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1,3-dithiolane (Click)
CAS Number: 4829-04-3Picture of molecule
Nikkaji Web: J91.134H
Beilstein Number: 102455
MDL: MFCD00041425
XlogP3-AA: 1.40 (est)
Molecular Weight: 106.21082000
Formula: C3 H6 S2
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Category: information only not used for fragrances or flavors
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Physical Properties:
Assay: 95.00 to 100.00 % 
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Boiling Point: 175.00 to  176.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg (est)
Vapor Pressure: 1.573000 mm/Hg @ 25.00 °C. (est)
Flash Point: 146.00 °F. TCC ( 63.60 °C. ) (est)
logP (o/w): 0.555 (est)
Soluble in:
 water, 4063 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)
Insoluble in:
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Organoleptic Properties:
Odor Type: sulfurous
Odor Strength: high ,
recommend smelling in a 0.10 % solution or less
 sweet  sulfurous  onion  onion cooked onion  
Odor Description:
at 0.10 % in dipropylene glycol. 
sweet sulfurous onion
 sweet  sulfurous  ripe  onion  
Taste Description:
sweet sulfurous ripe onion
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Cosmetic Information:
None found
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology
For experimental / research use only.
1,3-Dithiolane ≥96%
Sigma-Aldrich: Aldrich
For experimental / research use only.
1,3-Dithiolane 97%
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Safety Information:
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Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
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GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
intraperitoneal-mouse LD50  900 mg/kg
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry--Chimie Therapeutique. Vol. 17, Pg. 235, 1982.

Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: information only not used for fragrances or flavors
Recommendation for 1,3-dithiolane usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for 1,3-dithiolane flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary : 20970
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Data
WGK Germany: 3
Chemidplus: 0004829043
RTECS: JP0511000 for cas# 4829-04-3
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Pubchem (cid): 20970
Pubchem (sid): 134984355
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Potential Blenders and core components note
For Odor
 dibutyl sulfideFL/FR
 dimethyl trisulfideFL/FR
 dipropyl disulfideFL/FR
 ferula assa-foetida gum oilFL/FR
 methyl furfuryl disulfideFL/FR
 propyl mercaptanFL/FR
S-(methyl thio) butyrateFL/FR
 grapefruit mercaptanFL/FR
 coffee difuranFL/FR
 furfuryl mercaptanFL/FR
 ethyl (E)-2-crotonateFL/FR
 tropical thiazoleFL/FR
 tropical trithianeFL/FR
isopropyl thioisovalerateFL/FR
 meaty dithianeFL/FR
2-acetyl thiopheneFL/FR
 blackberry thiophenoneFL/FR
 buchu mercaptanFL/FR
 cassis pentanoneFL/FR
 cocoa essenceFL/FR
 dimethyl disulfideFL/FR
 dimethyl sulfideFL/FR
 ethyl 2-mercaptopropionateFL/FR
 ethyl methyl mercaptopropionateFL/FR
 ferula assa-foetida absoluteFL/FR
 fish thiolFL/FR
 furfuryl thioacetateFL/FR
S-furfuryl thioformateFL/FR
 grapefruit menthaneFL/FR
 lychee mercaptan acetateFL/FR
 mango thiolFL/FR
2-mercaptopropionic acidFL/FR
4-methoxy-2-methyl butane thiolFL/FR
(S)-1-methoxy-3-heptane thiolFL/FR
 methyl 3-(methyl thio) propionateFL/FR
4-methyl 4-mercaptopentan-2-one 1% solutionFL/FR
2-methyl 5-(methyl thio) furanFL/FR
 methyl mercaptanFL/FR
3-(methyl thio) hexanolFL/FR
2-(methyl thio) phenolFL/FR
 onion oilFL/FR
 onion oil dutchFL/FR
 onion oil egyptFL/FR
 onion oil mexicoFL/FR
 passiflora acetateFL/FR
S-tropical 2-thiobutyrateFL/FR
cis-galbanum oxathianeFL/FR
1-furfuryl pyrroleFL/FR
For Flavor
No flavor group found for these
 allyl methyl disulfideFL
 allyl methyl trisulfideFL
 allyl propyl disulfideFL
 allyl propyl sulfideFL
 allyl propyl trisulfideFL
 amyl mercaptanFL
isoamyl mercaptanFL
sec-amyl mercaptanFL
 amyl methyl disulfideFL
 blackberry thiophenoneFL/FR
1,2-butane dithiolFL
 butyl disulfideFL
 butyl ethyl disulfideFL
sec-butyl isothiocyanateFL
 butyl isothiocyanateFL
tert-butyl mercaptanFL
isobutyraldehyde sulfidedFL
 diethyl sulfideFL
 diethyl trisulfideFL
 diisopropyl sulfideFL
 diisopropyl trisulfideFL
(Z+E)-2,5-dimethyl-3-tetrahydrofuran thiolFL
 dipropyl sulfideFL
 ethyl 2-(methyl dithio) propionateFL
 ethyl 2-(methyl thio) acetateFL
 ethyl 4-(acetyl thio) butyrateFL
 ethyl 4-(methyl thio) butyrateFL
 ethyl 5-(methyl thio) valerateFL
 ethyl mercaptanFL
 ethyl methyl trisulfideFL
 ethyl propyl disulfideFL
 ethyl propyl trisulfideFL
 ethylene mercaptanFL
 furfuryl propyl disulfideFL
2-heptane thiolFL
 heptyl mercaptanFL
 hexanal sulfidedFL
2-hexyl thiopheneFL
3-mercapto-2-methyl pentanolFL
3-mercaptopropionic acidFL
bis(1-mercaptopropyl) sulfideFL
4-methyl 4-mercaptopentan-2-one 1% solutionFL/FR
S-methyl benzothioateFL
 methyl butyl sulfideFL
 methyl methane thiosulfonateFL
4-(methyl thio) butanolFL
2-(methyl thio) ethanolFL
2-(methyl thio) methyl-2-butenalFL
1-(methyl thio)-1-buteneFL
 methyl thiomethyl mercaptanFL
S-methyl thiopropionateFL
2-methyl-1-butane thiolFL
 methyl-1-propenyl trisulfideFL
2-methyl-3-furyl tetrasulfideFL
1,9-nonane dithiolFL
1-phenethyl mercaptanFL
 prenyl mercaptanFL
1,1-propane dithiolFL
1,3-propane dithiolFL
 propenyl propyl disulfideFL
 propionaldehyde sulfidedFL
isopropyl disulfideFL
 propyl mercaptanFL/FR
isopropyl thioisovalerateFL/FR
 pyrazinyl methyl sulfideFL
1-(2'-thienyl) ethyl mercaptanFL
S-tropical 2-thiobutyrateFL/FR
isovaleraldehyde sulfidedFL
 allyl thiohexanoateFL
3-mercapto-3-methyl-1-butyl acetateFL
dextro,laevo-3-(methyl thio) butanoneFL
 allium porrum extractFL
 allyl disulfideFL
 allyl mercaptanFL
 allyl thiopropionateFL
 benzyl mercaptanFL
1,3-butane dithiolFL
 cyclopentyl mercaptanFL
 dicyclohexyl disulfideFL
 diethyl disulfideFL
 dimethyl trisulfideFL/FR
 dipropyl disulfideFL/FR
 dipropyl trisulfideFL
 ferula assa-foetida gum oilFL/FR
 leek oilFL
 methyl 3-mercaptobutanoateFL
2-methyl thioacetaldehydeFL
 onion oil extendersFL
 tropical thiazoleFL/FR
 truffle sulfideFL
(S)-1-methoxy-3-heptane thiolFL/FR
 furfuryl alcoholFL
 methyl 2-thiofuroateFL
 cocoa essenceFL/FR
 grapefruit mercaptanFL/FR
3-mercaptoheptyl acetateFL
 cocoa distillatesFL
 coffee difuranFL/FR
 furfuryl mercaptanFL/FR
 methyl furfuryl disulfideFL/FR
 methyl furfuryl thiolFL
corn chip
 difurfuryl sulfideFL
1,8-octane dithiolFL
isopropyl mercaptanFL
 methyl thio isovalerateFL
3-mercaptohexyl hexanoateFL
 methionyl butyrateFL
 passion fruit distillatesFL
 tropical trithianeFL/FR
 allyl methyl sulfideFL
 garlic oleoresinFL
 cassis pentanoneFL/FR
 dibutyl sulfideFL/FR
2,5-dimethyl thiopheneFL
cis-galbanum oxathianeFL/FR
 horseradish oilFL
4-penten-1-yl acetateFL
 buchu oil fractionsFL
 lychee mercaptan acetateFL/FR
 yeast thiazolineFL
2,6-dimethyl thiophenolFL
2,5-dimethyl-3-furan thiolFL
 furfuryl 2-methyl-3-furyl disulfideFL
 meaty dithianeFL/FR
2-mercaptopropionic acidFL/FR
2-(methyl thio) phenolFL/FR
bis(2-methyl-3-furyl) disulfideFL
S-(2-methyl-3-furyl) ethane thioateFL
2-methyl-3-tetrahydrofuran thiolFL
 phenyl mercaptanFL
 pyrazinyl ethane thiolFL
2-pyridinyl methane thiolFL
3-(methyl thio) hexanolFL/FR
 allyl isothiocyanateFL
 ethyl (E)-2-crotonateFL/FR
2-methyl 5-(methyl thio) furanFL/FR
S-(methyl thio) butyrateFL/FR
 nutty thiazoleFL
2-acetyl thiopheneFL/FR
 ethyl 2-mercaptopropionateFL/FR
 methyl propyl disulfideFL
 methyl propyl trisulfideFL
 propyl thioacetateFL
2-ethyl benzene thiolFL
 ethyl 3-(furfuryl thio) propionateFL
 furfuryl thioacetateFL/FR
 hexyl mercaptanFL
 methyl isopentyl disulfideFL
2,4,6-triethyl tetrahydro-1,3,5-dithiazineFL
 allium sativum bulb extractFL
 allyl sulfideFL
 buchu mercaptanFL/FR
2,3-butane dithiolFL
 butyl mercaptanFL
 diallyl polysulfidesFL
 diallyl tetrasulfideFL
 diallyl trisulfideFL
 dimethyl disulfideFL/FR
 dimethyl sulfideFL/FR
 diphenyl disulfideFL
 ethyl methyl mercaptopropionateFL/FR
 ethyl methyl sulfideFL
S-ethyl thioacetateFL
 ferula assa-foetida absoluteFL/FR
 fish thiolFL/FR
 furfuryl methyl sulfideFL
S-furfuryl thioformateFL/FR
 furfuryl thiopropionateFL
 grapefruit menthaneFL/FR
 mango thiolFL/FR
3-mercapto-2-methyl pentanalFL
4-methoxy-2-methyl butane thiolFL/FR
 methyl 2-(methyl thio) butyrateFL
 methyl 2-methyl-3-furyl disulfideFL
 methyl 4-(methyl thio) butyrateFL
 methyl benzyl disulfideFL
 methyl ethyl disulfideFL
 methyl mercaptanFL/FR
1-(methyl thio)-2-butanoneFL
 methyl thioacetateFL
 methyl thiomethyl butyrateFL
2-methyl thiopheneFL
2-naphthyl mercaptanFL
 onion oilFL/FR
 onion oil dutchFL/FR
 onion oil egyptFL/FR
 onion oil mexicoFL/FR
 onion oleoresinFL
 potato butanoneFL
 roasted butanolFL
3-mercaptohexyl butyrateFL
 passiflora acetateFL/FR
alpha-benzylidene methionalFL
1-furfuryl pyrroleFL/FR
 methyl 3-(methyl thio) propionateFL/FR
 potato butyraldehydeFL
 radish isothiocyanateFL
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Potential Uses:
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 not found in nature
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PubMed: Design, synthesis, and antimelanogenic effects of (2-substituted phenyl-1,3-dithiolan-4-yl)methanol derivatives.
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