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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Stabilising Agents
acetaminophen Use(s): stabilising agents
acetanilide Use(s): cosmetic agents
acrylic acid/C12-22 alkyl acrylate copolymer Use(s): binding agents
aluminum sec-butoxide Use(s): stabilizing agents
ammonium polyacrylate Use(s): indirect food additives: adhesives and components of coatings
asiatic acid Use(s): stabilising agents
bacillus/monascus/sesame seed/soybean ferment filtrate Use(s): antimicrobial, antioxidants agents
beeswax Use(s): cosmetic agents
beeswax acid Use(s): cosmetic agents
C12-14 pareth-11 Use(s): stabilising agents
C12-22 alkyl acrylate/hydroxyethylacrylate copolymer Use(s): binding agents
C14-15 alcohols Use(s): cosmetic agents
C20-40 alcohols Use(s): emulsifiers, emulsion stabilising
C30-50 alcohols Use(s): cosmetic agents
capryl/lauryl wheat bran/straw glycosides Use(s): cleansing, emulsifying, foam boosting agents
cellulose microcrystalline Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers, anticaking agents, dispersing agents
cholesterol Use(s): cosmetic agents
cholesterol/hdi/pullulan copolymer Use(s): emulsifiers, emulsion stabilising
coconut alcohol Use(s): cosmetic agents
corn starch/acrylamide/sodium acrylate copolymer Use(s): antistatic, film forming agents
crotonic acid Use(s): flavoring agents
diethylaminomethylcoumarin Use(s): stabilizing agents
diethylene glycol/dimer dilinoleic acid copolymer Use(s): film forming, hair conditioning, skin conditioning
dimethiconol/stearyl methicone/phenyl trimethicone copolymer Use(s): cosmetic agents
dimethoxyphenyl phenyloxoethyl ethylcarbonate Use(s): cosmetic agents
disodium cupric citrate Use(s): stabilizing agents
disodium methylene dinaphthalenesulfonate Use(s): cosmetic agents
disodium sebacate Use(s): stabilizing agents
starch food modified: acetylated
distarch phosphate Use(s): food starch-modified
disteardimonium hectorite Use(s): cosmetic agents
ethyl dimethyl PABA Use(s): stabilizing agents
ethyl ethylhexylamino dimethylcyclohexenylidene cyanoacetate Use(s): stabilizing agents
ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer Use(s): emollients, viscosity controlling
glucose oxidase Use(s): stabilising agents
glyceryl hydrogenated soyate Use(s): emollients
glycol cetearate Use(s): emollients, emulsifiers, emulsion stabilising
grapefruit seed oil Use(s): stabilising agents
hydroquinone Use(s): stabilizing agents
hydroxybutyl methyl cellulose Use(s): cosmetic agents
hydroxycetyl phosphate Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers
hydroxyethyl cellulose Use(s): cosmetic agents
iron hydroxide Use(s): stabilizing agents
lactoperoxidase Use(s): antimicrobial agents
laneth-20 Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
laneth-25 Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
magnesium phosphate Use(s): stabilizing agents
methoxycinnamidopropyl dimethylaminobenzamidopropyl dimethiconol Use(s): antioxidant, emollient agents
methoxycinnamidopropyl/phenyl polysilsesquioxane Use(s): antioxidant, film forming agents
methoxypropylamino cyclohexenylidene ethoxyethylcyanoacetate Use(s): stabilising agents
methyl benzophenone Use(s): stabilizing agents
methyl cellulose Use(s): multiple purpose GRAS food substances
methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose Use(s): stabilising agents
montmorillonite Use(s): cosmetic agents
octacosanyl glycol Use(s): emollients
octadecene/MA copolymer Use(s): cosmetic agents
palm glyceride Use(s): cosmetic agents
palm/palm kernel oil peg-6 esters Use(s): emollients, emulsifiers, surfactants
pandanus odoratissimus stamen extract Use(s): antioxidants
peg-6 hydrogenated palmamide Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
peg-10 dimethicone crosspolymer Use(s): stabilising agents
peg-10 dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer Use(s): stabilising agents
peg-10/lauryl dimethicone crosspolymer Use(s): stabilising agents
peg-12 dimethicone crosspolymer Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
peg-15/lauryl dimethicone crosspolymer Use(s): stabilising agents
peg-22 / dodecyl glycol copolymer Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers
peg-240/HDI copolymer bis-decyltetradeceth-20 ether Use(s): stabilising agents
peg/ppg-15/15 acetate dimethicone Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
phenacetin Use(s): stabilizing agents
phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine Use(s): stabilising agents
poly(methyl styrene isopropanol ketone) Use(s): stabilising agents
polycaprolactone Use(s): cosmetic agents
polydatin glucoside Use(s): cosmetic agents
polyester-25 Use(s): cosmetic ingredient for skin protecting
polyquaternium-88 Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
polysilicone-24 Use(s): skin conditioning, skin protecting
polystyrene/hydrogenated polyisopentene copolymer Use(s): stabilising agents
potassium palmitoyl hydrolyzed rice protein Use(s): cleansing, hair conditioning, skin conditioning
potassium palmitoyl hydrolyzed sweet almond protein Use(s): cleansing, hair conditioning, skin conditioning
potassium thiocyanate Use(s): cosmetic agents
pseudozyma epicola/camellia sinensis seed oil/glucose/glycine soja meal/malt extract/yeast extract ferment filtrate Use(s): emulsion stabilising, hair conditioning
quinoline Use(s): cosmetic agents
rhus verniciflua peel cera Use(s): emollients
ruscus aculeatus root extract Use(s): cosmetic agents
sitosterol Use(s): food additive, phytosterols
sitosteryl acetate Use(s): cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning
sodium stannate Use(s): stabilising agents
stearyl palmitate Use(s): cosmetic agents
tallow alcohol Use(s): antifoaming (or defoaming) agents
tallow amine Use(s): cosmetic agents
tallow glyceride Use(s): cosmetic agents
tallowamide DEA Use(s): cosmetic agents
talloweth-12 Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
talloweth-60 myristyl glycol Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilising
trimethylbenzophenone Use(s): stabilizing agents
vegetable glycerides citrate Use(s): stabilizers, emulsifiers, dough conditioners, antioxidant synergists
vegetable glycerides phosphate Use(s): emulsifiers, stabilizers
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