Typical G.C. analysis

pandanus odoratissimus oil
5trace  benzaldehyde
260.17-0.20  borneol
36trace-0.46  bornyl acetate
37tracedelta- cadinene
40.14-0.20  camphene
25trace-0.11  camphene hydrate
24trace-0.11  camphor
33trace  carvone
140.56-0.951,8- cineole
290.20-0.21para- cymen-8-ol
111.08-1.42para- cymene
42trace-0.16  docosane
350.10-0.16  geraniol
41trace  heneicosane
120.20-0.40  limonene
200.25-0.30  linalool
190.12-0.13(E)- linalool oxide furanoid
160.07-0.20(Z)- linalool oxide furanoid
40trace-0.17  manoyl oxide
230.35(E)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
220.47-0.48(Z)-para- menth-2-en-1-ol
80.10-0.13  myrcene
38trace(E)- nerolidol
90.6-0.08alpha- phellandrene
130.16-0.35beta- phellandrene
210.05-0.132- phenethyl alcohol
1766.35-67.912- phenethyl methyl ether
30.30-0.40alpha- pinene
70.05-0.07beta- pinene
320.16-0.18(E)- piperitol
31trace-0.11(Z)- piperitol
340.21-0.25  piperitone
60.20-0.31  sabinene
39trace-0.21alpha- santalol
2818.07-20.88  terpinen-4-ol
100.09-0.22alpha- terpinene
150.28-0.76gamma- terpinene
301.89-2.05alpha- terpineol
180.24-0.28  terpinolene
44trace  tetracosane
20.10-0.33alpha- thujene
430.21-0.22  tricosane
1trace-0.02  tricyclene
270.07-0.08  umbellulone

M. Bisht, S, Sharma, C. S. Mathela and M. L, Maheshwari, Composition of the essential oil from the flowers of kewda (Pandanus odoratissimus L.). Indian Perfum., 41(2), 69-72 (1997).

P&F 23, No. 3, 63, (1998)

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