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Odor Descriptors for fishy
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Primary (First) - fishy
 odor: fishy
FL(±)-sec-butyl amine
FLisobutyl amine
 odor: fishy cheesy
CS diethyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
FL2-methyl butyl amine
FLisopentylidene isopentyl amine
 odor: fishy
FL propionyl pyrroline 1% in vegatable oil triglyceride
 odor: fishy roasted
FLisopropyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
FL thiazole
 odor: pyridine nutty meaty
FL trimethyl amine
 odor: fishy oily rancid sweaty fruity
 flavor: fishy
FL(R)-N,N,alpha-trimethyl benzyl amine
 odor: sweet fishy ammoniacal amine
FL tripropyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
Secondary (Second) - fishy
FL amyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
FL butyl amine
FL ethyl amine
 odor: ammonia fishy
FL2-methyl piperidine
 odor: amine fishy seafood taco corn chip
 flavor: amine creamy taco lettuce
(Z)-4-octen-1-yl acetate
 odor: diffusive estery fishy fruity pear
FL phenethyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
 odor: sickening sour putrid fishy amine
FL2-thienyl mercaptan
 odor: roast coffee fishy
 flavor: sulfurous, mercaptan coffee
 triethyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
Tertiary (Third) - fishy
FL4,5-dimethyl thiazole
 odor: Fishy, amine and pyridine-like with shrimp and savory nuances
 flavor: Fishy, pyidine-like with molasses and savory nuances
1-ethyl propyl 2-butenoate
 odor: fatty, oily, fishy, dirty and chemical
FL/FR fish thiol
 odor: SuIfureous, meaty, fishy, metallic and roasted chicken-like
 flavor: Sulfureous, fishy, meaty, salmon and tuna-like with a slight, roasted nuance
FL hexyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal musty fishy
FL/FR perilla seed oil
 odor: fatty oily cod liver oil
Quaternary (Fourth) - fishy
FL/FR methyl (Z)-4-decenoate
 odor: fruity pear mango fishy peach skin green
 odor: Sharp and acetone-like and fruity, phenolic and fishy with a chemical glue nuance
 flavor: Musty, stale water and phenolic with a fishy and shell fish nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - fishy
FL/FR dimethyl sulfide
 odor: sulfury onion sweet corn vegetable cabbage tomato green radish
 flavor: Sulfurous, vegetative tomato, corn and asparagus with a dairy creaminess and a slight minty afternote
Senary (Sixth) - fishy
FL furfuryl isopropyl sulfide
 odor: coffee savory meaty floral
 flavor: onion
 odor: Green, melon, fatty, cucumber with oily mushroom and fishy nuances
 flavor: Green, melon, fatty, cucumber, cantaloupe with chicken and fish nuances
Septenary (Seventh) - fishy
FL potato butyraldehyde
 odor: Sulfureous, vegetative, cabbage-like and green with a fishy nuance
 flavor: Vegetative, tomato, fishy and sulfureous
Octonary (Eighth) - fishy
FL/FR(Z)-4-heptenal diethyl acetal
 odor: green oily cucumber seed waxy fatty creamy dry salt fishy
 flavor: Green, dairy-like, creamy, apple, vagetable and strawberry
 odor: green melon watery watermelon earthy mushroom violet leaf fishy soapy
 flavor: green melon waxy fatty mushroom vegetable asparagus violet leaf
FL potato butanone
 odor: Sulfureous, vegetative, potato, earthy, tomato, metallic and fatty
 flavor: Sulfureous, potato, earthy, vegetative, fatty, fishy, metallic and mushroom
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