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Odor Descriptors for bitter
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Primary (First) - bitter
FR artemisia alba oil
 odor: powerful bitter herbal green
FL/FR cocoa oleoresin
 odor: dark bitter cocoa chocolate powdery earthy coffee roasted
 flavor: bitter dark chocolate powdery cocoa earthy
FR2-ethyl-N-methyl-N-(3-methyl phenyl) butyramide
 odor: bitter tropical grapefruit rhubarb guava
FL/FR gentian absolute
 odor: bitter vegetable herbal dry woody
FR gentian concrete
 odor: bitter earthy rooty
 mistletoe absolute
 odor: bitter herbal green foliage bark
FR mistletoe fragrance
FR pelargonium radula oil
 odor: bitter leafy woody earthy palmarosa
FL/FR propyl isovalerate
 odor: bitter sweet apple fruity
FR saffron pyranone
 odor: bitter walnut nutty nut skin acorn saffron citrus herbal hot
 flavor: woody old wood nutty
Secondary (Second) - bitter
FL/FR clary sage concrete
 odor: rich sweet bitter wine herbal
 flavor: clary sage
FR cocoa fragrance
FL/FR cocoa hexenal
 odor: aldehydic bitter cocoa nut skin green sweet chocolate fruity butyric
 flavor: bitter cocoa dark chocolate aldehydic coffee nutty honey green
2-ethyl-4-isopropenyl pyridine
 odor: nutty bitter herbal
 odor: powerful herbal
FR hop fragrance
FR orange leaf water absolute
 odor: green bitter sweet floral
Tertiary (Third) - bitter
FR chocolate fragrance
FL cocoa pyrazines base (mixture of pyrazines)
 odor: nutty bitter chocolate
 flavor: bitter nutty chocolate
FR dimethyl octenone
 odor: bitter grapefruit fresh fruity
FR grapefruit fragrance
FL/FR grapefruit oil
 odor: sweet dry citrus bitter aldehydic terpenic fruity tropical orange
 flavor: grapefruit
FL/FR grapefruit oil c.p. california
 odor: sweet dry citrus bitter aldehydic terpenic fruity tropical orange
 flavor: citrus terpenic aldehydic bitter orange powdery tropical
FL/FR grapefruit oil replacer
 odor: grapefruit
 flavor: grapefruit
FL/FRbitter orange peel oil brazil
 odor: citrus orange dry woody mandarin cognac terpenic aromatic
 flavor: Bitter, fruity, Madeira, cognac and woody with aromatic nuances
FL/FR tagete oil egypt
 odor: rancid fruity bitter apple chamomile
 flavor: tagette
FL/FR tagete oil rwanda
 odor: rancid fruity bitter
 flavor: tagette
Quaternary (Fourth) - bitter
FRmountain ash berry fragrance
 odor: herbal citrus tart bitter
FL/FR beer CO2 extract
 odor: animal fresh yeasty bitter
 flavor: beer
FL/FR coriander oil fractions
 odor: coriander marine
 flavor: coriander
FR cranberry fragrance
FR elder berry fragrance
 eucalyptus numerosa type oil
 odor: fresh peppery spicy minty bitter terpene
FL quassia amara bark extract
 odor: woody phenolic animal bitter chemical burnt medicinal balsamic
 flavor: bitter astringent medicinal fruity herbal green earthy
Quinary (Fifth) - bitter
FL acetyl acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
 odor: ethereal musty nutty alcoholic bitter
FL/FR marigold oil mexico
 flavor: marigold
FL/FR petitgrain oil terpeneless
 odor: floral citrus peel clary sage sweet woody bitter
 flavor: sweet citrus peel clary sage floral bergamot herbal citrus rind tropical woody
FR rose pyran
 odor: rose fresh green herbal phenolic bitter parsley
Senary (Sixth) - bitter
FR apple cranberry fragrance
FR armoise oil
 odor: fresh cedarleaf minty camphor sage herbal bitter-sweet
Septenary (Seventh) - bitter
FR cucumber fragrance
FL/FR petitgrain lemon oil
 odor: fresh sweet oily floral citrus lemon tomato woody bitter
 flavor: citrus lemon lemongrass aldehydic tomato green citrus peel floral
Octonary (Eighth) - bitter
FR tangerine acetate
 odor: green citrus iodine tangerine seaweed waxy fresh bitter
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