green violet foliage sweet
cis-oak lactone
 odor: sweet spicy coconut vanilla
 odor: fresh herbal lavender sweet mushroom
 flavor: Mushroom, ketonic, cheesy and moldy with a fruity nuance
FL/FR origanum majorana oil CO2 extract
 odor: spicy herbal camphor sweet
 flavor: marjoram
FL/FR perillaldehyde
 odor: fresh green herbal grassy sweet mint cumin spicy citrus
 flavor: aromatic sweet woody spicy waxy aldehydic cinnamyl orange lime
FR2-phenoxyethyl formate
 odor: balsamic powdery cinnamyl sweet storax cinnamon
 flavor: spicy cinnamyl cinnamon balsamic rooty
 odor: floral peony foliage sweet mimosa heliotrope
 flavor: floral spicy magnolia mango green petal tropical melon
 phenyl glycol phenyl acetate
 odor: sweet lily rose gardenia
FL/FR3-phenyl propyl cinnamate
 odor: sweet balsam spicy apricot
 flavor: sweet spicy cinnamyl balsamic fruity
FR phenyl salicylate
 odor: mild sweet fruity balsam
FR polvolide (Soda)
 odor: clean sweet powdery animalic musk
FL/FRisopropenyl acetate
 odor: ethereal acetic fruity sweet berry grape skin
 flavor: ethereal lactate grape skin sauerkraut green
 odor: peppermint camphor fresh herbal buchu
 flavor: Minty sulfuraceous, fruity blackcurrant and raspberry, with fresh green leafy nuances
FR reseda acetal
 odor: hyacinth narcissus reseda sweet pea green bean balsamic
FL/FR rose leaf absolute (rosa centifolia)
 odor: green leafy sweet woody freshly cut leaves
 flavor: rose petitgrain
FR rose undecene
 odor: rose cashew herbal sweet fruity floral
FL/FR satinaldehyde
 odor: fresh cyclamen orange dry sweet aldehydic amber woody costus
 flavor: Orangeflower, sweet, floral, melon-like with a green fruity nuance
FL sodium ferulate
 odor: sweet clove phenolic
FL/FR strawberry furanone butyrate
 odor: sweet ethereal fruity tropical green weedy earthy wasabi
 flavor: ethereal fruity tropical green wasabi earthy asparagus beany
FL/FR styralyl alcohol
 odor: fresh sweet acetophenone gardenia hyacinth
 flavor: Chemical, medicinal, with a balsamic vanilla woody nuance
FL/FR surfleurs d'oranger oil
 odor: fresh sweet floral orangeflower
FR sweet pea absolute
 odor: floral green balsam sweet freesia
FR tea acetate
 odor: fresh floral hyacinth tea sweet fruity narcissus
FL/FR tetrahydrofurfuryl phenyl acetate
 odor: chocolate floral honey
 odor: meaty smoked sausage powdery sweet spicy phenolic sulfurous
 flavor: meaty sausage
3(or 2),4,5-trimethyl octahydro-4,7-methanoinden-5-yl acetate
 odor: weak woody, creamy, amber sweet, and cedar notes
 odor: woody, powdery, floral, and sweet notes
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla spp.)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee fresh balsam
 flavor: vanilla
FL/FR4-vinyl phenol
 odor: Chemical, phenolic, medicinal with sweet musty and meaty nuances
 flavor: Phenolic, medicinal, spicy
FL/FR wine lactone
 odor: coconut dill spicy sweet
FR woodruff absolute
 odor: sweet herbal hay tobacco
Quinary (Fifth) - sweet
FR aeolanthus graveolens oil
 odor: fresh rose lemon muguet sweet
FL/FR amber naphthofuran
 odor: dry woody amber ambergris musk sweet
 flavor: amber old wood tobacco powdery dry ambergris animal
FRpara-anisaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet hawthorn mimosa sweet powdery
 odor: citrus floral tangy lemon fresh sweet herbal
FL capsicum oleoresin CO2 extract
 odor: chilis musty hay tobacco sweet herbal
FL/FR cuminyl acetate
 odor: fresh fruity sweet herbal bergamot
 odor: apple rose honey tobacco sweet
 odor: strong fatty sweet fruity coconut caramel
 odor: sweet fruity peach fatty butter
FR2,5-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)-2-octen-3-yl acetate + 1,4-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)-2-octen-3-yl acetate
 odor: spicy, fruity, green, woody, and sweet notes with some fruitate characteristics
 odor: fruity sweet bloomy aldehydic woody
 odor: citrus fresh floral oily sweet
 flavor: sweet fatty fruity
FL/FR filbert heptenone
 odor: raw nut skin myrcene ketonic sweet hazelnut filbert
 flavor: Nutty, roasted, coffee, cocoa, brown with an earthy brown and meaty nuance
 odor: sweet spicy herbal hay coumarin
FL/FR hexanol
 odor: Pungent, etherial, fusel oil, fruity and alcoholic, sweet with a green top note
 flavor: Green, fruity, apple-skin and oily
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl phenyl acetate
 odor: green rose honey waxy sweet pea tropical kiwi beany
 flavor: Waxy, green, floral with vegetable and melon nuances
FL/FR hexyl acetate
 odor: fruity green apple banana sweet
 flavor: Fruity, green, fresh, sweet, banana peel, apple and pear
FL/FR labdanum absolute
 odor: amber ambergris woody old wood sweet musty gourmand
 flavor: labdanum
FL/FR methyl heptadienone
 odor: cinnamon coconut spice woody sweet weedy
 flavor: Green, sweet, with a brown herbal aftertaste
FR nonanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: sweet floral orangeflower rose aldehydic
FL/FR ocimenol
 odor: fresh citrus lemon lime cologne sweet mace
FL/FR passiflora edulis fruit extract
 odor: sweet tropical fruity ripe juicy
 flavor: passion fruit
FR phenyl acetaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: hyacinth green foliage floral mandarin sweet pea
FR(E)-2-phenyl-1(2)-propene-1-yl acetate
 odor: sweet honey neroli hyacinth
FL/FRblack poplar bud oleoresin
 odor: sweet balsam coumarin cinnamic labdanum
FR robinia pseudoacacia absolute
 odor: mimosa cassie orangeflower sweet spicy
FR sandal glycol acetal
 odor: woody sandalwood camphor methyl acetophenone sweet
FR sea resorcylate
 odor: oakmoss sweet seaside phenolic
FL/FR vanillylidene acetone
 odor: Sweet, powdery vanilla with creamy balsamic nuances
 flavor: Balsamic vanilla, with sweet aromatic spicy nuance
FL/FR verbena absolute france
 odor: Green, tea-like, hay, herbal with a sweet citrus nuance
 flavor: Sweet, lemon, citrus, spice, waxy, with a hay-like nuance
FL/FR vetiveryl acetate
 odor: woody powdery root vetiver sweet dry sandal
FL/FR zedoary bark oil
 odor: warm woody spicy camphor cineole sweet
 flavor: zedoary
Senary (Sixth) - sweet
FR agrumen nitrile
 odor: aldehydic spicy herbal green peppery sweet
FL/FR amyl propionate
 odor: sweet fruity apricot pineapple tropical banana
 flavor: fruity jammy banana licorice tropical apricot estery rummy
 odor: sweet anise licorice mimosa
 flavor: Sweet, anise, licorice and spicy with a lingering, sweet aftertaste
FR artemisia vestita wall. leaf oil
 odor: fresh herbal slightly sweet woody balsam sage davana oil
FL/FR benzyl acetate
 odor: sweet floral fruity jasmin fresh
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, with balsamic and jasmin floral undernotes
FL/FR benzyl salicylate
 odor: balsam clean herbal oily sweet
 flavor: sweet balsamic orchid herbal soapy
FR bubble gum fragrance
FL/FR butyl 2-naphthyl ether
 odor: sweet fruity floral berry strawberry raspberry
FL/FR caramel pentadione
 odor: sweet maple caramel sugar fenugreek licorice
 flavor: sweet maple fenugreek burnt caramellic burnt sugar resinous phenolic
FL/FR ethyl cyclopentenolone
 odor: sweet caramel maple fenugreek
 flavor: Sweet, jammy, fruity, brown, toasted, maple, nutty
FR khella oil
 odor: sweet balsamic herbaceous coumarinic woody spicy
FL/FR leafy acetal
 odor: green reseda leafy hyacinth herbal
 flavor: fresh green oily aromatic slightly floral fruity fungal
(R)-ocean propanal
 odor: lily of the valley cyclamen aldehydic sweet fruity lemon
(S)-ocean propanal
 odor: green floral marine ozone fruity sweet cumin
FR octahydro-4,7-methano-1H-indene-5-acetaldehyde + 6-methyl-octahydro-4,7-methano-indene-5-carbaldehyde
 odor: floral, muguet, aldehydic, green, freesia, sweet, and slightly woody notes
FL/FR spearmint oil america
 odor: fresh spearmint carvone
 flavor: Fresh green spearmint, cooling, candy, leafy, spicy with a wintergreen afternote.
FL/FR vanilla oleoresin bali
 odor: sweet cocoa chocolate vanilla creamy fruity caramel
 flavor: sweet vanilla dried fruit caramel chocolate powdery
FL/FR veratraldehyde
 odor: Sweet, creamy, vanillin, powdery, herbal with a slight phenolic nuance
 flavor: Sweet creamy vanilla-like
Septenary (Seventh) - sweet
FL/FRisobornyl acetate
 odor: balsam camphor herbal woody sweet
 flavor: Woody, camphoraceous, terpy and piney with a spicy, herbal and slightly citrus nuance
FL/FR ethyl maltol
 odor: sweet caramel jam strawberry cotton candy
 flavor: Sweet, burnt cotton sugar candy like, with jammy, strawberry notes
FR(Z)-3-hexenyl methyl ether
 odor: sweet, green, fruity, pear, green apple-like, fresh fig-like
 flavor: sweet, green, fruity, pear, green apple-like, fresh fig-like
FL/FR methyl para-anisate
FR rose concrete (rosa damascena)
 odor: rich deep sweet floral rose spicy green waxy fatty
FL/FR strawberry glycidate 1 (aldehyde C-16 (so-called))
 odor: sweet fruity strawberry floral honey fatty
 flavor: Sweet, berry, strawberry, fruity, tutti frutti and floral nuances
FL/FR toffee furanone
 odor: sweet cotton candy sugar caramel bready
 flavor: sweet caramellic cotton candy maple burnt sugar roasted coffee
FL/FR tolu balsam oil
 odor: sweet balsamic resinous peppery fruity spicy cinnamyl
 flavor: tolu balsam
FR tolu balsam oil replacer
 odor: sweet balsamic resinous peppery fruity spicy cinnamyl
FL/FR vanillin
 odor: sweet vanilla creamy chocolate
 flavor: Vanilla, vanillin, sweet, creamy, spicy, phenolic and milky
FL/FR vanillyl acetate
 odor: Sweet, creamy, vanilla-like with a powdery heliotropine nuance
 flavor: Sweet, vanilla, creamy, powdery with a balsamic beany nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - sweet
FR4-(3,3-dimethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl)-1-methyl-2-oxabicyclo(2.2.2)octane
 odor: woody, animalic, phenolic in water, leather, amber, sweet, and slightly fruity notes
FR kumquat fragrance
FL/FR maltol
 odor: sweet caramel cotton candy jam fruity baked bread
 flavor: Sweet, cotton candy, caramellic, with jammy fruity and berry notes
FL/FR maltyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet strawberry fruity tropical berry cotton candy
 flavor: Sweet, jamy, fruity, milky, caramellic with bubble gum and cotton candy nuances
 odor: floral hyacinth green narcissus foliage radish honey sweet pea
 flavor: green floral chrysanthemum spicy radish hyacinth foliage honey
FL/FR strawberry furanone
 odor: sweet cotton candy caramel strawberry sugar
 flavor: sweet caramellic burnt sugar brown sugar maple sugar tropical cotton candy
 odor: floral aldehydic powdery citrus fruity animal waxy sweet
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