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Odor Descriptors for ammoniacal
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Primary (First) - ammoniacal
 acetyl pyrrolizine
FD ammonia
 odor: ammoniacal
FD ammonium hydroxide
FL amyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
FLisoamyl amine
 odor: unpleasent ammonia
FL butyl amine
FL ethyl amine
 odor: ammonia fishy
FL hexyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal musty fishy
FL2-methyl piperidine
 odor: amine fishy seafood taco corn chip
 flavor: amine creamy taco lettuce
FL1-methyl pyrrolidine
FL phenethyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
FL piperazine
 odor: ammoniacal
 flavor: salty
FL propyl amine
FL pyrrolidine
 odor: Ammonia, fishy, shellfish and seaweed-like
 flavor: Ammonia and fishy amine-like with seaweed and shellfish nuances
 odor: ammoniacal shrimp seafood
 triethyl amine
 odor: ammoniacal fishy
Secondary (Second) - ammoniacal
FL(±)-sec-butyl amine
CS diethyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
 odor: Nutty, amine, woody, bready and vegetable-like
 flavor: Nutty, coffee, cocoa, musty, bready and meaty
FLisopropyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
FL(R)-N,N,alpha-trimethyl benzyl amine
 odor: sweet fishy ammoniacal amine
FL tripropyl amine
 odor: fishy ammoniacal
Tertiary (Third) - ammoniacal
FL pyridine
 odor: sickening sour putrid fishy amine
Quaternary (Fourth) - ammoniacal
Quinary (Fifth) - ammoniacal
Senary (Sixth) - ammoniacal
Septenary (Seventh) - ammoniacal
Octonary (Eighth) - ammoniacal
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