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Odor Descriptors for eucalyptus
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Primary (First) - eucalyptus
 odor: minty clean fresh eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
 odor: eucalyptus herbal camphor medicinal
 flavor: minty camphoreous cooling eucalyptus medicinal
FL/FR eucalyptus absolute
 odor: eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus absolute replacer
 odor: eucalyptus
 eucalyptus australiana type oil
 odor: cineole sweet aldehydic herbal
 eucalyptus deaneti maiden leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus globulus bicostata oil
 odor: herbal
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus leaf extract
 odor: eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus leaf tincture
 odor: eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus globulus leaf water
 odor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus leaf/twig oil
 odor: eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus globulus maidenii f. muell oil
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus oil
 odor: herbal eucalyptol camphor
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus oil burundia
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus oil pakistan
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus oil rwanda
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FL/FR eucalyptus globulus oil zambia
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
 flavor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus globulus pseudoglobulus oil
 odor: herbal
FR eucalyptus grandis w. hill ex maiden leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus oil replacer
 odor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus radiata leaf/stem oil
 odor: herbal eucalyptol camphor rosemary minty tropical terpenic
FR eucalyptus smithii leaf oil
FR melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil
 odor: eucalyptus camphoreous medicinal
Secondary (Second) - eucalyptus
FR camphor wood oil decamphorised
 odor: herbal eucalyptus balsamic woody medicinal
FL/FR cassyrane
 odor: blackcurrant, natural, rich, eucalyptus buds, anise, buchu leaves, slightly green
 flavor: currant black currant
FL/FRortho-cresyl salicylate
 odor: herbal eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus dives var. "C" oil
 odor: eucalyptus herbal
FR eucalyptus globulus bud oil
FR eucalyptus globulus fruit oil
FR eucalyptus nitens (deane et maiden) maiden leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus oil terpenes
 odor: eucalyptus
FR eucalyptus saligna smith leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus tereticornis smith leaf oil ethiopia
FR eucalyptus urophylla s.t. blake leaf oil ethiopia
FR herbal undecane
 odor: herbal eucalyptus woody
FL/FR laurus nobilis leaf oil
 odor: herbal eucalyptus spicy terpenic camphoreous medicinal aromatic woody
 flavor: herbal spicy minty aromatic eucalyptus camphoreous woody pimenta pennyroyal
FRspike lavender oil replacer
 odor: lavender
FL/FRspike lavender oil spain
 odor: camphor eucalyptus fresh herbal lavandin rosemary woody
 flavor: spike lavender
FL/FR marjoram oil (thymus mastichina) spain
 flavor: marjoram
FR melaleuca linariifolia oil
 odor: camphor eucalyptus terpene
 odor: herbal eucalyptus minty
FR prostanthera melissifolia leaf oil
 odor: minty eucalyptus
FR rosemary specialty
 odor: fresh strong clean herbal rosemary eucalyptus woody
FL/FR sage oil cuba
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil england
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil france
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil germany
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil hydrodistillation france
 odor: thujone eucalyptus sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil reunion
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
 flavor: sage
FL/FR sage oil sardinia
 odor: thujone eucalyptus rosemary sage
Tertiary (Third) - eucalyptus
FR cajuput oil replacer
 odor: herbal rosemary eucalyptus camphoreous green minty fruity woody
FL/FRspike lavender oil
 odor: camphor eucalyptus fresh herbal lavandin rosemary woody floral
 flavor: Cooling, mentholic, woody, herbal and spicy with a green nuance
FL/FR melaleuca leucadendron cajaputi oil
 odor: sweet fresh herbal rosemary eucalyptus camphoreous green minty fruity woody
 flavor: herbal camphoreous fruity eucalyptus minty rosemary winey woody
FL/FR melaleuca leucadendron var. cajuputi leaf oil
 odor: sweet fresh camphor rosemary eucalyptus herbal green
FR melaleuca quinquenervia water
 odor: sweet camphor eucalyptus sickly
 odor: minty herbal eucalyptus
FR niaouli oil
 odor: sweet camphor eucalyptus sickly aromatic
FL/FR piper longum fruit oil
 odor: warm spicy woody cineole lemon
 flavor: peppery
FR psiadia altissima leaf oil
 odor: herbal pine eucalyptus green terpenic vegetable
 odor: minty cooling eucalyptus medicinal woody green grassy herbal
 flavor: minty cooling herbal eucalyptus grassy peppermint weedy earthy
FL/FR sabinene hydrate
 odor: Cooling, minty, eucalyptol, green and terpy with a spicy nuance
 flavor: Cool, minty, camphoreous, woody, green and oily
FL/FR sage absolute spain
 odor: herbal sage camphoreous eucalyptus rosemary
 flavor: sage
FR sage fragrance
FL/FR sage oil (salvia lavandulifolia vahl.) spain
 odor: herbal eucalyptus camphoreous balsamic rosemary terpenic woody
 flavor: herbal lavender eucalyptus camphoreous minty balsamic floral woody
FL/FR sage oil dalmatian
 odor: thujonic cedar eucalyptus rosemary juniper forest
 flavor: thujonic cedar herbal eucalyptus camphoreous minty balsamic woody
Quaternary (Fourth) - eucalyptus
 bornyl ethyl ether
 odor: camphoreous woody cedarwood eucalyptus blueberry
FR2-tert-butyl-5-methyl-2-propyl tetrahydrofuran
 odor: blackcurrant, damascone, sweet, natural, rich, with green, piny, eucalyptus and mint-like facets
FR camphor tree leaf oil
 odor: camphoreous cooling herbal eucalyptus spicy
FR cardamom oil replacer
 odor: warm spicy camphor medicinal eucalyptus balsam woody
FL/FR elettaria cardamomum seed oil guatemala
 odor: warm spicy camphor medical eucalyptus balsam woody
 flavor: cardamom
FR thymus mastichina flower oil
 odor: herbal aromatic camphoreous eucalyptus
FL/FR zedoary bark oil
 odor: warm woody spicy camphor cineole sweet
 flavor: zedoary
Quinary (Fifth) - eucalyptus
FL/FR elettaria cardamomum seed oil
 odor: warm spicy camphor medicinal eucalyptus balsam woody
 flavor: spicy herbal camphoreous medicinal eucalyptus balsamic woody
 odor: Clean cooling camphoraceous, piney with a woody eucalyptol and slight green herbal minty nuances
 flavor: Intense camphoraceous, cooling, piney with an earthy nuance. It has minty-citrus lime and spicy notes
FL/FRwhite thyme oil
 odor: thyme herbal camphoreous medicinal phenolic terpenic spicy
 flavor: herbal woody camphoreous aromatic green medicinal phenolic spicy
Senary (Sixth) - eucalyptus
 odor: Minty, cooling piney, camphoraceous, eucalyptol-like
 flavor: Cooling, minty, menthol-like, green and herbal, with a terpy and camphoraceous nuance
FR hedychium spicatum root oil
 odor: woody fresh spicy camphor ginger minty eucalyptus
 odor: peppermint cooling mentholic minty
 flavor: cooling camphoreous minty clean spicy
FR rhubafuran
 odor: green rhubarb grapefruit citrus herbal eucalyptus woody
Septenary (Seventh) - eucalyptus
 odor: fresh herbal woody fir camphor
 flavor: Minty cooling, woody pine and resinous, medicinal Vicks VapoRub, citrus lime-like and eucalyptus
FR laurel leaf oil replacer
 odor: spicy medicinal woody aromatic terpenic camphoreous eucalyptus cinnamyl
FL/FR lavender oil france
 odor: herbal floral spicy aromatic camphoreous balsamic eucalyptus woody
 flavor: herbal spicy aromatic camphoreous balsamic soapy grassy woody
 odor: dry woody resinous pine hay green eucalyptus camphoreous
 flavor: pine terpenic woody resinous minty camphoreous balsamic spicy
Octonary (Eighth) - eucalyptus
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