Typical G.C. analysis

artemisia absinthium herb oil poland
In 1993, Kalemba et al. compared the composition of oils obtained from Artemisia absinthum (absinthe) grown in Poland, using GC and GC/MS as their method of analysis. Oils produced from plants harvested at the pre-flowering stage, in full bloom and after flowering were found to possess quantitative differences in their compositions as shown in Table XI. In addition, the authors found that the oil was strongly toxic to Rhizopertha dominca (lesser grain boror), mildly toxic to Tribolium confusum (darkling grain beetle) and Sitophilus granarius (grain weevil). Also, it was repellent to S. granarius. Only the full-flowering analysis will be shown here.
210.74alpha- bisabolol
10.95  camphene
5tracedelta-3- carene
112.74beta- caryophyllene
136.95  chrysanthenyl acetate
612.661,8- cineole
70.77para- cymene
166.31 dihydrocarvyl acetate + alpha-terpineol
18trace  geranyl acetate
120.91  linalool
20trace  nerol
170.56  neryl acetate
190.52  neryl propionate
80.12beta- phellandrene
23.23alpha- pinene
30.39beta- pinene
45.67 sabinene + myrcene
1520.13  sabinyl acetate
141.73  terpinen-4-ol
98.03alpha- thujone
1016.91beta- thujone

D. Kalemba, J. Gora, A. Kurowska, T. Majda and Z. Mielnizuk, Analysis of essential oils in respects of their influence to insects. Zeszyty Nauk. Politechnik. Lodz., No. 589, 5-14 (1993).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

citrus limon peel oil c.p. california
300.03(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
320.38(E)-alpha-bergamotene + citronellyl propionate
360.55beta- bisabolene
520.04alpha- bisabolol
160.01  borneol
30.06  camphene
510.03  campherenol
460.008  camphor
310.22beta- caryophyllene
230.08  citronellal
190.06 citronellol + nerol
380.03  citronellyl acetate
90.14para- cymene
240.05  decanal
470.01exo-(Z)-4,7-dimethyl bicyclo(3.2.1)oct-3-en-6-one
500.032,3- dimethyl-3-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl)-2-norbornanol
290.01 dodecanal + decyl acetate
330.03(E)-beta- farnesene
261.18  geranial
200.03  geraniol
400.52  geranyl acetate
420.01  geranyl propionate
340.02alpha- humulene
1065.65 limonene + 1,8-cineole + (E)-beta-ocimene
440.007(E)- limonene 1,2-oxide
450.006(Z)- limonene 1,2-oxide
370.007  methyl geranate
61.58  myrcene
250.74  neral
490.004  nerolidol
390.60  neryl acetate
410.007  neryl propionate
220.12  nonanal
110.09(E)-beta- ocimene
210.08  octanal
270.03  perillaldehyde
70.04alpha- phellandrene
21.75alpha- pinene
511.13beta- pinene
480.004  piperitone
41.85  sabinene
150.13(Z)-sabinene hydrate + linalool
140.01(E)-sabinene hydrate + octanol
350.01beta- santalene
170.11  terpinen-4-ol
80.16alpha- terpinene
128.32gamma- terpinene
180.16alpha- terpineol
130.34  terpinolene
10.38alpha- thujene
280.03  undecanal
430.009  undecyl acetate

T. S. Chamblee, B. C. Clark. G. B. Brewster, T. Radford and G. A. Iacobucci, Quantitative analysis of the volatile constituents of lemon peel oil. Effects of silica gel chromatography on the imposition of its hydrocarbon and oxygenated fractions. J. Agric, Food Chem., 39, 162-169 (1991).

P&F 17, No. 1, 45, (1992)

helichrysum italicum flower oil
142.01(E)-alpha- bergamotene
150.87(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
170.03(E)-alpha- bisabolene
240.19(E)-gamma- bisabolene
230.07(Z)-gamma- bisabolene
210.25beta- bisabolene
340.81  bulnesol
161.85beta- caryophyllene
300.08  caryophyllene oxide
251.08ar- curcumene
1915.98gamma- curcumene
80.13para- cymene
330.1110-epi-gamma- eudesmol
350.20alpha- eudesmol
360.41beta- eudesmol
290.45  geranyl isovalerate
321.65  guaiol
100.05(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
180.06alpha- humulene
131.84  italicene
41.09  limonene
121.04  linalool
110.136- methyl-5-hepten-2-one
220.37alpha- muurolene
20.17  myrcene
274.47  nerol
310.20(Z)- nerolidol
2016.60  neryl acetate
280.18  neryl isovalerate
266.53  neryl propionate
60.05(Z)-beta- ocimene
70.40(E)-beta-ocimene + gamma-terpinene
50.09beta- phellandrene
13.41alpha- pinene
30.22alpha- terpinene
90.39  terpinolene
A. 0, Tucker, M. J. Maciarello, D, J. Charles and J, E, Simon, Volatile leaf oil of the curry plant (Helichtysurn italicurn (Roth) G. Don subsp. italicum) and dwarf curry plant (subsp, microphyllum (Willd.) Nyman) in the North American herb trade, J. Essent. Oil, Res,, 9,583-565 (1997). P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)
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