Typical G.C. analysis

angelica archangelica seed oil CO2 extract
340.60  bicyclogermacrene
35tracebeta- bisabolene
151.80  bornyl acetate
360.30gamma- cadinene
3trace  camphene
61.70delta-3- carene
280.50beta- caryophyllene
292.00iso caryophyllene
26tracebeta- cedrene
460.50  cedrol
16trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
172.30  chrysanthenyl acetate
390.40alpha- copaen-11-ol
401.10alpha- copaen-8-ol
240.20alpha- copaene
23tracealpha- cubebene
210.40  cumin alcohol
38trace  cuparene
22tracepara- cymen-8-ol
130.80para- cymene
490.70(E,E)-2,4- decadienal
441.30  dihydroeudesmol
500.60(E,E)-2,4- dodecadien-1-al
27tracebeta- elemene
251.30gamma- elemene
413.60  elemol
451.50beta- eudesmol
310.30(Z)-beta- farnesene
321.70  germacrene D
601.60  heptadecanyl acetate
590.60  hexadecanol
470.70  hexanal
91.70  limonene
33tracegamma- muurolene
81.20  myrcene
12trace(E)-beta- ocimene
610.90  octadecanol
540.90  pentadecanol
587.7015- pentadecanolide
191.40  phellandral
70.50alpha- phellandrene
1016.70beta- phellandrene
211.80alpha- pinene
40.90beta- pinene
430.60  rosifoliol
59.10  sabinene
303.50beta- selinene
420.30  spathulenol
110.20gamma- terpinene
14trace  terpinolene
510.40  tetradecanal
532.60  tetradecanol
570.50  tetradecanyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene
200.20(Z)- thujenol
370.60  thujopsene
520.50  tridecanal
180.304,4,6- trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-one
48trace5- undecen-3-yne

K. M. Kerrola and H. P. Kallio, Extraction of volatile compounds of Angelica (Angelica archangelica L.) root by liquid carbon dioxide. J. Agric. Food Chem., 42, 2234-2245 (1994).

P&F 21, No. 5, 57, (1996)

artemisia absinthium herb oil cuba
2623.02  bornyl acetate
390.17alpha- cadinol
42.02  camphene
320.10cis- carvyl acetate
330.66beta- caryophyllene
380.67  caryophyllene oxide
400.26  chamazulene
105.101,8- cineole
250.93  cuminaldehyde
91.55para- cymene
160.06alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
150.06  eucarvone
310.07  eugenol
360.26(E)-beta- farnesene
340.11(Z)-beta- farnesene
350.08alpha- humulene
182.00  linalool
300.14para- menth-1(7)-en-9-ol
240.50(Z)-para- menth-2-en-7-ol
280.24para- mentha-1,4-dien-7-ol
71.08  myrcene
120.20(E)-beta- ocimene
110.06(Z)-beta- ocimene
270.20  perillyl acetate
31.24alpha- pinene
60.69beta- pinene
54.61  sabinene
140.29(Z)- sabinene hydrate
200.59  safranal
218.15  terpinen-4-ol
81.55alpha- terpinene
132.08gamma- terpinene
224.80alpha- terpineol
170.75  terpinolene
290.09alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.58alpha- thujene
190.29beta- thujone
10.10  tricyclene
232.47  verbenone
370.41  viridiflorene

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado and V. Fuentes, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Artemista obsinthum L. from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 87-89 (1997).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

artemisia annua herb oil france
300.00-11.05  artemisyl alcohol
2111.91-55.02  artemisyl ketone
250.00-0.07  artemisyl acetate
490.16-1.28  bicyclogermacrene
450.00-0.16  borneol
40.00-0.29  bornylene
100.00-0.14  butyl isovalerate
510.00-1.05delta- cadinene
61.20-7.28  camphene
270.00-0.66alpha- campholenic aldehyde
291.58-11.52  camphor
590.10-1.10  carvacrol
361.63-10.87beta- caryophyllene
540.10-1.64  caryophyllene oxide
530.04-0.39iso caryophyllene oxide
570.00-trace  cedrol
165.07-11.651,8- cineole
280.00-1.33alpha- copaene
330.09-2.17beta- cubebene
19trace-1.23para- cymene
520.08-0.676,6- dimethyl(3.1.1)bicyclohept-2-en-2-methanol
500.00-0.41(E)-(3,3-dimethyl) cyclohexylidene acetaldehyde
50.00-0.17  ethyl 2-methyl butyrate
440.00-1.00(E)-beta- farnesene
430.00-1.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
471.99-18.54  germacrene D
482.24-14.73alpha- guaiene
310.00-trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl butyrate
41trace-0.97alpha- himachalene
420.00-0.74alpha- humulene
150.09-0.57  limonene
90.00-trace3-methyl bicyclo(3.1.2)oct-2-ene
220.00-0.313- methyl-3-buten-1-yl isovalerate
120.00-3.34  myrcene
38trace-0.42  myrtenal
560.00-0.82  nootkatone
180.00-0.27(E)-beta- ocimene
110.00-tracealpha- phellandrene
24.20-15.66alpha- pinene
70.93-3.35beta- pinene
320.00-0.32  pinocamphone
400.35-1.81trans- pinocarveol
350.24-2.19  pinocarvone
80.43-2.80  sabinene
260.00-0.43(E)- sabinene hydrate
340.11-0.83(Z)- sabinene hydrate
23trace-0.22  santolina alcohol
550.00-0.49  spathulenol
370.13-0.38  terpinen-4-ol
130.00-0.18alpha- terpinene
170.07-0.34gamma- terpinene
460.00-0.65alpha- terpineol
200.00-0.33  terpinolene
390.00-2.163- thujen-2-ol
30.00-0.90alpha- thujene
580.00-0.83  thymol
10.01-0.35  tricyclene
240.06-0.64  yomogi alcohol

J. C. Chalchat, R. P. Garry and J. Lamy, Influence of harvest time on yield and compostion of Artemisia annua oil produced in France. J. Essent. Oil Res., 6, 261-268 (1994).

P&F 20, No. 2, 49, (1995)

bergamot oil
600.162-0.437(E)-alpha- bergamotene
580.017-0.048(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
660.012-0.076  bicyclogermacrene
670.000-trace(Z)-alpha- bisabolene
700.000-0.010(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
690.212-0.648beta- bisabolene
760.007-0.030alpha- bisabolol
450.010-0.037  bornyl acetate
40.019-0.053  camphene
750.007-0.023  campherenol
300.001-0.012  camphor
110.001-0.009delta-3- carene
390.000-trace  carvone
590.154-0.524beta- caryophyllene
150.010-0.0221,8- cineole
310.005-0.030  citronellal
530.007-0.053  citronellyl acetate
130.010-0.893para- cymene
350.037-0.103  decanal
430.000-0.0092- decenal
570.009-0.053  decyl acetate
740.006-0.0242,3- dimethyl-3-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl)-2-norbornanol
560.002-0.055  dodecanal
340.000-0.006  dodecane
640.000-0.009  dodecanol
510.000-0.007delta- elemene
680.000-trace(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
620.033-0.089(Z)-beta- farnesene
440.199-0.494 geranial + perillaldehyde
420.000-0.010  geraniol
550.107-0.799  geranyl acetate
710.000-0.001  germacrene B
650.033-0.106  germacrene D
26trace-0.019  heptyl acetate
100.000-0.002  hexyl acetate
610.009-0.045alpha- humulene
460.000-0.009  indole
1425.385-53.187 limonene + beta-phellandrene
280.001-0.015(E)- limonene oxide
270.001-0.019(Z)- limonene oxide
241.745-22.681  linalool
230.000-trace(E)- linalool oxide
210.000-trace(Z)- linalool oxide
4115.616-41.363  linalyl acetate
500.013-0.066  linalyl propionate
490.002-0.015  methyl geranate
60.001-0.0096- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
70.635-1.575  myrcene
380.105-0.344  neral
370.010-0.111 nerol + citronellol
720.007-0.036(E)- nerolidol
540.126-0.670  neryl acetate
250.012-0.076  nonanal
480.004-0.053  nonyl acetate
770.010-0.095  nootkatone
170.104-0.361(E)-beta- ocimene
160.011-0.068(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.025-0.084  octanal
200.001-0.021  octanol
360.071-0.199  octyl acetate
90.016-0.056alpha- phellandrene
30.720-1.844alpha- pinene
54.814-12.802beta-pinene + sabinene
290.000-0.004iso pulegol
190.015-0.063(Z)- sabinene hydrate
400.048-0.127(E)- sabinene hydrate acetate
320.008-0.042  terpinen-4-ol
120.081-0.282alpha- terpinene
185.266-11.151gamma- terpinene
330.030-0.126alpha- terpineol
220.210-0.476  terpinolene
520.071-0.263alpha- terpinyl acetate
730.000-0.010  tetradecanal
20.187-0.491alpha- thujene
10.001-0.005  tricyclene
470.004-0.024  undecanal

A. Verzera, G. Lamonica, L. Mondello, A. Trozzi and G. Dugo, The composition of bergamot oil. Perfum. Flavor., 21(6), 19-34 (1996).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

cedarwood oil china
270.30 abietadiene
70.60alpha- acoradiene
80.30beta- acoradiene
192.60alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
180.40beta- bisabolene
240.80alpha- bisabolol
226.40alpha- cedrene
39.20beta- cedrene
219.60  cedrol
250.10  cedryl acetate
260.10  cembrene
161.40alpha- chamigrene
92.20beta- chamigrene
173.40  cuparene
110.40ar- curcumene
100.20gamma- curcumene
200.10(E)-beta- farnesene
60.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
50.20alpha- himachalene
151.40beta- himachalene
10.70  methyl chavicol
143.10alpha- selinene
120.20beta- selinene
429.90  thujopsene
229.50  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedarwood oil virginia
[8000-27-9] Page 298 RI 1.506 d .952 Fp 224#F Merck Index 11,6708 FTNMR 1,316C Safety 1,707B RTECS# FJ1520050 Disp. A Harmony 1515.90.4000 IRRITANT LIGHT-SENSITIVE KEEP TIGHTLY CLOSED
60.20alpha- acoradiene
70.30beta- acoradiene
180.90alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
230.60alpha- bisabolol
121.10alpha- cedrene
28.20beta- cedrene
1922.20  cedrol
161.60alpha- chamigrene
81.80beta- chamigrene
220.10  cubebol
171.60  cuparene
100.10ar- curcumene
90.10gamma- curcumene
50.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
40.20alpha- himachalene
152.10beta- himachalene
143.00alpha- selinene
110.10beta- selinene
321.30  thujopsene
120.10  valencene
202.30  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cinnamomum fragrans baillon leaf oil madagascar
17trace(E)-alpha- bergamotene
270.20beta- bisabolene
281.60delta- cadinene
290.70  calamenene
30.10  camphene
1912.70beta- caryophyllene
301.20  caryophyllene oxide
1028.101,8- cineole
150.40alpha- copaene
32traceepi- cubebol
132.40para- cymene
18tracebeta- elemene
23trace(E)-beta- farnesene
225.20(Z)-beta- farnesene
251.30  germacrene D
210.90alpha- humulene
96.30  limonene
162.20  linalool
260.20alpha- muurolene
330.10epi-alpha- muurolol
72.40  myrcene
310.70(E)- nerolidol
120.20(E)-beta- ocimene
60.20alpha- phellandrene
18.00alpha- pinene
49.70beta- pinene
55.60  sabinene
201.40  terpinen-4-ol
81.20alpha- terpinene
112.20gamma- terpinene
241.00alpha- terpineol
140.60  terpinolene
21.00alpha- thujene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 5, 537, (2000)
citrus aurantifolia swingle oil distilled peru
770.72(E)-alpha- bergamotene
730.06(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
900.04(E)-gamma- bisabolene
860.11(Z)-alpha- bisabolene
880.01(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
1000.06alpha- bisabolol
450.82  borneol
430.06iso borneol
610.02  bornyl acetate
890.08delta- cadinene
980.03alpha- cadinol
990.03  campherenol
140.03delta-3- carene
54trace  carvone
750.42beta- caryophyllene
71traceiso caryophyllene
940.06  caryophyllene alcohol
950.02  caryophyllene oxide
153.521,4- cineole
204.351,8- cineole
66trace  citronellyl acetate
820.11gamma- curcumene
480.11para- cymen-8-ol
172.30para- cymene
270.16para- cymenene
510.11  decanal
59trace  decanol
74trace  decyl acetate
110.212,3- dihydro-1,8-cineole
180.022,2- dimethyl-5-(1-methyl propenyl) tetrahydrofuran
720.06  dodecanal
81trace  dodecanol
700.06beta- elemene
650.05delta- elemene
76tracegamma- elemene
92trace  elemol
970.06gamma- eudesmol
872.07(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
780.09(Z)-beta- farnesene
50.79alpha- fenchene
320.82alpha- fenchol
330.01beta- fenchol
570.02  geranial
560.01  geraniol
690.07  geranyl acetate
930.05  germacrene B
830.09(Z)-beta- guaiene
790.08alpha- humulene
1939.19  limonene
38trace(E)- limonene oxide
36trace(Z)- limonene oxide
280.16  linalool
31tracepara- mentha-1,3,8-triene
250.02para- mentha-3,8-diene
90.016- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
101.00  myrcene
340.01  myrcenol
530.03  neral
520.02  nerol
670.06  neryl acetate
300.01  nonanal
10.03  nonane
220.45(E)-beta- ocimene
210.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
35traceallo- ocimene
120.05  octanal
240.02  octanol
580.05  perillaldehyde
130.44alpha- phellandrene
40.99alpha- pinene
80.77beta- pinene
390.03trans- pinene hydrate
460.05  pinocamphone
440.05iso pinocamphone
620.01trans- pinocarvyl acetate
55trace  piperitone
420.08iso pulegol
7trace  sabinene
800.04beta- santalene
910.10  selina-3,7(11)-diene
850.09alpha- selinene
371.27  terpinen-1-ol
470.71  terpinen-4-ol
600.02alpha- terpinen-7-al
162.35alpha- terpinene
2313.35gamma- terpinene
410.80(Z)-beta- terpineol
497.00alpha- terpineol
501.24gamma- terpineol
269.70  terpinolene
960.04  tetradecanal
30.01alpha- thujene
20.03  tricyclene
63trace  tridecane
60.242,6,6-trimethyl-2-ethenyl tetrahydropyran
640.01  undecanal
290.02  undecane
680.01  undecanol

P. Dugo, A. Cotroneo, I. Bonarcorsi and L. Mondello, On the genuineness of citrus essential oils Part LVII. The composition of distilled lime oil. Flav. Fragr. J., 13, 93-97 (1998).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

citrus limon peel oil italy
1924.50(E)-alpha- bergamotene
172.70(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
280.40(E)-gamma- bisabolene
260.50(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
2537.10beta- bisabolene
40.06  camphene
9tracedelta-3- carene
1813.80beta- caryophyllene
230.70gamma- curcumene
110.27para- cymene
270.40(E)-beta- farnesene
211.60(Z)-beta- farnesene
201.20alpha- humulene
1269.93  limonene
71.51  myrcene
140.16(E)-beta- ocimene
130.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.04alpha- phellandrene
31.90alpha- pinene
612.40beta- pinene
51.99  sabinene
100.21alpha- terpinene
1510.56gamma- terpinene
160.43  terpinolene
20.43alpha- thujene
10.01  tricyclene
241.70 valencene + unknown

GC profile belongs to sesquiterpene hydrocarbon fraction of lemon oil.

L. Mondello, P. Dugo, K. D. Bartle, G. Dugo and A. Cotroneo, Automated HPLC/HBGC: A Powerful Method for Essential Oil Analysis Part V. Identification of Terpene Hydrocarbons of Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Clementine and Mexican Lime Oil by Coupled HPLC-HRGC-MS (lTD). Flav. Fragr. J., 10, 33-42 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 1, 37, (1996)

citrus x bergamia peel oil turkey
230.28alpha- bergamotene
310.33delta- cadinene
20.02  camphene
240.05  citronellyl acetate
140.35para- cymene
200.04  decanal
301.432,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol + beta-bisabolene
260.07(Z)-beta- farnesene
340.04  geraniol
320.24  geranyl acetate
30.02  hexanal
100.01(E)-2- hexenal
832.28  limonene
2116.27  linalool
2237.39  linalyl acetate
170.016- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
280.05gamma- muurolene
60.78  myrcene
250.36  neral
330.03  nerol
290.02  neryl acetate
180.02  nonanal
130.14(E)-beta- ocimene
110.02(Z)-beta- ocimene
160.03  octanal
190.09  octyl acetate
90.15beta- phellandrene
10.81alpha- pinene
43.02beta- pinene
50.55  sabinene
70.07alpha- terpinene
124.12gamma- terpinene
270.18alpha-terpineol + alpha-terpinyl acetate
150.18  terpinolene

K. H. C. Baser, T. Ozek and M. Tutas, Composition of cold-pressed bergamot oil from Turkey. J. Essent. Oil Res., 7, 341-342 (1995).

P&F 24, No. 5, 45, (1999)

conyza canadensis (l.) cronq. oil
56trace  anthracene
55trace  benzyl benzoate
327.00(E)-alpha- bergamotene
29trace(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
440.20beta- bisabolene
530.40alpha- bisabolol
450.10delta- cadinene
2trace  camphene
210.80trans- carveol
230.30cis- carveol
241.10  carvone
26tracetrans- carvyl acetate
300.20beta- caryophyllene
490.70  caryophyllene oxide
270.10alpha- copaene
280.10beta- cubebene
362.20ar- curcumene
20trace  decanal
180.20  dihydrocarveol
16trace(E)- dihydrocarvone
390.90(E)-beta- farnesene
330.60(Z)-beta- farnesene
430.20alpha- farnesene
31trace  geranyl acetone
380.70  germacrene D
52trace  gossonorol
340.10alpha- humulene
35trace(E)-beta- ionone
370.30(Z)- lachnophyllum ester
670.00  limonene
120.30(E)- limonene oxide
90.10  linalool
402.40(Z,Z)- matricaria ester
150.20(E)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
220.10(Z)-para- mentha-1(7),8-dien-2-ol
100.60(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
13tracepara- methyl acetophenone
500.40  mint ketone (salvial-4(14)-en-1-one)
420.10alpha- muurolene
51.20  myrcene
460.30(E)- nerolidol
8trace  nonanal
140.10  nonanol
71.30(E)-beta- ocimene
540.20  octadecanal
250.10  perillaldehyde
10.20alpha- pinene
40.80beta- pinene
190.40(Z)- piperitol
3trace  sabinene
480.20  spathulenol
17tracealpha- terpineol
410.20  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 781, (2000)
elyonurus muticus (sprengel) o.kuntze leaf oil brazil
311.50  camphene
717.90beta- caryophyllene
122.80 cedren-8-en-9alpha-ol
84.50(Z)-beta- farnesene
94.00alpha- humulene
50.20  limonene
44.50  myrcene
1326.8 not identified
20.90alpha- pinene
114..80(E)-sesqui sabinene hydrate
1018.60  spathulenol
10.50alpha- thujene
63.00(Z)- trimenal ((Z)-2,5,9-trimethyl-4,9-decadien-1-al)
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 298, (2000)
guava leaf oil cuba
11trace  acetophenone
350.20alpha- acoradiene
48tracebeta- acorenol
34traceallo- aromadendrene
30.20  benzaldehyde
410.40beta- bisabolene
420.20(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
523.20beta- bisabolol
533.20alpha- bisabolol
430.10alpha- calacorene
17trace  camphor
25trace  carvacrol
3021.60beta- caryophyllene
45trace  caryophyllene alcohol
468.20  caryophyllene oxide
497.90  cedr-8(15)-en-9-alpha-ol
290.20alpha- cedrene
31tracebeta- cedrene
270.20alpha- copaene
371.40ar- curcumene
7tracepara- cymene
36trace  drima-7,9(11)-diene
26tracedelta- elemene
32trace(Z)-beta- farnesene
540.20(E,E)- farnesol
55trace(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
10.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
2trace(Z)-2- hexen-1-ol
20trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
28trace(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl hexanoate
333.10alpha- humulene
470.20  humulene oxide II
8trace  limonene
16trace  linalool
15trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
14trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
22trace2- methyl-2-nonen-4-one
5trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-ol
4trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
500.50alpha- muurolol
6trace  myrcene
23trace  myrtenyl acetate
4419.20(E)- nerolidol
9trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
18traceallo- ocimene
10trace(E)-beta- ocimene
13trace  octanol
56trace  phytol
5113.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
398.30alpha- selinene
19trace  terpinen-4-ol
12tracegamma- terpinene
21tracealpha- terpineol
240.10  thymol
388.80  viridiflorene
400.70  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 61, (2001)
lavandula angustifolia herb oil france
50trace(E)-alpha- bergamotene
292.76 borneol + linalool oxide pyranoid
380.06  bornyl acetate
70.18  butyl isobutyrate
59trace  cadalene
530.56gamma- cadinene
580.99T- cadinol
40.13  camphene
260.59  camphor
10tracedelta-3- carene
491.08beta- caryophyllene
563.74  caryophyllene oxide
480.05alpha- cedrene
123.321,8- cineole
430.22  citronellyl acetate
46tracealpha- copaene
110.33para- cymene
19tracepara- cymenene
42tracedelta- elemene
510.97(Z)-beta- farnesene
60trace(Z,E)- farnesol
36trace  geraniol
451.95  geranyl acetate
520.14  germacrene D
570.10  hexadecane
91.96  hexyl acetate
320.25  hexyl butyrate
280.12 hexyl isobutyrate + pinocarvone
405.46  lavandulyl acetate
130.59  limonene
2220.98  linalool
201.98(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
182.44(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
3726.54  linalyl acetate
410.12  linalyl propionate
35trace  methyl thymol
81.08  myrcene
341.02 nerol + citronellol + carvone
550.08(E)- nerolidol
54trace(Z)- nerolidol
441.02  neryl acetate
151.15(E)-beta- ocimene
140.86(Z)-beta- ocimene
61trace  octadecane
250.093- octen-1-yl acetate
231.341- octen-3-yl acetate
330.12  octyl acetate
30.14alpha- pinene
60.51beta-pinene + 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one
240.07cis- pinene hydrate
270.16trans- pinocarveol
50.05  sabinene
170.11(E)- sabinene hydrate
301.52  terpinen-4-ol
160.07gamma- terpinene
314.34alpha- terpineol
210.29  terpinolene
47trace  tetradecane
2tracealpha- thujene
39trace  thymol
1trace  tricyclene

P. R. Venskutonis, A. Dapkevicies and M. Baranauskiene, Composition of the essential oil of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) from Lithuania. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 107-110 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 4, 55, (2000)

lavandula angustifolia oil CO2 extract
331.02  aromadendrene
310.19  bergamotene
362.09alpha- bisabolol
192.30  borneol
40.22  camphene
187.90  camphor
301.86beta- caryophyllene
115.831,8- cineole
100.14ortho- cymene
273.083,7- dimethyl-2,6-octadienyl acetate
322.23(Z)-beta- farnesene
25trace  geraniol
290.71  geranyl acetate
90.15  hexyl acetate
230.35  hexyl butyrate
200.31  lavandulol
1725.29  linalool
160.91(E)- linalool oxide
150.83(Z)- linalool oxide
2634.69  linalyl acetate
10.722- methyl cyclopentanol
340.84gamma- muurolene
350.54alpha- muurolol
81.19  myrcene
24trace  nerol
280.33  neryl acetate
130.72(E)-beta- ocimene
120.58(Z)-beta- ocimene
6trace1- octen-3-ol
30.27alpha- pinene
70.21beta- pinene
5trace  sabinene
213.79  terpinen-4-ol
220.46alpha- terpineol
2tracealpha- thujene

E. Reverchon, G. Della Ports and F. Senatore, Supercritical CO2 extraction and fractionation of lavender essential oil and waxes. J, Agric. Food Chem., 43, 1654-1658 (1995).

P&F 21, No. 3, 55, (1996)

lime oil distilled mexico
610.70(E)-alpha- bergamotene
590.06(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
750.01(E)-gamma- bisabolene
730.04(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
721.04beta- bisabolene
850.06alpha- bisabolol
340.08iso borneol
370.69 borneol + nonanol
20.02  bornylene
830.04alpha- cadinol
820.02T-cadinol + T-muurolol
70.53  camphene
840.04  campherenol
140.01delta-3- carene
43tracetrans- carveol
460.01  carvone
600.60beta- caryophyllene
790.07  caryophyllene alcohol
152.321,4- cineole
440.02  citronellol
171.89para- cymene
420.20  decanal
540.04 decanoic acid + neryl acetate
490.09 decanol + geranial
200.682,2-dimethyl-5(1-methyl propenyl) tetrahydrofuran + (E)-beta-ocimene
580.08  dodecanal
650.04  dodecanol
57tracebeta- elemene
530.06delta- elemene
810.05gamma- eudesmol
710.68(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
620.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
60.21alpha- fenchene
270.79alpha- fenchol
470.02  geraniol
560.10  geranyl acetate
770.03  germacrene B
630.09alpha- humulene
1846.86 limonene + 1,8-cineole
250.19 linalool + undecane
230.02(Z)- linalool oxide
248.43(E)-linalool oxide + terpinolene + unknown
290.02(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
31trace(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
390.13para-methyl acetophenone + para-cymen-8-ol
670.03alpha- muurolene
111.34 myrcene + dihydro-1,8-cineole
280.08  myrcenol
450.02  neral
780.01(E)- nerolidol
260.03  nonanal
10.03  nonane
190.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
120.04  octanal
220.02  octanol
500.02  perillaldehyde
130.46alpha- phellandrene
51.02alpha- pinene
101.34beta- pinene
480.01  piperitone
90.02  sabinene
510.01  sabinyl acetate
640.04beta- santalene
860.01  selin-7(11)-en-4-ol
760.05  selina-3,7(11)-diene
660.13  selina-4,11-diene
680.01beta- selinene
690.20delta- selinene
700.17alpha-selinene + (Z)-alpha-bisabolene
740.05epi-alpha-selinene + delta-cadinene
301.20  terpinen-1-ol
380.97  terpinen-4-ol
162.84alpha- terpinene
2111.02gamma- terpinene
320.81(E)-beta- terpineol
360.22(Z)-beta- terpineol
407.90alpha- terpineol
411.21gamma- terpineol
800.02  tetradecanal
40.01alpha- thujene
30.02  tricyclene
80.222,6,6- trimethyl-2-vinyl tetrahydropyran
520.03  undecanal
550.03  undecanol

T. S. Chamblee and B. C. Clark, Lemon and lime citrus essential oils. Analysis and organoleptic evaluation. In: Bioactive volatile compounds from plants. Edits., R. Teranishi, R. G. Buttery and H. Sugisawa, pp. 88-102, ACS Symp. Series No. 525, Amer. Chem. Soc., Washington (1993).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

nepeta betonicifolia c.a. meyer oil turkey
121.30  bicyclogermacrene
310.20alpha- bisabolol
32.90beta- bourbonene
200.60nor bourbonone
330.10alpha- cadinol
301.00  carvacrol
385.10 caryophylenol II
370.30 caryophylla-2(12),6-dien-5-ol
360.40 caryophylla-2(12),6(13)-dien-5a-ol
52.70beta- caryophyllene
184.30iso caryophyllene oxide
1939.20  caryophyllene oxide
10.301,8- cineole
20.40alpha- copaene
270.303,4- dimethyl-5-pentylidene-2(5H)-furanone
320.30alpha- eudesmol
80.50(Z)-beta- farnesene
150.20(E)- geranyl acetone
113.80  germacrene D
410.40  heptacosane
420.50  hexadecanoic acid
240.90  hexahydrofanesyl acetone
260.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl benzoate
100.50alpha- humulene
70.30iso humulene
163.00isohumulene oxide
224.70  humulene oxide II
230.10  humulene oxide III
170.50beta- ionone
60.20  myrtenal
140.20  myrtenol
130.20  naphthalene
210.10(E)- nerolidol
390.70  pentacosane
401.40  phytol
40.10  pinocarvone
259.70  spathulenol
291.20  thymol
350.70  tricosane
90.10(E)- verbenol
origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum oil turkey
250.00-0.03alpha- bergamolene
330.17-1.03beta- bisabolene
340.00-0.19gamma- cadinene
410.00-0.12T- cadinol
360.00-0.03  calamenene
30.05--0.56  camphene
60.07-0.10delta-3- carene
4323.43-78.73  carvacrol
380.00-0.09  carvacryl acetate
350.00-0.04trans- carveol
260.62-2.32beta-caryophyllene + terpinen-4-ol
390.12-1.06  caryophyllene oxide
110.15-1.381,8-cineole + beta-phellandrene
370.00-0.44para- cymen-8-ol
164.93-24.90para- cymene
280.04-3.53(Z)- dihydrocarvone
320.01-0.38gamma- elemene
300.00-0.19(Z)-beta- farnesene
310.00-0.18  heptadecane
120.00-0.08(Z)-2- hexenal
290.04-0.36alpha- humulene
100.02-0.41  limonene
230.03-0.46  linalool
240.02-0.06  linalyl acetate
10.03-0.11  methyl 2-methyl butyrate
270.35-1.71 methyl carvacrol + (E)-dihydrocarvone
180.00-0.066- methyl-3-heptanol
70.45-2.94  myrcene
190.00-0.01  nonanal
150.06-0.35(E)-beta- ocimene
130.00-0.07(Z)-beta- ocimene
200.16-0.931- octen-3-ol
80.00-0.01alpha- phellandrene
20.78-2.69alpha- pinene
40.09-0.28beta- pinene
5trace-0.31  sabinene
210.05-1.41(E)- sabinene hydrate
220.14-9.52(Z)- sabinene hydrate
400.00-0.16  spathulenol
90.39-2.31alpha- terpinene
141.83-16.32gamma- terpinene
300.35-1.45alpha-terpineol + isoborneol
170.05-0.24  terpinolene
420.17-39.81  thymol

K. H. C. Baser, T. Ozek, G. Tumen and E. Sezik, Composition of the Essential Oils of Turkish Origanum Species with Commercial Importance, J, Essent. Oil Res., 5, 619-623 (1993).

P&F 20, No. 5, 95, (1995)

pelargonium capitatum l. l'hér. ex aiton oil cuba
50.10  borneol
150.80beta- bourbonene
282.40alpha- bulnesene
471.00  cadalene
290.10gamma- cadinene
322.60delta- cadinene
450.20alpha- cadinol
340.30alpha- calacorene
350.10beta- calacorene
310.20(Z)- calamenene
183.20beta- caryophyllene
3814.70  caryophyllene oxide
825.60  citronellol
120.10  citronellyl acetate
102.50  citronellyl formate
140.20alpha- copaene
130.10alpha- cubebene
300.60  cubebol
430.60  cubenol
160.70beta- elemene
530.80  ethyl hexadecanoate
203.00(Z)-beta- farnesene
490.40(Z,E)- farnesol
510.20(E,E)- farnesol
520.40(Z,E)- farnesyl acetate
91.90  geraniol
360.10  geranyl butyrate
230.30  geranyl propionate
251.80  germacrene D
390.10  gleenol
197.20alpha- guaiene
270.20(Z)-beta- guaiene
210.70alpha- humulene
401.80  humulene oxide II
460.5014- hydroxy-9-epi-beta-caryophyllene
410.40(E)-sesqui lavandulol
10.10  linalool
170.10  longifolene
40.30iso menthone
240.10gamma- muurolene
420.40epi-alpha- muurolol
500.40(E)- nerolidol acetate
480.90(Z)- nerolidyl acetate
220.60alpha- patchoulene
25.50(Z)- rose oxide
34.50(E)- rose oxide
440.40  selin-11-en-4alpha-ol
260.30beta- selinene
372.00  spathulenol
60.40  terpinen-4-ol
70.20alpha- terpineol
110.10  thymol
333.60 unknown MW 218
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 21, (2001)
petroselinum crispum leaf oil cuba
In 1997, Pino et al. analyLed a parsley leaf oil that was produced from plants grown in Cuba. Using CC/MS as the method of analysis the oil was determined to contain the following constituents:
240.02alpha- amorphene
3414.40 apiole
110.02  benzyl alcohol
210.02(E)-beta- bergamotene
321.42  carotol
190.24beta- caryophyllene
140.03  citronellal
160.09para- cymen-8-ol
50.03para- cymene
90.28alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
180.61beta- elemene
200.21gamma- elemene
281.70  elemicin
290.02iso elemicin
300.02  elemol
230.11(Z)-beta- farnesene
251.09  germacrene D
330.28  guaiol
220.03alpha- humulene
70.06  limonene
123.90para- mentha-1,3,8-triene
130.05para- mentha-1,4,8-triene
150.03para- menthatriene
30.84  myrcene
2663.90  myristicin
310.03  nerolidol
40.09alpha- phellandrene
61.60beta- phellandrene
271.04beta-sesqui phellandrene
10.03alpha- pinene
20.01beta- pinene
80.03gamma- terpinene
100.72  terpinolene
170.02  thymol

J. A. Pino, A. Rosado and V. Fuentes, Herb oil of parsley (Petroselinum crispum Mill.) from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 241-242 (1997).

P&F 26, No. 2, 22, (2001)

phlomis fruticosa l. flower oil greece
240.40beta- bisabolene
2512.60gamma- bisabolene
323.50beta- bisabolol
132.60beta- bourbonene
261.80delta- cadinene
311.10alpha- cadinol
168.70beta- caryophyllene
281.90  caryophyllene oxide
291.00epi- cedrol
121.20alpha- copaene
101.90alpha- cubebene
140.80beta- cubebene
230.30  cuparene
80.30  decanal
150.30beta- elemene
90.20delta- elemene
191.20(E)-beta- farnesene
170.80(Z)-beta- farnesene
270.90  germacrene B
2017.80  germacrene D
360.60  heneicosane
353.60  hexadecanoic acid
181.20alpha- humulene
40.40  limonene
60.70  linalool
220.30alpha- muurolene
301.00epi-alpha- muurolol
340.30  nonadecane
70.50  nonanal
50.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
28.90alpha- pinene
30.20beta- pinene
10.40alpha- thujene
372.30  tricosane
333.106,10,14- trimethyl-2-pentadecanone
111.70alpha- ylangene
210.80  zingiberene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 3, 355, (2000)
salvia sclarea oil spain
6trace  amyl butyrate
390.52  bicyclogermacrene
150.12  borneol
241.11  bornyl acetate
300.27beta- bourbonene
350.14alpha- cadinene
420.22gamma- cadinene
511.10alpha- cadinol
45tracebeta- calacorene
440.77(Z)-calamenene + germacrene B
2trace  camphene
334.80beta- caryophyllene
470.99  caryophyllene oxide
320.14alpha- cedrene
70.831,8-cineole + limonene
260.36alpha- cubebene
480.16  cubenol
280.27beta- damascenone
180.11  dihydrocarveol
310.43beta- elemene
25tracedelta- elemene
500.73beta- eudesmol
410.27(E,E)-alpha- farnesene
360.14(Z)-beta- farnesene
220.93  geranial
201.12  geraniol
291.62  geranyl acetate
230.25  geranyl formate
377.57  germacrene D
340.14beta- gurjunene
1432.97  linalool
12trace(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
11trace(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
2116.85  linalyl acetate
540.55  manool
52trace  manoyl oxide
531.1413-epi- manoyl oxide
400.40alpha- muurolene
490.42alpha- muurolol
51.61  myrcene
190.72  nerol
43trace(Z)- nerolidol
271.17  neryl acetate
90.94(E)-beta- ocimene
80.58(Z)-beta- ocimene
10.30alpha- pinene
40.41beta- pinene
3trace  sabinene
550.45  sclareol
460.12  spathulenol
16trace  terpinen-4-ol
10tracegamma- terpinene
175.63alpha- terpineol
130.37  terpinolene
382.84  valencene

M. E. Torres, A. Velasco-Negueruela, M. J. Perez-Alonso and M. G. Pinilla, Volatile constituents of two Salvia species grown wild in Spain. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 27-33 (1997).

P&F 25, No. 4, 55, (2000)

salvia verbenaca seed oil tunisia
GC Analyses of Salvia Seeds as Valuable Essential Oil Source Mouna Ben Taârit, Kamel Msaada, Karim Hosni, and Brahim Marzouk1 1Laboratoire des Substances Bioactives, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopôle de Borj-Cédria, BP 901, 2050 Hammam-Lif, Tunisia 2Laboratoire des Substances Naturelles, Institut National de Recherche et d’Analyse Physico-Chimique (INRAP), Sidi Thabet, 2020 Ariana, Tunisia
1661.29allo- aromadendrene
1430.66  aromadendrene
1501.10beta- bisabolene
1280.79  bornyl acetate
1381.73beta- bourbonene
11438.94  camphor
1010.50delta-3- carene
1410.27beta- caryophyllene
1577.28  caryophyllene oxide
1411.50beta- cubebene
1280.37para- cymene
1333.97delta- elemene
1643.76beta- eudesmol
1441.76(Z)-beta- farnesene
1080.26alpha- fenchone
8000.42  hexanal
1680.67alpha- humulene
1550.84  linalool
1451.05(E)- linalool oxide
1562.53  linalyl acetate
 5.6113-epi- manool
1470.05gamma- muurolene
1362.40  neryl acetate
1030.44alpha- pinene
1170.88  terpinen-4-ol
1182.03alpha- terpineol
1680.49delta- terpineol
1354.77alpha- terpinyl acetate
1420.52alpha- thujone
9270.96  tricyclene
1102.65  undecane
it emerges that tricyclene and camphor were biochemical markers of the essential oil of S. verbenaca seedsOverall,. Being rich in camphor, seeds could be used as antimicrobial agent. Another point that should be highlighted is that S. officinalis seeds had the same a-thujone chemotype as leaves, whereas these two organs showed some quantitative differences leading to the safe use of seeds essential oil in food industry. From a qualitative standpoint, seeds of S. sclarea seemed to have the same enzymatic trend as flowers characterized by the prevalence of linalool. It is noteworthy to mention that linalool-producing seeds as S. sclarea were suitable for flavouring purposes and constitute potential anti-inflammatory agents.
sideritis montana oil bulgaria
1110.90  bicyclogermacrene
42.20alpha- bourbonene
121.20delta- cadinene
150.80alpha- cadinol
141.80T- cadinol
78.80beta- caryophyllene
60.50beta- cedrene
31.20alpha- copaene
52.00beta- elemene
15.60delta- elemene
88.30(Z)-beta- farnesene
1041.10  germacrene D
91.60alpha- humulene
130.80  nerolidol
21.10  neryl acetate
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 418, (2000)
sideritis scardica oil bulgaria
144.50  bicyclogermacrene
60.70alpha- bourbonene
153.50delta- cadinene
185.20alpha- cadinol
918.80beta- caryophyllene
81.50beta- cedrene
51.70alpha- copaene
134.40ar- curcumene
70.50beta- elemene
40.80delta- elemene
175.80  elemol
106.60(Z)-beta- farnesene
194.30  farnesol
126.60  germacrene D
112.20alpha- humulene
30.70  limonene
22.10  myrcene
1612.10  nerolidol
11.40alpha- pinene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 418, (2000)
sideritis syriaca oil bulgaria
103.30  bicyclogermacrene
111.50delta- cadinene
70.90alpha- copaene
61.50delta- elemene
84.90(Z)-beta- farnesene
123.40  farnesol
94.80  germacrene D
55.20  limonene
350.50  myrcene
41.00alpha- phellandrene
118.20alpha- pinene
23.00beta- pinene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 418, (2000)
tanacetum annum l. oil marocco
310.10allo- aromadendrene
470.30  benzyl benzoate
450.60alpha- bisabolol
212.10  borneol
80.40iso butyl 2-methyl butyrate
360.40gamma- cadinene
350.30(Z)- calamenene
30.50  camphene
209.60  camphor
10030delta-3- carene
270.20  carvacrol
250.30  carvone
291.20beta- caryophyllene
400.70  caryophyllene oxide
4628.00  chamazulene
141.001,8- cineole
122.20para- cymene
421.707,12- dehydro-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochamazulene
343.703,6- dihydrochamazulene
411.705,6- dihydrochamazulene
280.40beta- elemene
370.40  elemol
445.10beta- eudesmol
301.00(Z)-beta- farnesene
430.70  hinesol
390.30  ledol
131.30  limonene
170.10  linalool
64.40  myrcene
240.10  myrtenal
70.20  octanal
92.60alpha- phellandrene
320.102- phenethyl isovalerate
21.30alpha- pinene
53.10beta- pinene
190.10trans- pinocarveol
46.40  sabinene
380.20  spathulenol
221.80  terpinen-4-ol
110.40alpha- terpinene
150.40gamma- terpinene
230.40alpha- terpineol
160.10  terpinolene
10.10alpha- thujene
180.10alpha- thujone
261.20  thymol
330.50  valencene

H. Greche, M. Ismaili-Alaoui, N. Hajjaji, S. Zrira, A. Belanger and B. Benjilali, Composition of Tanacetum annuum L. oil from Morocco. J. Essent. Oil Res., 11, 343-348 (1999).

P&F 26, No. 1, 36, (2001)

tanacetum annum l. oil marocco
10.70alpha- thujene
24.90alpha- pinene
31.80  camphene
422.30  sabinene
510.10beta- pinene
66.00  myrcene
77.60alpha- phellandrene
80.90alpha- terpinene
98.90para- cymene
104.20  limonene
110.301,8- cineole
121.50gamma- terpinene
1313.20  camphor
142.70  borneol
15trace  terpineol
160.80  thymol
170.20beta- elemene
181.70beta- caryophyllene
190.80(Z)-beta- farnesene
201.10 valencene
211.903,6- dihydrochamazulene
22trace  caryophyllene oxide
23trace5,6- dihydrochamazulene
24trace7,12- dehydro-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrochamazulene
250.30beta- eudesmol
262.80  chamazulene
thymus vulgaris oil red spain
An oil of T. Vulgaris that was produced for two separate seasons in Casolavalsenio, Italy, was subjected to analysis by a combination of GC and GC/MS (Piccaglia and Marotti, 1993). The compounds that were characterized during this analysis were:
19trace  aromadendrene
340.44-0.45  borneol
400.04-0.07  bornyl acetate
16tracebeta- bourbonene
260.11-0.25delta- cadinene
250.06-0.15gamma- cadinene
29trace-0.05alpha- cadinol
28trace-0.09delta- cadinol
30.18-0.46  camphene
33trace-0.30  camphor
90.07-0.13delta-3- carene
420.61-1.72  carvacrol
172.38-4.28beta- caryophyllene
270.29-0.45  caryophyllene oxide
131.96-2.621,8- cineole
44tracealpha- copaene
43trace-0.08  cumin alcohol
36tracepara- cymen-8-ol
1118.60-25.34para- cymene
21trace-0.04(Z)-beta- farnesene
18trace-0.04beta- gurjunene
200.13-0.23alpha- humulene
120.17-0.30  limonene
302.42-2.82  linalool
381.43-1.52  methyl thymol
220.04-0.07alpha- muurolene
24trace-0.08gamma- muurolene
71.40-2.14  myrcene
60.41-0.671- octen-3-ol
80.15-0.19alpha- phellandrene
20.49-1.34alpha- pinene
50.17-0.41beta- pinene
4trace  sabinene
350.98-1.10  terpinen-4-ol
101.67-2.34alpha- terpinene
1412.06-12.27gamma- terpinene
370.17-0.26alpha- terpineol
150.18-0.19  terpinolene
10.87-2.10alpha- thujene
310.00-0.51alpha- thujone
320.00-0.15beta- thujone
4116.55-38.24  thymol
39trace  thymoquinone
23trace-0.10  viridiflorene

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P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

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