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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Gel Forming Agents
ahnfeltia concinna extract Use(s): gel forming agents
carbomer 934 Use(s): emulsion stabilising, viscosity controlling agents
carboxymethyl cellulose Use(s): food contact resinous and polymeric coatings
carboxymethyl chitin Use(s): cosmetic agents
carboxymethyl chitosan Use(s): film forming, viscosity controlling agents
carboxymethyl dextran Use(s): cosmetic agents
carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar Use(s): cosmetic agents
euglena gracilis polysaccharide Use(s): gel forming agents
sodium carbomer Use(s): film forming, viscosity controlling agents
sodium dextran sulfate Use(s): gelling agents
sodium glycereth-1 polyphosphate Use(s): chelating agents
sodium methylnaphthalenesulfonate Use(s): hydrotrope, surfactant agents
sodium polynaphthalenesulfonate Use(s): hydrotrope, surfactant agents
sodium polystyrene sulfonate Use(s): cosmetic agents
sodium surfactin Use(s): gelling agents, thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers
solum fullonum Use(s): multipurpose additives
stearalkonium bentonite Use(s): cosmetic agents
stearalkonium hectorite Use(s): gel forming agents
steareth-30 Use(s): gelling agents
steareth-40 Use(s): gelling agents
steareth-50 Use(s): gelling agents
steareth-100 Use(s): surfactant
tallow benzylmonium hectorite Use(s): gelling agents
TEA-carbomer Use(s): gel forming agents
xanthan gum Use(s): thickeners, gelling agents, stabalizers and emulsifiers
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