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Flavor Descriptors for clover
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Primary (First) - clover
FL clover herb distillate (melilotus officinalis)
 flavor: clover
Secondary (Second) - clover
Tertiary (Third) - clover
Quaternary (Fourth) - clover
Quinary (Fifth) - clover
Senary (Sixth) - clover
FL/FR heptanal (aldehyde C-7)
 odor: fresh aldehydic fatty green herbal wine-lee ozone
 flavor: green aldehydic oily cortex grassy clover cilantro
Septenary (Seventh) - clover
FR phenethyl isopropyl ether
 odor: green rose plastic metallic spicy foliage watercress
 flavor: green watercress plastic metallic spicy tomato leaf clover
Octonary (Eighth) - clover
FL/FR3,6-ivy carbaldehyde
 odor: green tart citrus herbal cortex aldehydic
 flavor: green aldehydic herbal citrus rind grassy privet asparagus clover
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