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Flavor Descriptors for acidic
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Primary (First) - acidic
FLlaevo-aspartic acid
 odor: odorless
 flavor: acid
FL/FR butyric acid
 odor: sharp acetic cheese butter fruit
 flavor: Acidic sour, cheesy, dairy, creamy with a fruity nuance
FL/FRisobutyric acid
 odor: acidic sour cheese dairy buttery rancid
 flavor: acidic sour cheesy limburger cheese dairy creamy
FL citric acid
 flavor: strong acidic
FL/FR2-ethyl butyric acid
 odor: acidic fruity whiskey dry berry
 flavor: Acidic, fruity, tropical with a creamy aftertaste
FL2-furoic acid
 flavor: acidic caramellic earthy
FL(E)-2-hexenoic acid
 odor: powerful fruity sweet warm herbal
 flavor: acidic cheesy fruity sweet
CS hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower extract
 flavor: acidic astringent cooked fruity vegetable
FL/FR levulinic acid
 odor: sweet caramel acidic acetoin buttery
 flavor: Acidic, sweet, creamy and slight dairy
FL malic acid
 flavor: strong acidic
FD polydextrose
 flavor: slightly acidic
FL propionic acid
 odor: pungent acidic cheesy vinegar
 flavor: Acidic, dairy with a pronounced fruity lift
FL/FR valeric acid
 odor: Acidic and sharp, cheese-like, sour milky, tobacco, with fruity nuances
 flavor: Acidic, dairy-like with milky and cheese nuances
Secondary (Second) - acidic
FL acetic acid
 flavor: pungent sour overripe fruit
FL(Z)-aconitic acid
 flavor: wine acid
2,5-dimethyl-3,6-dipropyl pyrazine
 flavor: hazelnut acidic
FL2,4-dimethyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: acidic fruity cheese honey
 flavor: Tangy, acidic and cheesy with ripe, fruity and animal nuances
2-ethyl thiopyridine
 flavor: green, acid, cereal, bitter, sour
1-furfuryl-2-pyrrole carbaldehyde
 flavor: slightly burnt taste, slightly acid
FL/FR lactic acid
 flavor: sour acid
FLlaevo-lactic acid
 flavor: sour acidic
2-methyl-3-butyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter acidic woody
FL/FR2-methyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: dry acid sweaty strawberry woody fruity jam
 flavor: Sour, acidic, sweaty, berry- and fruit-like
2-methyl-3-propyl quinoxaline
 flavor: bitter acidic earthy
FL3-methyl valeric acid
 odor: Animalic, sharp acidic cheesey, green with a fruity sweaty nuance
 flavor: Sour, cheesey, fresh with fruity notes
FL nephelium lappaceum fruit
 flavor: sweet mild acidic
FL succinic acid
 flavor: sour acidic
FL tartaric acid
 flavor: tart acidic
FLdextro,laevo-tartaric acid
 odor: very mild caramellic
 flavor: tart acidic
FLlaevo-(+)-tartaric acid
 flavor: tart acidic
Tertiary (Third) - acidic
FL/FR2-methyl butyric acid
 odor: pungent acid roquefort cheese
 flavor: Fruity, dirty, acidic with a dairy buttery and cheesey nuance
FL tamarindus indica extract
 odor: sweet sour fruity
 flavor: fruity jammy acidic
Quaternary (Fourth) - acidic
FL5-ethyl-2-methyl pyridine
 odor: nutty strong raw potato roasted earthy
 flavor: winey buttery acidic cereal sulfurous solvent
FL/FR(E)-3-hexen-1-yl acetate
 odor: sharp fruity green banana pear
 flavor: unripe banana fruity acidic
Quinary (Fifth) - acidic
FL malt distillates
 odor: sweet sugar creamy brown malt honey
 flavor: malty sugar molasses honey caramellic acidic
FL/FR methyl butyrate
 odor: Pungent, etherial, fruity, perfumey and fusel with a fermented, cultured, creamy undernote
 flavor: Impacting, fusel, fruity and estry with a cultured dairy, acidic depth
Senary (Sixth) - acidic
Septenary (Seventh) - acidic
Octonary (Eighth) - acidic
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