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Odor Descriptors for ambergris
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Primary (First) - ambergris
 odor: woody amber
FR amber decatriene
 odor: ambergris woody cedar dry tobacco musk
FR amber furan
 odor: ambergris animal dry amber fresh metallic
FR ambergris fragrance
FR ambergris naphthol
 odor: amber musk animal old wood earthy
FR ambergris natural
 odor: animal marine seashore
FR ambergris specialty
 odor: ambergris old wood musty cistus fecal animal
FL/FR ambergris tincture
 odor: ambergris sweet dry amber woody mossy
FR ambergris tincture replacer
 odor: dry amber ambergris animal old wood
FL/FR ambroxan
 odor: ambergris old paper sweet labdanum dry
 flavor: Woody and fresh, with a piney and nutty nuance
FRalpha-cedrene epoxide
 odor: woody amber tobacco sandalwood fresh linalyl acetate patchouli
FR cedryl methyl ether
 odor: dry ambergris woody dusty
FR labdanum gum extract ethyl ester
 odor: ambergris old wood musty cistus fecal animal
Secondary (Second) - ambergris
FL/FR amber naphthofuran
 odor: dry woody amber ambergris musk sweet
 flavor: amber old wood tobacco powdery dry ambergris animal
FR ambrein
 odor: ambergris labdanum
FL/FR ambroxide
 odor: dry amber ambergris paper musk woody cedar pine green seedy
FL/FRbeta-isomethyl ionone
 odor: woody ambergris waxy orris floral
FR methyl 2,6,10-trimethyl cyclododeca-2,5,9-trienyl ketone
 odor: woody ambergris musk vetiver tobacco
Tertiary (Third) - ambergris
 odor: woody amber
FR amber decane
 odor: woody cedar ambergris dry dusty amber
 calarene epoxide
 odor: radiant woody patchouli ambergris
FR cistus ladaniferus resin
 odor: sweet old wood amber ambergris musty dry
FR cistus twig/leaf concrete
 odor: sweet balsam ambergris
FL/FR dihydro-gamma-ionone
 odor: warm woody earthy ambergris tobacco amber violet
FRalpha-ethyl-2,2,6-trimethyl cyclohexane propanol
 odor: woody cedarwood ambergris sandalwood
FR juniper berry concrete
 odor: rich balsam sweet ambergris
FR labdanum specialty
 odor: labdanum amber old wood
FR patchouli ethanone
 odor: woody dry ambergris cedar old wood ketonic phenolic
Quaternary (Fourth) - ambergris
FR symroxane (Symrise)
 odor: woody tobacco old wood ambergris vetiver peppery spicy amber powdery
FR amber dodecane
 odor: woody celery musk ambergris old wood
FR ambermax 50 (Givaudan)
 odor: amber woody cedarwood ambergris
FR animal carbolactone
 odor: dry animal amber ambergris civet musk
FR cedrol methyl ether
 odor: woody dry cedar ambergris earthy vetiver
FL/FR cistus ladaniferus absolute resin
 odor: sweet old wood incense amber ambergris musty dry
 flavor: labdanum
FR cistus ladaniferus gum
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam
 flavor: labdanum
FL/FR cistus ladaniferus resinoid
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam gourmand
FR cistus twig/leaf absolute
 odor: sweet old wood amber balsamic ambergris animal resinous phenolic leathery
FL/FR cistus twig/leaf oil
 odor: warm old wood amber balsamic ambergris chamomile animal spicy phenolic
 flavor: old wood amber balsamic spicy phenolic hay
FL/FR cistus twig/leaf oil molecular distilled
 odor: woody old wood burnt wood ambergris animal phenolic smoky balsamic cedar
 flavor: woody burnt wood animal smoky old wood amber spicy resinous
FL/FR labdanum absolute
 odor: amber ambergris woody old wood sweet musty gourmand
 flavor: labdanum
FL/FR labdanum oil
 odor: dry old wood amber ambergris balsam labdanum spicy
 flavor: labdanum
FR labdanum oil replacer
 odor: dry old wood amber ambergris balsamic spicy resinous
FR labdanum resinoid replacer
 odor: dry old wood amber ambergris balsamic
FL/FRpara-methyl tetrahydroquinoline
 odor: animal civet leather ambergris
FL/FR sclareolide
 odor: Intense, aromatic, woody and moss like with a cedar and tobacco nuance
 flavor: Intense aromatic, woody, cedar like, tobacco with a mushroom and earthy nuance. It has a vague perfumey oak moss note
FR woody dodecane
 odor: woody cedar patchouli ambergris
Quinary (Fifth) - ambergris
FR labdanum concrete
 odor: sweet dry old wood amber ambergris balsam
FL/FR musk dimethyl indane
 odor: animal musk cedar ambergris woody
 flavor: sweet waxy musk animal powdery
FR violet propanol
 odor: woody violet cedar floral ambergris
Senary (Sixth) - ambergris
FR ambrene acetal
 odor: woody cedar amber dry dusty ambergris
 odor: musk animal powdery fatty laundered cloth ambergris anisic woody
Septenary (Seventh) - ambergris
FR aldehydic specialty
 odor: aldehydic
 odor: amber natural musk animal
 flavor: amber woody earthy rooty herbal animal old wood humus tea
Octonary (Eighth) - ambergris
FR sea breeze fragrance
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