Typical G.C. analysis

citrus paradisi leaf oil
30.20  camphene
76.10delta-3- carene
280.90beta- caryophyllene
223.10  citronellal
351.40  citronellol
141.40para- cymene
230.10  decanal
21tracealpha-para- dimethyl styrene
32trace  dodecanal
26tracebeta- elemene
290.70beta- farnesene
340.60  geranial
380.30  geraniol
17trace  hexanol
110.30(E)-2- hexenal
19trace(E)-2- hexen-1-ol
180.10(Z)-3- hexen-1-ol
330.50alpha- humulene
96.40  limonene
244.40  linalool
64.90  myrcene
311.20  neral
370.30  nerol
20trace  nonanal
134.60(E)-beta- ocimene
16trace(Z)-2- penten-1-ol
102.30beta- phellandrene
12.40alpha- pinene
43.10beta- pinene
250.60iso pulegol
518.50  sabinene
361.20beta- selinene
270.80  terpinen-4-ol
810.70alpha- terpinene
1212.00gamma- terpinene
300.30alpha- terpineol
152.20  terpinolene
24.00alpha- thujene

S. Kamiyama and M. Amaha, Studies on leaf oils of Citrus species. VI Composition of leaf oils from ten Citrus taxa and some intragenetic hybrids, Bull. Brew, Sci., 16, 17-27 (1972).

P&F 18, No. 5, 43, (1993)

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