Typical G.C. analysis

cedarwood oil china
270.30 abietadiene
70.60alpha- acoradiene
80.30beta- acoradiene
192.60alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
180.40beta- bisabolene
240.80alpha- bisabolol
226.40alpha- cedrene
39.20beta- cedrene
219.60  cedrol
250.10  cedryl acetate
260.10  cembrene
161.40alpha- chamigrene
92.20beta- chamigrene
173.40  cuparene
110.40ar- curcumene
100.20gamma- curcumene
200.10(E)-beta- farnesene
60.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
50.20alpha- himachalene
151.40beta- himachalene
10.70  methyl chavicol
143.10alpha- selinene
120.20beta- selinene
429.90  thujopsene
229.50  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedarwood oil texas
70.70alpha- acoradiene
80.60beta- acoradiene
190.70alpha- alaskene
140.20beta- alaskene
250.40alpha- bisabolol
10.20  camphor
260.908- cedren-13-ol
230.70alpha- cedrene
35.50beta- cedrene
2019.10  cedrol
171.20alpha- chamigrene
91.10beta- chamigrene
230.20  cubenol
181.70  cuparene
120.10ar- curcumene
110.10gamma- curcumene
50.50alpha- himachalene
161.40beta- himachalene
100.10gamma- himachalene
151.50alpha- selinene
60.10  thujopsadiene
425.00  thujopsene
130.10  valencene
211.60  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

cedarwood oil virginia
[8000-27-9] Page 298 RI 1.506 d .952 Fp 224#F Merck Index 11,6708 FTNMR 1,316C Safety 1,707B RTECS# FJ1520050 Disp. A Harmony 1515.90.4000 IRRITANT LIGHT-SENSITIVE KEEP TIGHTLY CLOSED
60.20alpha- acoradiene
70.30beta- acoradiene
180.90alpha- alaskene
130.10beta- alaskene
230.60alpha- bisabolol
121.10alpha- cedrene
28.20beta- cedrene
1922.20  cedrol
161.60alpha- chamigrene
81.80beta- chamigrene
220.10  cubebol
171.60  cuparene
100.10ar- curcumene
90.10gamma- curcumene
50.10(Z)-beta- farnesene
40.20alpha- himachalene
152.10beta- himachalene
143.00alpha- selinene
110.10beta- selinene
321.30  thujopsene
120.10  valencene
202.30  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

chamaecyparis thyoides wood oil
 0.30alpha- bisabolol
 20.50alpha- cedrene
 5.00beta- cedrene
 10.40  cedrol
 1.50beta- chamigrene
 3.50  cuparene
 0.20beta- himachalene
 0.80beta- selinene
 31.70  thujopsene
 1.40  widdrol
citrus aurantifolia swingle oil CO2 extract mexico
360.18  aromadendrene
351.91(E)-alpha- bergamotene
213.25  borneol
50.37  camphene
90.57delta-2- carene
341.46beta- caryophyllene
390.40beta- chamigrene
103.361,4- cineole
24tracepara- cymen-8-ol
113.07para- cymene
262.80  dihydrocarveol
320.13beta- elemene
40.03alpha- fenchene
27trace  geranial
31trace  geranyl acetate
450.21  germacrene B
380.45gamma- gurjunene
33trace(Z)- jasmone
1215.97  limonene
182.30  linalool
400.26gamma- muurolene
80.34  myrcene
290.52  nerol
300.17  neryl acetate
140.08(E)-beta- ocimene
130.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
30.03alpha- pinene
70.17beta- pinene
60.28  sabinene
10.02alpha- santalene
370.35epi-beta- santalene
440.39alpha- selinene
413.15beta- selinene
225.31  terpinen-1-ol
235.72  terpinen-4-ol
162.46gamma- terpinene
204.52(E)-beta- terpineol
194.59(Z)-beta- terpineol
2527.66alpha- terpineol
175.28  terpinolene
150.15alpha- terpinyl acetate
20.02alpha- thujene
420.10  valencene
280.60  verbenone
430.29  viridiflorene

G. Della Porta, E. Reverchon, D. Chouchi and D. Barth, Mandarin and lime peel oil processing by supercritical CO2 desorption : deterpenation and high molecular weight compound elimination. J. Essent. Oil Res., 9, 515-522 (1997).

P&F 24, No. 2, 35, (1999)

croton eluteria bark oil
800.01  amyl benzoate
330.28allo- aromadendrene
129tracealpha- bisabolol
126tracebeta- bisabolol
1010.94  borneol
550.22  cadalene
460.42delta- cadinene
440.17gamma- cadinene
1231.00T- cadinol
470.96alpha- calacorene
490.24beta- calacorene
450.11  calamenene
40.40  camphene
630.02  camphor
100.21delta-2- carene
1130.02  carvacrol
110trace  carvenone
1080.08trans- carveol
670.03  carvone
680.21  carvotan acetone
320.25beta- caryophyllene
870.67 caryophyllene oxide + dihydro-ar-bisabolol
860.32 cascarilla epoxide
890.08 cascarilla furan
1331.34 cascarilla hydroxyketone
920.01 cascarilla hydroxyketone
930.02 cascarilla lactone
274.62  cascarilladiene
901.28 cascarilladienone
1370.74  cascarillone
281.11beta-cedrene isomer
1180.07  cedrol
430.20alpha- chamigrene
360.11beta- chamigrene
600.281,8- cineole
480.09 compound k
500.23 compound l
510.07 compound m
520.14 compound n
530.01 compound o
540.07 compound p
740.02 compound q
770.73 compound r
1270.38 compound t
1280.18 compound u
1350.06 compound v
1384.30 compound w
250.39alpha- copaene
230.04alpha- cubebene
370.21beta- cubebene
660.05  cuminaldehyde
422.45 cuparene + alpha-muurolene
1341.88 cuparophenol
350.39ar- curcumene
240.53  cyclosativene
1020.28para- cymen-8-ol
119.91para- cymene
650.062- decanone
1310.86 dictyopterol 1A
1320.43 dictyopterol 1B
200.012,5- dimethoxytoluene (fennelone)
160.16alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
1191.286,7-dimethyl undeca-5,9-dien-2-ol
340.731,11-oxido calamenene
261.63beta- elemene
410.31gamma- elemene
1140.56  elemicin
1150.51beta- elemol
1243.03beta- eudesmol
310.07(E)-beta- farnesene
970.01alpha- fenchyl alcohol
1360.35 geran-9-yl-alpha-terpineol
812.18  geranyl acetone
290.07  germacrene D
120trace  guaiol
57trace2- heptanol
560.012- heptanone
1trace2,4- hexadien-1-al
880.28 humulene epoxide isomer
1250.71  intermedeol
120.94 limonene + 1,8-cineole
965.12  linalool
940.09  linalool oxide
690.02  linalyl acetate
390.01beta- maaliene
111tracepara- mentha-1,3-dien-7-al
640.02para- methyl acetophenone
80.02ortho- methyl anisole
820.053- methyl but-2-enyl benzoate
220.02  methyl carvacrol
760.05 methyl cascarillate
190.01  methyl chavicol
780.22  methyl eugenol
580.036- methyl heptan-2-one
210.02  methyl thymol
590.026- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
180.095-methyl-5-hexyl furan
70.64  myrcene
1050.17  myrtenol
1160.05  nerolidol
950.022- nonanol
610.182- nonanone
140.01(E)-beta- ocimene
130.01(Z)-beta- ocimene
700.05  phellandral
90.13alpha- phellandrene
32.59alpha- pinene
60.35beta- pinene
990.17  pinocarveol
1070.10  piperitol
840.03  prenyl benzoate
910.094-iso propyl-6-methyl tetral-1-one
50.09  sabinene
109trace  sabinol
380.58beta- selinene
1170.70  spathulenol
1031.70  terpinen-4-ol
73trace  terpinen-4-yl acetate
150.60gamma- terpinene
1041.10alpha- terpineol
100tracebeta- terpineol
170.07  terpinolene
750.16alpha- terpinyl acetate
22.11alpha- thujene
620.14alpha- thujone
300.23  thujopsene
112trace  thymol
1220.77  torilenol
85trace2- tridecanone
710.295,8-undecadien-2-one + (Z)-5-undecen-2-one
720.312- undecanone
400.18  valencene
1060.11  verbenone

M. L. Hagedorn and S. M. Brown, The constituents of Cascarilla oil (Croton eluteria Bennett) Flav. Fragr. J., 6, 193-204 (1991).

P&F 18, No. 6, 53, (1993)

pimenta racemosa leaf oil
In 1991, Tucker et al. analyzed the chemical composition of two commercial samples of the leaf oil of Pimenta racemosa (Miller) J. Moore var. racemosa using both GC and GC/MS. The components that were identified were as follows:
370.00-0.39alpha- amorphene
380.00-0.09  aromadendrene
400.00-0.28allo- aromadendrene
410.00-<0.01beta- cadinene
490.28-1.03delta- cadinene
470.05-0.15gamma- cadinene
550.00-0.30alpha- cadinol
530.00-<0.01gamma- cadinol
48<0.01-0.07(Z)- calamenene
30.00-0.14  camphene
210.00-<0.01  camphor
360.64-7.24beta- caryophyllene
420.00-0.17beta- chamigrene
26<0.01-15.51  chavicol
141.38-1.391,8- cineole
270.00-0.11(E)- cinnamaldehyde
320.32-0.41alpha- copaene
300.00-<0.01alpha- cubebene
230.00-<0.01para- cymen-8-ol
19<0.01-0.97para- cymene
120.00-0.30alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
330.00-0.20beta- elemene
3144.41-68.93  eugenol
500.00-0.51  eugenyl acetate
460.00-0.59alpha- farnesene
290.00-0.22  geranial
280.00-0.12  geraniol
520.00-0.36  globulol
350.00-0.13alpha- gurjunene
390.15-1.31alpha- humulene
132.07-3.90  limonene
200.13-3.63  linalool
250.03-0.05  methyl chavicol
340-11.88  methyl eugenol
450.00-0.05alpha- muurolene
80.10-16.17  myrcene
160.08-1.42(E)-beta- ocimene
150.08-0.10(Z)-beta- ocimene
90.00-0.843- octanol
70.00-1.103- octanone
50.00-1.741- octen-3-ol
100.07-0.45alpha- phellandrene
20.46-0.47alpha- pinene
60.00-0.09beta- pinene
40.00-<0.1  sabinene
440.00-0.63alpha- selinene
430.00-0.33beta- selinene
510.00-0.12  spathulenol
220.05-0.90  terpinen-4-ol
110.02-0.19alpha- terpinene
17<0.01-0.16gamma- terpinene
240.14-0.52alpha- terpineol
180.09-0.24  terpinolene
10.0-<0.1alpha- thujene

A. Tucker, M. J. Macirarello, R. P. Adams, L. R. Landrum and T. A. Zanoni, Volatile leaf oils of Caribbean Myrtaceae 1. Three varieties of Pimenta racemosa (Miller) J. Moore of the Dominican Republic and the commerciai bay oil. J. Essent. Oil Res., 3, 323-329 (1991).

P&F 22, No. 6, 45, (1997)

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