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Flavor Descriptors for kiwi
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Primary (First) - kiwi
FL/FR actinidia chinensis fruit extract
 odor: green fruity grassy seedy banana kiwi
 flavor: kiwi
FL kiwi berry flavor
FL kiwi distillates
 odor: kiwi green fruity unripe banana grassy melon
 flavor: kiwi green fruity grassy seedy banana unripe banana mango melon apple
FL/FR kiwi essence
 odor: kiwi
 flavor: kiwi
FL kiwi flavor
FL kiwi guanabana flavor
FL kiwi honey flavor
FL kiwi juice concentrate
 flavor: kiwi
FL kiwi lemon lime flavor
FL kiwi lime flavor
FL kiwi melon cucumber flavor
FL kiwi strawberry flavor
FL kiwi tangerine flavor
FL kiwi watermelon flavor
Secondary (Second) - kiwi
FL currant kiwi flavor
FL grape kiwi flavor
FL jasmin kiwi flavor
FL mango kiwi flavor
FL melon kiwi flavor
FL orange kiwi passion fruit flavor
FL strawberry kiwi melon flavor
Tertiary (Third) - kiwi
FL orange strawberry kiwi flavor
Quaternary (Fourth) - kiwi
FL/FR heptyl butyrate
 odor: fruity tropical chamomile green tea sweet floral clean
 flavor: green fruity pear kiwi tropical banana peel
Quinary (Fifth) - kiwi
Senary (Sixth) - kiwi
Septenary (Seventh) - kiwi
FL/FR(E)-2-hexen-1-yl hexanoate
 odor: green natural cognac herbal waxy clean
 flavor: green green apple apple tropical pear kiwi leafy
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl valerate
 odor: green fruity apple pear kiwi unripe banana tropical
 flavor: Green, with fresh to unripe juicy fruity notes reminiscent of apple, pear, kiwi, with tropical nuances
Octonary (Eighth) - kiwi
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