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Odor Descriptors for geranium
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Primary (First) - geranium
FL/FR geranium absolute
 odor: leafy earthy green rich rose minty
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium concrete
 odor: earthy herbal rose foliage green
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium cyclohexane
 odor: floral, rose , geraniol with herbal, green lavender and tea like nuances
 flavor: Floral, rose , geraniol with herbal, green lavender and tea like nuances
FR geranium dihydropyran
 odor: floral green geranium
FL/FR geranium essence
 odor: geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium fragrance
FL/FR geranium leaf oil india
 odor: floral
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium nitrile
 odor: rich rose geranium woody sandalwood
FL/FR geranium oil
 odor: floral green spicy red rose dill
 flavor: floral geranium
FL/FR geranium oil africa
 odor: fresh geranium sweet green herbal
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil bourbon
 odor: floral green spicy red rose dill
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium oil bourbon replacer
 odor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil china
 odor: floral green rose minty dill
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil egypt
 odor: fresh rose geranium sweet green herbal dill
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium oil egypt fractions
 odor: floral rose fruity pear
FL/FR geranium oil morocco
 odor: sweet rose herbal earthy
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium oil replacer
 odor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil rwanda
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium oil terpeneless
 odor: sweet rhodinol
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium petiole oil india
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium pyran
 odor: green floral geranium
FL/FR geranium rose oil
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR geranium rose-scented oil cuba
 odor: floral rose spicy
FR geranium specialty
 odor: fresh rose geranium leaves green
FL/FR geranium stem oil india
 odor: floral geranium
 flavor: geranium
FL/FR geranium thiazole
 odor: geranium green red rose nutty vegetable nut skin earthy beany
 flavor: green vegetable nut flesh earthy nut skin licorice red rose fennel
CS geranyl nonanoate
 odor: bourbon geranium
FL/FR geranyl tiglate
 odor: geranium fruity sweet herbal
 flavor: geranium melon herbal citrus
 heptanal cyclic trimethylene acetal
 odor: geranium rose
 odor: geranium metallic
FL/FR pelargonium graveolens extract
 odor: geranium
 flavor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens flower water
 odor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens flower/leaf/stem water
 odor: geranium
FR pelargonium graveolens stem leaf extract
 odor: geranium
FR phenyl acetaldehyde digeranyl acetal
 odor: floral rose absolute green powdery tropical
 propargyl alcohol
 odor: geranium
Secondary (Second) - geranium
FL/FR citronellyl senecioate
 odor: very mild red rose geranium
meta-cresyl phenyl ether
 odor: floral rose geranium
 flavor: huckleberry
FRisocyclodimethyl octanol
 odor: floral geranium palmarosa rose green
FR dihydrorose oxide
 odor: rose geranium green herbal metallic
FL/FR diphenyl oxide
 odor: geranium leaf green phenolic
 flavor: green phenolic floral rose geranium cortex metallic medicinal
FR geranium nitrile
 odor: rich rose geranium woody sandalwood
FL/FR geranyl hexanoate
 odor: rose geranium fruity waxy
 flavor: fruity floral green rose tropical citrus
FL/FR neryl propionate
 odor: Fruity, floral, sweet, green, tutti-frutti, with a powdery nuance
 flavor: Green, fruity, floral, waxy, seedy and berry
FL/FR rhodinyl propionate
 odor: rose geranium verbena
 flavor: almond
FR rose geranium fragrance
 odor: cashmeran, slightly musky, geranium, and hint of ambery notes
Tertiary (Third) - geranium
FR aeolanthus graveolens oil
 odor: fresh rose lemon muguet sweet
 odor: pungent rose green geranium
 flavor: neroli bergamot cinnamon natural
 odor: floral rose waxy geranium oil powdery
 flavor: floral rose green waxy citrus
 odor: fried fatty geranium green waxy
FR floral pyran
 odor: floral rose geranium metallic green
FR geranyl anthranilate
 odor: neroli rose geranium honeysuckle genista
FL/FR geranyl phenyl acetate
 odor: aromatic fruity honey geranium
2-heptyl pyridine
 odor: green floral geranium earthy
 odor: earthy mushroom geranium leaf green marine
FR peony acetonitrile
 odor: floral geranium grapefruit fresh
FR phenyl acetaldehyde dicitronellyl acetal
 odor: sweet floral green geranium honey
FR rose absolute pentanol
 odor: fresh floral rose absolute geranium green
Quaternary (Fourth) - geranium
FL/FR(E)-citronellyl tiglate
 odor: rose fruity floral geranium leafy tea
 flavor: green leafy rose geranium soapy tea fruity citrus
FR cyclohexyl propanol
 odor: floral mint green geranium muguet balsam
FL/FR diphenyl methane
 odor: sweet green wet plastic geranium
 flavor: sweet green oily geranium spicy metallic plastic privet pear
FL/FR neryl formate
 odor: green rose geranium herbal fruity tea
 flavor: Fruity, green, citrus, tropical with a floral nuance
FL/FR phenethyl pivalate
 odor: rose spice rhodinol geranium blueberry
FL/FR(Z)-rose oxide
 odor: green red rose spicy fresh geranium
 flavor: Green, vegetative and herbal with a citrus nuance
Quinary (Fifth) - geranium
FL/FR benzophenone
 odor: balsam rose metallic powdery geranium
 flavor: plastic geranium herbal metallic rose phenolic
FL/FR citronellyl butyrate
 odor: sweet fruity floral tropical green geranium waxy
 flavor: Fruity, sweet, waxy, green, perfume nuance
 convolvulus scoparius wood oil
 odor: sweet woody floral nerol nerolidol rhodinol linalool
FR musk acetate
 odor: floral rose musk fruity geranium
FL/FR palmarosa oil
 odor: sweet citrus grassy citronella geranium
 flavor: palmarosa
FL/FR rhodinyl acetate
 odor: red rose powdery spicy geranium citrus
 flavor: floral rose waxy citrus spicy geranium
FL/FR rhodinyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet natural red rose spicy fruity tropical geranium
 flavor: sweet floral rose tropical fruity spicy powdery soapy geranium
FL/FR rhodinyl phenyl acetate
 odor: floral red rose honey waxy powdery geranium
 flavor: Waxy and floral with powdery nuances
FL/FRlaevo-rose oxide
 odor: rose cortex green floral geranium powdery metallic
 flavor: sweet floral metallic lychee
FL/FR terpinyl propionate
 odor: herbal green old wood citrus geranium tropical
 flavor: Sweet, green, with fruity and tropical nuances
Senary (Sixth) - geranium
FL/FR citronellyl isobutyrate
 odor: sweet fruity floral geranium tropical
 flavor: Waxy, fruity, green, with a citrus and tropical nuance
FL/FR methyl citronellate
 odor: floral dry weedy dusty waxy geranium fatty fruity winey
 flavor: floral waxy tea bergamot rose winey weedy
 methyl nerate
 odor: floral herbal citrus fruity green geranium
FR phenyl acetaldehyde digeranyl acetal
 odor: floral rose absolute green powdery tropical
FL/FR rhodinol
 odor: floral red rose spicy waxy powdery geranium
 flavor: Floral rosy, with waxy, powdery and heavy citrus and tropical nuances
FL/FR rhodinyl butyrate
 odor: fruity red rose tropical berry geranium
 flavor: floral rose balsamic tropical powdery geranium citrus
FL/FR rhodinyl formate
 odor: rose dried leaf green floral geranium
 flavor: cherry
Septenary (Seventh) - geranium
FR magnolia indene
 odor: floral green grapefruit narcissus magnolia geranium gardenia
Octonary (Eighth) - geranium
FL/FR dibutyl sulfide
 odor: green grassy violet-leaf herbal rose geranium
 flavor: Green, vegetative, onion garlic, horseradish, savory
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