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Odor Descriptors for minty
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Primary (First) - minty
FL/FR agathosma crenulata oil
 odor: minty black currant
 flavor: black currant
FR artemisia deserti krasch. oil iran
 odor: minty herbal camphoreous
FLtert-butyl methyl ether
FL/FR2-tert-butyl pyrazine
FR camel grass oil
 odor: minty spearmint
FL/FR carvone
 odor: minty licorice
FL/FR carvone oxide
 odor: minty spearmint
 carvotan acetone
 odor: minty
FL/FR carvyl propionate
 odor: sweet warm minty fruity
 odor: Minty, cooling piney, camphoraceous, eucalyptol-like
 flavor: Cooling, minty, menthol-like, green and herbal, with a terpy and camphoraceous nuance
FL/FR cornmint oil
 odor: minty peppermint herbal
 flavor: minty peppermint
FL/FR cornmint oil china
 odor: Cooling, minty, sweet fresh mentholic, peppermint like
 flavor: Minty cooling, sweet, mentholic-like with a peppermint nuance
FL/FR cornmint oil india
 odor: minty herbal
 flavor: cornmint
FL/FR cornmint oil japan
 odor: minty peppermint
 flavor: minty peppermint
FL/FR cornmint oil terpeneless
 odor: mint oily peppermint
 flavor: minty peppermint
FR cornmint oil terpenes
 odor: fresh sharp peppermint
FR cyclohexanone
 odor: minty acetone
FL/FR cyclohexyl ethyl acetate
 odor: mint rose raspberry plant-like plastic green
FL/FR cyclopentanone
FL/FR dihydrocarveol
 odor: minty menthol spearmint herbal
 flavor: Green mint with sweet weedy spicy nuances
 odor: warm powerful herbal spearmint
 flavor: Green, spicy, minty and woody with a camphoreous nuance
 odor: mint lemon
FL dihydroxyacetone (monomer)
 odor: minty
 flavor: sweet cooling
FL5,6-dimethyl tetrahydropyran-2-one
FL/FR diosphenol
 odor: minty buchu leaves black currant
 odor: minty leather
FRbitter fennel absolute
 odor: fennel
FRbitter fennel seed oil
 odor: minty
FR foeniculum vulgare piperitum fruit extract
 odor: fennel
FL/FR fresh decan-2-one
FL/FR gaultheria procumbens leaf extract
 odor: wintergreen minty
 flavor: wintergreen
FLisoheptyl acetate
FL/FR lilac lactone
 odor: fruity minty
 lippia alnifolia schau. leaf oil brazil
FL/FR mentha arvensis flower/leaf/stem extract
 odor: cornmint
FR mentha arvensis herb extract
 odor: cornmint
 mentha longifolia oil
FL/FR mentha piperita extract
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: minty peppermint
FL/FR mentha piperita flower/leaf/stem extract
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FR mentha piperita flower/leaf/stem water
 odor: peppermint
FR mentha piperita herb extract america
 odor: peppermint
FR mentha piperita leaf water
 odor: peppermint
FL/FR mentha piperita tincture
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FR mentha pulegium extract
 odor: pennyroyal
FR mentha pulegium herb extract
 odor: pennyroyal
FR mentha pulegium herb tincture
 odor: pennyroyal
FL/FR mentha spicata herb extract
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR mentha spicata herb tincture
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR mentha spicata herb water
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR mentha spicata leaf extract
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
 odor: minty terpenic
 odor: fresh minty
FLcis+trans-para-1(7)8-menthadien-2-yl acetate
 odor: minty spearmint
 odor: minty herbal eucalyptus
 odor: mint leafy herbal camphoreous
 odor: mint cool mentholic musty spicy
 odor: minty
 flavor: cooling mentholic minty woody
 odor: minty cool peppermint sweet
 flavor: Minty, cooling and refreshing mentholic
FL/FR menthoxypropane diol
 odor: minty vanilla
FL/FRhomomenthyl acetate
 odor: mint herbal lavandin sweet
 flavor: slightly cooling, spicy, clove
FL/FRlaevo-menthyl lactate
 odor: Little or no apparent odor
 flavor: Latent but lingering cooling menthol
FL/FRlaevo-menthyl methyl ether
FL menthyl methyl lactate
FL/FR2-methyl cyclohexanone
 odor: minty peppermint cooling
FL3-methyl cyclohexanone
 odor: minty camphor medicinal
FR methyl 5-methyl salicylate
 odor: minty fruity cherry leathery
FL/FR methyl salicylate
 odor: wintergreen mint
 flavor: Sweet, salicylate and root beer with aromatic and balsamic nuances
FR mint fragrance
FR mint specialty
 odor: minty
FL/FR mint terpenes
 odor: minty
 flavor: minty
FR patchouli cyclohexanol
 odor: fresh minty earthy vetiver
FL/FR pennyroyal oil cuba
 odor: minty
 flavor: pennyroyal
FL/FR pennyroyal oil spain
 odor: minty
 flavor: pennyroyal
FL/FR pennyroyal oil terpenes
 odor: pennyroyal
 flavor: pennyroyal
FL/FR pennyroyal oil uruguay
 odor: minty
 flavor: pennyroyal
 odor: minty fruity
FL/FR peppermint cyclohexanone
 odor: fresh mint peppermint woody camphor
 flavor: Cooling, peppermint and spearmint-like
FL/FR peppermint distillates
 odor: minty
 flavor: minty
FR peppermint fragrance
FD peppermint leaf
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil america
 odor: clean peppermint minty pungent
 flavor: Cooling, green minty, with a sweet candy menthol-like nuance
FL/FR peppermint oil brazil
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil china
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil CO2 extract
 odor: minty peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil dementholized
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil england
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil france
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil hungary
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil idaho
 odor: clean peppermint minty pungent
 flavor: Cooling, green minty, with a sweet candy menthol-like nuance
FL/FR peppermint oil india
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil mongolia
 odor: minty peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil montana
 odor: clean peppermint minty pungent
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil morocco
 odor: clean peppermint minty pungent
 flavor: peppermint
FR peppermint oil reaction products with hydrogen sulfide
 odor: minty
FL/FR peppermint oil russia
 odor: minty peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil special fractions
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil tasmania
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil terpeneless
 odor: fresh sweet peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil willamette
 odor: clean peppermint minty pungent
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint oil yakima
 odor: clean peppermint minty
 flavor: peppermint
FL/FR peppermint water
 odor: peppermint
 flavor: peppermint
FL(Z,Z)-photocitral A
 odor: minty camphor herbal
FL/FR pinocarvone
FL/FR piperitenone
 odor: sharp minty phenolic
 odor: peppermint minty
 odor: pungent minty peppermint
FL2-isopropyl pyrazine
 odor: minty green nutty honey
 flavor: coffee caramellic fruity
FL/FRisopropyl tiglate
 odor: Minty, cooling, green and vegetative with a spicy nuance
 flavor: Green, minty and vegetative
5- and 6-isopropyl-1,3,3-trimethyl bicyclo(2.2.2)-5,7-octadien-2-one
 odor: minty, camphoraceous, woody aroma with a spicy (peppery) fragrance note
5- and 6-isopropyl-1,3,3-trimethyl bicyclo(2.2.2)octan-2-one
 odor: minty, camphoraceous
 odor: minty cooling medicinal woody
 odor: minty cooling medicinal woody green grassy herbal
 flavor: Minty cooling, herbaceous peppermint nuance
FL/FR pulegone
 odor: peppermint camphor fresh herbal buchu
 flavor: Minty sulfuraceous, fruity blackcurrant and raspberry, with fresh green leafy nuances
 odor: peppermint fresh herbal
FL/FRisopulegyl acetate (mixture of isomers)
FL/FRisopulegyl formate
 odor: minty green leaf tuberose
FL/FR sabinene hydrate
 odor: Cooling, minty, eucalyptol, green and terpy with a spicy nuance
 flavor: Cool, minty, camphoreous, woody, green and oily
 satureja viminea oil costa rica
FL/FR spearmint absolute
 odor: Minty, green, carvone like with sweet hay like nuances
 flavor: Minty, green carvone-like with weedy nuances
FL/FR spearmint essence
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FR spearmint fragrance
FL spearmint herb
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR spearmint oil
 odor: spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR spearmint oil america
 odor: fresh spearmint carvone
 flavor: Fresh green spearmint, cooling, candy, leafy, spicy with a wintergreen afternote.
FL/FR spearmint oil china
 odor: fresh spearmint carvone
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR spearmint oil scotch
 odor: sweet smooth spearmint carvone minty
 flavor: spearmint
FL/FR spearmint oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet spearmint
 flavor: spearmint
FR spearmint oil terpenes
 odor: minty spearmint
FR2,4,4,6-tetramethyl cyclohexa-2,5-diene-1-one
 odor: warm sweet slightly minty woody natural green hay
FR3,5,5-trimethyl-2-methylene hexanal
 odor: Minty camphoreous
FL/FR vanillin menthoxypropane diol acetal
 odor: minty vanilla
FR wintergreen fragrance
FL/FR wintergreen oil
 odor: fresh sweet wintergreen
 flavor: wintergreen
 odor: mild cooling mentholic minty
 flavor: cooling
Secondary (Second) - minty
 odor: minty clean fresh eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FR armoise oil
 odor: fresh cedarleaf minty camphor sage herbal bitter-sweet
FL/FR barosma betulina leaf oil
 odor: sulfury green minty black currant tropical fruity berry
 flavor: Green minty, buchu-like with sulfureous mango, tropical and berry notes
FL/FRsweet basil oleoresin
 odor: basil minty green tea
 flavor: basil
 odor: fruity minty saffron rosy apple
FRpara-tert-butyl cyclohexanone
 odor: woody mint patchouli musk leather
FR candy cane fragrance
 odor: sweet caraway mint spearmint spicy
FR chocolate mint fragrance
FR citrus mint fragrance
FL cubebol
FR cyclademol
 odor: camphoreous minty
FR cyclohexyl propanol
 odor: floral mint green geranium muguet balsam
FL/FR dehydroxylinalool oxide
 odor: green minty spice herbal rosemary phenolic
 flavor: Woody, piney, spicy, minty with a green citrus nuance
FRN,N-diethyl octanamide
 odor: spice sweet mint fresh tobacco woody fruity cigar box
 odor: herbal minty mentholic
 odor: fresh herbal mint rosemary woody
FR(Z)-isodihydrolavandulyl acetate
 odor: fresh herbal mint woody
 odor: sweet fruity minty green musty
 flavor: nutty fruity minty bitter musty waxy green citrus sweet sandalwood
FL(±)-N,N-dimethyl menthyl succinamide
 odor: sassafras-like, minty, juicy fruit and orange-like aroma
 flavor: sassafras-like, minty, juicy fruit-like and orange-like flavor
FR earthy indane
 odor: floral minty earthy hawthorn animal anisic
FLN-ethyl-2,2-diisopropyl butanamide
 odor: cooling minty
FL ethyl 2-methyl-2-(methyl thio) propionate
 odor: green minty sulfurous fruity ethereal
FL/FR ethyl salicylate
 odor: sweet wintergreen mint floral spicy balsam
 flavor: Sweet, wintergreen, spicy and anisic
FL/FR farnesal
bitter fennel flower oil lithuania
 odor: licorice
FRbitter fennel seed oil (foeniculum vulgare capillaceum)
 odor: fennel
CSbitter fennel seed oil lithuania
 odor: licorice
FR floral methanol
 odor: floral minty earthy leather
FL/FR geranium oil china
 odor: floral green rose minty dill
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR grapefruit menthane
 odor: sulfury minty fresh grapefruit peel tropical fir needle seedy soupy
 flavor: Sulfureous with juicy fruity notes. It has tropical nuances of passion fruit, pineapple and mango. It imparts a grapefruit citrus note
FL/FR limonene oxide
 odor: fresh clean citrus minty spearmint herbal
FL limonen-10-yl acetate
 odor: sweet mild fruity minty
(R)-linden ether
 odor: floral mint
 odor: woody minty spearmint cooling green
 flavor: minty
 odor: mentholic minty sweet
 flavor: cooling mentholic minty peppermint
 odor: mentholic cooling minty
 odor: peppermint cooling mentholic minty
 flavor: cooling camphoreous minty clean spicy
 odor: mentholic minty
 flavor: peppermint
FL3-laevo-menthoxy-2-methyl propane-1,2-diol
 odor: cool minty
FL/FR menthyl acetate
 odor: Tea-like, slightly cooling, minty and fruity
 flavor: Tea-like, cooling and fruity
FL/FRlaevo-menthyl acetate
 odor: herbal mint rose
 flavor: cooling mentholic minty
FL/FRlaevo-monomenthyl glutarate
 odor: green, minty, herbaceous (rosemary) aroma with a cooling effect
 flavor: lime, lemon, rasin-like, woody, and saffronal-like aroma with lime, lemon, woody, rasin-like and tobacco-like
 odor: green mint herbal vegetable basil
FL/FR pennyroyal herb oil america
 odor: herbal minty
 flavor: pennyroyal
FL/FR pennyroyal oil fractions
 odor: cooling minty herbal metallic
 flavor: pennyroyal
 odor: fruity minty black currant
FL/FR peppermint absolute
 odor: Peppermint, cooling, minty, green, fresh, clean, leafy, double-mint and candy sweet
 flavor: Cooling, peppermint, minty, green and leafy with a clean, herbal, double-mint nuance
FR peppermint oil terpenes
 odor: fresh peppermint leathery
 odor: mint terpentine
 piper matico leaf oil
 odor: camphor peppery minty woody
FL piperitenone oxide
 odor: herbal minty
FL/FR piperitone
 odor: herbal minty camphor medicinal
 plectranthus glandulosus hook f. leaf oil cameroon
 odor: fresh leafy minty pine terpenic thujonic thyme herbal
FR rosemary mint fragrance
FL/FR thujyl alcohol
 odor: spicy minty camphoreous
FL/FR vanilla carboxylate
 odor: fruity berry estery pineapple milk
 flavor: Cooling, sweet, fruity and floral
 odor: spicy mint camphor
 odor: mild mentholic minty
 flavor: Intense lingering cooling trigeminal effect. The cooling sensation slowly but steadily grows to a lingering cooling mouth feel with a slightly camphoraceous and minty character
FR yuzu mint fragrance
Tertiary (Third) - minty
FL2-acetyl-4-isopropenyl pyridine
 odor: grassy sweet minty amber
FR anthocephalus cadamba oil
 odor: woody floral sweet minty champaca neroli
FL/FR artemisyl ketone
 odor: herbal honey mint berry
FL/FRisobornyl formate
 odor: camphor musty medical woody
 flavor: Woody, cooling, musty, floral, camphoreous and minty
FL bovolide
 odor: spicy herbal minty
 flavor: buttery
FL4-butyl thiazole
 odor: green herbal minty vegetable
 odor: spearmint caraway
 odor: sweet spearmint herbal
 flavor: minty spearmint
FR citronellal diisotridecyl acetal
 odor: fresh rose fruity minty
FL/FR2-cyclopentyl cyclopentanone
 odor: fruity green minty aldehydic woody
 odor: clean rose minty muguet
FR1,4-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)octan-3-one
 odor: woody, fresh, minty, and menthol notes
 eucalyptus numerosa type oil
 odor: fresh peppery spicy minty bitter terpene
FR herbal ethanone
 odor: camphor herbal minty woody apple
FR herbal undecanol
 odor: herbal rosemary mint camphor thujone tropical
FR inula root oil
 odor: floral herbal
FL/FR levisticum officinale herb oil
 odor: lovage celery seed mentha citrata sweet cardamom
 flavor: lovage
 odor: herbal eucalyptus minty
 odor: cooling mentholic minty
 flavor: cooling mentholic minty
FL/FR4-methoxy-2-methyl butane thiol
 odor: Sweet, sulfurous, skunk-like and catty, with a minty tropical thiomenthone like mango, peach, black currant and grapefruit nuances
 flavor: Strong sulfurous, catty, tropical fruity notes reminiscent of mango, peach and spearmint. It has minor nuances of beef and chicken
FR mimusops elengi flower oil
 odor: sweet orangeflower tuberose minty balsamic
FR pine hexanol
 odor: pine camphor minty phenolic patchouli
 odor: harsh terpene aromatic minty
FL/FR rosefuran
 odor: caramel green minty
FRcommon tansy flower oil
 odor: wormwood herbal mint woody spicy
FRcommon tansy flower oil dutch
 odor: wormwood herbal mint woody spicy
FL/FR tetrahydrocarvone
 odor: minty spearmint herbal
 flavor: minty spearmint
 odor: fruity, green, minty, fig-like, and woody
 odor: fruity, green, minty, fig-like, and woody
1,3,3,5-tetramethyl-7 and 8-cyanobicyclo(2.2.2)oct-5-ene
 odor: woody, camphoraceous, minty, and floral
1,3,3,5-tetramethyl-7 and 8-cyanobicyclo(2.2.2)octane
 odor: warm, fruity, woody with minty nuances
 odor: agrestic, minty, fruity
 odor: mild cooling mentholic minty
 flavor: cooling
Quaternary (Fourth) - minty
FR agate fragrance
FL/FR betula lenta bark oil america
 odor: sweet wintergreen spice herbal
 flavor: Methyl salicylate, clean and refreshing with a cooling phenolic nuance
FR3-butyl bicyclo[3.2.1]octan-2-one
 odor: strong coconut, lactonic, woody, minty, jasmine cis like, anisic, and tuberose notes
 odor: Minty, cooling piney, camphoraceous, eucalyptol-like
 flavor: Cooling, minty, menthol-like, green and herbal, with a terpy and camphoraceous nuance
FR costmary oil (chrysanthemum balsamita)
 odor: clary sage tansy mint
FR2-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: cyclamen sweet herbal cumin mint woody orris ozone
FR eucalyptus radiata leaf/stem oil
 odor: herbal eucalyptol camphor rosemary minty tropical terpenic
FR menthadienyl formate
 odor: sweet floral fruity herbal minty
FL/FR menthyl acetate racemic
 odor: tea cooling minty fruity berry
 odor: green fruity grapefruit mint leafy
 odor: grapefruit buchu oily mint
 odor: woody pine balsam sweet mint medical
 flavor: fir needle camphoreous minty woody
FL/FR origanum majorana oil
 odor: spicy herbal camphor sweet
 flavor: Herbal, tea, spice, minty, with a green curry note
FR patchouli ethanol
 odor: dry sawdust woody patchouli camphor mint
FR patchouli hexanol
 odor: woody musty patchouli camphor mint leather
FRcommon tansy oil canada
 odor: wormwood herbal mint woody spicy
FL/FR thiogeraniol
 odor: Green, fruity berry with minty sulfur catty nuances
 flavor: Minty fruity, with green citrus fruity nuances
FL/FR tuberose absolute (from concrete)
 odor: floral sweet spicy honeysuckle balsam orangeflower ylang
 flavor: tuberose
Quinary (Fifth) - minty
 odor: Fruity, berry, woody with a herbal and minty nuance
 flavor: Fruity, waxy, slight floral
FL benzyl mercaptan
 odor: Sharp, sulfuraceous, onion, garlic, horseradish, mint and coffee
 flavor: Leek, horseradish, cabbage, green, tomato and coffee
FR2-tert-butyl-5-methyl-2-propyl tetrahydrofuran
 odor: blackcurrant, damascone, sweet, natural, rich, with green, piny, eucalyptus and mint-like facets
FL/FR camphor tree bark oil
 odor: camphor herbal pine minty
 flavor: camphoreous
FL/FR2',4'-dimethyl acetophenone
 odor: floral woody sweet mimosa minty
 odor: camphor, woody, fresh, sweet, minty, and thujone-like notes
FL/FR geranic oxide
 odor: fresh camphor herbal rosemary
 flavor: Sweet, camphoreous, woody, cooling, with floral nuances
FL/FR geranium absolute
 odor: leafy earthy green rich rose minty
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR myrtenol
 odor: woody pine balsam sweet mint medical
 flavor: Cooling, minty, camphoreous, green with a medicinal nuance
 nonyl benzoate
 odor: myrrh sweet orange wintergreen minty
FR1,3-oxathiane, 2-ethyl-4,4-dimethyl-
 odor: herbal sage tagette cassis minty sulfury onion
FL/FR perillaldehyde
 odor: fresh green herbal grassy sweet mint cumin
 flavor: Woody, spicy, waxy, sweet, citrus, lime and aldehydic
 odor: fresh green oily grassy fatty mint cherry
 flavor: aromatic sweet woody spicy waxy orange lime aldehydic
FL/FR rosemary absolute
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsam herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil africa
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsam herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil morocco
 odor: herbal camphor woody balsam minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR rosemary oil tunisia
 odor: fresh strong camphor woody balsamic herbal minty
 flavor: rosemary
FL/FR viridiflorol
 odor: sweet green herbal fruity tropical minty
Senary (Sixth) - minty
FL/FR buchu mercaptan
 odor: sulfury minty green fruity berry buchu fruity tropical peach
 flavor: Sulfurous, alliaceous, green and tropical with rich body, blackcurrant nuances
 odor: fresh floral herbal green petal gardenia minty
 odor: aldehydic, musky, woody, floral, fruity, minty, and clean notes
FL/FR ocimene quintoxide
 odor: sweet citrus herbal green celery spicy minty woody
 flavor: Green, woody, terpy, citrus, lime, with a fresh and cooling nuance
FL/FR ylang ylang flower oil I
 odor: flower petal neroli lily sweet slightly minty floral
 flavor: ylang
Septenary (Seventh) - minty
 odor: sweet floral metallic fruity apple spicy plum minty
 flavor: Sweet, fruity, woody with a green seedy background
FL4-methyl biphenyl
 odor: Floral, spicy, wintergreen, estragole and waxy with cooling, minty nuances
 flavor: Spicy, estragole, fennel, floral and wintergreen
FL/FR nerol oxide
 odor: green weedy cortex herbal diphenyl oxide narcissus celery
 flavor: Green, vegetative, floral, leafy and waxy with an herbal, minty depth
Octonary (Eighth) - minty
FL/FR clary sage oil france
 odor: fresh herbal tea weedy dry sage spicy
 flavor: Green, herbal, hay, tobacco, spicy, sage, powdery and woody
FL/FR patchouli oil
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil CO2 extract
 odor: woody old wood dry earthy weedy balsamic spicy minty
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR patchouli oil molecular distilled
 odor: patchouli
 flavor: patchouli
FL/FR pinocarveol
 odor: Camphoreous, woody pine-like with fresh, cooling minty undernotes
 flavor: Camphoreous, woody pine-like with a green thymol borneol nuance
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