Typical G.C. analysis

achillea millefolium oil greece
200.50  artemisyl alcohol
16trace  artemisyl ketone
10.40  artemisia triene
3349.30  ascaridole
550.10alpha- bisabolol
292.00iso borneol
50tracedelta- cadinene
49tracegamma- cadinene
540.10alpha- cadinol
530.10T- cadinol
50.90  camphene
268.10  camphor
11tracedelta-3- carene
37trace  carvacrol
430.40beta- caryophyllene
520.20  caryophyllene oxide
280.20(Z)- chrysanthenol
36trace  chrysanthenyl acetate
1410.501,8- cineole
40tracealpha- copaene
410.10beta- cubebene
46tracear- curcumene
137.40para- cymene
42tracebeta- elemene
44trace(E)-beta- farnesene
350.30  geranial
47trace  germacrene D
45tracealpha- humulene
390.80(Z)- jasmone
270.10  lavandulol
150.10  limonene
220.50  linalool
48tracealpha- muurolene
9trace  myrcene
51trace(E)- nerolidol
6trace1- octen-3-ol
10tracealpha- phellandrene
40.40alpha- pinene
80.30beta- pinene
70.40  sabinene
190.40(E)- sabinene hydrate
250.50(Z)- sabinene hydrate
301.10  terpinen-4-ol
127.00alpha- terpinene
180.30gamma- terpinene
310.50alpha- terpineol
210.30  terpinolene
3tracealpha- thujene
231.50alpha- thujone
240.20beta- thujone
341.40 thujyl isobutyrate
380.10  thymol
2trace  tricyclene
320.20  verbenone
171.70  yomogi alcohol

P. Chatzopoulou, S. T. Katsiotis and A. Baerheim Svendsen, An ascaridole containing essential oil of the Achilles millefolium L. complex growing wild in Northen Greece, J. Essent. Oil Res., 4, 457-459 (1992).

P&F 22, No. 3, 57, (1997)

artemisia absinthium herb oil italy
Mucciarelli et al. (1995) performed GC/MS analysis on oils obtained from a number of Artemisia species growing in northwest Italy. In this study, they determined that an oil of A. absinthum contained:
17trace  artemisyl alcohol
46trace  artemisyl ketone
31trace  ascaridole
55trace(E)-alpha- bergamotol
54tracealpha- bisabolol
58trace bisabolol oxide
36trace  borneol
42trace  bornyl acetate
56tracealpha- cadinol
4trace  camphene
47trace  camphenilone
210.4  camphor
590.3  carvacrol
39tracetrans- carveol
25trace  carvone
500.5beta- caryophyllene
570.4  caryophyllene oxide
41trace(E)- chrysanthenyl acetate
40trace(Z)- chrysanthenyl acetate
282.01,8- cineole
480.2alpha- copaene
52traceepi- cubenol
450.2  cuminaldehyde
121.0para- cymene
26trace  damascenone
27trace2,3- dihydro-1,8-cineole
29trace(Z)- epoxyocimene
3tracealpha- fenchene
100.1  limonene
18trace  linalool
300.1  linalool oxide
7trace  myrcene
440.1  myrtenal
380.1  myrtenol
51trace(E)- nerolidol
37trace  nojiku alcohol
8tracealpha- phellandrene
10.3alpha- pinene
50.7beta- pinene
22traceiso pinocamphone
33trace  pinocarveol
230.2  pinocarvone
61.6  sabinene
140.2(E)- sabinene hydrate
431.6  sabinyl acetate
490.6gamma- selinene
530.1  spathulenol
321.3  terpinen-4-ol
90.3alpha- terpinene
110.6gamma- terpinene
35tracealpha- terpineol
130.1  terpinolene
20.3alpha- thujene
1967.5alpha- thujone
2018.2beta- thujone
34trace(E)- verbenol
24trace  verbenone
15trace  yomogi alcohol

M. Mucciarelli, R. Caramiello, M. Maffei and F. Chialva, Essential oils from some Artemisia species growing spontaneously in Northwest Italy. Flav. Fragr. J., 10, 25-32 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

boldea fragrans leaf oil italy
3538.63  ascaridole
50.38  camphene
240.06  camphor
90.25delta-3- carene
390.01  carvacrol
400.08trans- carvyl acetate
100.921,4- cineole
1438.631,8- cineole
330.18  cuminaldehyde
129.51para- cymene
40.02alpha- fenchene
150.01  fenchone
320.06alpha- fenchyl acetate
200.40alpha- fenchyl alcohol
340.09  geraniol
10.062- heptanone
420.32  ledol
130.07  limonene
18trace  linalool
70.02  myrcene
28trace  myrtenal
300.36  myrtenol
310.07  nerol
19trace2- nonanol
160.102- nonanone
80.04alpha- phellandrene
30.02alpha- pinene
221.20trans- pinocarveol
290.78  sabinaketone
60.04  sabinene
384.28  sabinyl acetate
261.37  terpinen-4-ol
170.03  terpinen-4-yl acetate
110.04alpha- terpinene
270.25alpha- terpineol
250.13beta- terpineol
20.06alpha- thujene
21tracebeta- thujone
370.07  thymol
410.03  thymyl acetate
23trace(Z)- verbenol
360.14cis- verbenyl acetate

E. Miraldi, S. Ferri, G. G. Franchi and G. Giorgi, Peumus boldus essential oil: New constituents and comparison of oils from leaves of different origin. Fitoterapia, 67, 227-230 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

chenopodium ambrosioldes var. anthelminthicum oil america
211.98  ascaridole
50.14  camphene
80.03delta-3- carene
230.04  carvacrol
191.06trans- carveol
200.25cis- carveol
182.28  carvone
158.09para- cymene
170.09(E)- dihydrocarvone
10.01  dimethyl sulfide
40.02alpha- fenchene
1242.32  limonene
160.09(E)- limonene oxide
90.01  myrcene
100.01alpha- phellandrene
130.09beta- phellandrene
30.82alpha- pinene
60.18beta- pinene
70.01  sabinene
1117.54alpha- terpinene
140.58gamma- terpinene
220.02  thymol
20.22  tricyclene

A. O. Tucker and M. J. Maciarello, Some toxic culinary herbs in North America. In: Food Flavors, Formation, Analysis and Packaging Influences. Edits., E. T. Contis, C-T. Ho, C. J. Mussinan, T. H. Parliament, F. Shahidi and A. M. Spanier, 401-414, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1998).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

chenopodium ambrosioldes var. anthelminthicum oil spain
341.1  ascaridole
50.5  carvacrol
71.5trans- carveol
60.2  carvone
20.2para- cymene
89.5  dihydrocarveol
140.51,4-epoxy-para-menthane diol
129.2  limonene
121.3para- menth-8-ene-1,2-diol
110.6(E)-para- mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol
41.0  thymol

J. dePascual T., I. S. Bellido, C. Torres and M. A. Pérez, Essential oil from Chenopodium ambrosioides. Rivista Ital., EPPOS, 62, 123-125 (1980).

P&F 24, No. 6, 45, (1999)

peumus boldus leaf oil
3321.25  ascaridole
50.21  camphene
230.01  camphor
80.14delta-3- carene
370.04trans- carvyl acetate
90.511,4- cineole
1321.101,8- cineole
310.10  cuminaldehyde
118.63para- cymene
40.01alpha- fenchene
14trace  fenchone
300.04alpha- fenchyl acetate
190.22alpha- fenchyl alcohol
320.10  geraniol
418.80  guaiazulene
10.032- heptanone
400.17  ledol
120.04  limonene
390.75  methyl eugenol
70.01  myrcene
280.20  myrtenol
290.04  nerol
17trace2- nonanol
150.042- nonanone
30.01alpha- pinene
210.66trans- pinocarveol
270.40  sabinaketone
60.01  sabinene
362.36  sabinyl acetate
250.75  terpinen-4-ol
160.02  terpinen-4-yl acetate
100.02alpha- terpinene
260.14alpha- terpineol
240.07beta- terpineol
20.03alpha- thujene
1814.30alpha- thujone
207.15beta- thujone
350.03  thymol
380.01  thymyl acetate
229.90(Z)- verbenol
340.08cis- verbenyl acetate

E. Miraldi, S. Ferri, G. G. Franchi and G. Giorgi, Peumus boldus essential oil: New constituents and comparison of oils from leaves of different origin. Fitoterapia, 67, 227-230 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

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