Typical G.C. analysis

mentha arvensis leaf oil india
10.02  acetic acid
400.05  carvone
490.29  caryophyllene oxide
160.251,8- cineole
350.10  citronellol
290.03para- cymen-8-ol
140.02para- cymene
420.03  decanol
40.03(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
360.28(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl 3-methyl butyrate
110.04(Z)-3- hexen-1-yl acetate
370.03  hexyl 3-methyl butyrate
150.39  limonene
200.03  linalool
460.03para- menth-8-ene-1,2-diol
2774.51  menthol
280.05iso menthol
300.12neo menthol
248.30  menthone
264.59iso menthone
446.11  menthyl acetate
380.23iso menthyl acetate
450.12neo menthyl acetate
430.16neoiso menthyl acetate
20.083- methyl butanol
210.033- methyl butyl 3-methyl butyrate
6trace3- methyl cyclohexanol
7trace3- methyl cyclohexanone
130.02  methyl octyl ether
30.023- methyl-2-cyclopenten-1-one
330.04 myrtenal + myrtenol
480.02  nerolidol
250.09  nonanol
190.043- nonanol
170.06  octanol
100.963- octanol
320.11  octyl acetate
220.043- octyl acetate
120.02alpha- phellandrene
50.15alpha- pinene
90.24beta-pinene + 3-octanone
410.45  piperitone
390.13  pulegone
80.06  sabinene
180.02  sabinene hydrate
470.06 terpin hydrate
310.07alpha- terpineol
230.01beta- terpineol
340.03  verbenone

M. H. Boelens, Chemical characterization of cornmint oil, Perf. & Flav., 18(5), 27-32 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 6, 57, (1994)

mentha pulegium oil cuba
270.10beta- bourbonene
300.18delta- cadinene
250.09alpha- calacorene
282.49beta- caryophyllene
311.04  caryophyllene oxide
60.08para- cymene
260.39beta- damascenone
336.78  hexadecanoic acid
290.27alpha- humulene
71.13  limonene
90.77  linalool
150.16  menthol
160.30iso menthol
131.86neo menthol
1420.68neoiso menthol
106.29  menthone
119.73iso menthone
200.14iso menthyl acetate
230.28neo menthyl acetate
226.24neoiso menthyl acetate
50.06  myrcene
80.11(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.413- octanol
10.35alpha- pinene
30.38beta- pinene
242.39  piperitenone
191.02  piperitone
1825.14  pulegone
20.11  sabinene
170.29alpha- terpineol
320.56  tetradecanoic acid
213.03  thymol
120.74  umbellulone

J. Pino, A. R.sado and V. Fluentes, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Mentha puiegium L. from Cuba. J. Essent. Oil. Res., 8, 295-296 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

mentha x piperita oil CO2 extract
Reverchon et al. (1994) compared the composition of a supercritical CO2 extract (SFE) of peppermint under two separate sets of conditions with a sample of peppermint oil produced by hydrodistillation. The results of the GC/MS analyses of the volatile concentrates of peppermint oil and peppermint produced by SFE can be seen in Table VIII. Note: Only the SFE-2 (T:40C, P:120 bar) will be shown as follows:
180.20  bornyl acetate
220.70beta- bourbonene
295.00gamma- cadinene
330.60T- cadinol
310.40(E)- calamenene
244.30beta- caryophyllene
320.20  caryophyllene oxide
63.601,8- cineole
21tracealpha- cubebene
50.10  decane
130.20  dihydrocarveol
230.90beta- elemene
300.40gamma- elemene
270.60beta- farnesene
250.20beta- gurjunene
26tracealpha- humulene
160.60  linalyl acetate
1123.80  menthol
120.20iso menthol
936.10  menthone
107.50iso menthone
1911.70  menthyl acetate
200.20iso menthyl acetate
170.20neo menthyl acetate
28tracegamma- muurolene
30.20  myrcene
70.20(Z)-beta- ocimene
40.103- octanol
10.20alpha- pinene
20.50beta- pinene
150.60  piperitone
140.30  pulegone

E. Reverchon, A. Ambruosi and F. Senatore, Isolation of peppermint oil using ssupercritical CO2 extraction. Flav. Fragr. J., 9, 19-23 (1994).

P&F 22, No. 4, 57, (1997)

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