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Odor Descriptors for musk
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Primary (First) - musk
FR acetyl ethyl tetramethyl tetralin replacer
 odor: sweet clean musk amber
FL/FR ambrette seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: musk amber powdery weedy leathery animal
 odor: sweet musk ambrette fruity waxy fatty
 flavor: musk waxy aundered cloth soapy fatty fruity creamy
FR amyris specialty
 odor: musk floral woody
FL/FR angelica root absolute
 odor: powerful pungent herbal musk
 flavor: angelica
FL/FR(Z)-civet decenone
 odor: clean musk dry animal sweet
 flavor: musk fatty soapy laundered cloth animal powdery
 odor: warm powdery musky note
FR cyclohexadecanone
 odor: powdery musk animalic
FR8-cyclohexadecenone + 7,9-cyclohexadecadien-1-one (1:1 weight equivalent)
 odor: powerful, powdery musk note
 odor: warm musky note
FL/FR dehydro beta-linalool
 odor: sweet musk waxy ambrette dry woody
FR dihydrocivetone
FL/FR ethyl 5-acetoxyoctanoate
FL/FR ethylene brassylate
 odor: powdery sweet floral ambrette musk woody
 flavor: Musky, sweet, powdery, floral, vanilla and perfumey
FR ethylene dodecanoate
 odor: sweet clean waxy musk animal
FR exaltone (Firmenich)
 odor: powdery musk animal natural greasy
FR exolide replacer
 odor: musk
FL/FR juniper lactone
 odor: sweet musk balsam amber animal
 flavor: musk laundered cloth amber dry paper waxy animal
FR juniper muscone
 odor: sweet powdery musk animal
 odor: woody musk powdery creamy warm
 odor: musk animal powdery fatty laundered cloth ambergris anisic woody
 odor: musk
CS moskene (Givaudan)
 odor: sweet musk ambrette ketone powdery dry
 odor: musk ketone animal soapy
 odor: powerful musky rich musk
 odor: sweet musk animal powdery fatty natural
 flavor: sweet, musk like, perfume, soapy with woody and bitter nuances
FR musk 89 (IFF)
 odor: musk
FR musk amberol
 odor: dry powdery musk amber civet
FR musk ambrette replacer
 odor: dry ambrette musk sweet
FR musk cyclopentenyl propionate
 odor: sweet musk animal
FR musk dec-7-enone
 odor: musk
FR musk dec-7(8)-enone
 odor: musk balsamic powdery clean
FR musk dec-8-enone
 odor: musk clean laundered cloth dry balsamic waxy animal floral tobacco
FR musk decanolide
 odor: musk woody sweet brassylate fruity
FR musk decenone
 odor: sweet musk waxy
FR(E)-12-musk decenone
 odor: sweet musk waxy dry powdery laundered cloth metallic animal tropical
FR(Z)-12-musk decenone
 odor: musk
FR(E)-13-musk decenone
 odor: musk
FR(Z)-13-musk decenone
 odor: musk
FL/FR musk dimethyl indane
 odor: animal musk cedar ambergris woody
 flavor: sweet waxy musk animal powdery
FR musk dione
 odor: musk
FR musk dodecane
 odor: dry musk clean cloth soft
FR musk ether
 odor: sweet macrocylic musk powdery woody
FR musk F
 odor: musk
FR musk fragrance
FRchina musk fragrance
FRdark musk fragrance
FRegyptian musk fragrance
FRlight musk fragrance
FRoriental musk fragrance
FR musk gx 100%
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in BB
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in DEP
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in DPG
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk gx 50% in IPM
 odor: strong diffusive sweet floral musk
FR musk indane
 odor: strong sweet musk amber powdery dry fruity
FR musk indanone
 odor: rich spicy musk woody clean
FR musk ketone
 odor: fatty musk soapy dry floral powdery
FR musk ketone replacer
 odor: musk ketone
FR musk methyl ketone
 odor: dry sweet amber musk herbal creamy
FR musk methyl propionate
 odor: musk ambrette fruity berry
FR musk nonane
 odor: sweet musk oily fruity animal floral
FR musk pentane
 odor: musk
FR(Z)-musk pentane
 odor: musk animal natural fruity powdery
FR musk propanoate
 odor: musk ambrette fruity pear woody floral
FR musk specialty
 odor: musk
FL/FR musk tetralin
 odor: strong sweet amber ambrette fruity musk powdery
 flavor: amber ambrette soapy fruity musk sweet laundered cloth powdery aldehydic fatty
CS musk tibetene (Givaudan)
 odor: musk ketone sweet powdery fatty
FR musk tonkin absolute replacer
 odor: musk
FL/FR musk tonquin
 odor: musk
 flavor: musk
FR musk tonquin absolute
 odor: musk animal
FR musk tonquin tincture
 odor: musk
CS musk xylol
 odor: fatty dry sweet soapy musk
FR musk xylol replacer
 odor: musk
FR musks extract
 odor: musk animal powdery natural fruity
 flavor: Vanilla bean, powdery heliotropine, creamy and licorice
FR polvolide (Soda)
 odor: clean sweet powdery animalic musk
FR serenolide
 odor: musk
FR sylkolide
 odor: musk
 odor: cashmeran, slightly musky, geranium, and hint of ambery notes
 odor: musky, ambery, and powdery
 odor: musky, woody, and ambery notes
CS versalide
 odor: sweet intense musk ambrette macrocyclic
Secondary (Second) - musk
FR amber romance fragrance
FR ambergris naphthol
 odor: amber musk animal old wood earthy
FL/FR ambrette seed oil
 odor: fresh musk amber powdery weedy dried fruit woody
 flavor: ambrette
FR ambrette seed oil replacer
 odor: fresh musk amber powdery weedy dried fruit
 odor: floral musky metallic radiant vibrant amber animal
FR angel dust fragrance
FR angel wings fragrance
FR animal specialty
 odor: animal musk costus woody tabic aldehydic
FRchina berry fragrance
 odor: floral musky
 odor: aldehydic, musky, woody, floral, fruity, minty, and clean notes
FR floral musk fragrance
 odor: ambery, musky, and woody notes
FL/FRdelta-methyl ionone
 odor: musk patchouli oakmoss
FR muscomer
 odor: sweet amber musk floral sandalwood
FRcitrus musk fragrance
FRfloral musk fragrance
FRfruity musk fragrance
FRjasmin musk fragrance
FRwoody musk fragrance
FR musk indenofuran
 odor: animal musk woody spicy
 odor: ambery, musky, and woody notes
FR procavia capensis excrete absolute
 odor: animalic musk castoreum civet tobacco agarwood
FRchina rain fragrance
FR rose musk fragrance
FR woody musk fragrance
Tertiary (Third) - musk
FR acetyl cedrene
 odor: warm woody amber musk
FR acetyl tetralin
 odor: floral orangeflower musk grape
FR allyl isononylate
 odor: fruity rose sweet musk
FR amber dodecane
 odor: woody celery musk ambergris old wood
FL/FR amber naphthofuran
 odor: dry woody amber ambergris musk sweet
 flavor: amber old wood tobacco powdery dry ambergris animal
FL/FR ambrette seed absolute
 odor: dry woody musk amber hay tobacco
 flavor: Woody, hay, dried fruit like, with musk and floral nuances
 odor: musty animal musk ambrette
FR ambrinol
 odor: powerful amber natural musk animal
 odor: amber natural musk animal
 flavor: amber woody earthy rooty herbal animal old wood humus tea
FL/FR ambroxide
 odor: dry amber ambergris paper musk woody cedar pine green seedy
FR angel feathers fragrance
FR applelide (IFF)
 odor: powdery creamy warm musk fresh fruity apple
FR hydroxyambran
 odor: woody amber musk
FR2-methyl-4-(camphenyl-8) cyclohexanone
 odor: animal amber musk
 odor: sweet aromatic powdery musk floral jasmin green
FR methyl 2,6,10-trimethyl cyclododeca-2,5,9-trienyl ketone
 odor: woody ambergris musk vetiver tobacco
FR muscogene
 odor: earthy animal natural musk
FR musk acetate
 odor: floral rose musk fruity geranium
CS musk ambrette
 odor: musty sweet ambrette seed
FR musk lactone
 odor: sweet oily incense musk amber animal
FL/FR3-phenyl propionic acid
 odor: sweet fatty rose musk cinnamon
FL potato butyraldehyde
 odor: Sulfureous, vegetative, cabbage-like and green with a fishy nuance
 flavor: Vegetative, tomato, fishy and sulfureous
FL/FR sandal pentenol
 odor: sandalwood woody musk
FR woody ether
 odor: cedar woody dry musk amber patchouli tobacco
Quaternary (Fourth) - musk
FR ambergris specialty
 odor: ambergris old wood musty cistus fecal animal
FRpara-tert-butyl cyclohexanone
 odor: woody mint patchouli musk leather
FL/FR(+)-alpha-santalyl acetate
 odor: woody sandalwood powdery
FL/FR valeriana officinalis root extract
 odor: sweet woody dry powdery musky amber
 flavor: valerian root
FR woody dioxolane
 odor: dry amber woody powdery musk
Quinary (Fifth) - musk
FR amber decatriene
 odor: ambergris woody cedar dry tobacco musk
FR amber oxepin
 odor: dry amber powdery woody musk
FR ambrain
 odor: labdanum amber balsamic resinous woody musk old wood
FL/FR angelica seed oil CO2 extract
 odor: gin pepper spicy ambrette musk herbal woody
 flavor: Gin, herbal, ambrette, musky and peppery with a fresh, woody nuance
FR animal fragrance
 odor: woody earthy green patchouli cashmeran moldy cucumber aldehydic moss amber
FR labdanum ethanone
 odor: strong dry woody labdanum rose musk orangeflower
FL/FR methyl cedryl ketone
 odor: woody vetiver amber leather musk cedar
 flavor: woody old wood phenolic cedar powdery cistus dry
FR oriental fragrance
FR oriental specialty
 odor: oriental
FRspring rain fragrance
FL/FR saffron oil CO2 extract
 odor: spicy herbal coumarinic powdery musk honey
 flavor: saffron
FR triflaige A (ZEON)
 odor: tropical fruity floral musk
Senary (Sixth) - musk
FR amber spirolene
 odor: dry woody vetiver amber powdery musk fruity
FL/FR angelica root oil
 odor: weedy amber terpenic incense ambrette musk celery spice
 flavor: Green, herbal, ambrette and musk-like with vegetative, spicy nuances
FR animal carbolactone
 odor: dry animal amber ambergris civet musk
FR sandal butenol
 odor: sandalwood creamy woody milky waxy greasy musk
Septenary (Seventh) - musk
FR heather fragrance
FR powder fragrance
FL/FR tetradecanal
 odor: fatty waxy amber incense dry citrus peel musk
 flavor: Fatty, lactonic, coconut, woody and fishy with a fruity nuance
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil
 odor: fresh green warm woody balsam rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root overripe fruit animal
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil china
 odor: green warm woody balsam rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root
FL/FR valerian rhizome oil CO2 extract china
 odor: fresh green warm woody balsamic rooty animal musk
 flavor: valerian root
Octonary (Eighth) - musk
FL/FR angelica seed oil
 odor: strong fresh terpenic peppery earthy spicy anisic ambrette woody musk soapy powdery
 flavor: fresh herbal terpenic ambrette peppery musk woody powdery carrot seed
FR florida breeze fragrance
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