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Odor Descriptors for grassy
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Primary (First) - grassy
FL/FR2,6-dimethyl octanal
 odor: dry grassy weedy waxy rose
 flavor: green fresh citrus aldehydic weedy waxy powdery
FR green fragrance
 odor: fresh sweet jasmin spicy leaf herbal fruity
FL2-octyl thiophene
 odor: grassy musty
Secondary (Second) - grassy
FL2-acetyl-4-isopropenyl pyridine
 odor: grassy sweet minty amber
FL2-acetyl-4-isopropyl pyridine
 odor: grassy green leafy herbal violet
 acetyl pyrrolizine
FR alfalfa absolute
 odor: green grassy weedy ocean seashore
FL/FR alfalfa oil
 odor: green grassy
 flavor: alfalfa
FL/FR alfalfa resinoid
 odor: green grassy
 flavor: alfalfa
FR bark carbaldehyde
 odor: fresh grassy oily green spicy
FL/FR butyl heptanoate
 odor: cut grass marigold herbal fruity apple
 flavor: coconut
FL/FRsec-butyl-3-methyl but-2-ene thioate
 odor: green grassy herbal spicy
FL/FR butyl 2-methyl butyrate
 odor: green fruity cocoa
 odor: floral sweet grassy fruity green coconut
FL2-ethyl pyridine
 odor: green grassy
FL3-(2-furyl) acrolein
 odor: green grassy fruity spicy vanilla nutty woody cinnamon
FRgreen grass fragrance
FRsweet grass fragrance
FR green specialty
 odor: green
FL2-heptenoic acid
 odor: green grassy fruity ethereal
FL/FR heptyl heptanoate
 odor: grassy green
FL/FR hexanal dihexyl acetal
 odor: mild green grassy
FL(Z)-3-hexenoic acid
 odor: green grass sweaty fruity cheesy acid
 odor: fresh green cut grass foliage vegetable herbal oily
 flavor: Fresh, green, raw fruity with a pungent depth
FL/FR hexyl butyrate
 odor: green sweet fruity apple waxy soapy
 flavor: Green, waxy, soapy and fruity
FL/FR hexyl hexanoate
 odor: herbal fresh cut grass vegetable fruity
 flavor: Sweet, fruity and green with tropical notes
FL/FR litsea cubeba oil terpenes
 odor: fresh woody grassy dry sweet
FL/FR magnolia flower oil
 odor: sweet oily grassy tea hay clary sage rose leaf
 odor: Pungent, fruity with a juicy ripe aldehydic nuance
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, jammy brown, with an alliaceous sharpness
FL/FR mimosa absolute morocco
 odor: natural green grassy sweet hay
 flavor: floral green waxy fresh herbal woody hay
 odor: moldy grassy herbal green musty
FL/FR prenyl ethyl ether
 odor: fruity green grassy
FL/FR3,5,5-trimethyl hexanol
 odor: grassy green weedy floral earthy aldehydic hay straw leaf
 flavor: Green, cooling, herbal, woody, musty, berry, melon, with minty nuances
Tertiary (Third) - grassy
FL/FR actinidia chinensis fruit extract
 odor: green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
 flavor: kiwi
FL actinidia chinensis fruit juice
 odor: green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
FR actinidia chinensis fruit water
 odor: green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
CS actinidia chinensis seed extract
 odor: green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
FL/FRisoamyl heptanoate
 odor: fruity herbal grassy banana unripe fruit
FR cedarwood oil lebanon
 odor: cedarleaf grassy
FL/FR citronella oil ceylon
 odor: lemony grassy woody rose fresh wet leaves
 flavor: citronella
FR citronellal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh citrus weedy grassy sharp woody
FL coffee pyrazine
 odor: coffee bean nutty grassy roasted
 flavor: coffee
FL/FR dibutyl sulfide
 odor: green grassy violet-leaf herbal rose geranium
 flavor: Green, vegetative, onion garlic, horseradish, savory
FL/FR green hexanal
 odor: aldehydic dry grassy weedy green citrus fatty natural
 odor: dry earthy green grass oily fatty waxy herbal
 odor: green fatty grassy weedy fruity apple
 flavor: sharp green grassy cooked apple apple skin
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl isobutyrate
 odor: fruity green cut grass cut privet fruity apple pear
 flavor: Sweet fruity apple and pear with a slight green character and nuances of raw beans and filberts
FL/FR lemongrass oil
 odor: sweet lemon grassy fresh
 flavor: Green, citrus, lemon, floral, linalool, spice and chamomile-like
FL/FR lemongrass oil guatemala
 odor: lemongrass grassy citrus
 flavor: lemongrass
FL/FR litsea cubeba fruit oil
 odor: sweet fresh lemon citral green grassy
 flavor: lemon
FL3-(methyl thio) hexanal
 odor: butter green grassy privet
FL/FR mimosa absolute
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: waxy woody floral fruity
FL/FR mimosa absolute france
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: Waxy, woody, floral and fruity with a spicy nuance
FL/FR mimosa absolute india
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: waxy woody floral fruity spicy hay
 odor: fruity green grassy
FR oregano specialty
 odor: oregano
FL/FR palmarosa oil
 odor: sweet citrus grassy citronella geranium
 flavor: palmarosa
FL/FR perillaldehyde
 odor: fresh green herbal grassy sweet mint cumin
 flavor: Woody, spicy, waxy, sweet, citrus, lime and aldehydic
 odor: fresh green oily grassy fatty mint cherry
 flavor: aromatic sweet woody spicy waxy orange lime aldehydic
FL/FR propylene acetal
 odor: fruity green grassy
Quaternary (Fourth) - grassy
FR clary sage resin america
 odor: clary sage natural green grass fresh
 evernia prunastri lichen
 odor: sweet green quinoline grassy oily
FR gingergrass oil
 odor: fatty sweet herbal grassy rose woody
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl formate
 odor: fresh green waxy sweet vegetable grassy sharp
 flavor: Green, waxy, fresh vegetable, fruity, apple, guava, green banana
FL kiwi distillates
 odor: kiwi green fruity unripe banana grassy melon
 flavor: kiwi green fruity grassy seedy banana unripe banana mango melon apple
FL/FR melissa absolute replacer
 odor: melissa citrus citronella
FR melissa oil replacer
 odor: melissa
Quinary (Fifth) - grassy
FL/FR3,7-dimethyl-6-octenoic acid
 odor: Fatty, waxy, heavy, floral with a slight citronella nuance. It also has vegetative and tobacco nuances
 flavor: Mild, floral, rosy, fruity melon with slight hints of citronella and citrus
 odor: Sweet, fruity, ketonic, cheesy, with a green woody nuance
 flavor: Creamy, coconut, cheesy
FL/FR hexanal (aldehyde C-6)
 odor: fresh green fatty aldehydic grass leafy fruity sweaty
 flavor: Green, woody, vegetative, apple, grassy, citrus and orange with a fresh, lingering aftertaste
FL/FR(E)-2-hexen-1-yl butyrate
 odor: Green, ripe fruity with apple and fermented banana notes and a fatty nuance, becoming green grassy on dryout
 flavor: Green, oily, fresh fruity with a full mouth feel
FL melissa oil
 odor: sweet citrus citronella java herbal grassy
Senary (Sixth) - grassy
FL/FR muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
FL/FRcis-muguet shiseol
 odor: fresh clean floral magnolia hydroxycitronellal cumin grassy
 odor: minty cooling medicinal woody
 flavor: minty cooling mentholic peppermint grassy herbal tropical
 odor: minty cooling medicinal woody green grassy herbal
 flavor: Minty cooling, herbaceous peppermint nuance
Septenary (Seventh) - grassy
 odor: fresh oily fatty creamy vegetable dairy green grassy
 flavor: sweet green dry strawberry tomato leaf
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl hexanoate
 odor: fruity green waxy pear winey tropical grassy pineapple
 flavor: Green, fruity, fatty, tropical and pulpy with citrus and green nuances
Octonary (Eighth) - grassy
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