Fragrance Demo Formulas

Cherry fragrance
Application: fruit flavors for cosmetics
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 349
For Fragrance Use
50.00para-anisyl acetate
50.00methyl cinnamate
50.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
50.00isoamyl salicylate
50.00aldehyde C-16
50.00benzyl cinnamate
50.00aldehyde C-14 10%
Chypre base
Patent 3,962,147 Perfume composition containing 6,10 dimethyl - spiro [4.5]decane-type compounds
For Fragrance Use
30.00styrallyl acetate
100.00undecanal 10%
20.00aldehyde C-12 mna 10%
55.00musk ketone
30.00cyclopentadecanone 10%
60.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
20.00oakmoss absolute
10.00labdanum absolute
10.00galbanum oil replacer
20.00castoreum absolute replacer
50.00methyl dihydrojasmonate
100.00benzyl acetate
10.00indole 10%
50.00alpha-hexyl cinnamaldehyde
50.00rose absolute replacer
20.00patchouli oil
200.00bergamot oil replacer
Eau de cologne perfumery base
Patent 4,008,184 6,10 Dimethyl bicyclo(4,4,0)decane or decene alcohol and ester perfume compositions
For Fragrance Use
20.00sage oil spain
150.00lavender oil
200.00bergamot oil replacer
140.00lemon oil
40.00orange oil brazil
20.00galbanum oil replacer 10%
50.00muscone 10%
10.00methyl dihydrojasmonate
50.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
80.00ylang ylang oil replacer
25.00jasmin absolute replacer
50.00geranium oil replacer
100.00neroli oil replacer
5.00coriander seed oil
Perfume base composition for men
Patent 3,978,008 Sesquiterpenic derivatives as odor- and taste-modifying agents
For Fragrance Use
120.00galbanum oil 10%
100.00bergamot oil bergaptene reduced
100.00woody acetate
80.00aldehyde C-11 moa 10%
60.00jasmin absolute replacer
60.00lemon oil
60.00oakmoss absolute 50%
40.00lavender absolute
40.00clove bud oil
40.00triplal 10%
40.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
30.00orange oil
30.00methyl benzyl carbinyl acetate
30.00dodecanal 1%
20.00patchouli oil
20.00neroli oil bigarde 10%
10.00sandalwood oil
10.00celestolide 10%
10.00muscone 10%
Tabac 10
Application: specialty bases
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 328
For Fragrance Use
40.00celery seed oil 1%
30.00clary sage oil france
40.00para-dimethyl hydroquinone
10.00ylang ylang oil
10.00jasmin absolute
10.00carrot seed oil
20.00aldehyde C-11 undecylenic 10%
10.00civet resinoid
20.00labdanum absolute 50%
40.00peru balsam resinoid
25.00tonka bean resinoid
25.00methyl isoeugenol
125.00alpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
20.00musk ambrette replacer
40.00musk ketone
130.00jasmin 50
120.00ambrene 50
20.00Miel 10
20.00orangeflower 50
120.00rose 50
80.00Ophira 50
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