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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Oxidising Agents
ammonium persulfate Use(s): food starch-modified
ammonium thiocyanate Use(s): indirect food additives: adhesives and components of coatings
benzoyl peroxide Use(s): multipurpose additives
calcium peroxide Use(s): bakery products
dictyota coriacea extract Use(s): oxidising agents
hydrogen peroxide Use(s): multipurpose additives
hypochlorous acid Use(s): antiseborrhoeic agents
laccase Use(s): oxidising agents
magnesium peroxide Use(s): oxidising agents
melamine peroxide Use(s): oxidising agents
persicaria blumei extract Use(s): oxidising agents
phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium chlorate Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium monopersulfate Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium persulfate Use(s): coatings, films and related substances
PVP-hydrogen peroxide Use(s): astringents
sodium bromate Use(s): oxidising agents
sodium caproylethylformyl benzenesulfonate Use(s): antimicrobial agents
sodium carbonate peroxide Use(s): antimicrobial synergists
sodium chlorate Use(s): oxidising agents
sodium chlorite Use(s): antimicrobial agents
sodium hypochlorite Use(s): food starch-modified
sodium perborate Use(s): cosmetic agents
sodium persulfate Use(s): oxidising agents
strontium peroxide Use(s): oral care agents
turpentine Use(s): antimicrobial agents
urea peroxide Use(s): cosmetic agents
zinc peroxide Use(s): oxidising agents
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