Typical G.C. analysis

clausena anisata leaf oil
50.00-1.30(E)- anethole
40.00-0.00(Z)- anethole
60.00-0.66beta- caryophyllene
91.32-19.76 dictagymnin
80.00-0.48  germacrene D
70.00-0.73alpha- humulene
10.00-0.55  limonene
30.00-0.22  methyl chavicol
110.00-0.234-(3- methyl-2-butenyl) oxybenzaldehyde
20.00-1.62beta- phellandrene
J. of Ess. Oil Res. 12, No. 6, 757, (2000)
foeniculum vulgare mill. var. dulce d.c. oil italy
1987.08(E)- anethole
183.47(Z)- anethole
2trace  camphene
140.04  camphor
90.371,8- cineole
70.12para- cymene
122.12  fenchone
84.70  limonene
13trace  linalool
16trace  menthol
15trace  menthone
50.17  myrcene
11trace(E)-beta- ocimene
10trace(Z)-beta- ocimene
6tracealpha- phellandrene
10.25alpha- pinene
4tracebeta- pinene
3trace  sabinene
17trace  terpinen-4-ol

R. Piccaglia and M. Marotti, Characterization of several aromatic plants grown in Northern Italy. Flav. Fragr. J., 8, 115-122 (1993).

P&F 19, No. 1, 31, (1994)

foeniculum vulgare mill. var. vulgare (mill.) thell. seed oil spain
1428.80(E)- anethole
13trace(Z)- anethole
2trace  camphene
110.60  camphor
5tracepara- cymene
918.60  fenchone
61.70  limonene
10trace  linalool
1248.60  methyl chavicol
40.30  myrcene
10.20alpha- pinene
30.10  sabinene
8trace  sabinene hydrate
70.40gamma- terpinene

M. D. Guillen and M. J. Manzanos, A study of several parts of the plant Foeniculum vulgare as a source of compounds with industrial interest. Food Res. International, 29, 85-88 (1996).

P&F 23, No. 2, 47, (1998)

illicium verum fruit oil china
2387.89(E)- anethole
210.20(Z)- anethole
220.28para- anisaldehyde
250.06  anise ketone
340.16allo- aromadendrene
310.14beta- bergamotene
350.22beta- bisabolene
160.04  borneol
150.05iso borneol
20.03  camphene
140.02  camphor
70.58delta-3- carene
290.35beta- caryophyllene
280.31iso caryophyllene
100.201,8- cineole
260.10alpha- copaene
80.29para- cymene
270.04beta- elemene
300.50gamma- elemene
390.05  elemol
330.42(E)-beta- farnesene
380.03  farnesol
360.89  foeniculin
92.38  limonene
130.73  linalool
190.57  methyl chavicol
320.32  methyl isoeugenol
50.41  myrcene
370.12  nerolidol
60.39alpha- phellandrene
120.03beta- phellandrene
10.49alpha- pinene
40.03beta- pinene
240.194-iso propyl tropolone
30.03  sabinene
200.14  safrole
170.03  terpinen-4-ol
110.30gamma- terpinene
180.28alpha- terpineol

L-F. Sun, Studies on the Chemical constituents of the volatile oil of Illicium verum Hook. f grown in Shangyou. Youji Huaxue, 10, 183-186 (1990).

P&F 17, No. 2, 39, (1992)

pimpinella anisum seed oil colombia
695.57(E)- anethole
40.11(Z)- anethole
50.17para- anisaldehyde
160.19  anisyl butyrate
18trace  anisyl heptanoate
17trace  anisyl hexanoate
111.06  anisyl propionate
20.05  camphor
10.04  limonene
150.144-methoxy-1-butyl benzyl alcohol
130.084-methoxy-1-ethyl benzyl alcohol
140.074-methoxy-1-pentyl benzyl alcohol
100.053- methoxyphenyl acetic acid
70.082-methoxyphenyl propanol
120.041-(4- methoxyphenyl)-1-propanone
90.041-(4- methoxyphenyl)-2-propanone
32.22  methyl chavicol
80.034-(1- methyl propyl)-1-methoxybenzene

E. Stashenko, C. R. Martinez, J. R. Martinez and T. Shibamoto, Catalytic transformation of anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) oil over zeolite Y. J. High Resol. Chromatogr., 18, 501-503 (1995).

P&F 23, No. 4, 37, (1998)

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