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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Refatting Agents
calf skin extract Use(s): refatting agents
olive oil decyl esters Use(s): refatting agents
peg-4 ditallow ether Use(s): refatting agents
pigskin extract Use(s): cosmetic agents
soy acid Use(s): emollients, emulsifiers
soybean palmitate Use(s): emollients
squalane Use(s): cosmetic agents
squalene Use(s): cosmetic agents
steareth-10 Use(s): emulsifiers, surfactants
stearic acid Use(s): flavoring agents and adjuvants
stearyl alcohol Use(s): stabilizers, leavening agents, emulsifiers and nutrients
tall oil sterol Use(s): emollients
tallow acid Use(s): cosmetic agents
tallow alcohol Use(s): cosmetic agents
tridecanol Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
triethylhexanoin Use(s): cosmetic agents
trilinoleic acid Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
trilinolein Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
trilinolenin Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
trimyristin Use(s): cosmetic agents
triolein Use(s): cosmetic agents
tripalmitin Use(s): cosmetic agents
tripalmitolein Use(s): cosmetic agents
triricinolein Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
trisebacin Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
tristearin Use(s): formulation aids
wheat germ glycerides Use(s): emollients, skin conditioning
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