The Good Scents Company Information Listings

Cosmetic Function
abrasives absorbents
adhesives" anticaking agents
anticorrosive agents antidandruff agents
antifoaming agents antimicrobial agents
antioxidants antiperspirants
antiplaque agents antiseborrhoeic agents
antisebum agents antistatic agents
astringents binding agents
bleaching agents buffering agents
bulking agents chelating agents
cleansing agents cosmetic colorants
denaturants deodorants
depilatories detangling agents
dispersing non-surfactant emulsion stabilisers
epilating exfoliating
eyelash conditioning film formers
flavoring agents foaming agents
foaming agents fragrance
gel forming agents hair conditioning agents
hair dyeing agents hair fixing agents
hair straightening agents hair waving agents
humectants keratolytics
light stabilizer lytic"
moisturising agents nail conditioning
nail sculpting not reported
not used occlusive
opacifying agents oral care agents
oxidising agents pearlescent agents
perfuming agents ph adjusters
plasticisers preservatives
propellants reducing agents
refatting agents refreshing agents
skin conditioning skin conditioning - emollient
skin conditioning - humectant skin conditioning - miscellaneous
skin conditioning - occlusive skin protecting agents
slip modifier smoothing agents
solvents soothing agents
surface modifier stabilising agents
surfactants surfactant - cleansing
surfactant - dispersing surfactant - emulsifying
surfactant - foam boosting surfactant - hydrotrope
surfactant - solubilizing tanning agents
tonic uv absorbers
uv filters viscosity controlling agents
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