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Food Additive (Direct) Ingredient Listng : Starting with J and K
jalapeno oleoresin Use(s): flavoring agents and adjuvants
jambu oleoresin CAS: 90131-24-1
EC: 290-335-0
FEMA: 3783

Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
japan wax CAS: 8001-39-6

Use(s): multipurpose additives
jateorhiza palmata root CAS: 84929-29-3
EC: 284-513-7

Use(s): spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings
jelutong CAS: 977011-44-1

Use(s): chewing gum bases and related substances
juglans regia seed CAS: 84012-43-1
EC: 281-688-1

Use(s): food additive and cosmetic agents
juniper berry CAS: 977038-80-4
FEMA: 2602

Use(s): spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings
juniper berry oleoresin Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
kakamut gum Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners
kale Use(s): food additive
kaolin CAS: 12428-46-5

Use(s): anticaking agents
kelp CAS: 977001-75-4
FEMA: 2606

Use(s): special dietary and nutritional additives
kimchi Use(s): food additive
kiwi juice concentrate Use(s): flavoring agents, food additives
kluyveromyces thermotolerans Use(s): food additive
krill oil Use(s): food additive, dietary supplements
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