Typical G.C. analysis

osmanthus fragrans flower absolute
960.04  amyl benzoate
320.03  amyl butyrate
360.008  amyl isovalerate
104trace  amyl salicylate
800.06  anethole
1070.003  anisyl acetate
510.19  benzaldehyde
700.08  benzyl acetate
870.19  benzyl alcohol
86trace  benzyl butyrate
500.02  benzyl formate
590.16  bornyl acetate
15trace  butanal
31trace  butyl benzene
210.02  butyl butyrate
950.12  butyl phenyl acetate
62trace  butyric acid
8trace  camphene
52trace  camphor
16tracedelta-3- carene
119trace  carvacrol
71trace  carvone
200.301,8- cineole
75trace  citronellol
103tracemeta- cresol
102tracepara- cresol
26tracepara- cymene
113tracedelta- decalactone
10611.70gamma- decalactone
29trace  decanal
1170.05  decanoic acid
749.20  decanol
660.08  decyl acetate
1300.39  dibutyl phthalate
84trace  dihydrojasmone
890.282,6- dimethyl phenol
1110.03  docosane
1240.21gamma- dodecalactone
490.05  dodecanal
970.04  eicosane
20.06  ethyl acetate
130.02  ethyl benzene
430.03  ethyl decanoate
220.004  ethyl hexanoate
101trace  ethyl myristate
77trace  ethyl salicylate
1081.90  eugenol
1210.02(E)-iso eugenol
1140.02(Z)-iso eugenol
1200.18  farnesol
45trace  furfural
72trace  geranial
830.07  geraniol
73trace  geranyl acetate
680.08 geranyl formate + dodecanal
105trace  heneicosane
17trace  heptanal
94trace  heptanoic acid
90.022-heptanol + hexanal
38trace  heptyl acetate
330.01  heptyl formate
88trace  heptyl isovalerate
370.01  hexanal
810.05  hexanoic acid
390.12(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
42trace  hexyl butyrate
35trace  hexyl propionate
1100.007  hexyl salicylate
53trace  hexyl valerate
820.86alpha- ionone
925.85beta- ionone
116trace  jasmolactone
930.02(Z)- jasmone
1280.02  lauric acid
18trace  limonene
552.36  linalool
4414.60(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
4621.10(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
56trace  linalyl acetate
910.07 methyl alpha-ionone + quinoline
190.053- methyl butanol
60trace  methyl decanoate
118trace  methyl dihydrojasmonate
780.03  methyl dodecanoate
58trace5- methyl furfural
480.09  methyl nonanoate
1270.16  methyl oleate
1120.07  methyl palmitate
340.022- methyl-2-hepten-6-one
14trace4- methyl-3-penten-2-one
1310.03  myristic acid
990.21  nerolidol
980.04gamma- nonalactone
400.11  nonanal
630.70  nonanol
1000.11  octanoic acid
570.02  octanol
28trace2- octanone
47trace  octyl acetate
690.02  octyl valerate
1320.71  palmitic acid
30.003  pentanal
24trace pentenal
79trace2- phenethyl acetate
900.192-phenethyl alcohol + nonadecane
760.012- phenethyl formate
65trace  phenyl acetaldehyde
5tracealpha- pinene
11tracebeta- pinene
1trace  propanal
70.01  propanol
540.02  propionic acid
12trace  sabinene
850.02  safrole
1220.03alpha- santalol
1260.02beta- santalol
25trace  styrene
610.06  terpinen-4-ol
230.20gamma- terpinene
670.07alpha- terpineol
270.06  terpinolene
1250.02  tetracosane
41trace  tetradecane
1090.23  thymol
6trace  toluene
30trace  tridecane
115tracegamma- undecalactone
100.008  undecane
1233.10  undecanoic acid
64traceiso valeric acid
1290.08  vanillin
V. T. Cogiya, L. G. Kharebava, R. V. Gogiya and E. B. Gvatua, Composition of the volatile compounds in flowers of Osrnanthus fragrans (Thumb) Lour. Rastit. Resur., 22, 243-248 (1986). P&F 17, No. 3, 61, (1992)
sugandha kokila berry oil
310.40  aromadendrene
260.70alpha- bergamolene
421.10beta- bisabolene
452.90delta- cadinene
500.10alpha- calacorene
470.30  calamenene
30.10  camphene
221.50  camphor
601.30  capric acid
580.40  carvacrol
297.40beta- caryophyllene
520.70  caryophyllene oxide
1113.101,8- cineole
204.70alpha- copaene
190.70alpha- cubebene
490.10para- cymen-8-ol
163.60para- cymene
270.30beta- elemene
590.20  elemicin
440.50  geranial
480.20  geraniol
351.30alpha- humulene
622.70  lauric acid
90.50  limonene
232.80  linalool
240.10(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
320.10(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
5413.70(E)- methyl cinnamate
510.20(Z)- methyl cinnamate
530.60  methyl eugenol
560.40(E)- methyl isoeugenol
460.20  methyl laurate
60.40  myrcene
612.50  myristicin
370.30  neral
410.30  neryl acetate
210.202- nonanol
181.902- nonanone
140.20(E)-beta- ocimene
120.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
71.50alpha- phellandrene
101.40beta- phellandrene
11.20alpha- pinene
41.90beta- pinene
50.80  sabinene
252.10alpha- santalene
340.80beta- santalene
330.10epi-beta- santalene
430.60alpha- selinene
401.00beta- selinene
550.50  spathulenol
150.10  styrene
304.00  terpinen-4-ol
80.40alpha- terpinene
130.60gamma- terpinene
386.60alpha- terpineol
360.40delta- terpineol
170.30  terpinolene
20.30alpha- thujene
390.012- undecanol
283.602- undecanone

S. R. Adhikary, B. S. Tuladhar, A. Sheak, T. A. van Beek, M. A. Posthumus and G. P. Lelyveld, investigation of Nepalese essential oils. 1. The oil of Cinnamomum glaucescens (Sugandha kokila). J. Essent. Oil Res. 4, 151-159 (1992).

P&F 22, No. 6, 45, (1997)

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