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Flavor Descriptors for bitter
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Primary (First) - bitter
FL2-acetyl-5-methyl pyrrole
 odor: earthy roasted
 flavor: bitter earthy roasted
FL amarogentin
 flavor: very bitter
 flavor: moderate throat and mouth cooling that lingers with some bitter notes in background. Cooling lasts with breath in for 30 minutes.
FL angostura bark oil
 flavor: burning bitter
4-(azepane-1-carbonyl)-1-(2-isopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexyl) pyrrolidin-2-one
 flavor: bitterness and cooling effect and both built up
2-benzoyl pyridine
 flavor: bitter musty
4-benzyl pyridine
 flavor: bitter
 benzyl sulfide
 flavor: bitter roasted
FL bitters flavor
1-(2-tert-butyl cyclohexyl)-4-(piperidine-1-carbonyl) pyrrolidin-2-one
 flavor: some bitterness and drying, powdery, and minimal cooling effect
1-(2-tert-butyl cyclohexyl)-4-(pyrrolidine-1-carbonyl) pyrrolidin-2-one
 flavor: upfront bitterness, quinine, drying, greasy, and burning effect
FL caffeine
 odor: No apparent odor
 flavor: Lingering bitter, astringent with a slight metallic aftertaste
FL campari flavor
FL chicory flavor
FL chicory root distillates
 flavor: chicory
 cimicifuga racemosa root distillates
FDred cinchona bark
 odor: brown maple woody botanical rooty
 flavor: bitter astringent maple brown tea woody
FL cocoa distillates
 odor: sweet sulfury cocoa nutty chocolate creamy
 flavor: cocoa
FL/FR cocoa hexenal
 odor: aldehydic bitter cocoa nut skin green sweet chocolate fruity butyric
 flavor: bitter cocoa dark chocolate aldehydic coffee nutty honey green
FL/FR cocoa oleoresin
 odor: dark bitter cocoa chocolate powdery earthy coffee roasted
 flavor: bitter dark chocolate powdery cocoa earthy
FL cocoa pyrazines base (mixture of pyrazines)
 odor: nutty bitter chocolate
 flavor: bitter nutty chocolate
2,6-diacetyl pyridine
 flavor: bitter, coffee-like
FL/FR dibenzyl ketone
 odor: bitter almond benzaldehyde plastic seedy
 flavor: Bitter with floral, rose and honey notes
2,3-diethyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter earthy
 odor: dry medicinal bitter almond
 flavor: bitter apricot seed
 flavor: bitter
2-(2-ethoxyethyl) pyridine
 flavor: bitter, astringent, basic
FL/FR fenugreek oleoresin
 odor: sweet maple lovage caramellic cocoa coffee roasted molasses parsley
 flavor: bitter brown maple lovage molasses roasted coffee
FL/FR frankincense gum papyrifera
 odor: woody incense woody terpenic resinous
 flavor: bitter
FD glucose pentaacetate
 flavor: Bitters-like, with a citrus tonic flavor
FL glyceryl tributyrate
 odor: Cheese, waxy, fatty, acidic
 flavor: Bitter, waxy, fatty, cheese and butter nuances
 flavor: bitter
 flavor: bitter, burnt, coffee-like
FLbitter lemon flavor
 flavor: bitter
 flavor: bitter, earthy, roasted
 flavor: bitter, earthy
2-methyl-3-butyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter acidic woody
2-methyl-3-isobutyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter earthy woody
1-(2-methyl cyclohexyl)-5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acid methyl ester
 flavor: slight upfront bitterness for .about.20-30 seconds and mild cooling effect that slightly built up in a few minutes
 flavor: bitter, roasted
2-methyl-3-pentyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter earthy fatty
2-methyl-3-propyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter acidic earthy
2-methyl-3-isopropyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter astringent
2-methyl-6-vinyl pyridine
 flavor: bitter earthy roasted
CS nicotinyl alcohol
 flavor: bitter, green
FL1,3-octane diol
 flavor: bitter
FDalpha-dextro-pentaacetyl glucose
 flavor: Bitters-like, with a citrus tonic flavor
FL/FR peru balsam resinoid
 odor: sweet balsamic cinnamyl vanilla amber powdery woody resinous
 flavor: bitter warm balsam cinnamon woody vanilla leather
FDlaevo-phenyl alanine
 flavor: slightly bitter
4-phenyl pyridine
 flavor: bitter caramellic
1-(2-isopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexyl)-4-(piperidine-1-carbonyl) pyrrolidin-2-one
 flavor: slight upfront bitterness, herbaceous flavor, and built-up cooling effect
1-(2-isopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexyl)-5-(piperidine-1-carbonyl) piperidin-2-one
 flavor: grapefruit-like bitterness, and very mild cooling and drying effect
1-(2-isopropyl-5-methyl cyclohexyl)-5-(pyrrolidine-1-carbonyl) piperidin-2-one
 flavor: slight cooling, and bitter and drying effect
FD propylene glycol diacetate
 odor: fruity acetic
 flavor: bitter sweet
CS3-pyridine carboxaldehyde
 flavor: bitter astringent
2-(pyridyl-2)-methanethiol acetate
 flavor: bitter fatty
2-(pyridyl-2)-methyl methyl sulfide
 flavor: bitter, green, earthy
 flavor: bitter, roasted peanut
FL quassia amara bark extract
 odor: woody phenolic animal bitter chemical burnt medicinal balsamic
 flavor: bitter astringent medicinal fruity herbal green earthy
CS quinine
 flavor: bitter
FL/FR rhamnus purshiana bark extract
 flavor: bitter woody grassy dried fruit tea leafy herbal
FL terpin anhydrous
 flavor: bitter
FL/FR terpinyl isovalerate
 odor: sweet pine olibanum incense orange citrus
 flavor: bitter apple fruity
FL theobromine
 flavor: bitter
 odor: citrus peel waxy fatty oily fruity
 flavor: bitter waxy sweet
 trimethyl citrate
 odor: ethereal fruity
 flavor: bitter
FL twinberry flavor
Secondary (Second) - bitter
4-benzoyl pyridine
 flavor: astringent bitter musty
FLbitter chocolate flavor
FLbittersweet chocolate flavor
FL/FR citronellyl oxyacetaldehyde
 odor: fresh sweet waxy floral aldehydic honeysuckle muguet
 flavor: Citrus, bitter, floral with a slight soapy and woody nuance
FL cocoa flavor
FRisocyclogeraniol (IFF)
 odor: spice floral carnation herbal green woody
 flavor: camphoraceous and bitter flavor
 flavor: fatty, bitter, roasted
 flavor: astringent, bitter
FD glyceryl tripropanoate
 odor: Oily with a slight chemical nuance
 flavor: Oily, bitter with a fatty nutty aftertaste
FL horehound flavor
 odor: woody herbal floral spicy jasmin celery
 flavor: Woody, bitter, tea, with a citrus and floral nuance
FD magnesium sulfate
 flavor: salty bitter
2-methyl-3-ethyl quinoxaline
 flavor: hazelnut bitter roasted
FL/FR nerol
 odor: sweet natural neroli citrus magnolia
 flavor: lemon, bitter, green and fruity with a terpy nuance
FL paullinia cupana seed extract
 odor: rooty cocoa tobacco
 flavor: astringent bitter cereal nutty cocoa woody rooty
FL peru balsam
 odor: sweet balsamic vanilla woody powdery resinous
 flavor: balsamic bitter woody resinous
2-(pyridyl-2)-ethyl methyl sulfide
 flavor: mushroom, bitter, green
FL quassia amara wood extract
 flavor: earthy bitter
FL/FR terpinyl valerate
 odor: fruity floral
 flavor: apple bitter sweet
Tertiary (Third) - bitter
alpha-allyl-4-methyl-3-cyclohexene-1-methanyl acetate
 odor: green, oriental, floral aroma
 flavor: green, floral and bitter flavor
FLwild cherry bark distillates
FL cherry guarana flavor
FL chocolate distillates
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate enhancers
 flavor: chocolate
FL chocolate flavor
FL/FR gentiana lutea root extract
 flavor: green earthy bitter resinous
FL ginseng distillates
 flavor: ginseng
FL/FR immortelle absolute
 odor: warm sweet caramel hay fruity honey tobacco tonka
 flavor: Green, tobacco, bitter, with an astringent brown fruity nuance, incense notes
FL juglans nigra shell extract
 flavor: brown roasted bitter earthy
FL/FR levisticum officinale root extract
 odor: Sweet, green, celery-like, with a brown herbal nuance
 flavor: Celery-like, with a bitter green and maple botanical nuance
FL limequat flavor
FLbitter orange flavor
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil brazil
 odor: citrus orange dry woody mandarin cognac terpenic aromatic
 flavor: Bitter, fruity, Madeira, cognac and woody with aromatic nuances
FL/FR prunus serotina bark extract
 flavor: woody fruity bitter
FL viburnum prunifolium extract
 flavor: woody earthy bitter
Quaternary (Fourth) - bitter
FL/FR camellia oleifera leaf extract
 odor: dry leafy fresh brewed tea green floral hay
 flavor: fresh brewed tea green leafy bitter floral
FL citron flavor
FL/FR coffea arabica seed extract
 odor: coffee mocha
 flavor: coffee
FL cranberry distillates
 flavor: cranberry
FL cranberry flavor
FL cranberry fractions
 flavor: cranberry
 odor: sweet fruity minty green musty
 flavor: nutty fruity minty bitter musty waxy green citrus sweet sandalwood
FL elder berry flavor
2-ethyl thiopyridine
 flavor: green, acid, cereal, bitter, sour
FL grapefruit flavor
FL/FR grapefruit oil c.p. california
 odor: sweet dry citrus bitter aldehydic terpenic fruity tropical orange
 flavor: citrus terpenic aldehydic bitter orange powdery tropical
FL/FR grapefruit oil replacer
 odor: grapefruit
 flavor: grapefruit
 odor: fresh lemon grass herbal sweet floral fruity green
 flavor: fruity green earthy bitter
 odor: sweet musk animal powdery fatty natural
 flavor: sweet, musk like, perfume, soapy with woody and bitter nuances
 odor: grapefruit peel citrus gardenia woody
 flavor: Grapefruit, citrus, orange and bitter
FLgreen pepper distillates
 odor: cooked pepper bell pepper
 flavor: green watery weedy bitter vegetable roasted
FLgreen pepper flavor
Quinary (Fifth) - bitter
FL acer spicatum bark extract
 odor: sweet tobacco maple burnt
 flavor: brown roasted maple woody bitter caramellic fruity herbal
FLgreen banana flavor
FL broccoli flavor
FL/FRroasted arabica coffee bean oil
 odor: dark roast brewed coffee
 flavor: Beany roasted coffee with an astringent brown bitter afternote
FL lettuce flavor
FL2-methyl thiophene
 odor: sulfurous alliaceous onion roasted green
 flavor: sulfurous roasted green cabbage onion bitter
Senary (Sixth) - bitter
FL apple cranberry flavor
FL/FR benzyl alcohol
 odor: floral rose phenolic balsamic
 flavor: chemical fruity cherry almond balsamic bitter
FL/FR cocoa absolute
 odor: chocolate dark chocolate cocoa powdery milk chocolate
 flavor: chocolate dark chocolate cocoa milk chocolate powdery bitter
FL/FR hydroxycitronellol
 odor: mild clean floral lily green peony
 flavor: sweet powdery floral green dusty clean bitter
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla bean balsamic caramellic creamy gourmand toffee powdery
 flavor: vanilla creamy gourmand toffee balsamic bitter
Septenary (Seventh) - bitter
FL cucumber flavor
FL/FR guaiacwood oil
 odor: sweet dry woody spicy powdery balsamic tea rose oriental copaiba
 flavor: woody balsamic spicy peppery powdery oily bitter resinous
FL hop flavor
FL/FR ocimum basilicum herb oil egypt
 odor: sweet herbal tarragon green leafy spicy
 flavor: tarragon licorice fennel root beer leafy green bitter
FL/FR theobroma cacao extract
 odor: cocoa chocolate dark chocolate roasted powdery milk chocolate beany nut skin
 flavor: cocoa chocolate dark chocolate powdery beany brown bitter
Octonary (Eighth) - bitter
FL/FR vanilla bean absolute CO2 extract (vanilla planifolia)
 odor: sweet vanilla toffee custard creamy gourmand balsamic powdery marshmallow
 flavor: sweet vanilla tropical custard creamy gourmand balsamic cocoa bitter
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