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Odor Descriptors for ozone
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Primary (First) - ozone
FR floral nitrile
 odor: ozone marine seashell anisic herbal
FR muguet carboxaldehyde
 odor: floral clean muguet ozone marine sandy balsamic
FR3-(3-propen-2-yl phenyl) butanal
 odor: ozone, stemmy-green floral, melon
Secondary (Second) - ozone
FR amerinal
 odor: fresh clean ozone sweet maltol natural meadow dry hay
FR3-(benzyl oxy)-2,2-dimethyl propanal
 odor: aldehydic ozone floral green spicy coriander cardamom ginger
FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh watery ozone green waxy citrus aldehydic
FR marine carbonitrile
 odor: ozone citrus clean linen
FR myrmac aldehyde
 odor: citrus ozone aldehydic grapefruit muguet
FR ozone propanal
 odor: ozone clean fresh green marine
FR phenoxyacetaldehyde 50% in peomosa
 odor: fresh green ozone cortex floral nut skin
FL/FR savin wood oil (juniperus phoenicea)
 odor: herbal ozone dry
FR sea breeze fragrance
FR woody heptene
 odor: fresh woody ozone clean outdoor
Tertiary (Third) - ozone
FR7-allyl benzo[b][1,4]dioxepin-3-one
 odor: marine-floral odor with nuances of ozone, watermelons and fatty aldehydes
 odor: aldehydic orange ozonic fruity clean outdoors
FR fresh nitrile
 odor: green woody ozone
FR green heptenal
 odor: fresh green sweet ozone melon
FR6-methoxy-2,6-dimethyl octanal
 odor: marine seashore ozone green fruity citrus
FRpara-methyl phenoxyacetaldehyde
 odor: powerful hay melon ozone floral
FRfresh outdoors fragrance
FR patchwood
 odor: tropical autumn fresh ozone orris woody earthy
FR rain fragrance
FL/FR verbenol
 odor: fresh pine ozone
 flavor: herbal pine
Quaternary (Fourth) - ozone
 odor: waxy fresh air citrus rose rue
 flavor: waxy citrus fatty rue spicy oily tallow rancid
 odor: waxy fresh air citrus rose rue
FR geranyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: strong sweet clean waxy aldehydic ozone rose
FR(E)-geranyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: strong clean waxy aldehydic ozone rose
FR marine hexane
 odor: fresh outdoors green bell pepper ozone marine
FR myrmac carboxaldehyde
 odor: aldehydic clean herbal ozone
FR ocean carboxaldehyde
 odor: fresh sea breeze watery floral ozone
FR ocean propanal / methyl anthranilate schiff's base
 odor: fresh green floral orangeblossom ozone leafy cortex
 odor: fresh floral waxy ozone clean citrus
Quinary (Fifth) - ozone
FR4-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: floral orris cyclamen woody ozone fresh
FR decyl methyl ether
 odor: fresh air clean laundered cloths sweet
FL/FR mandarine undecenal
 odor: aldehydic waxy clean laundered cloth ozone green mandarin citrus metallic
 flavor: waxy citrus rind costus aldehydic oily clean greasy creamy
FR marine decadienal
 odor: citrus aldehydic marine floral ozone
FR marine formate
 odor: fresh woody herbal seashore fruity apple
FL/FR melon heptenal
 odor: fresh ozone melon fresh air sweet clean green
 flavor: Green, melon watermelon-rind, cucumber, with a waxy, chemical and floral nuance
FL/FR ocean propanal
 odor: watery fresh green ozone cyclamen hay
 flavor: fresh watery floral melon green lychee mango honeydew watermelon
FR phenoxyacetaldehyde 50% in benzyl alcohol
 odor: fresh green cortex leafy hyacinth ozone leather
 flavor: green cortex leafy melon rind watery phenolic
Senary (Sixth) - ozone
FL/FR heptanal (aldehyde C-7)
 odor: fresh aldehydic fatty green herbal wine-lee ozone
 flavor: green aldehydic oily cortex grassy clover cilantro
FR watermelon ketone
 odor: fresh watery clean melon green marine ozone phenolic
Septenary (Seventh) - ozone
FR2-cyclohexyl cyclohexanone
 odor: cyclamen sweet herbal cumin mint woody orris ozone
FL/FR octanal dimethyl acetal
 odor: citrus floral green leafy rose violet
 flavor: green cilantro nasturtium citrus peel privet
Octonary (Eighth) - ozone
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