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Odor Descriptors for onion cooked onion
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Primary (First) - onion cooked onion
 methyl propanesulfinate
 odor: cooked onion with fruity and light sweet aroma backnotes
 flavor: sweet onion juice character with a burning sensation
Secondary (Second) - onion cooked onion
FL butyl ethyl disulfide
 odor: sulfurous cooked onion garlic
 odor: sulfurous onion cooked onion
 flavor: cooked onion cooked vegetable nutty
FL1,1-propane dithiol
 odor: sulfurous cooked onion savory
FL propenyl propyl disulfide
 odor: sulfurous cooked onion
Tertiary (Third) - onion cooked onion
FL/FR dimethyl trisulfide
 odor: Sulfureous, alliaceous, cooked, savory, meaty, eggy and vegetative with a fresh, green, onion topnote
 flavor: Sulfureous, alliaceous, gassy, savory and meaty with a fresh, vegetative nuance
 odor: sweet sulfurous onion
 flavor: sweet sulfurous ripe onion
Quaternary (Fourth) - onion cooked onion
FL methyl 2-thiofuroate
 odor: milky creamy fried cooked onion
 flavor: cabbage
Quinary (Fifth) - onion cooked onion
FL2-(methyl thio) methyl-2-butenal
 odor: burnt matches cooked cabbage roasted onion
Senary (Sixth) - onion cooked onion
Septenary (Seventh) - onion cooked onion
Octonary (Eighth) - onion cooked onion
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