Odor Descriptors for violet
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Primary (First) - violet
 ethyl heptine carbonate
 odor: violet leaf oily waxy
FL/FR ionone mixed isomers
 ionone terpenes
 odor: fresh sweet violet berry woody powdery
FR methyl octine carbonate replacer
FR violet dienyne
FL violet flavor
 flavor: violet
FL/FR violet flower absolute
FR violet fragrance
 odor: violet
FL/FR violet leaf absolute
 odor: green oily earthy leafy floral
FL/FR violet leaf absolute egypt
FR violet leaf concrete
FR violet methyl carbonate
 odor: floral violet green banana tagette fruity
FR violet nitrile
FR violet specialty
Secondary (Second) - violet
FR cassie concrete
FR dimethyl alpha-ionone
 odor: floral violet sweet powdery woody
FL/FR ethyl myristate
 odor: sweet waxy violet orris
FL2-ethyl octine carbonate
 odor: violet leaves green cucumber floral
 flavor: cucumber
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl heptine carbonate
(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl octine carbonate
 odor: sweet herbal floral violet tropical balsam woody
 odor: sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
FL/FR(Z)-leaf acetal
 odor: green violet natural green leaf mushroom earthy
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (50-60%)
 odor: floral violet orris powdery woody
FRN-methyl ionone
 odor: orris violet powdery woody
 methyl ionone terpenes
FL/FR methyl ionyl acetate
 odor: green cucumber oily violet leafy
FR2-nonyn-1-al dimethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green violet folage sweet
FR tetrahydroionol
FR tobacco flower absolute
Tertiary (Third) - violet
FL/FR boronia absolute
 odor: cassie violet warm sweet woody fresh fruity green
FR citronellone
 odor: fresh citrus citronella floral ionones
FR dimethyl ionone
 odor: woody orris violet berry powdery
FR4-dimethyl ionone
 odor: sweet floral violet woody
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl methyl carbonate
 odor: natural floral absolute violet green leaf waxy apple
FR hexen-1-yl oxypropane nitrile
 odor: ionone tropical sweet floral violet woody
 odor: sweet herbal floral violet tropical balsam woody
 odor: sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
FRalpha-ionyl acetate
 odor: sweet woody floral violet berry
FL/FRbeta-ionyl acetate
 odor: sweet berry raspberry violet jam woody
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (60% min.)
 odor: woody violet floral
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (70% min.)
 odor: woody orris violet floral
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (80% min.)
FL/FR methyl octine carbonate
 odor: floral green violet leaf melon cucumber
 odor: green fatty dry cucumber violet leaf
FR orris butenone
FR orris pyridine 25% IPM
 odor: orris floral violet leather fresh wood
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris germanica)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood
FL/FR orris rhizome absolute (iris pallida)
 odor: sweet floral berry violet fresh wet wood (80-85% irone)
FL/FR orris rhizome concrete butter (iris pallida)
 odor: woody fatty violet fruity sweet floral warm (8% irone)
FL/FR orris rhizome oil (iris germanica)
FR tobacco butenal
 odor: dry sweet tobacco nutty violet
FR(E)-2-undecen-1-yl acetate
FR violet decenol
 odor: green oily violet lily seedy fruity kiwi
FR violet propanol
Quaternary (Fourth) - violet
FR boronia butenal
 odor: dry sweet tobacco nutty violet boronia dry leaves hay wood acorns
FR cyperus root oil (cyperus rotundus)
 odor: musty leafy violet herbal green sweet woody peony
 hexyl oxyacetonitrile
FL/FRbeta-ionone epoxide
 odor: orris floral berry violet woody powdery
FL/FR methyl heptine carbonate
 odor: green leafy waxy violet cucumber
FL/FRalpha-methyl ionone
 odor: sweet powdery fruity floral violet beeswax orris woody
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (44-50%)
 odor: floral woody orris violet
FL/FR(E)-alpha-methyl ionone (74-80%)
 odor: sweet floral fruity powdery violet orris woody
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (50% min.)
 odor: violet sweet orris powdery floral woody
FL/FRalpha-isomethyl ionone (90% min.)
 odor: floral fruity powdery violet woody tea
FL tetrahydrofurfuryl propionate
 odor: oily paint fruity violet leaf tropical
Quinary (Fifth) - violet
FL2-acetyl-4-isopropyl pyridine
 odor: grassy green leafy herbal violet
FL/FR dibutyl sulfide
 odor: green grassy violet-leaf herbal rose geranium
FL/FR melon nonenoate
 odor: sweet green waxy violet pear fruity melon vegetable
FL methyl 2-undecynoate
FL/FR(E,Z)-2,6-nonadien-1-al diethyl acetal
 odor: green cucumber fresh oily painty
FR(Z)-woody amylene
 odor: woody floral pine balsam violet methyl ionone
Senary (Sixth) - violet
FL/FR cassie absolute
 odor: fresh sweet spice clove violet green weedy woody
FL/FR(Z)-3-hexen-1-yl lactate
 odor: green leafy sweet melon waxy violet leaf tropical fruity
FL/FR orris rhizome resinoid (iris pallida)
 odor: sweet powdery floral waxy cocoa woody
Septenary (Seventh) - violet
FL/FR dihydro-alpha-ionone
FR grapefruit acetal
 odor: fresh citrus grapefruit peel soapy woody green violet
FL/FR methyl heptine carbonate
 odor: green leafy waxy violet cucumber
FL/FR muguet carbinol
 odor: clean fresh green rose linalool lily violet
Octonary (Eighth) - violet
FL/FR methyl (E)-2-octenoate
 odor: hairy costus sweet fruity pear oily waxy violet
FR patchouli ethanone
 odor: woody dry ambergris cedar old wood ketonic phenolic
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