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Flavor Descriptors for burnt
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Primary (First) - burnt
FL2-acetyl-5-methyl thiazole
 flavor: burnt nutty
FL4-acetyl pyridine
 flavor: burnt coffee
FL bacon dithiazine
 odor: meaty smoked bacon
 flavor: burnt roasted crispy bacon
FL burnt flavor
FL cocoa flavor
2,5-dimethyl-3,6-diisopropyl pyrazine
 flavor: burnt phenolic
 flavor: burnt
2,4-dimethyl thiophenol
 flavor: burnt phenolic
3,4-dimethyl thiophenol
 flavor: burnt
7-ethyl benzofuran
 flavor: burnt green
FL ethyl 2-furoate
 odor: ethyl benzoate fruity floral
 flavor: burnt
FL5-ethyl-2-methyl thiazole
 flavor: burnt alliaceous metallic acrylate
4-ethyl-2-methyl thiophene
 flavor: burnt corn
1-ethyl pyrrole
 flavor: burnt
FL furfuryl alcohol
 odor: alcoholic chemical musty sweet caramel bread coffee
 flavor: Burnt, sweet, caramellic, brown
1-furfuryl-2-pyrrole carbaldehyde
 flavor: slightly burnt taste, slightly acid
FL1-(2-furfuryl thio) propanone
 flavor: burnt coffee mercaptan
2-(furyl-2)-ethanthiol acetate
 flavor: burnt, onion, mushroom
 flavor: burnt, onion, caramel
FL garlic oleoresin
 odor: Roasted, onion, garlic, with sulfury savory HVP-like nuances
 flavor: Burnt, roasted, sauteed, onion and garlic
FL1,6-hexane dithiol
 odor: burnt fatty meaty fungal sulfurous
 flavor: burnt fatty meaty
 flavor: burned, slightly rubbery
2-(1-mercaptoethyl) furan
 flavor: burnt onion caramellic
 flavor: burnt, enhances the burnt note
 odor: green fermented tea
 flavor: burnt, mustard-like
FL methyl phenyl disulfide
 odor: pungent turnup radish
 flavor: burnt floral
 flavor: burnt anthranilate-like
2-methyl-6-propyl pyrazine
 flavor: burnt hazelnut
FL2-methyl quinoxaline
 odor: toasted coffee nutty fruity
 flavor: phenolic burnt coffee nutty
FL6-methyl quinoxaline
 flavor: burnt earthy
FL/FRisopropenyl pyrazine
 odor: caramellic chocolate nutty roasted
 flavor: burnt coffee
FL/FR4-isopropyl phenol
 odor: woody warm spicy medicinal
 flavor: burnt phenolic
 propyl 2-thenoate
 flavor: burnt
FL/FR rum ether
 odor: Empyromatic, acidic, woody, burnt, with meaty and whiskey notes
 flavor: Burnt, smoky, woody, caramellic with rum and brandy notes
FL/FR shoyu furanone
 odor: Sweet, caramellic, bready, maple, brown sugar with burnt undernotes
 flavor: Burnt, caramellic, sweet, fruity
FL smoke flavor
FL tea pyrrole
 odor: burnt roasted smoky
 flavor: burnt
 flavor: burnt caramel
 flavor: burnt, coffee grounds, onion
2-(thienyl-2)-ethanethiol acetate
 flavor: burnt, onion
 odor: burnt garlic
 flavor: burnt chemical
 flavor: burnt
 flavor: burnt green fatty
 thiothenoic acid 3-ethyl ester
 flavor: burnt, coffee-like
FL/FR2,4,5-trimethyl oxazole
 odor: nutty nut skin roasted wasabi shellfish mustard vegetable
 flavor: burnt nutty hazelnut oily nut skin potato earthy mushroom
FR2,3,5-trimethyl phenol
 flavor: burnt coffee woody
2-vinyl benzofuran
 flavor: burnt caramellic
 odor: weak smoky roasted dark
 flavor: burnt roasted
Secondary (Second) - burnt
FL2-acetyl-4-methyl thiazole
 odor: cooked meat
 flavor: nutty burnt
FLburnt almond flavor
FL/FR beech wood creosote
 odor: smoky
 flavor: smoky burnt
 butyl 2-thenoate
 flavor: oily burnt
FLburnt caramel flavor
FL chocolate distillates
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate flavor
FL cocoa distillates
 odor: sweet sulfury cocoa nutty chocolate creamy
 flavor: cocoa
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean oil CO2 extract
 odor: coffee burnt beany
 flavor: roasted espresso coffee burnt
FL/FR2,3-dimethyl benzofuran
 odor: Chemical tar-like, phenolic, smoky, tobacco, slightly pungent with a hint of black licorice drops, leather, cade oil and smoky bacon meaty
 flavor: Chemical, burnt woody, coumarin-like, tobacco, whiskey and slightly fusel like, tarry with a lingering aftertaste
 flavor: green, burnt coffee
FL/FR3-ethyl phenol
 flavor: phenolic burnt truffle
FL2-furyl acetone
 odor: caramellic fruity spicy radish
 flavor: green burnt radish
FR guaiacwood extract acetate
 odor: woody vetiver balsamic tea rose
 flavor: aromatic burnt fruity meaty woody smoky astringent vanilla coumarinic
FL hexyl mercaptan
 odor: Intense roasted meaty, sulfurous and slightly alliaceous with roasted meaty and nutty nuance
 flavor: Roasted burnt meat with a fatty, rubbery and sulfurous vegetative nuance
 odor: phenolic woody dry nutty tobacco spicy clean powdery
 flavor: phenolic burnt tobacco smoky nut skin
 flavor: bitter, burnt, coffee-like
FL2-methyl benzofuran
 odor: burnt phenolic
 flavor: phenolic burnt
FL4-methyl-2-propionyl thiazole
 odor: green fruity
 flavor: fruity, burnt
N-methyl-pyrryl-2 methyl sulfide
 flavor: metallic, burnt
 methyl 2-thenoate
 flavor: anthranilate-like taste with burnt note
2-(1-propenyl) pyridine
 flavor: green burnt coffee
FL propyl 2-furoate
 odor: sweet herbal earthy chocolate mushroom
 flavor: phenolic burnt
FL2-propyl pyrazine
 odor: green vegetable nutty
 flavor: green burnt
FL/FR pyroligneous acids
 odor: Smoky, woody/casky, slightly phenolic with a bacon and smoked salmon fattiness
 flavor: Sweet hickory smoky, with burnt and charred woody notes, smoked meaty and bacon-like
FL smoke extract
 flavor: smoky burnt woody resinous burnt wood guaiacol sawdust
FL2-vinyl pyrazine
 flavor: green burnt nutty
 odor: sweet medicinal phenolic rooty coffee
 flavor: sweet burnt smoky
Tertiary (Third) - burnt
FL acetone alcohol
 odor: pungent sweet caramellic ethereal
 flavor: sweet slightly green burnt
FL2,5-diethyl-3-methyl pyrazine
 odor: toasted hazelnut meaty
 flavor: hazelnut burnt
2,5-dimethyl-3,6-dihexyl pyrazine
 flavor: green fatty burnt
2-ethyl-3-vinyl pyrazine
 flavor: earthy hazelnut burnt
FL/FR furfuryl mercaptan
 odor: Roasted coffee, sulfurous, with a burnt match note. It is savory meaty with chicken and fried onion nuances.
 flavor: Sulfurous roasted coffee, burnt match-like, rubbery, and slightly nutty with eggy and savory meaty nuances.
FL/FR lepidine
 odor: burnt oily herbal floral sweet
 flavor: sweet floral oily slightly burnt
FL3-mercapto-2-methyl pentanol
 odor: sulfurous onion
 flavor: alliaceous brothy burnt cooked meaty metallic roasted sulfurous
FL methyl furfuryl thiol
 odor: sulfurous roasted coffee
 flavor: strong mustard garlic burnt meaty
N-methyl-pyrryl-2 ethyl sulfide
 flavor: metallic, earthy, burnt
(N-methyl-pyrryl-2)-methylthiol acetate
 flavor: metallic, sulfurous, burnt
FL phenyl mercaptan
 odor: Meaty, phenolic, sulfuraceous, with a rubbery allicious backnote
 flavor: Meaty, phenolic, with a burnt rubber sulfureous nuance
Quaternary (Fourth) - burnt
FL/FR caramel pentadione
 odor: sweet maple caramel sugar fenugreek licorice
 flavor: sweet maple fenugreek burnt caramellic burnt sugar resinous phenolic
FL/FRortho-methyl acetophenone
 odor: sweet hawthorn powdery anisic coumarinic phenolic burnt nutty honey
 flavor: sweet anisic coumarinic phenolic burnt nutty nut flesh almond powdery
FL/FR methyl benzoxole
 odor: tobacco burnt phenolic meaty powdery capers
 flavor: nutty hazelnut tobacco burnt meaty brothy roasted phenolic
 pyrazinylmethylthiol acetate
 flavor: sulfurous, toasted, nutty, burnt cereal
FL roasted butanol
 odor: Roasted, meaty and sulfureous with a fatty, brothy nuance
 flavor: Sulfureous, roasted and meaty with a burnt, savory note
FL/FR(E,E/E,Z)-tobacco cyclohexenone
 odor: sweet acorn nut skin tobacco spicy
 flavor: sweet nutty nut skin herbal burnt tobacco spicy fenugreek woody
 flavor: smoky, sweet and earthy notes
Quinary (Fifth) - burnt
FLroasted coffee bean concentrate
 flavor: coffee
FL coffee distillates
 flavor: coffee
FL/FR2-methyl thio-3,5 or 6-methyl pyrazine
 odor: Toasted popcorn, roasted almond, hazelnut, peanut and cashew nutty, with a caramellic and corn-chip nuance
 flavor: Peanut and pecan nutty, popcorn and corn-chip-like with a burnt musty nuance
FL/FR2-isopropyl phenol
 odor: solvent like, phenolic, smoky with toasted woody and burnt rubber nuances
 flavor: solvent like, shoe polish, woody smoky, aged scotch and whiskey like with tar and burnt rubber nuances
Senary (Sixth) - burnt
FR cistus ladaniferus gum
 odor: sweet dry woody old wood amber ambergris resinous balsamic
 flavor: woody old wood amber resinous phenolic burnt balsamic
FL/FR cistus ladaniferus resinoid
 odor: sweet dry woody old wood amber ambergris balsamic gourmand
 flavor: woody old wood amber resinous phenolic burnt balsamic
FL coffee flavor
FL/FR phenyl acetate
 odor: phenolic medicinal animal resinous castoreum woody smoky burnt
 flavor: phenolic animal resinous castoreum smoky burnt fecal
Septenary (Seventh) - burnt
FL/FR castoreum absolute
 odor: leathery smoky animal phenolic old wood burnt resinous
 flavor: leathery animal resinous smoky old wood phenolic burnt
FL/FR cistus ladaniferus absolute resin
 odor: sweet old wood incense amber ambergris resinous musty dry
 flavor: woody old wood amber resinous ambergris phenolic burnt
FL cyclopentyl mercaptan
 odor: Alliaceous, onion, garlic, horseradish, vegetable-celery, egg, sauteed meat
 flavor: Alliaceous, onion, garlic, horseradish, meat, egg, burned, vegetable, celery
FL/FR furfural
 odor: sweet woody almond fragrant baked bread
 flavor: Brown, sweet, woody, bready, nutty, caramellic with a burnt astringent nuance
FL/FR labdanum oil
 odor: woody old wood amber ambergris incense balsamic labdanum spicy
 flavor: woody old wood amber resinous ambergris phenolic burnt incense
FL mango furanone
 odor: fruity ester caramel
 flavor: bready buttery caramellic meaty roasted sugar burnt sweet
Octonary (Eighth) - burnt
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