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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Anticorrosive Agents
cyclohexyl amine Use(s): boiler water additives used in the preparation of steam that will contact food
diammonium phosphate Use(s): dough strengtheners
dilithium oxalate Use(s): anticorrosive agents
dimethyl aminomethyl propanol Use(s): cosmetic agents
dipotassium oxalate Use(s): chelating agents
dipotassium phosphate Use(s): buffering agents, sequestrants, yeast food, acidity regulators
disodium phosphate Use(s): multiple purpose GRAS food substances, acidity regulators
disodium pyrophosphate Use(s): raising agents, buffering agents, sequestrants, acidity regulators
disodium tetrapropenyl succinate Use(s): surfactant
methoxyphenylsulfonamido dihydroxypropanamide Use(s): anticorrosive agents
nitromethane Use(s): anticorrosive agents
phosphonobutanetricarboxylic acid Use(s): anticorrosive agents
potassium silicate Use(s): food additive and cosmetic agents
sodium aluminate Use(s): boiler water additives, emulsifiers, stabalizers, thickeners
sodium benzoate Use(s): antimicrobial agents
sodium hexametaphosphate Use(s): emulsifiers, sequestrants, texturizers
sodium metasilicate Use(s): processing aids and wetting agents
sodium nitrite Use(s): preservatives and color fixatives
sodium oxalate Use(s): chelating agents
sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate Use(s): dietary supplements, buffering agents
sodium silicate Use(s): boiler water additives used in the preparation of steam that will contact food
stearamidopropyl dimethicone Use(s): anticorrosive agents
zinc hexametaphosphate Use(s): anticorrosive agents
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