actinidia chinensis fruit extract
extract of the fruit of the kiwi, actinidia chinensis, actinidiaceae
For conditioning, tonic agent.
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Name: actinidia chinensis fruit extract
CAS Number: 92456-63-8 
ECHA EC Number: 296-241-6
Category: cosmetic, flavor and fragrance agents
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Physical Properties:
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
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Organoleptic Properties:
Odor Type: green
Odor Strength: medium
 green  fruity  grassy  seedy  banana  kiwi  
Odor Description:
at 100.00 %. 
green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
Taste Description:
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: emollients
skin conditioning
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kiwi extract
Fresh Cells™ Kiwi PFE
Odor: characteristic
Use: Resulting from a specific enzymatic micro-dissociation process, Fresh Cells™ are cell suspensions that bring to the skin all the benefits of the original plant.
Grau Aromatics
H. Erhard Wagner
PhytoVital Kiwi
Odor: characteristic
Use: PhytoVital - Kiwi is obtained through a gentle extraction of the fresh fruits of actinidia chinensis. The extract contains carbohydrates like fructose, dextrose, polycarbohydrates and different organic acids, especially fruit acids, like malic acid, citric acid, etc. Different kinds of oligosaccharides, flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins (vitamin B 6, niacinamide) are as well found together with mineral salts. PhytoVital - Kiwi has a strong skin hydrating effect due to its polysaccharide/amino acid complex. Young attractive skin is characterized by elasticity and softness associated with correct skin hydration. PhytoVital - Kiwi is a restitutive product for the hydration of the skin, contributing to the natural moisturizing factors normally found below the lipid layer. The fruit acids (specially the AHA - acids) found in the extract are having a light peeling effect on the skin, which aid the renewing and give the skin a healthy appeal. PhytoVital - Kiwi should be stored at roomtemperature under normal conditions. Low temperature can cause cloudiness, but this does not influence the activity and it regains its normal appearance at temperatures exceeding 15°C. PhytoVital - Kiwi is stable at low temperature in the original unopened container for a minimum of 12 months. Due to the nature of this product sedimentation may occur but has no negative influence on the material. Since the effect of an extract, like the one of other active ingredients, is dependent on the composition of the ready made product, it is advisable that the efficiency should be tested in the final formulation. The PhytoVital - Extracts are finalized due to a special extraction process. The active principles in all natural products are dependent on time of harvest and climate. The modern phytotherapy has solved this problem as far as possible by standardizing the products to gain an exact reproduction. Reference: Enzyklopädie der Heilpflanzen, Neuer Kaiser Verlag, Klangenfurth (1994) H.A. Hoppe, Taschenbuch der Drogenkunde, W. de Gruyter, Berlin (1981) / M. Pahlow, Das groβe Buch der Heilpflanzen, Gräfe & Unze, München (1885) / W. Karrer, Konstitution und Vorkommen der org. Pflanzenstoffe, Birkhäuser, Basel (1958) / R.M Suozzi, Dizionare delle erbe medicinali (1995)/ H. Braun, D. Frohne, Heilpflanzenlexikon, G. Fischer, Stuttgart (1994) / L. Bremness, Herbs, Eyewittness Handbook, DK Publishing, New York (1994)/ M.Wagner, S. Bladt, E.M. Zgainski, Plant Drug Analysis (1984). Guadagni, D.G., V.P. Maier, and J.G. Turnbaugh. 1973.
Lipotec USA
Actiphyte® of Kiwi Fruit Extract
SRS Aromatics
Fruitapone® Kiwi B
Life Essentials - Botanicals
Fruitapone® Kiwi GT
Life Essentials - Botanicals
Vege Tech
kiwi extract
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Safety Information:
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
Not determined
Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: cosmetic, flavor and fragrance agents
Recommendation for actinidia chinensis fruit extract flavor usage levels up to:
  250.0000 ppm in the finished product.
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Safety References:
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EPA ACToR: Toxicology Data
EPA Substance Registry Services (SRS): Registry
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Data
 actinidia chinensis fruit extract
Chemidplus: 0092456638
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 actinidia chinensis fruit extract
Pubchem (sid): 135306424
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Other Information:
Export Tariff Code: 1302.19.0000
Wikipedia: View
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Potential Blenders and core components note
None Found
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Potential Uses:
 skin conditioning 
 tea greenFR
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 kiwi fruit
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 extract of the fruit of the kiwi, actinidia chinensis, actinidiaceae
fruitapone kiwi (Symrise)
fruitapone kiwi B (Symrise)
 kiwi extract
actiphyte of kiwi fruit extract
fruitapone kiwi GT (Symrise)
fresh cells kiwi PFE
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PubMed: Actinidia chinensis Planch root extract (acRoots) inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma progression by inhibiting EP3 expression.
PubMed: Extraction Optimization of Polyphenols from Waste Kiwi Fruit Seeds (Actinidia chinensis Planch.) and Evaluation of Its Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
PubMed: Rapid detection and characterization of major phenolic compounds in Radix Actinidia chinensis Planch by ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.
PubMed: Evaluation of antioxidant and antiproliferative properties of three Actinidia (Actinidia kolomikta, Actinidia arguta, Actinidia chinensis) extracts in vitro.
PubMed: Ethylene-regulated (methylsulfanyl)alkanoate ester biosynthesis is likely to be modulated by precursor availability in Actinidia chinensis genotypes.
PubMed: Advances in understanding pectin methylesterase inhibitor in kiwi fruit: an immunological approach.
PubMed: Kiwellin, a modular protein from green and gold kiwi fruits: evidence of in vivo and in vitro processing and IgE binding.
PubMed: [Chemical constituents from root of Actinidia chinensis].
PubMed: Evaluation of IgE binding to proteins of hardy (Actinidia arguta), gold (Actinidia chinensis) and green (Actinidia deliciosa) kiwifruits and processed hardy kiwifruit concentrate, using sera of individuals with food allergies to green kiwifruit.
PubMed: IgE sensitization profiles toward green and gold kiwifruits differ among patients allergic to kiwifruit from 3 European countries.
PubMed: [Spectral analysis of maorenshen (Actinidia valvata) and its confusable materials].
PubMed: Identification of the allergenic components of kiwi fruit and evaluation of their cross-reactivity with timothy and birch pollens.
PubMed: A rare case of food allergy: monosensitivity to kiwi (Actinidia chinensis).
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