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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Reducing Agents
acetyl farnesylcysteine Use(s): reducing agents
acetyl hexapeptide-22 Use(s): antioxidants, skin conditioning
aminoethanesulfinic acid Use(s): reducing agents
ammonium bisulfite Use(s): cosmetic agents
ammonium sulfite Use(s): color adjuvant agents
ammonium thiocyanate Use(s): indirect food additives: adhesives and components of coatings
ammonium thioglycolate Use(s): depilatory agents
ammonium thiolactate Use(s): depilatory agents
butyrolactonethiol Use(s): reducing agents
calcium thioglycolate Use(s): depilatory agents
cyclopentylamino carboxymethylthiazolylindole Use(s): antioxidants
cysteamine HCl Use(s): cosmetic agents
cysteine Use(s): special dietary and nutritional additives
cysteine hydrochloride anhydrous Use(s): special dietary and nutritional additives
decapeptide-7 Use(s): antioxidant, chelating agents
dihydroxyacetone (monomer) Use(s): flavoring agents
disodium hydroxysulfinoacetate Use(s): cosmetic agents
disodium hydroxysulfonatoacetate Use(s): cosmetic agents
dithiodiglycolic acid Use(s): cosmetic agents
dithiothreitol Use(s): cosmetic agents
ethanolamine dithiodiglycolate Use(s): reducing agents
ethanolamine thioglycolate Use(s): cosmetic agents
ethyl thioglycolate Use(s): reducing agents
formamidine sulfinic acid Use(s): reducing agents
glutathione Use(s): nutrient adjuncts, dietary supplements, nutrient agents
glyceryl thiopropionate Use(s): cosmetic agents
histidine hydrochloride Use(s): antioxidants
hydroxyanisole Use(s): flavoring agents
iron powder Use(s): nutrient supplements
lysine hydrochloride Use(s): special dietary and nutritional additives
magnesium powder Use(s): cosmetic agents, dietary supplements
magnesium thioglycolate Use(s): cosmetic agents
mercaptopropionic acid Use(s): flavoring agents
ninhydrin Use(s): cosmetic agents
octapeptide-4 Use(s): antidandruff, antioxidant agents
octapeptide-15 Use(s): antioxidants
oligopeptide-30 Use(s): antioxidant, chelating agents
potassium metabisulfite Use(s): antibrowning agents, antioxidants, preservatives
potassium sulfite Use(s): antibrowning agents, antioxidants, preservatives, acidity regulators
potassium tetrathionate Use(s): cosmetic agents
saccharomyces/lactobacillus/ubiquinone ferment Use(s): reducing agents
sodium bisulfite Use(s): antibrowning agents, antioxidants, preservatives
sodium glyoxylate Use(s): reducing agents
sodium hydrosulfite Use(s): food-contact surface of paper and paperboard
sodium hydroxymethane sulfonate Use(s): reducing agents
sodium metabisulfite Use(s): antibrowning agents, antioxidants, flour treatment agents, preservatives
sodium oxymethylene sulfoxylate Use(s): reducing agents
sodium thioglycolate Use(s): reducing agents
sodium thiosulfate Use(s): antibrowning agents, antioxidants, preservatives
sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate Use(s): formulation aids, reducing agents
sodium tocopheryl phosphate Use(s): antioxidants
stannous chloride Use(s): antioxidants and preservatives
strontium thioglycolate Use(s): depilatory agents
superoxide dismutase Use(s): antioxidants
thiodiglycolic acid Use(s): antioxidants
thioglycerol Use(s): depilatory agents
thioglycolic acid Use(s): cosmetic agents
thiolactic acid Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
thiosalicylic acid Use(s): antioxidants
volcanic rock Use(s): abrasives
zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate Use(s): reducing agents
zinc linolenate hydroxide Use(s): cosmetic agents
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