Blends well with acetals, aldehydes and alcohols to give fresh top notes. xref geranial: geraniol is also available; xref neral: nerol is also available; vitamin a antagonist; oxygenated monoterpene; inhibits cytosolic dehydrogenases. Citral, or 3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadienal or lemonal, is either of, or a mixture of, a pair of terpenoids with the molecular formula C10H16O. The two compounds are double bond isomers. The E-isomer is known as geranial or citral A. The Z-isomer is known as neral or citral B. (Wikipedia)
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Name: 3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienal
CAS Number: 5392-40-5Picture of molecule3D/inchi
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg: 226-394-6
Beilstein Number: 1721871
MDL: MFCD00006997
FEMA Number: 2303
CoE Number: 109
XlogP3-AA: 3.00 (est)
Molecular Weight: 152.23672000
Formula: C10 H16 O
BioActivity Summary: listing
NMR Predictor: Predict (works with chrome or firefox)
Also(can) Contains: (E)-citral
EFSA/JECFA Comments: CASrn does not specify stereoisomers. According to JECFA: Min. assay value is "96 % (sum of cis- and trans- isomers)". Mixture of (Z)- and (E)-isomer (EFFA, 2010). CASrn in Register does not specify stereoisomeric composition.
Category: flavor and fragrance agents
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JECFA Food Flavoring: 1225  citral
Flavis Number: 05.020 (Old)
DG SANTE Food Flavourings: 05.020  citral
FEMA Number: 2303  citral
FDA Mainterm: CITRAL
FDA Regulation:
Subpart A--General Provisions
Sec. 182.60 Synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants.
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Physical Properties:
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow clear liquid (est)
Assay: 96.00 to 100.00 % sum of isomers
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Specific Gravity: 0.88500 to 0.89100 @  25.00 °C.
Pounds per Gallon - (est).: 7.364 to  7.414
Refractive Index: 1.48600 to 1.49000 @  20.00 °C.
Boiling Point: 228.00 to  229.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 103.00 to  104.00 °C. @ 12.00 mm Hg
Acid Value: 3.00 max. KOH/g
Vapor Pressure: 0.200000 mmHg @ 20.00 °C.
Vapor Density: 5.2 ( Air = 1 )
Flash Point: 195.00 °F. TCC ( 90.00 °C. )
logP (o/w): 3.450
Shelf Life: 24.00 month(s) or longer if stored properly.
Storage: store in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, protected from heat and light.
Soluble in:
 dipropylene glycol
 fixed oils
 paraffin oil
 propylene glycol
 water, 1340 mg/L @ 25 °C (exp)
Insoluble in:
 alcoholic lotion
 deo stick
 fabric softener
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Organoleptic Properties:
Odor Type: citrus
Odor Strength: medium
Odor Description:
at 100.00 %. 
sharp lemon sweet
Substantivity: 12 hour(s) at 100.00 %
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: flavoring agents
perfuming agents
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Safety Information:
Most important hazard(s):
Xi - Irritant
  R 38 - Irritating to skin.
R 43 - May cause sensitisation by skin contact.
S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children.
S 24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
S 26 - In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S 37/39 - Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
Human Experience: 8 % solution: sensitising. 32 % solution: skin irritation.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
  oral-rat LD50  4960 mg/kg
Food and Cosmetics Toxicology. Vol. 2, Pg. 327, 1964.

intraperitoneal-rat LD50  460 mg/kg
Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Vol. 55, Pg. 347, 1979.

oral-mouse LD50  6000 mg/kg
Biochemical Journal. Vol. 34, Pg. 1196, 1940.

Dermal Toxicity:
  skin-rabbit LD50 2250 mg/kg
Food and Chemical Toxicology. Vol. 25, Pg. 505, 1987.

Inhalation Toxicity:
  Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: flavor and fragrance agents
IFRA Critical Effect: Sensitization
IFRA: View Standard
Fragrance usage is IFRA RESTRICTED. View Standard for complete information.
Please review all IFRA documents for complete information.
IFRA categories: limits in the finished product: (For a description of the categories, refer to the IFRA QRA Information Booklet.)
Category 1:  0.04 % (1)
Category 2:  0.05 %
Category 3:  0.20 %
Category 4:  0.60 %
Category 5:  0.30 %
Category 6:  1.00 % (1)
Category 7:  0.10 %
Category 8:  1.40 %
Category 9:  5.00 %
Category 10:  2.50 %
Category 11: See Note (2)

(1) IFRA would recommend that any material used to impart perfume or flavour in products intended for human ingestion should consist of ingredients that are in compliance with appropriate regulations for foods and food flavourings in the countries of planned distribution and, where these are lacking, with the recommendations laid down in the Code of Practice of IOFI (International Organisation of the Flavor Industry). Further information about IOFI can be found on its website (


(2) Category 11 includes all non-skin contact or incidental skin contact products. Due to the negligible skin contact from these types of products there is no justification for a restriction of the concentration of this fragrance ingredient in the finished product.

Maximised Survey-derived Daily Intakes (MSDI-EU): 5844.00 (μg/capita/day)
Maximised Survey-derived Daily Intakes (MSDI-USA): 6990.00 (μg/capita/day)
Adequate NOAEL exists: Yes
Structure Class: I
Use levels for FEMA GRAS flavoring substances on which the FEMA Expert Panel based its judgments that the substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
The Expert Panel also publishes separate extensive reviews of scientific information on all FEMA GRAS flavoring substances and can be found at FEMA Flavor Ingredient Library
publication number: 3. Update in publication number(s): 24
Click here to view publication 3
 average usual ppmaverage maximum ppm
baked goods: 133.00000178.00000
beverages(nonalcoholic): 17.0000028.00000
beverages(alcoholic): 3.000006.00000
breakfast cereal: --
cheese: -0.20000
chewing gum: 7000.0000010000.00000
condiments / relishes: 10.0000010.00000
confectionery froastings: --
egg products: --
fats / oils: --
fish products: --
frozen dairy: 22.0000034.00000
fruit ices: -23.00000
gelatins / puddings: 174.00000210.00000
granulated sugar: --
gravies: 0.500000.80000
hard candy: 950.000001000.00000
imitation dairy: --
instant coffee / tea: --
jams / jellies: --
meat products: 1.000002.00000
milk products: --
nut products: --
other grains: --
poultry: --
processed fruits: --
processed vegetables: --
reconstituted vegetables: --
seasonings / flavors: --
snack foods: --
soft candy: 142.00000181.00000
soups: --
sugar substitutes: --
sweet sauces: --
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Safety References:
European Food Safety Athority(efsa): Flavor usage levels; Subacute, Subchronic, Chronic and Carcinogenicity Studies; Developmental / Reproductive Toxicity Studies; Genotoxicity Studies...
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reference(s):
Flavouring Group Evaluation 53, Revision 1 (FGE.53Rev1): Consideration of phenethyl alcohol, aldehyde, acid and related acetals and esters evaluated by JECFA (59th meeting) FGE.23Rev1 (2008)
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 54, Revision 1 (FGE.54Rev1): Consideration of benzyl derivatives evaluated by JECFA (57th meeting) structurally related to benzyl alcohols, benzaldehydes, a related acetal, benzoic acids and related esters evaluated by EFSA in FGE.20Rev1 (2009)
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 61, Revision 1 (FGE.61Rev1): Consideration of aliphatic acetals evaluated by JECFA (57th meeting) structurally related to acetals of branched- and straight-chain aliphatic saturated primary alcohols and branched- and straight-chain saturated aldehydes and one orthoester of formic acid evaluated
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 202: 3-Alkylated aliphatic acyclic alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes and precursors with or without additional double bonds from chemical subgroup 1.1.3 of FGE.19[1]
View page or View pdf
Flavouring Group Evaluation 72 (FGE.72): Consideration of aliphatic, branched-chain saturated and unsaturated alcohols, aldehydes, acids, and related esters evaluated by the JECFA (61st meeting) structurally related to branched- and straight-chain unsaturated carboxylic acids. Esters of these and straight-chain aliphatic saturated alcohols evaluated by EFSA in FGE.05Rev2 (2010)
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on Flavouring Group Evaluation 95 (FGE.95): Consideration of aliphatic, linear or branched-chain saturated and unsaturated alcohols, aldehydes, acids and related esters evaluated by JECFA (69th meeting) structurally related to esters of branched- and straight-chain aliphatic saturated primary alcohols and of one secondary alcohol, and branched- and straight-chain unsaturated carboxylic acids evaluated by EFSA in FGE.05Rev1 (2008)
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on Flavouring Group Evaluation 72, Revision 1 (FGE.72Rev1): Consideration of aliphatic, branched-chain saturated and unsaturated alcohols, aldehydes, acids, and related esters evaluated by the JECFA (61st meeting) structurally related to branched- and straight-chain unsaturated carboxylic acids, esters of these and straight-chain aliphatic saturated alcohols evaluated by EFSA in FGE.05Rev2
View page or View pdf
Safety and efficacy of a,ß-unsaturated straight-chain and branched-chain aliphatic primary alcohols, aldehydes, acids and esters belonging to chemical group 3 when used as flavourings for all animal species
View page or View pdf
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EPA Substance Registry Services (TSCA): 5392-40-5
EPA ACToR: Toxicology Data
EPA Substance Registry Services (SRS): Registry
Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary : 8843
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Data
SCCNFP: opinion
WISER: UN 1993
WGK Germany:1
Chemidplus: 0005392405
EPA/NOAA CAMEO:hazardous materials
RTECS: RG5075000 for cas# 5392-40-5
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NIST Chemistry WebBook: Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List: 5392-40-5
Pubchem (cid): 8843
Pubchem (sid): 134984224
Flavornet: 5392-40-5
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Potential Blenders and core components note
For Odor
No odor group found for these
 lemon leaf flavor 
green pepper 
 zanthoxylum acanthopodium fruit 
 zanthoxylum acanthopodium fruit oilFL/FR
 cymbopogon citratus dc. stapf. oil cubaFR
 litsea cubeba fruit extractFR
 adoxal (Givaudan)FL/FR
 citrus carbaldehydeFR
 decanal (aldehyde C-10)FL/FR
 dodecanal (aldehyde C-12 lauric)FL/FR
 fresh carbaldehydeFR
2-methyl undecanal dimethyl acetalFR
 octanal (aldehyde C-8)FL/FR
 amber caraneFR
 abronia fragranceFR
 acetaldehyde citronellyl methyl acetalFR
 agathis australis oil 
 agathis australis oleoresin 
 aldehydic nitrileFR
 backhousia citriodora f. muell. leaf oil 
 backhousia citriodora leaf oilFR
 bergamot oilFL/FR
 bergamot oil bergaptene reduced italyFL/FR
 cedrat peel oilFL/FR
 citral / methyl anthranilate schiff's baseFR
 citral diethyl acetalFL/FR
 citral dimethyl acetalFL/FR
 citral ethylene glycol acetalFR
 citral propylene glycol acetalFL/FR
 citronella oil ceylonFL/FR
 citronellyl nitrileFR
 citrus limon extractFL/FR
 citrus limon flower/leaf/stem extractFR
 citrus limon fruit extractFL/FR
 citrus limon fruit oilFL/FR
 citrus limon fruit waterFL/FR
 citrus limon juice extractFL/FR
 citrus limon juice powderFL/FR
 citrus limon peel extractFL/FR
 citrus limon peel oil c.p. floridaFL/FR
 citrus limon peel oil expressedFL/FR
 citrus limon peel tinctureFL/FR
(E)-citrus nitrileFR
 citrus paradisi peel extractFL/FR
 citrus specialtyFR
 crithmum maritimum oilFR
(E+Z)-4,8-dimethyl-3,7-nonadien-2-yl acetateFL/FR
citrus floral fragranceFR
homogeranyl nitrileFR
 geranyl nitrileCS
(E)-geranyl nitrile 
 grapefruit oil c.p. californiaFL/FR
 grapefruit pentanolFR
 heptyl phenyl acetate 
 kauri-copal leaf oil 
 lemon absolute replacerFR
 lemon balm fragranceFR
 lemon essence (oil phase)FL/FR
 lemon essence (water phase)FL/FR
 lemon fragranceFR
 lemon hexadieneFL/FR
 lemon oilFL/FR
citral-less lemon oilFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. africaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. argentinaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. brazilFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. californiaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. furocoumarin reducedFL/FR
meyer lemon oil cold pressedFL/FR
 lemon oil decolorizedFL/FR
 lemon oil foldedFL/FR
 lemon oil folded argentinaFL/FR
 lemon oil folded brazilFL/FR
 lemon oil folded californiaFL/FR
 lemon oil folded italyFL/FR
 lemon oil italyFL/FR
 lemon oil replacerFR
 lemon oil residuesFL/FR
 lemon oil terpenelessFL/FR
 lemon oil terpenesFL/FR
 lemon oil washedFL/FR
 lemon specialtyFL/FR
 lemon verbena oil 
 lemon verbena oil turkey 
 lemongrass oilFL/FR
 lemongrass oil guatemalaFL/FR
 lemongrass oil moroccoFL/FR
 lime oil distilled mexicoFL/FR
 lime oil fractionsFR
 lime pyranFR
 limonene aldehydeFR
 limonia acidissima fruit extract 
(Z)-linalool oxide (pyranoid)FL/FR
 litsea cubeba fruit oilFL/FR
 litsea cubeba oil terpenelessFL/FR
 mandarin lemon fagranceFR
 mandarin oil (citrus reticulata nova var. mandarin) uruguayFL/FR
 mandarin oil (citrus reticulata var. ponkan)FL/FR
 methyl heptenoneFL/FR
(Z+E)-2-methyl-2-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl) cyclopropane carbaldehydeFL/FR
alpha-methylene citronellalFR
 neroli ketoneFR
 nonanal dimethyl acetalFL/FR
blood orange oil italyFL/FR
bitter orange peel oil brazilFL/FR
sweet orange peel oil c.p. brazilFL/FR
sweet orange peel oil foldedFL/FR
 petitgrain combava oilFR
 tangerine oil americaFL/FR
lemon scented tea tree oilFR
 trimethyl cyclohexeneFR
 verbena absolute franceFL/FR
 verbena oil replacerFR
 verbena oil spainFL/FR
 verbena oil terpenelessFL/FR
 verbena specialtyFR
 aeolanthus graveolens oilFR
alpha-amyl cinnamaldehydeFL/FR
alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde diethyl acetalFR
alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetalFL/FR
isoamyl geranateFR
 bois de rose oil brazilFL/FR
 citronellyl acetateFL/FR
 coriander seed oilFL/FR
 cyclamen aldehydeFL/FR
 cyclamen propanalFR
 cyclohexyl ethyl alcoholFL/FR
 dihydrocitronellyl ethyl etherFR
 dimethyl anthranilateFL/FR
 geranyl acetateFL/FR
 hexyl 2-furoateFL/FR
alpha-hexyl cinnamaldehydeFL/FR
 lemon oil distilledFL/FR
 methyl citronellateFL/FR
 muguet octadienolFR
 nonanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's baseFR
3-nonanon-1-yl acetateFL/FR
 ocean propanalFL/FR
(R)-ocean propanal 
 octahydro-4,7-methano-1H-indene-5-acetaldehyde + 6-methyl-octahydro-4,7-methano-indene-5-carbaldehydFR
 petitgrain lemon oilFL/FR
clementine petitgrain oilFL/FR
 petitgrain oil paraguayFL/FR
 phenethyl alcoholFL/FR
 phenethyl hexanoateFL/FR
 phenyl amyl alcoholFL/FR
 tetrahydrolinalyl acetateFR
 undecanal dimethyl acetalFR
 amyl heptanoateFL/FR
 eucalyptus staigeriana oilFR
 methyl acetoacetateFL/FR
 propyl hexanoateFL/FR
gamma-undecalactone (aldehyde C-14 (so-called))FL/FR
 citral / diisotridecyl acetalFR
isocyclocitral (IFF)FL/FR
 diphenyl oxideFL/FR
 ethyl (E)-2-hexenoateFL/FR
 green carbaldehydeFR
 green carboxylateFR
 green dioxolaneFR
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl valerateFL/FR
 hexyl 2-methyl butyrateFL/FR
 ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
2,4-ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
3,5-ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
2,4-ivy carbaldehyde / methyl anthranilate schiff's baseFR
(E)-2-octen-1-yl acetateFL/FR
 olive oil absoluteFL/FR
 canarium luzonicum gumFL/FR
 canarium luzonicum oilFL/FR
 clary sage oil franceFL/FR
 lavender absolute bulgariaFL/FR
 linalyl acetateFL/FR
 linalyl formateFL/FR
 kunzea ericoides leaf oilFR
 clove bud oilFL/FR
 piper longum fruit oilFL/FR
 piper longum fruit oil CO2 extractFL/FR
 elemi resinoidFL/FR
 passiflora edulis fruit extractFL/FR
 decanal diethyl acetalFL/FR
 decanal dimethyl acetalFL/FR
For Flavor
No flavor group found for these
 agathis australis oil 
 agathis australis oleoresin 
alpha-amyl cinnamaldehyde dimethyl acetalFL/FR
 backhousia citriodora f. muell. leaf oil 
 balm leaf powderFL
 cedrat peel oilFL/FR
 citral propylene glycol acetalFL/FR
 citrus limon juice powderFL/FR
 decanal dimethyl acetalFL/FR
(E+Z)-4,8-dimethyl-3,7-nonadien-2-yl acetateFL/FR
(E)-geranyl nitrile 
 heptyl phenyl acetate 
3,5-ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
 ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
 kauri-copal leaf oil 
 lemon oil residuesFL/FR
 lemon specialtyFL/FR
 lemon verbena oil 
 lemon verbena oil turkey 
 limonia acidissima fruit extract 
(Z)-linalool oxide (pyranoid)FL/FR
 linalyl formateFL/FR
 melissa oilFL
 methyl acetoacetateFL/FR
(Z+E)-2-methyl-2-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl) cyclopropane carbaldehydeFL/FR
(R)-ocean propanal 
green pepper 
 phenyl amyl alcoholFL/FR
 piper longum fruit oil CO2 extractFL/FR
 octanal (aldehyde C-8)FL/FR
 bergamot oilFL/FR
 bergamot oil bergaptene reduced italyFL/FR
 butter lemon orange flavorFL
 cherry lemon lime flavorFL
 citral diethyl acetalFL/FR
 citral dimethyl acetalFL/FR
 citronella oil ceylonFL/FR
 citrus enhancerFL
 citrus limon extractFL/FR
 citrus limon fruit extractFL/FR
 citrus limon fruit oilFL/FR
 citrus limon fruit waterFL/FR
 citrus limon juiceFL
 citrus limon juice extractFL/FR
 citrus limon peel extractFL/FR
 citrus limon peel oil c.p. floridaFL/FR
 citrus limon peel oil expressedFL/FR
 citrus limon peel tinctureFL/FR
 citrus paradisi peel extractFL/FR
 curacao flavorFL
 grapefruit oil c.p. californiaFL/FR
 kiwi lemon lime flavorFL
 lemon carbonylsFL
 lemon essence (oil phase)FL/FR
 lemon essence (water phase)FL/FR
bitter lemon flavorFL
pink lemon flavorFL
 lemon flavorFL
italian lemon flavorFL
meyer lemon flavorFL
 lemon fractionsFL
 lemon hexadieneFL/FR
 lemon juice concentrateFL
 lemon juice flavorFL
 lemon lime flavorFL
citral-less lemon oilFL/FR
 lemon oilFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. africaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. argentinaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. brazilFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. californiaFL/FR
 lemon oil c.p. furocoumarin reducedFL/FR
meyer lemon oil cold pressedFL/FR
 lemon oil decolorizedFL/FR
 lemon oil distilledFL/FR
 lemon oil foldedFL/FR
 lemon oil folded argentinaFL/FR
 lemon oil folded brazilFL/FR
 lemon oil folded californiaFL/FR
 lemon oil folded italyFL/FR
 lemon oil italyFL/FR
 lemon oil sesquiterpenelessFL
 lemon oil terpenelessFL/FR
 lemon oil terpenesFL/FR
 lemon oil washedFL/FR
 lemon verbena distillatesFL
 lemon zest flavorFL
 lemongrass oilFL/FR
 lemongrass oil guatemalaFL/FR
 lemongrass oil moroccoFL/FR
 lemonless lemon keyFL
 lime oil distilled mexicoFL/FR
 limoncello flavorFL
 litsea cubeba fruit oilFL/FR
 mandarin oil (citrus reticulata nova var. mandarin) uruguayFL/FR
 mandarin oil (citrus reticulata var. ponkan)FL/FR
 orange lemon lime flavorFL
blood orange oil italyFL/FR
sweet orange peel oil c.p. brazilFL/FR
sweet orange peel oil foldedFL/FR
 petitgrain lemon oilFL/FR
clementine petitgrain oilFL/FR
 tangerine oil americaFL/FR
 verbena absolute franceFL/FR
 verbena oil franceFL
 verbena oil moroccoFL
 verbena oil spainFL/FR
 verbena oil terpenelessFL/FR
 zanthoxylum acanthopodium fruit 
 zanthoxylum acanthopodium fruit oilFL/FR
gamma-undecalactone (aldehyde C-14 (so-called))FL/FR
 bois de rose oil brazilFL/FR
 citronellyl acetateFL/FR
 linalyl acetateFL/FR
 methyl citronellateFL/FR
 ocean propanalFL/FR
 phenethyl alcoholFL/FR
 amyl heptanoateFL/FR
 apple essence concentrateFL
 dimethyl anthranilateFL/FR
 ethyl (E)-2-hexenoateFL/FR
 lilikoi float flavorFL
3-nonanon-1-yl acetateFL/FR
bitter orange peel oil brazilFL/FR
 propyl hexanoateFL/FR
 canarium luzonicum gumFL/FR
 canarium luzonicum oilFL/FR
 cyclamen aldehydeFL/FR
isocyclocitral (IFF)FL/FR
 cyclohexyl ethyl alcoholFL/FR
 diphenyl oxideFL/FR
 elemi resinoidFL/FR
 geranyl acetateFL/FR
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl valerateFL/FR
 hexyl 2-furoateFL/FR
 hexyl 2-methyl butyrateFL/FR
2,4-ivy carbaldehydeFL/FR
 lemon leaf flavor 
 methyl heptenoneFL/FR
 nonanal dimethyl acetalFL/FR
(E)-2-octen-1-yl acetateFL/FR
lemon balm essenceFL
 clary sage oil franceFL/FR
 coriander seed oilFL/FR
 lavender absolute bulgariaFL/FR
 lemon honey mint flavorFL
 lemon mint cream flavorFL
 petitgrain oil paraguayFL/FR
 litsea cubeba oil terpenelessFL/FR
 olive oil absoluteFL/FR
 dodecanal (aldehyde C-12 lauric)FL/FR
 benzylidene acetoneFL
 clove bud oilFL/FR
 piper longum fruit oilFL/FR
alpha-amyl cinnamaldehydeFL/FR
 passiflora edulis fruit extractFL/FR
 adoxal (Givaudan)FL/FR
 decanal (aldehyde C-10)FL/FR
 decanal diethyl acetalFL/FR
alpha-hexyl cinnamaldehydeFL/FR
 phenethyl hexanoateFL/FR
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Potential Uses:
 agrumen aldehydeFR
 apple green appleFR
 basil oil replacerFR
 coconut tropical coconutFR
 eucalyptus oil replacerFR
 fir needle oil replacerFR
 fresh and cleanFR
 linden flowerFR
 litsea cubebaFL/FR
 my sin 
 orange blossomFR
 passion fruitFR
 petitgrain lemon petitgrainFL/FR
 rose red roseFR
 rose white roseFR
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 artemisia vestita wall. flower oil @ 9.80%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 artemisia vestita wall. leaf oil @ 13.30%
Data  GC  Search Trop  Picture
 basil oil
Search Trop  Picture
 basil plant
Search Trop  Picture
 bay laurel fruit oil
Search Trop  Picture
 bay laurel leaf
Search Trop  Picture
 bergamot peel
Search Trop  Picture
Search Trop  Picture
 carrot seed
Search Trop  Picture
Search  PMC Picture
 fennel seed oil
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 garlic bulb
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 citral (ex Litsea)
 citral 10% dpg
 citral E.Q.
 citral EOA synthetic food/grade
 citral ex lemon natural
 citral ex litsea
 citral ex litsea natural
 citral ex litsea natural isolate
 citral extra
 citral extra FCC (natural)
 citral extra natural
 citral FCC
 citral FCC natural
 citral FCC synthetic
 citral FF
 citral FG
 citral lemarome N (Givaudan)
 citral N
 citral nat
 citral natural
 citral natural (ex litsea)
 citral natural ex lemongrass
 citral natural ex litsea
 citral R synthetic
 citral spain, natural isolated constituent
 citral super FCC (natural)
 citral synthetic
 citral synthetic FCC
 citral, technical grade
2,6-dimethyl octadien-2,6-al-8
 lemarome N
 lemsyn (IFF)
2,6-octadienal, 3,7-dimethyl-
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PubMed: Citral: A monoterpene with prophylactic and therapeutic anti-nociceptive effects in experimental models of acute and chronic pain.
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PubMed: Evaluation of biological and chemical insect repellents and their potential adverse effects.
PubMed: Citral is renoprotective for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis by inhibiting oxidative stress and apoptosis and activating Nrf2 pathway in mice.
PubMed: In vitro phytotherapy of vector snails by binary combinations of larvicidal active components in effective control of fascioliasis.
PubMed: Effect of precursors feeding and media manipulation on production of novel anticancer pro-drug camptothecin from endophytic fungus.
PubMed: Efficient construction of pyrano[3,2-a]carbazoles: application to a biomimetic total synthesis of cyclized monoterpenoid pyrano[3,2-a]carbazole alkaloids.
PubMed: Volatile composition of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) commercial teas through solid phase extraction.
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PubMed: Expression of Pisum sativum PsAO3 gene, which encodes an aldehyde oxidase utilizing abscisic aldehyde, is induced under progressively but not rapidly imposed drought stress.
PubMed: Effect of Zingiber officinale essential oil on Fusarium verticillioides and fumonisin production.
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PubMed: Lutein, a nonprovitamin A, activates the retinoic acid receptor to induce HAS3-dependent hyaluronan synthesis in keratinocytes.
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PubMed: Preliminary analysis of several attractants and spatial repellents for the mosquito, Aedes albopictus using an olfactometer.
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PubMed: Identification of gustatory-olfactory flavor mixtures: effects of linguistic labeling.
PubMed: Terpenoids from Zingiber officinale (Ginger) induce apoptosis in endometrial cancer cells through the activation of p53.
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PubMed: Novel limonene and citral based 2,5-disubstituted-1,3,4-oxadiazoles: a natural product coupled approach to semicarbazones for antiepileptic activity.
PubMed: Rapid odor perception in rat olfactory bulb by microelectrode array.
PubMed: Next generation sequencing and de novo transcriptome analysis of Costus pictus D. Don, a non-model plant with potent anti-diabetic properties.
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PubMed: Phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent antagonism in mammalian olfactory receptor neurons.
PubMed: Comparative toxicity of oxygenated monoterpenoids in experimental hydroalcoholic lotions to permethrin-resistant adult head lice.
PubMed: [Effects of aromatherapy on changes in the autonomic nervous system, aortic pulse wave velocity and aortic augmentation index in patients with essential hypertension].
PubMed: Induction of fatty acid composition modifications and tolerance to biocides in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium by plant-derived terpenes.
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PubMed: A new gradient-controlled method for improving the spectral width of ultrafast 2D NMR experiments.
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PubMed: Coupling reactions of catechins with natural aldehydes and allyl alcohols and radical scavenging activities of the triglyceride-soluble products.
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PubMed: Insulin nanoparticles: stability and aerosolization from pressurized metered dose inhalers.
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PubMed: Effect of citral, eugenol, nerolidol and alpha-terpineol on the ultrastructural changes of Trichophyton mentagrophytes.
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PubMed: Odorant receptors from the light brown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana) recognize important volatile compounds produced by plants.
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PubMed: Encapsulation performance of proteins and traditional materials for spray dried flavors.
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PubMed: Antimicrobial activities of components of the glandular secretions of leaf cutting ants of the genus Atta.
PubMed: Development of different temoporfin-loaded invasomes-novel nanocarriers of temoporfin: characterization, stability and in vitro skin penetration studies.
PubMed: Male-produced aggregation pheromone blend in Platypus koryoensis.
PubMed: Zr-zeolite beta: a new heterogeneous catalyst system for the highly selective cascade transformation of citral to (+/-)-menthol.
PubMed: Fragrant unsaturated aldehydes elicit activation of the Keap1/Nrf2 system leading to the upregulation of thioredoxin expression and protection against oxidative stress.
PubMed: Proteome alteration of U251 human astrocytoma cell after inhibiting retinoic acid synthesis.
PubMed: The effect of monoterpenes on swarming differentiation and haemolysin activity in Proteus mirabilis.
PubMed: Effects of chemopreventive citrus phytochemicals on human P-glycoprotein and multidrug resistance protein 1.
PubMed: Relationship between sublethal injury and microbial inactivation by the combination of high hydrostatic pressure and citral or tert-butyl hydroquinone.
PubMed: Trichloroethylene cometabolic degradation by Rhodococcus sp. L4 induced with plant essential oils.
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