Flavor Demo Formulas (flavor grade components)

Grape flavor
Application: fruit flavors
Cosmetic, Fragrances and Flavors, Louis Appel, 1982, Novox, Inc. pg. 340
For Flavor Use
40.00ethyl acetate
40.00ethyl propionate
80.00ethyl butyrate
20.00isoamyl valerate
5.00butyric acid 10%
30.00orange oil
15.00ethyl oenanthate
20.00lemon oil
45.00benzyl propionate
340.00methyl anthranilate
30.00ethyl cinnamate
3.00aldehyde C-16
35.00beta-naphthyl methyl ketone
7.00aldehyde C-14
280.00propylene glycol
Artificial Grape flavor
Patent 5,030,467 Flavoring with alkyl .alpha.-campholenates and dihydro derivatives thereof
For Flavor Use
55.00methyl anthranilate
15.00ethyl anthranilate
2.00ethyl butyrate
19.90triethyl citrate
0.40ethyl acetate
0.20geranyl acetate
0.20isoamyl acetate
0.20geranyl propionate
2.00ethyl heptanoate
3.50oenanthic ether
0.50ethyl pelargonate
0.20ethyl caproate
0.20isoamyl butyrate
0.30ethyl vanillin
0.20ethyl propionate
Grape flavor
Patent EP2098586 B1 Flavor composition or fragrance composition, product containing the flavor composition or fragrance composition, and novel ester compound
For Flavor Use
10.00isoamyl isovalerate
5.00cinnamic alcohol
60.00ethyl acetate
15.00ethyl butyrate
10.00aldehyde C-16
8.00ethyl heptanoate
130.00methyl anthranilate
15.00methyl salicylate
Grape flavor
Patent 3,982,009 Grape flavor compositions, foodstuffs and chewing gum containing bis (cyclohexyl) disulfide and methods for producing same
For Flavor Use
11.00methyl anthranilate
9.00ethyl acetate
2.50ethyl anthranilate
2.00ethyl butyrate
1.50aldehyde C-16
0.30cinnamic alcohol
0.10cognac oil white
0.02bis (cyclohexyl) disulfide
73.58ethyl alcohol
Concord Grape flavor
Patent 8,173,822 1,3-oxathiane compounds and their use in flavor and fragrance compositions
For Flavor Use
5.000methyl anthranilate
1.000strawberry furanone
0.800ethyl acetate
0.100phenethyl alcohol
0.0022-propyl-4-methyl-1,3-oxathiane 1%
92.798propylene glycol
Grape flavor
Patent 4,570,648 Flavorants containing esters of 2,3,6,6-tetramethylcyclohexenyl carboxylic acids
For Flavor Use
10.00ethyl isovalerate
10.00cinnamic alcohol
10.00citral 10%
10.00aldehyde C-16 10%
10.00ethyl oenanthate
10.00petitgrain oil 10%
10.00rum ether
15.00benzaldehyde 10%
20.00raspberry ketone
20.00ethyl butyrate
40.00methyl anthranilate
50.00ethyl acetate
50.00givescone 10%
Grape flavor
Patent 4,312,766 Derivatives of cis-3-hexenol and process for producing compositions of matter containing cis-3-hexenal and products produced thereby and organoleptic uses thereof
For Flavor Use
8.00methyl anthranilate
1.00ethyl heptanoate
4.00diethyl malonate
1.00ethyl benzoate
20.00ethyl butyrate
35.00ethyl acetate
1.00benzyl acetate
5.00benzyl alcohol
25.00propylene glycol
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