Typical G.C. analysis

lavandula latifolia herb oil spain
In 1996, Guillen et a!. analyzed an oil of spike lavender produced from plants cultivated in northeastern Spain. The components identified in this oil on using GC and GC/ MS as the analytical procedures were as follows:
400.11  bergamotene
390.13  bergamotene
430.22  bergamotene
500.24beta- bisabolene
560.23alpha- bisabolol
550.02alpha-bisabolol oxide
171.13  borneol
300.10  bornyl acetate
260.11  bornyl formate
350.17iso bornyl isovalerate
370.19beta- bourbonene
420.01beta- cadinene
510.12gamma- cadinene
540.08T- cadinol
50.56  camphene
1513.60  camphor
410.47beta- caryophyllene
521.59  caryophyllene oxide
1031.311,8- cineole
380.02beta- cubebene
490.01ar- curcumene
190.07  epoxylinalool
450.03  farnesene
470.06  farnesene
460.11  farnesene
530.03  farnesol
480.08  germacrene A
250.05 hexen-1-yl butyrate
270.42  hexyl 2-methyl butyrate
240.37  hexyl butyrate
330.03  hexyl hexanoate
230.15  hexyl isobutyrate
320.10  hexyl tiglate
280.19  hexyl valerate
440.30alpha- humulene
1436.94  linalool
130.05(E)- linalool oxide
120.77(Z)- linalool oxide
290.10  linalyl acetate
340.03  linalyl butyrate
70.15  myrcene
310.02  neryl acetate
31.11alpha- pinene
41.48beta- pinene
160.04  pinocamphone
60.47  sabinene
110.61(Z)- sabinene hydrate
180.19  terpinen-4-ol
80.33alpha- terpinene
210.79alpha- terpineol
90.69  terpinolene
20.02alpha- thujene
10.05  tricyclene
200.241,1,3- trimethyl-2-oxobicyclo(2.2.2)octan-5-one
220.12  verbenone
360.02alpha- ylangene

M. D. Guillen, N. Cabo and J. Burillo, Characterization of the essential oils of some cultivated aromatic plants of industrial interest. J. Sci. Food Agric., 70, 359-363 (1996).

P&F 26, No. 3, 66, (2001)

levisticum officinale flower oil
6trace  dihydro-1,8-cineole
250.14  bornyl acetate
340.51(Z)-3- butylidene phthalide
350.34(E)-3-butylidene phthalide
370.27(E)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
3616.01(Z)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
30.21  camphene
230.27  carvone
110.92para- cymene
260.79(Z)-dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
300.13beta- farnesene
28trace  geranyl acetate
32trace  germacrene A
330.37  germacrene B
311.00  germacrene D
132.25  limonene
180.22  linalool
290.10  methyl eugenol
77.12  myrcene
150.24(E)-beta- ocimene
142.50(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.17  octanal
190.40 pentyl cyclohexadiene
240.15  phellandral
90.93alpha- phellandrene
1240.82beta- phellandrene
21.01alpha- pinene
50.31beta- pinene
200.444-iso propyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
41.00  sabinene
210.14  terpinen-4-ol
10tracealpha- terpinene
161.87gamma- terpinene
220.31alpha- terpineol
170.11  terpinolene
2716.27alpha- terpinyl acetate
10.11alpha- thujene
levisticum officinale seed oil
250.13  bornyl acetate
330.69(Z)-3- butylidene phthalide
340.26(E)-3-butylidene phthalide
360.23(E)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
3514.18(Z)-3- butylidene-4,5-dihydrophthalide
30.25  camphene
230.10  carvone
100.59para- cymene
261.35(Z)-dihydro-alpha-terpinyl acetate
290.78beta- farnesene
31trace  germacrene A
320.47  germacrene B
300.82  germacrene D
123.16  limonene
170.11  linalool
280.20  methyl eugenol
220.11  methyl salicylate
62.19  myrcene
130.54(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.21  octanal
180.43 pentyl cyclohexadiene
240.10  phellandral
81.96alpha- phellandrene
1161.50beta- phellandrene
21.47alpha- pinene
50.35beta- pinene
190.804-iso propyl cyclohex-2-en-1-one
40.54  sabinene
20trace  terpinen-4-ol
9tracealpha- terpinene
150.39gamma- terpinene
21tracealpha- terpineol
16trace  terpinolene
274.56alpha- terpinyl acetate
1tracealpha- thujene
marsypianthes chamaedrys (vahl) kuntze oil brazil
151.50(E)-alpha- bergamotene
197.20  bicyclogermacrene
60.30  bornyl acetate
101.40beta- bourbonene
210.50gamma- cadinene
232.50delta- cadinene
20.30  camphene
1315.10beta- caryophyllene
262.60  caryophyllene oxide
140.20beta- cedrene
95.30alpha- copaene
80.20alpha- cubebene
110.50beta- cubebene
122.50beta- elemene
72.50delta- elemene
170.40(E)-beta- farnesene
203.10  germacrene A
250.30  germacrene B
221.80  germacrene C
1835.60  germacrene D
164.40alpha- humulene
40.40  limonene
51.80(E)-beta- ocimene
10.70alpha- pinene
32.90  sabinene
240.40  selina-3,7(11)-diene
270.60  viridiflorol
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 45, (2001)
mikania cordata (burm. f.) b.l. robinson var. cordata leaf oil france
240.40  aromadendrene
290.80  bicyclogermacrene
330.50(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
190.80beta- bourbonene
470.60 cadinadienol
341.10gamma- cadinene
372.60delta- cadinene
440.10T- cadinol
461.60alpha- cadinol
360.20(Z)- calamenene
2211.80beta- caryophyllene
410.90  caryophyllene oxide
182.00alpha- copaene
230.40beta- copaene
110.10  cryptone
150.10alpha- cubebene
350.20  cubebol
300.101-epi- cubenol
160.60  cyclosativene
70.40para- cymene
212.10beta- elemene
140.50delta- elemene
280.50(Z,E)-alpha- farnesene
321.30  germacrene A
381.40  germacrene B
2721.60  germacrene D
400.30  germacrene D-4-ol
256.10alpha- humulene
422.70  humulene oxide II
91.10  limonene
100.50  linalool
261.10gamma- muurolene
311.10alpha- muurolene
390.70(E)- nerolidol
50.902- pentyl furan
80.80beta- phellandrene
60.10  phenyl acetaldehyde
29.60alpha- pinene
45.20beta- pinene
31.30  sabinene
201.40  sativene
120.50  terpinen-4-ol
130.50alpha- terpineol
11.30alpha- thujene
430.10  widdrol
170.90alpha- ylangene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 13, No. 1, 31, (2001)
palmarosa oil bangladesh
201.20beta- caryophyllene
270.20  caryophyllene oxide
4tracepara- cymene
190.10beta- elemene
281.90(E,E)- farnesol
290.10(E,E)- farnesyl acetate
160.20  geranial
1582.20  geraniol
1810.10  geranyl acetate
250.10  geranyl butyrate
17trace  geranyl formate
23trace  germacrene A
210.10alpha- humulene
50.30  limonene
110.90  linalool
2trace6- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
30.20  myrcene
140.10  neral
130.10  nerol
260.10(E)- nerolidol
12trace  nonanal
71.00(E)-beta- ocimene
60.30(Z)-beta- ocimene
9trace  octanol
1tracebeta- pinene
220.10alpha- selinene
8tracegamma- terpinene
10trace  terpinolene

J. U. Chowdhury, M. Yusuf, J. Begum, L. Mondello, P. Previti and G. Dugo, Studies on the essential oil bearing plants of Bangladesh. Part IV. Composition of the leaf oils of three Cymbopogon species: C. flexuosus (Nees ex Steud.) Wats., C. nardus (L.) Rendlevar. confertiflorus (Stead.) N. L. Bor and C. martinii (Roxb.) Wats. var. martinii. J. Essent. Oil Res., 10, 301-306 (1998).

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

wulffia stenoglossa dc. flower oil brazil
190.20(E)-alpha- bergamotene
225.10  bicyclogermacrene
242.70beta- bisabolene
260.30delta- cadinene
250.10gamma- cadinene
360.40alpha- cadinol
178.80beta- caryophyllene
321.00  caryophyllene oxide
140.10alpha- copaene
152.40beta- copaene
120.60  decanal
310.50  dendrolasin
430.10  docosane
110.10  dodecane
130.30delta- elemene
180.10gamma- elemene
410.10  ethyl hexadecanoate
233.30  germacrene A
290.10  germacrene B
2113.00  germacrene D
330.10  globulol
420.10  heneicosane
470.10  heptacosane
460.10  hexacosane
202.10alpha- humulene
340.10  humulene oxide II
513.60  limonene
70.50  linalool
390.10  methyl hexadecanoate
350.40alpha- muurolol
411.80  myrcene
380.70  myristic acid
300.90(E)- nerolidol
80.20  nonanal
10.20  nonane
617.30(E)-beta- ocimene
404.00  palmitic acid
450.30  pentacosane
270.10beta-sesqui phellandrene
22.10alpha- pinene
31.00  sabinene
280.10(Z)-sesqui sabinene hydrate
90.10  terpinen-4-ol
100.10alpha- terpineol
160.10  tetradecane
440.20  tricosane
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 4, 415, (2000)
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