Typical G.C. analysis

tangerine oil america
2trace  camphene
210.02beta- caryophyllene
140.02 citronellal + octyl acetate
280.02  citronellol
110.48para- cymene
150.12  decanal
250.04  dodecanal
270.03  geranial
29trace  geranyl acetate
890.75  limonene
161.17  linalool
18trace  linalyl acetate
52.28  myrcene
23trace  neral
26trace  neryl acetate
130.06  nonanal
22trace  nonanol
17trace  octanol
6tracealpha- phellandrene
9tracebeta- phellandrene
11.41alpha- pinene
30.58beta- pinene
40.23  sabinene
200.04  terpinen-4-ol
7tracealpha- terpinene
101.96gamma- terpinene
240.07alpha- terpineol
120.24 terpinolene + octanal
190.03  undecanal
M. Koketsu, M. T. Magaihaes, V. C. Wilberg and M. G. R. Donaliso, Oleos Essenciais de frutos citricos cultivados no Brazil. Bol. Pesqui EMBRAPA Cent. Technol Agric. Aliment., (7), 21 pp (1983). P&F 17, No. 4, 39, (1992)
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