Typical G.C. analysis

salvia lavandulifolia vahl. leaf oil
In 1983 Cordoba Rodriguez examined the chemical composition of Spanish sage oil produced from more than 30 collections of plants from different areas in Spain. She determined that the oils possessed the following compositional range:
420.0-0.2  aromadendrene
430.0-0.4allo- aromadendrene
380.0-0.8(Z)-alpha- bergamotene
450.0-0.2beta- bisabolene
231.5-6.4  borneol
240.2-1.9iso borneol
330.8-4.9  bornyl acetate
44.6-10.6  camphene
1912.9-36.1  camphor
200.0-0.3  carvone
400.2-3.7beta- caryophyllene
390.0-0.8iso caryophyllene
460.0-0.1  caryophyllene oxide
1812.0-40.31,8- cineole
360.0-0.1alpha- copaene
350.0-0.2alpha- cubebene
440.1-0.9ar- curcumene
100.4-2.1para- cymene
170.0-0.4alpha-para- dimethyl styrene
290.1-0.7  geraniol
320.1-0.2  geranyl acetate
370.0-0.2alpha- gurjunene
410.0-1.0alpha- humulene
112.4-5.0  limonene
220.2-11.2  linalool
300.1-5.8  linalyl acetate
71.0-4.9  myrcene
280.0-0.6  nerol
310.1  neryl acetate
130.0-0.4(E)-beta- ocimene
120.0-2.2(Z)-beta- ocimene
80.0-0.2alpha- phellandrene
34.7-10.9alpha- pinene
63.3-7.3beta- pinene
50.6-2.2  sabinene
210.1-0.6(E)- sabinene hydrate
340.1-6.6(Z)- sabinyl acetate
250.2-0.8  terpinen-4-ol
90.0-0.1alpha- terpinene
140.0-0.7gamma- terpinene
270.1-1.9alpha- terpineol
260.0-0.7delta- terpineol
150.0-0.3  terpinolene
20.2-0.5alpha- thujene
10.0-0.5  tricyclene

M. de los Angelos Cordoba Rodriguez, Contribucion al estudio del Aceite Esencial de Salvia Espanola (salvia lavandulaefolia Vahl.). PhD thesis, Univ. Complutense, Madrid, Spain (1983).

P&F 23, No. 1, 39, (1998)

salvia lavandulifolia vahl. leaf oil
Also in 1999, Guillén and Manzanos examined the composition of a methylene chloride extract of the aerial parts of S. lavandulaefolia using CC and CC/MS. The identified components are summarized as follows:
 0.50alpha- pinene
 0.40  camphene
 0.10beta- pinene
 0.20  myrcene
 0.10alpha- terpinene
 0.10para- cymene
 0.30  limonene
 2.801,8- cineole
 0.10  linalool
 2.90  camphor
 1.50  borneol
 0.10  terpinen-4-ol
 0.80alpha- terpineol
 0.10  geraniol
 0.70  bornyl acetate
 0.10alpha- cubebene
 0.20alpha- copaene
 0.10alpha- gurjunene
 0.10  aromadendrene
 0.60alpha- humulene
 0.10allo- aromadendrene
 0.10ar- curcumene
 0.20beta- selinene
 0.10alpha- selinene
 0.10alpha- muurolene
 0.40gamma- cadinene
 0.60delta- cadinene
 0.10  cadina-1,4-diene
 0.10  spathulenol
 0.60 caryophyllenol II
 3.30  viridiflorol
 0.40beta-gurjunene epoxide
 0.10 caryophyllenol
 0.80beta- caryophyllene
 0.30 aristolenol
 0.10neo phytadiene
 0.106,10,14- trimethyl-2-pentadecanone
 0.10 pimara-8(9),15-diene
 0.20 abieta-8,11,13-trienal
 0.10 abieta-6,8,11,13-tetraen-12-ol
 0.80  ferruginol
 0.80 abieta-8,11,13-trien-19-ol
 6.50 abieta-8,11,13-trien-19-oic acid
 0.60  barbatusol
 1.50  rosmadial
 13.90 dimethyl salvicanol
 2.70  carnosic acid
 0.20  squalene
 0.30  cirsimaritin
 1.20beta- sitosterol
 0.80beta- amyrin
 1.803,5- dihydroxy-6,7,8-trimethoxyflavone
 0.30  hexadecanoic acid
 0.10  oleic acid
 0.70  pentacosane
 0.30  heptacosane
 0.30  octacosane
 0.10 ethyl hexacosane
 2.30  nonacosane
 0.10 methyl octacosane
 0.20  triacontane
 0.30 ethyl octacosane
 0.10 methyl nonacosane
 2.70 henitriacontane
 0.10 ethyl nonacosane
 0.50 methyl triacontane
 1.00  dotriacontane
 0.80 ethyl triacontane
 0.20 methyl henitriacontane
 5.30  tritriacotane
 1.90 tetratriacotane
 0.30 ethyl dotriacotane
 0.60  pentatriacotane
salvia lavandulifolia vahl. leaf oil spain
Six years later, Mathé etal. (1997) used a combination of CC and CC/MS to analyze an oil of Salvia lavandulaefolia. It was found to contain the following constituents:
 0.40alpha- thujene
 2.70alpha- pinene
 6.80beta- pinene
 5.80  myrcene
 0.40alpha- terpinene
 0.40para- cymene
 47.001,8- cineole
 1.10gamma- terpinene
 0.50  terpinolene
 12.60  camphor
 2.20  borneol
 0.70  terpinen-4-ol
 0.30alpha- terpineol
 0.60  bornyl acetate
 4.90beta- caryophyllene
 1.00alpha- humulene
 0.30  caryophyllene oxide
 4.50  viridiflorol
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