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 jalapeno oleoresin
 Use(s): flavoring agents and adjuvants
 jambu oleoresin
 CAS: 90131-24-1  EC: 290-335-0  FEMA: 3783
Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
 japan wax
 CAS: 8001-39-6
Use(s): multipurpose additives
 jateorhiza palmata root
 CAS: 84929-29-3  EC: 284-513-7
Use(s): spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings
 CAS: 977011-44-1
Use(s): chewing gum bases and related substances
 juglans regia seed
 CAS: 84012-43-1  EC: 281-688-1
Use(s): food additive and cosmetic agents
 juniper berry
 CAS: 977038-80-4  FEMA: 2602
Use(s): spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings
 juniper berry oleoresin
 Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
 kakamut gum
 Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners
 Use(s): food additive
 CAS: 12428-46-5
Use(s): anticaking agents
 CAS: 977001-75-4  FEMA: 2606
Use(s): special dietary and nutritional additives
 Use(s): food additive
 kiwi juice concentrate
 Use(s): flavoring agents, food additives
 kluyveromyces thermotolerans
 Use(s): food additive
 krill oil
 Use(s): food additive, dietary supplements
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