Typical G.C. analysis

citrus aurantium peel oil
430.10delta- cadinene
42tracegamma- cadinene
280.02  carvacrol
200.05  carveol
220.03  carvone
380.03beta- caryophyllene
150.01  citronellal
210.07  citronellol
360.05alpha- copaene
33tracealpha- cubebene
400.36beta- cubebene
60.52para- cymene
190.10  decanal
340.03  decanoic acid
37tracebeta- elemene
310.01delta- elemene
410.04gamma- elemene
44trace  elemol
25trace  geranial
35trace  geranyl acetate
390.02alpha- humulene
786.36  limonene
131.91  linalool
100.16(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
110.08(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
51.83  myrcene
16trace  naphthalene
230.04  nerol
450.02  nerolidol
320.03  neryl acetate
80.24(E)-beta- ocimene
260.01  perillaldehyde
290.01  perillyl alcohol
21.17alpha- pinene
40.63beta- pinene
240.02iso piperitenone
30.07  sabinene
170.20  terpinen-4-ol
94.25gamma- terpinene
180.24alpha- terpineol
140.02beta- terpineol
120.21  terpinolene
10.22alpha- thujene
270.12  thymol
30trace  undecanal

M-B. Huang, D-X. Zhang, C-T. Yan and S-B. Yang, Identification and determination of the constituents of essential oil extracted from Fructus Citri aurantii by GC and GC/MS. Sepu, 8, 321-325 (1990).

P&F 25, No. 2, 46, (2000)

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